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Chat log from R23 of 2023: Melbourne vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Melbourne vs Hawthorn, R23 of 2023

ReggieOz: Go Dees!
Wends: Finn to Oliver
pcaman2003: Wends. Thought you’d be cheering on Macrae in other game. He needs you.
pcaman2003: Big game from you please Trac.
bhg26: Trac?
Manowar: k’mon Hawthorn!
bhg26: Trac please do something
pcaman2003: WC V Dogs score. Lol! Unbelievable stuff.
Legix: Trac what are you doing mate
Wends: Lol trac… see other game for spoiler gah!!
pcaman2003: If Trac can get past about 80 to 100, should win my prelim.
Wends: Shake your groove thang Trac, LIFT!!
bhg26: Trac that was awful
The Hawker: haha get a grip clarry
Cottees: Man gotta love the Mag. Doing amazingly on Oliver. Hes in his head
pcaman2003: WC win and off the bottom Lol Doggies.
Wends: Huuge 2nd qu thanks trac. pca: get the reverse voodoo doll out and give trac a prod lol
navy_blues: trac gawn and ollie wow
J_Herer: WC just made another big error, no #1 draft pick for them, silly
pcaman2003: Wends. No reverse in that model doll, so sorry. Move it Trac.
beerent11: Jai Newcombe late out pcaman.
pcaman2003: Have Trac, Butters and Ryan left and need 186 more pts.
navy_blues: ryan late out pca
Wends: OMG shoulda coulda didn’t take Windhager’s E. This sunday’s going to end both my prelims damnit
navy_blues: hehe
BRAZZERS: watson really, oliver at full forward? lol. this is why the saints gave u the arse
pcaman2003: beer. Lol! Thanks for the reminder.
pcaman2003: Thanks for the heart attack navy.
navy_blues: yw lol
soup: this hustwaite bloke goes alright
Cottees: Hustwaite out marking Trac than Hawks follow up. Loving our game so far
circle52: Hawks this year reminding me of Lions 2000 will be dangerous next year Cottees
frenzy: cmon horfawn
pcaman2003: Cottees. Agree about out game. Improved greatly last few rounds.
original: Go get flowered Day
pcaman2003: Wasn’t aware of Hustwaite, but he has my attention now.
beerent11: Gee Moore can really stink it up some weeks
original: Lift petracca
pcaman2003: beer. That’s so true. He’s very inconsistent. but still very talented.
beerent11: Nice of him to pick draft gf to pull out one of these for me.
Tea_Bagger: Cystily is looking like he might hand out a few late frees
pcaman2003: Still plenty of time beer. Don’t write him off just yet. Good luck!
Gotigres: This week all my opps POD’s decided to become super premos, meanwhile I have spuds like Oli and Trac
navy_blues: biggest loser of this round is Adelaide gotta feel sry for them
navy_blues: cmon hawks lets go
navy_blues: newcombe out so surely day would be in mids but no he is in defence
pcaman2003: Such an impressive 1st game from Hustwaite.. Our future is looking brighter.
Gotigres: Hustwaite has been ruined for next season
beerent11: Is Newcombe out?
original: Lift petracca ya fraud
BRAZZERS: switch icon for sicdog, playing in the guts now
bhg26: Flowering hell trac
pcaman2003: beer. I think someone mentioned it earlier, not sure.
Dredd: Only if the cherry icon was for players who cherry pick like Melksham does..
wadaramus: Bewdy Newk!
bhg26: I love Days quarterback role
soup: will day my goat
Dredd: Will Day.. what a hold! Superstar
DukeNewc: Newcombe was the late out I think beer
clay007: Imagine if you had c on tracca
wadaramus: Let me guess, it’s not imaginary for you clay?
pcaman2003: clay. Thought about it but went the Bont. Good thing I did.
soup: sic going backwards
pcaman2003: beer. Moore going a bit better for you?
Dredd: Sydney will beat this mob at the SCG next week
original: Few goals to finish the day trac
Gotigres: My season is coming to a miserable end
Gotigres: Raspel must be getting ready for tonight.
soup: day got a game of go fish going down on the bench or something? get back on the field mate
pcaman2003: Hawks pressure just backing off a bit. Dees players getting loose.
Badgerbadg: Dees look dangerous
pcaman2003: And here comes Tracca. I’m now in the GF next week. Yay!
Dredd: More like Hawks look tired..
Urbs: Tag dropped for the last qtr
Wends: I’m not yet – need a couple more trac c’mon!
Cottees: If you’re saying dees looks dangerous hahahahahaha. Hawks are tired from young legs
Badgerbadg: learn to play 4 qtrs
Cottees: Remember we have no Newcombe or Lewis who are 2 of how best players. Big difference in this too
Dredd: Dees are far from a 4 qtr performance team Badger, calm down
BRAZZERS: lol petty, fritch not playing either
Cottees: cause Petty and Fritch compare to Newcombe and Lewis combined lol
RuffLeader: Cottees, no Fritsch or Petty for Dees, everyone can play the ?yeah but we are missing this guy?
Badgerbadg: completely reshapes the dees fwd line with petty and fritch..
DaicosQB: Petty and Fritsch importance being compared to Newcombe alone is disrespectful lol
Cottees: you’re saying Newcombe and Lewis don’t reshape our midfield and fwd line too? lol
pcaman2003: You tell em Daics. lol
RuffLeader: If Newcombe and Lewis play today, and Fritsch and Petty play, Melbourne win by a hell of a lot more than this
BRAZZERS: dees just flicked the switch in the 4th, played in first gear for 3 quarters.
clay007: As soon as I found out Newcombe was out, I changed my tip. Thought Hawks could do it.
BRAZZERS: didnt want injuries with finals around the corner
DaicosQB: Ruff went to the same Football school as Bevvo I guess
Cottees: Melbourne should be destroying Hawks as a top 4 team. Clearly not good and will be out quickly lol
RuffLeader: Daicos, you?re telling me, with a Melbourne side essentially the same as when they won the Granny by 74 points
RuffLeader: With those two in, wouldn?t beat these Hawks by more with Newcombe and Lewis in there? Ya kidding
Badgerbadg: At least we beat hawks, unlike other teams in the top 4 lol
Cottees: Badger – omg congrats mate, you beat a bottom 4 team. Well done. Give you the cup right now?
Badgerbadg: Thanks mate, we’ll enjoy playing in september 🙂
Cottees: A whole 2 weeks worth, Im sure you will. We will continue how rebuild and win a premiership unlike you guys

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