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Chat log from R23 of 2023: Adelaide vs Sydney

Chat log for Adelaide vs Sydney, R23 of 2023

Wends: C’mon swans, stay th down Mrouch!
bhg26: God i hope we get grundy, im getting sick of hickey
pcaman2003: Wends. I ended up trading Libba for M Crouch. Decided to go outside the box.
Wends: Oh noes… that’s who I wanted the voodoo doll for pca lol
OffaStep: Carn the bloods! I need a big un from Mills and Warner to have any hope in my prelims.
pcaman2003: Wends. Lol! Bad timing for you maybe.
Wends: All good pca, going to grab some pins and DIY
BigChief: Bad news for you in other game bhg.
Ash777: I traded in dawson
Wends: Haven’t quite got it right yet – needs a little tweaking
gazza39: Ads taking over most of my page on I phone, any ideas
Beast_Mode: mills you absolute spud lol
OffaStep: Hey Callum and Chad! That bright yellow thing that everyone else is kicking around? It’s called a football you muppets.
DANGERous: nice start Keays
bhg26: Crows fans have been reasonable so far, only complaining once every 20 seconds
TheFlagger: good to see logan going well
TheFlagger: boo
bhg26: Campbell is such a good kick
pcaman2003: Have Crouch V’s Mills and Llyod. Good so far with Voodoo doll on Mills.Sorry Beast!
pluggerpig: evening bhg
bhg26: plugger
bhg26: boo boo boo
Beast_Mode: sorry? i dont have mills, crouch holly llyod gets subbed out before half time
Beast_Mode: hope*
Raspel31: Mills’ price will drop- might bring him in next week.
Dondeal: That’s the most idiotic deliberate
Dondeal: Wrong chat
bhg26: Laird 8 kicks 0 handballs is something i dont think ive ever seen
shagga24: Keays is killing it
pluggerpig: want cats to win tonight, makes it very hard for swans to miss finals if they win tonight
BigChief: Lloyd limping now Beast.
Raspel31: Don’t know if we’ll see Lloyd again- bummer.
pcaman2003: Beast. Lol! I have the Voodoo doll and you the crystal ball.
Beast_Mode: lol
OffaStep: Mills killing it in my Supercaddy Golf league.
bhg26: What was that free for, tackling him too hard?
TheFlagger: boo boo boo
pcaman2003: Less time on the bench please Crouch. You’re here to play footy,not sit down
bhg26: boo!
BigChief: Swans getting the rub of the green from umps.
Tea_Bagger: So are the saints, chief
TheFlagger: hahahaha
Wends: Relax Mrouchy, it’s nice on that bench 🙂
gazza39: Its only a prelim Keays no pressure
OffaStep: Umps getting the rub of the brown from the crom fans.
pluggerpig: never mind the umps, crows are being outplayed
Raspel31: That’s the spirit Laird- none of this handball stuff.
navy_blues: 4 umps and still get away with throws
pcaman2003: Did the coach forget about Crouch? Don’t want to win?
TheFlagger: whats with the flopping?
pluggerpig: i swear wicks was about to throw a rugby pass
shagga24: Keays costing me dearly
pcaman2003: Be like Laird and kick the ball more Crouch.
circle52: I have another lose lose played Keays over Mills
circle52: Navy Read an articel on 4 umps and some of the issues are the delays in handing over control to the next.
circle52: Been watching closely after reading article and there are minute delays. back ri 2 umps for me
Gotigres: Mills looking like he will be my 3rd ever player to make my never again list, after Shaun Higgins and Lance Franklin
pcaman2003: Don’t follow why Couch starting on bench this qtr. Game time is terrible
BigChief: He will most likely be in Vic next year pcaman.
pcaman2003: Chief. Wouldn’t blame him if he did if that’s all the game time he gets
bhg26: Just take that out of bounds for fuck sake
beerent11: The women?s high jump is far more interesting than this game
Raspel31: Absolutely rivetted beer,. The Swede,
Gotigres: Definitely beer
beerent11: Heptathlon sorry. Not high jump.
bhg26: Boo!
pcaman2003: beer. You were right the first and second time.
pcaman2003: My opponent with Lloyd and Mills will be none to happy 🙁
bhg26: Good shit lizard
pcaman2003: Oh! for goodness sake. Crouch to the bench again. Ridiculous!
Beast_Mode: sorry mate, crystal ball
pcaman2003: Lol Beast. I should’ve realised that.
gazza39: you actrually couldn’t script this BS from Nicks/ Keays
thesilentl: swans, gws and blues….some serious form lines heading into finals at the bottom of the 8
TheFlagger: nervous?
bhg26: you know it flagger
bhg26: Fucking hell any danger
thesilentl: First year in a long time it feels like there no passengers or standouts heading into the last month
Dredd: Some serious form indeed for the pies heading into finals too, what do you reckon silent?
pcaman2003: Come on Nicks and get Couch out there.
TheFlagger: shouldve let tex take it
Ash777: imagine both grand finalists not playing finals the following season
navy_blues: if adel gets next goal……
Raspel31: Just possible you have Crouch pcaman? Asking for a friend.
DrSeuss: How do you let him stay on and kick after that head knock? Should have given it to Tex
pcaman2003: Maybe Rasp! Did I give a clue or 5?
navy_blues: no more goals for tex plz lol
shagga24: Tex wanted the kick
shagga24: ball goes left, keays goes right
TheFlagger: swans will win this easy
DrSeuss: Reverse jinx Flagger?
Beast_Mode: crouch needs a breather
TheFlagger: nah swans turn up in big games
bhg26: Oh my fucking god
frenzy: Mills Mills Mills, never again
Beast_Mode: great decision ump, keep it up lad
pluggerpig: ok the frees are even now, umps can stop evening it up
TheFlagger: wow
gazza39: Keays touched the ball!!!!
gazza39: And joined the never again list
TheFlagger: game over well done swans
DrSeuss: If Adelaide kick straight this quarter they win
pcaman2003: Lol! Crouch touched the ball, now back to the bench.. It’s a comedy.
bhg26: This is getting ridiculous
shagga24: If only Keays touched the pill as often as he touched his fringe
bhg26: Hallelujah!
BigChief: Crouch getting benched more often than Will Brodie LOL
navy_blues: your home bhg
shagga24: Laird has dropped right off tonight as well
pluggerpig: think we might be safe here… this has not been fun to watch
pcaman2003: Swans deserve this win.
pluggerpig: crows kicking saved our season
navy_blues: oops
pcaman2003: Chief. I think even Brodie got more TOG .
TheFlagger: hahaha
pluggerpig: oh boy
bhg26: 2 on fucking 1
Ash777: heart attack stuff!
TheFlagger: lol
Ash777: lol wow
TheFlagger: salute that!
BigChief: Awesome call goal ump.
navy_blues: oh my oh my close
bhg26: Holy shit how did we almost lose that
TheFlagger: ballsy by the goal ump. will need a security escort tonight
pluggerpig: amazing.
DrSeuss: Can’t get any closer than that
bhg26: Keays needs to join Florents school of celebrating too early
Wends: oob!
RuffLeader: Not a chance that hit the post
bhg26: Also Boo!
Dondeal: No score review? Weird
pcaman2003: Crouch 29pt 2nd half. Low game time possibly costing a Crows win.
Wends: that was Wout van Aert-like bhg lol
BigChief: Hit the padding @ruff.
pluggerpig: goal ump was right there, didnt even need a review.
TheFlagger: keays went the early crow with the celebration
DrSeuss: Damn that is close to not call for a replay
RuffLeader: Chief, it was a foot higher than the padding when it went past it
BigChief: Keays still complaining LOL
pluggerpig: all keays and no car
Tea_Bagger: That ball didn?t hit the post
loginpaul: literally a goal
RuffLeader: No chance Bagger
DrSeuss: That ball is miles above the padding
Dondeal: 100% should have been a review
pluggerpig: yes it should have been a review, but his soft call was a touched behind anyway. wouldnt have been overturned.
Tig_Bitty: Sydney love a bail out this year
navy_blues: wow if that was a GF be mayhem in adel
Dondeal: Yeah, probs true plugger
BigChief: Even if they reviewed it would have been ump call as no edge could used because Swan hit post at same time.
RuffLeader: That is without a doubt, a goal. They?ve been robbed, right in front of me
bhg26: Dont you talk about bail outs tig bitty, your mob has been getting kissed on the pecker for the last decade
DrSeuss: Not umps call if they don’t see any evidence of it hitting the post
navy_blues: was better when ump just made decision stuff technology
bhg26: But yeah looks like a goal
xodeus9: thanks for taking the heat off the blues for the touched behind last week
Tea_Bagger: It would have been overturn as you can see the ball didn?t hit the post there was daylight the whole time.
bhg26: No worries
navy_blues: anyway its decided now
DrSeuss: No Arc available – why have technology if you can’t use it? Very rough for the Crows fans
Cottees: Oh boy I am keen for this weeks talking about this goal or not a goal hahaa
DrSeuss: Happy for bhg though
bhg26: Mills hand hit the post seuss so arc wouldnt wwork
bhg26: Same here seuss
DrSeuss: But they are saying Arc not even available….one for the conspiracy theorists 😉
bhg26: Because Mills’ hand hit the post, they wouldnt be able to distinguish the hand and the ball
DrSeuss: Yeah I get that bhg – but they tried to access it on Fox to look for both – apparently couldnt access at all

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