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Chat log from R22 of 2023: Hawthorn vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Western Bulldogs, R22 of 2023

original: please hard tag bont
Cottees: original, Hawks got Mag and Nash to tag Libba and Bont. You should be good haha
Cascadian: Jesus I just realised I accidentally captained Merrett when I hit the otimise button earlier on this week. ffs
navy_blues: libba and bont go big plz
Raspel31: Come on England. Whoops- English.
original: liba and AT to run free. hard tag bont and english is the dream. bad start
navy_blues: libba C
navy_blues: wingard gone
Legix: Finn gone to Libba fml
Pavs: Went English VC Finn wont tag him.
navy_blues: well doesnt matter a lot anyway legix lol
original: lol pavs
Legix: strange he hasn’t gone to Bont navy
TheLegend6: I’ve got Libba C, so yes it does matter navy
Dredd: Surely people felt a Libba tag was more likely considering his stoppage work compared to Bont.. Bont was the easy C
Pavs: Oh yeah surely Dredd.
TheLegend6: No Dredd, Bont the best player in the league, you typically tag that player
navy_blues: libba been my C for the last month surely ppl knw his form
Dredd: Libba more clearances, contested poss and disposals on average.. Hawks tag players who are dominate at stoppage..
Hazza09: As if Libba gets tagged over Bont, piss off Mitchell
original: im with hazza
TheLegend6: So why’d they tag Naicos last week? I wouldn’t consider him a contested stoppage beast. You tag the best player.
Raspel31: I’m with Dredd.
original: ffs draft GF over. bont c vs liba c
DaicosQB: Sam Mitchell bet bont for the brownlow
Dredd: Daicos is Pies best stoppage player when he goes around there Legend.. and Daicos dmg off HB, not hard to run with
navy_blues: go doggies
navy_blues: achilles wingard ouch
Hazza09: Draft Semi final is all but done, go screw yourself Mitchell
original: im with you zza, but GF
original: wingard retire now surely
Cottees: Yeah original, achilles will kill his career unfortunately. He was doing so well this month
original: get back on liba
runners47: Zerret tagged this week, but not last week – why? Could cost me my final
thesilentl: Libba would score if the umps called the holding free he should be getting at every ball up
Rubber Ducky: Quack goes Luke Breust to draw a cheap free on Jack Macrae, shame on you Punky.
TheLegend6: libba had two touches at qtr time hahaha
original: hows that not htb
soup: Finn maguiness get a real job you donut stop tagging my captain
Raspel31: Bont’s obviously tagging himself.
Beast_Mode: lol you should never C a player when Finn is playing. I went with Ebnglish this week instead of Bont for this reason
Beast_Mode: libba dead
TheLegend6: Oh ffs you’ve got to be kidding me
Beast_Mode: thats the only way to break the tag!
Cottees: gotta love choosing Captains this year oooof
DaicosQB: Hawthorn take tagging to a different level, forget restricting possessions, they restrict game time
soup: This round can get stuffed
TheLegend6: and will miss next week too, I absolutely hate this year in SC
original: draft done for the year. ggf sc sub. time for some kind of replacement algorithm. liba Capt in 11 man draft sadface
Beast_Mode: trades, keep some
OffaStep: Well, that’s me done for 2023. Walsh, Rids, Naicos and Libba with no trades left. Had the week off in 2 leagues but DED.
beerent11: Libba out? What?s the injury?
Cottees: beer – concussion. hit his head
original: knee to head. knocked out and bleeding
Hazza09: Great Libba misses next week too, that?s my year done
beerent11: Cheers cot. That?ll be me out of the draft prelim. Bhg into the granny.
Raspel31: Lots of red stuff beer- hard knock.
Cottees: Cna we kick straight? omfg
Sloaneyyyy: lol, Go hawks, might help to give the crows a sniff if the doggies lose
thommoae: Who’s Finn tagging now?
Beast_Mode: dale
naicosfan: Ffs this guy maginness injuries anyone he tags, please Bont pull through with a big C score.
beerent11: Put him on Bont
bhg26: Any particular reason beer?
beerent11: I was struggling anyway mate. Libba?s cactus.
bhg26: Yeah thats unlucky beer
bhg26: Wtf is with Days tog?
beerent11: Wasn?t watching but I gather he had the tag anyway.
bhg26: You may still be in it beer, my players arent doing anything
nbartos: whats par for a Bont VC? 120? vs rolling with Butters?
beerent11: Never know
Hazza09: 1 trade left, got both Libba abd Daicos, who goes?
TheLegend6: Daic
beerent11: Daicos, ibba back in two weeks maybe
beerent11: Depends on coverage really
navy_blues: everything going for hawks atm
navy_blues: outrunning them as well gogs look slow
navy_blues: dogs
soup: Nbartos considering nearly every other captain candidate has crashed, I’d take a ton tbh
pcaman2003: Have the wind last qtr and will still find a way to lose.
navy_blues: look like a hb to me
navy_blues: not with the umps help like that pca
Raspel31: Tend to agree pcaman but glad I capped Newcombe.
bhg26: Dont you talk about help navy lol
Cottees: navy – about time dogs don’t get help ey haha but yeah we’ve been lucky
navy_blues: but have to say hawks deserve this
navy_blues: bhg saw a close up of point hit marchbanks right arm
pcaman2003: As long as we don’ HB our way to a loss as we sometimes do.
navy_blues: dogs cooked
Cottees: the ol’ 7 point play
J_Herer: Dogs need Libba, and so did my finals hopes!
Raspel31: Without Libba in the guts doggies look pretty tame.
pcaman2003: Looking forward to next year now and see if we progress well.
DaicosQB: 4 dogs jump for the ball and can’t figure it out, my lord.
pcaman2003: Have to agree there Rasp. Libba makes a huge difference.
beerent11: Almost time to get the witches hats out of the shed m0nty
Pavs: Who to Captain now Butters, Rozee or Houston?
Cottees: Pavs – doesn’t matter. Whoever you choose will get injuried 🙁
bhg26: Yeah i still cant see anything navy
pcaman2003: Tough call Pavs. I’d go Rozee myself
EvilMonk: Dogs look worse against Hawthorn than we did, oh boy.
Raspel31: Stuck with English Pavs- worse fates on earth- at least not Libba. Rozee?
Pavs: True that. Need about 400. lol
Raspel31: Who we going for in the women’s football? England or Australia?
Pavs: 395 Macrae just touched it. Sheesh.
TheLegend6: Thats gotta be bait Raspel
Hazza09: Sicily gone home?
Sloaneyyyy: go hawks, help those crows climb into the 8
navy_blues: if saints and gws lose final 8 still be wide open
pcaman2003: Sloaneyyy. Unfortunately we’ll still lose, even with the wind. We’ll fall apart.
beerent11: What?s this about women?s football rasp?
thommoae: No, pca. Just no.
Raspel31: Just curious beer. Carn Doggies!
pcaman2003: thommoae. I wish it wasn’t so, but seen it too often.
bhg26: Fucking hell newcombe is ridiculous
Hazza09: Great last qtr Sicily ffs
pcaman2003: First time I’ve seen Kosy ton up. Shock,horror!
beerent11: Hadn?t heard anything about it rasp
thommoae: O’Donnell breaking out too.
RooBoyStu: Blue Moon O’Donnell I’m happy cover for Daicos, he always starts sub or get subbed but today full game
Raspel31: Wow- there’s a genius thought. Bring English back on.
DaicosQB: So how many brownlow votes does Bontempelli steal if he kicks the winner? All 3?
navy_blues: ol no way
navy_blues: newc 3
bhg26: Day somehow only on 99
pcaman2003: As I was saying. This game is in the bag 🙂
bhg26: Good work Hawks
Raspel31: Lol pcaman- well done.
frenzy: well done Horfawn
pcaman2003: Rasp. Good win, but think I’ll have to give up on predictions.

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