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Chat log from R23 of 2023: St Kilda vs Geelong

Chat log for St Kilda vs Geelong, R23 of 2023

frenzy: howdy
bhg26: Fuck forgot to get rid of ratugolea in draft
Wends: Howdy frenzy. Wasn’t it crouch who made that tackle?
bhg26: Not helping they take 3 points away for actually no reason
bhg26: Bews was tackled and Duncan gave away the 50 but Rat loses 3
Pavs: I think you should start taking this coaching thing seriously bhg 😉
Wends: Where’s pca? Need the voodoo doll firing
Beast_Mode: thats on you for still having that spud in rd23
Ash777: go saints!
frenzy: bhg warming his keyboard for the swans game, Lol
bhg26: Draft Beast, in draft
Ash777: swans needs cats to lose to get into the 8
Wends: Sheez a bit nerve wracking
TheFlagger: why is hawk being booed
Wends: And c’mon crouchy, kept you over Steele gah!
Beast_Mode: ok mate, my mistake
BigChief: Esava should be rucking, not De Koning.
Beast_Mode: rats done
Wends: VC Marshall not quite doing what it says on the box
sheezel420: Stay down Marshall
bhg26: Well shit
bhg26: Cant say its been a pleasure rat
Ash777: Marshall should be dominating against such opposition
circle52: that was a longer than some 15s paid
Beast_Mode: marshall is doing fine, on pace for a 120 lol
pcaman2003: Danger should retire before he gets worse.
Hazza09: So much for Ross Lyon putting a tag on Stewart
Hazza09: He only shafted Sicily
TheFlagger: cats lucky to be this close
Hazza09: Lol Marshall
soup: Game should already be over, absolute miracle that we are still in this
navy_blues: cameron done nothing
runners47: Yes, navy, he’s done nothing – except ruin (so far) my PF
navy_blues: might get going runners
Wends: Quick qu as I forgot to swap vicentini onto fwd bench… can swap vicentini & say Rozee, put C on Vicentini
Wends: & fwd e on Rozee (on i/change) to get Rozee’s score? (AFLF)
Beast_Mode: cameron hasnt been the same since old mate headbutted him
Wends: This is to get Marshall’s VC if he does go large…
DrSeuss: Any chance of some involvement Steele? Just need you to beat Brouch
Ash777: saints choking up at goal
Raspel31: You noticed Ash?
Hazza09: What?s the cut off for VC Marshall?
Raspel31: With Bont and English still to come- 130 Hazza?
Hazza09: Yes Rasp
TheFlagger: cats are done
navy_blues: cats gone id say
TheFlagger: great minds
Beast_Mode: its only 18 points, not done yet
Beast_Mode: forget what i said lol
Ash777: cats are so awful in the middle without a proper ruck
Raspel31: Lol Beast- timing is everything.
BigChief: Cats going to chase Grundy?
navy_blues: cats are capable of winnin g it from here but gee a lot has to change for that to happen
Ash777: port, swans & cats all probably after grundy
Wends: Keep going Brouchy
TheFlagger: Ross Lyon masterclass
Manowar: Demons need a forward – Grundy for Cameron
navy_blues: saints should be 8 goals up
TheFlagger: danger cooked looked off pace all night
Manowar: Scott bro’s are having a good day!
Gotigres: Saints look to have this won. Time to experiment with Sinclair as a decoy fwd pocket
DrSeuss: Put Brouch at full forward as well
Cottees: hey guys… did you know that in Round 17, Kings season was nearly over
Ash777: they got lions next week so probably resting up players
runners47: Get off the bench, Marshall – need a lot more still from you
Hazza09: No need for a rest Marshall
Raspel31: Knowing Lyons we might not see Marsall again?
Raspel31: Redacted.
frenzy: you live next to Ross also Rasp
navy_blues: timing is everything rasp lol
navy_blues: rasp if your a good neighbour im sure you will help dimma move to GC lolol that has stopped that story
BigChief: Hey Raspel, has Dimma asked you to move to Gold Coast yet?
Raspel31: I did not choose my neighbour- I was here first. No more said.
navy_blues: bye geelong
Ash777: no finals after winning the flag.
thesilentl: the chip on cats fans shoulders jsut got a little bigger
Hazza09: Well done Row
beerent11: My draft granny opp has Stewart, wood, Atkins and Marshall. Under the pump now.
Dredd: At least we won?t hear Geelong crying about not getting to play a home final in Geelong this year
Beast_Mode: Ash you know the feeling mate, doggies didnt make it in 2017 after flag lmao

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