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Chat log from R23 of 2023: Western Bulldogs vs West Coast

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs West Coast, R23 of 2023

navy_blues: arvo all
navy_blues: AFL admit keays goal should of been reviewed in ther words they got it wrong
navy_blues: other
pcaman2003: G’day Navy! My prelim is so close and we both have 3 POD’s left
pcaman2003: Poor Crows were ripped off bad. Useless review system may as well be ditched.
navy_blues: go weagles lol
pcaman2003: Funny if the Dogs blow this. Ouch!
navy_blues: wheres Ash lol
thommoae: The customary Doggies fast start is … nowhere. Maybe going for the comeback this week, Bevo?
pcaman2003: thommoae. Sensational win for your guys yesterday.
Hazza09: Bont getting Bont points early on
Cottees: I came here for the Crows Swans controversy. Staying for Eagles to beat Dogs who aren’t a team without Libba
pcaman2003: Hazza. Won’t bother me this week. Opponent and I have him C.
navy_blues: gee some teams have struggled against weagles
Cottees: Navy – Eagles confirmed good???
navy_blues: no just ? against those sides
Hazza09: pca I took Marshall 141, opponent went Bont
Cottees: Clearly I was joking and having fun. Obviously Eagles are bad and teams go in underestimating and not playing
pcaman2003: Nice choice Hazza. Wish I was that smart. Lol!
RooBoyStu: Go West Coast for us (North) #1 draft pick Reid doesn’t want to go to Water Closet
Hazza09: Bont will still get 150 pca
JayEm: West Coast have flipped the script on the Doggies. Doggies usually up by lots at qtr time
navy_blues: prob doesnt want norf either lmao
navy_blues: can eagles maintain pressure for rest of game
pcaman2003: Nice to see English stay low for me. Hope it keeps up.
navy_blues: mcgov gone that stuffs eagles
RooBoyStu: Someone check on Bev from Tassie lol
RooBoyStu: McGovern will be back
RooBoyStu: Can’t say a player is gone muppet
navy_blues: um i recall u saying norf to beat wc by 30 points how that turn out lilboyroo?
navy_blues: now who is a muppet?
bhg26: Go Weagles
pcaman2003: Not sure how Maric got to 22 then. Bit of a joke by CD no doubt.
ralfsmiff4: I noticed Maric got a goal assist early on. He might of had another, or just solid effective touches
miffysp: wtf dogs
BRAZZERS: not really, had a goal assist nackers going at 100%. its fair
Dredd: Take some kick ins english when they present please
dezlav: Did a coin toss between putting the C on Bont Oor English. I choose wrong.
Dredd: Same dez..
FinlaySON: how about that absolute swans gift last night
pcaman2003: A mark and a goal = 15pts. Okay!
frenzy: same Dez…but happy about it Lol
Dredd: We now chose right Dez hahah
Dredd: Mark, effective kick and goal. Can?t miss the kick pca
pcaman2003: Dredd. 15pts just seemed a bit generous, but it is what it is I guess.
dezlav: Go English GO
soup: come on bont you spud you have a brownlow to play for
pcaman2003: The Weagles exposing all the Dogs weaknesses today.
J_Herer: Bont bet on Naicos?
pcaman2003: Maric good tackle on Bont before. Where is it CD?
Wends: Arvo all, Newcombe a late out fyi
Cottees: Just saw that Wends – I am now sad 🙂
Cottees: oops meant 🙁 lol
Wends: Aww 🙁 Do you have him Cottees or actual game related?
Cottees: na just as a Hawks supporter, we are now probably screwed lol
Hazza09: Does Finn go to Angus Brayshaw today?
BRAZZERS: no oliver or tracca only
pcaman2003: That won’t help us today for a win. We’ll have to do it without him 🙂
miffysp: serong I rekon Haz
pcaman2003: miffysp. Wrong game friend! Lol!
Wends: How’d Macrae go backwards by 8 😐 (and yes, still have him)
pcaman2003: Wends. Probably the same way English score jumped at half time by 11. CD are hopeless.
Wends: lol pca… he better get to work in the 2nd half
pcaman2003: English had 1 effective, 1 innefective tap out and got 11pts. Being gifted.
miffysp: lol pca I was seeing if someone would pick it up
pcaman2003: miffysp. Not much gets missed in these chats.
frenzy: contested taps pcaman Lol
pcaman2003: frenzy. I think he earns double points because he’s a CD paid up member.
lana2146: Wasnt this supposed to be a easy win dogs
lana2146: I guess the west coast dont want 1 pick
Tea_Bagger: Nice goal bonk
beerent11: Little handball errors really hurting wc
original: Flower off English ffs
frenzy: yep, him and Harry Andrews
beerent11: Still people on here who don?t get how sc scores get updated.
dezlav: Really should have put the C on Bont
beerent11: It?s not in real time. CD is constantly scaling up and down.
Tea_Bagger: Not sure what English has to do to get a mark paid?
J_Herer: Common Bont, go win your Brownlow!
original: Cmonnnn maric
miffysp: j_herer. you rekon he will beat daicos
xodeus9: couldn’t have caleb daniel having a decent score for once. better throw him forward
Hazza09: How the hell is Bont on 110
FrankMe: Bont C nic e
beerent11: Well on track to ton xodeus9
Dredd: Okay we stuffed up dez.. fkn English died again and Bont on fire
runners47: C’mon Gaff, get back on there – you were doing well
runners47: (for a change)
beerent11: Jai Newcombe late out
soup: swapping from english to bont and opp swapping from bont to english working a treat
J_Herer: @miffysp if the dogs can win their last 2 games without Libba yeah
pcaman2003: Beer. Old news. Mentioned several times earlier. Keep up! Lol!
thommoae: Touk still on your ‘never again’, soup?
Dredd: 3 marks (1 intercept), 3 kicks.. surely that?s +15-20.. come on CD
original: English +15 in the last two mins smh at least he?s not bont score
beerent11: Zak butters beats them both?
frenzy: Duggan dropped half the page then
DaicosQB: Bont getting dripfed 10 pts through 3QT surprise surprise
navy_blues: why ppl still sook about bon ts points? if u know he scores well wouldnt it make sense to put him in your side?
Raspel31: A fine point navy- agree.
DaicosQB: He’s in my side it’s just laughable to see it happening
soup: nearly every relevant team has bont, its just not too genuine to see i guess
Tea_Bagger: -15 for bonk after that rubbish
sheezel420: People complaining about bont either aren’t watching, don’t have him, or don’t know how supercoach scoring works
frenzy: does CD do goal umpiring also
beerent11: The best Cripps in the league?
pcaman2003: The big picture here is that the Dogs are poo against the bottom team.
soup: stay on the pine timothy
RuffLeader: How about West Coast, sub out Chesser and less than 5 minutes later they’ve copped an injury
BRAZZERS: death, taxes, and yeo getting injured
beerent11: Yes go eagles!
RuffLeader: Allen hurt now, good from the coaching staff, using the sub tactically has danger written all over it
Wends: Well… how’d you like that. Macrae subbed
beerent11: Crippaaa
wadaramus: JackMac subbed, what a fall from grace for this one time ball magnet.
frenzy: Jmac subbed ROFL
navy_blues: lol beer norf fans excited
original: Wish all my players scored like English
BRAZZERS: pretty sure macca injured
frenzy: pic two and three becomes pick one and two haahhaa
RooBoyStu: Eagles *clap clap clap*
AlsoGmax: Bye Bevo.
J_Herer: wtf are the dogs doing
navy_blues: should be ashamed really injury riddled wc beating you lol
Dredd: Another C bottled.. had Bont all week :/
pcaman2003: Opponent has Maric, Macrae and English. Think my prelim could be saved.
navy_blues: woof woof woof
Hazza09: Took Marshall VC and Ofcourse Bont going 200
beerent11: Cripps the difference
Ash777: Maybe eagles got a phone call from Reid today and said he wanted to stay in melb
BRAZZERS: worst loss in club history
navy_blues: excuses Ash
Bulky: Baker, with his sublime kicking skills is the only one who can save the Dogs.
navy_blues: amazing what difference pressure makes
Manowar: Bye Bye Luke!
Dredd: No Libba, no Dogs
beerent11: No dogs or cats in the finals?
navy_blues: Bestcoast would be proud
RooBoyStu: Nek minnit we beat GC next week to stuff everything lol
thommoae: Amen navy.
navy_blues: you cant beat WC so u wont beat GC lol
frenzy: #wetoast seagulls
RooBoyStu: Welcome to North Reid, our dynasty is starting, all aboard the Roo Train
RooBoyStu: Go Water Closet
RooBoyStu: This saves Simmo
DaicosQB: I’m sure North wont squander another top 5 draft pick
pcaman2003: Phenomenal win WC and well deserved. Bye Bevo and shut the door behind you.
navy_blues: haha doggies
bhg26: And finals secured
BRAZZERS: lol Reid will leave like JHF
Cottees: Jeez Crows would be spewing more now with dogs losing
frenzy: Brady Rawlings will trade the pick, Reid not going to Norf
navy_blues: lucky bhg
J_Herer: lol dogs

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