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Chat log from R23 of 2023: Western Sydney vs Essendon

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Essendon, R23 of 2023

Malaka: Stringer out (will be the sub, Caldwell in.
bhg26: Jelly looks to be non existent this week also
navy_blues: gws should finish essendon
pcaman2003: If Zerrett doesn’t fire,the bombers will be cooked.
clay007: Huddo keeps calling Tsatas Caldwell.
lana2146: Go the Briggasaurous Rex
bhg26: Josh Kelly i very much dislike you at the moment
pcaman2003: Lana. Oh yes! Go Briggs you good thing.
BRAZZERS: keep shitting the bed merrett, cheers
pcaman2003: Be good if Zerrett got involved
lana2146: Tsatas will be a good cheap buy next season
TheFlagger: da da da da da
Beast_Mode: off your meds i see old mate
Wends: Arvo all, Merrett when you’ve finished your cuppa on the sideline, kindly put the lid on yr thermos, get up & LIFT!
clay007: Funny stuff Wends. lol
pcaman2003: Wends. Unforttunately, he brought a bloody great big thermos with him.
Wends: That’s the only thing he could be doing clay, that I can think of. And dammit pca, that’s what I was afraid of!
thommoae: Blimey. Dons are awful. Giants not really having to be great at present.
Hughsy: i fucking hate my team
Wends: Don’t jinx em thommoae! take that back lol
navy_blues: they are awful wends only just scraped in against WC and Norf lucky to not lose both of them
circle52: I give up took the VC of Sheezel and put on Merrett when I worked out time to loop. Bad mistake.
Baldfrog: Someone should check on Rasp
TheFlagger: merrett you absolute spoon
thommoae: I think Monty’s icons have it covered by themselves, wends.
Wends: Wow green over the 1/2 break 😮 Also that is a big bummer circle… Fingers x’d he picks up from here
bhg26: They genuinely gave that kelly kick that the forward dropped an ineffective disposal. Wowee
thommoae: That is a tsunami goal 🙂
navy_blues: briggs slaughtering draper
clay007: I think you need a drink Circle. lol
circle52: One of my oponnenrs in DT has VC on Tom Green Hope he slows down a bit although I have him as well
Wends: Bad week to finally trade out Briggsy 😐
pcaman2003: Wends. Tell me you didn’t. Briggs covering Zerretts crap performance.
clay007: Wends…you need a drink also, maybe a bottle.
Hazza09: Nice to see Tom Green running around doing whatever he wants
pcaman2003: Bombers need another new coach already.
TheFlagger: brave baby bombers
Wends: Yep… to English (or Jackson, can’t decide). Glad you can still enjoy tho pca 🙂 Other t/in Green tho @least
circle52: Me and Wends can share
Wends: Prophetic clay lol… hope you like spicy margaritas circle lol… currently making a jug!
pcaman2003: Wends. I’ll only be truly happy with a 180+. I don’t ask for much a
circle52: No problems Is it a large one
clay007: Wends…you are on fire. Funny stuff.
Wends: No way am I going there circle 🙂
navy_blues: lol circle
clay007: The bombers could use a sip at halftime. I think they are drinking out of Merret’s thermos.
sheezel420: “Bombers hanging on by a thread” 3 goals later “Their season is slipping away” Flower just admit it’s over commentators
thommoae: Sam Taylor has nicked Zerrett’s thermos and seems to be putting it to good use.
thommoae: Putting his feet up.
pcaman2003: Green and Cogs are laughing at you Zerrett. So is my opponent. Grr!
m0nty: Guelfi on a shelf
clay007: Peter Wright might have stolen it thommo
clay007: Gold from Monty, great play on words.
Wends: zing!
FoopyTime: the fuk is this game i just get home put on kayo n see this shit
pcaman2003: Foopy. Kinda reminds me of the battle of Big Horn and Custer. Decimated!
GJayBee: Merret, I believe in you
thommoae: Sympathy goal, ump?
FoopyTime: i just want us to either go into full rebuild or actually compete not this floating around the bottom to middle
Wends: Good going GJB… maybe he just needs a few +’ive vibes
EvilMonk: whoa is that a GWS icon? I didn’t know they had supporters 😮
FoopyTime: just thommo
thommoae: Heavens, evilmonk – there have been at least a dozen here in recent history!
navy_blues: this will boost giants %
thommoae: (Recent … years.)
bhg26: Sums up the half
navy_blues: got blood pressure tabs ready for tonight bhg?
Drak: essendon are in a rebuild Foopy, they are the second youngest side in the comp and punched above their weight in the
Drak: first half of the year
bhg26: Alll set up navy
navy_blues: cool
navy_blues: adel will be hard to beat at home
Beast_Mode: crows 10-1 at home
TheFlagger: I’d hate to play crom in finals. even at the MCG. please win swannies
bhg26: Im confident but im also not confident. We are in good form but adelaide at home is a very tough game
Beast_Mode: sorry 8-3, my bad
EvilMonk: That makes sense, I haven’t been here in recent years.
pcaman2003: bhg. Should be a cracker of a game. the midfield battle should be interesting.
bhg26: Flowering hell kelly thats a sitter
bhg26: Will be a cracker pcaman
clay007: It is annoying when they have 2 cracking games on a Saturday night.
Raspel31: Don’s got this.
Gotigres: The ladies of the Essendon FC would be happy with 2 goals just after half time, but they need to remember
Gotigres: they are playing AFL and not at the World Cup
navy_blues: dons should ask to change the ball lol
pcaman2003: Rasp. Plenty of time to catch up and for Zerrett to get to 140.:)
m0nty: Toby or not Toby, that is the question
Raspel31: My feelings exactly pcaman- and poor form navy.
Wends: Toby Green subbed
navy_blues: lol rasp
Wends: *e
clay007: Grass is not greener for toby
navy_blues: essendon are just statues out there
thommoae: Witches. Hats.
elvundir: this is a joke
Hazza09: Flower off Himmelberg
TheFlagger: herbatron video will be class
Gotigres: The bombers have crashed
clay007: Briggs has supplied his mids beautifully. Possibly the difference.
runners47: Dons pathetic – what a way to give up on finals
Beast_Mode: no ridders no dons
thommoae: One or two other differences perhaps, Clay: attitude, teamwork, skills …
lana2146: Tarryn Thomas Briggs and Himmelberg singlehandedly winning my semifinal
lana2146: Who wouldve thought
clay007: I agree thommo, just think the centre clearances have been huge. Has denied Zerret supply.
Raspel31: And the come back starts. No prob to score 15 goals last qtr.
clay007: Drinking helps you to remain positive Rasp.
navy_blues: bit unlucky if u had sam taylor in your side
Cottees: Jeez Hogan destroying Essendon
Raspel31: How rude clay- I am a devout mormon. Dons on the charge.
clay007: Lol Rasp.
DANGERous: gone home Cogs?
navy_blues: need to get nic martin involved no use sittin infrwd line and its not going there
pcaman2003: Look how many bomber players haven’t reached 50 pts yet.
Beast_Mode: no point him getting involved, what for? down by 98 points
navy_blues: so just let him get frostbite in frwd line then beast?
navy_blues: coaches are suppose to make moves? well do it lol
pcaman2003: 60 pt last qtr Zach. No ifs or buts.
navy_blues: nothin left in game so try something diff try some things see how it works
Raspel31: You don’t feel Dons can win from here navy?
navy_blues: not quite rasp
pcaman2003: Himmelberg will get his highest score for the season. Thanks Bombers!
TheFlagger: ben mckay will save this club
Hazza09: Ofcourse Himmelberg shows up today, thanks Essendon
Raspel31: Still quietly confident.
Cottees: Who though Hogan would be a 200 supercoach getter this year lol
pcaman2003: The award for worst performance of the year goes to…
Beast_Mode: should i take hogans vc score?
BigChief: Ess must be fav to win this from here, right @Raspel?
navy_blues: omg this is pathetic
thommoae: That Perkins move just about sums it up …
pcaman2003: No Beast!.There will be better to come.
Raspel31: Fat lady not singing yet BigChief- plenty of time left.
loginpaul: rough day to be a bombers fan
bhg26: Josh Kelly you donkey
BigChief: I remember days like this very vividly for my Roys.
Cottees: Who captained Hogan? I know I did 😉 lol
pcaman2003: If I lose my prelim, I’ll know who to point the finger at.
pcaman2003: Cottees. I believe GOD did too. He knows how to pick em.
Raspel31: The come back begins.
exatekk: no you didnt cottees
Cottees: exatekk doesn’t understand sarcasm lol – no one did mate hahahaha
BigChief: Caught a huge fish there Cottees
pcaman2003: Off the bench Briggs. Way too long a rest.
Cottees: yeah decided to take the risk. Knew he would get 200 against Bombers
Raspel31: Can we pull this off?
Beast_Mode: merrett bin, was on 38 or so at the half
Raspel31: So close- damn.
Manowar: Essendon Lose, Essendon Lose!
GOD: GOD has the C on J Hogan tonight

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