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Chat log from EF of 2023: Collingwood vs Melbourne

Chat log for Collingwood vs Melbourne, EF of 2023

navy_blues: hi all
Beast_Mode: mitchell you weak cunt, play the game
navy_blues: mcstay the same
Beast_Mode: mcstay got smashed tho lol
wadaramus: Finals footy, love it 🙂 Thanks for being here m0nty 🙂
navy_blues: hardly touch him maybe shoulder touched him
navy_blues: cant wait to be at G tomorrow night
wadaramus: Good luck navy 🙂
navy_blues: evwrything is crossed lol,
Beast_Mode: no, he’s getting hia, so yeah he got hit good
Beast_Mode: first game of the year?
navy_blues: went to ess v carl earlier in year got thumped
navy_blues: im halfway between melb and adel beast cant just get a tram to game lol
Beast_Mode: fair enough mate
bhg26: You just arent dedicated enough navy
wadaramus: Failing to plan is planning to fail navy.
navy_blues: be there tomorrow tho cant wait
navy_blues: 3rd row from fence
Beast_Mode: stay homes, swannies will get up
bhg26: One of the first finals series i have absolutely zero expectations going into finals
wadaramus: Enjoy navy, I’ve been front row at the Crows since 1993 🙂
bhg26: Only chance we may win is if we are 15 goals up at 3qt
wadaramus: Well, bhg, it’s almost a free hit isn’t it?!
navy_blues: dees are done
bhg26: Considering where we were halfway through the year wada being in finals is an achievement
bhg26: Lmao trac
Pavs: Did you make the finals last year bhg 😉
bhg26: We did just dont remember how it ended
wadaramus: Good footy to watch for the disgruntled supporter 🙂
wadaramus: What I can’t understand, is how the goal umpire was so adamant it hit the post?
Pavs: Frantic I would say Wada
wadaramus: It was so clear it was no where near it?
Pavs: mmm you were definetly screwed over mate
Nicko006: Why even play Pendlebury jf all your going to do is sit him on the bench..
bhg26: I see Melbourne are using the foolproof tactic of kicking it to the top of the square
Pavs: In case of emergency put Pendles on Nicko.
Beast_Mode: dees still in this, just
Pavs: No emergency yet
wadaramus: Blowin’ an absolute gale down the ‘Dinge, getting a late blast of winter!
Getup: Plenty of rain as well wada totally aying that should have wunderstand your
Getup: Sorry wada meaning they should have won the close games and they would be there would coulda shoulda
Getup: Maynard review thoughts surely nothing in it.??
wadaramus: Totally agree Getup. The Crows poor conversion rate cost them an easy finals berth.
wadaramus: I am more upset at their shit kicking than the Swans controversy.
wadaramus: Na, Maynard should be fine, but the AFL tribunal is a fucking lottery.
Getup: Saying that tho still robbed worst ever call!!!
Beast_Mode: it’s good to see you’ve moved on
Getup: I’m seaford bro flower how’s the weather
wadaramus: Yeah, word up, worst call ever!!
wadaramus: I’m hot headed, but also a pragmatist Beast_Mode 🙂
Getup: Keep going pies feeling a come back close game coming up
wadaramus: You on the mid coast Getup?
navy_blues: be at game tomorrow getup u get tickets?
Getup: Nope navy don’t ask mrs got into selecting tickets couldn’t get 4 together flowering spewing!!! pies games so canned the
Getup: Trip, had to notify accommodation to get our deposit back
Getup: Yeah wada seaford mate
navy_blues: ouch that sucks
Getup: Yep don’t know what’s worse not being able to select tickets that you want or not being able to select at all???
wadaramus: Dees lifting.
Getup: Know a guy heading your way plane tickets and accommodation booked no ticket’s 🙄
navy_blues: my ticket fathers day present lol
Getup: Gold navy!!!
clay007: Navy…thoughts on Bobby Hill.
Getup: Gun clay
navy_blues: playing really well clay!
clay007: It is just that navy thinks he is flower, only goes for mark of the year. Good luck tomoz, Go Blues
clay007: You are a good man Navy…just stirring the pot.
navy_blues: last few games he has stepped up for sure an d i will give credit where credit is due clay
navy_blues: im waiting for BT to say 1 mire goal and dees back in this lol,
navy_blues: more
Getup: Degoeyyyyyy!!! Carn the pies!!!
Getup: Loving our fringe players tonight keep it up boys
Getup: Grundy to the pear??
frenzy: Pies still paying Grundy’s wage
Gotigres: Finally been able to get on site
navy_blues: getup john noble strange out???
Getup: Yeah weird one navy
Getup: Whe been huge tonight
Beast_Mode: pies cooked
Getup: Game on
Getup: Haha beast
Beast_Mode: j.daicos shat the bed, moment too big
Getup: Luckily we rely on just 1 player beast
Getup: We don’t
Getup: Next goal huge
Beast_Mode: never said you did champ
Getup: Just saying beast yeah he’s been quiet tonight agree
Beast_Mode: ginni!, loves a bit of white line fever
Beast_Mode: lmao
Beast_Mode: the hair has the yips
navy_blues: dees wasting chances
navy_blues: omg how many ootf
BigChief: Extra time anyone?
Beast_Mode: dees blew it, clearly better team on the night. bad kicking cost em
TheLegend6: ferals win
navy_blues: better team on nigbt? dees played 1 qtr
Beast_Mode: wrong 🙂
Beast_Mode: wrong as usual, dees had double i50’s lol
navy_blues: lol and a lot ootf bad kickin is bad footy

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