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Chat log from R22 of 2023: St Kilda vs Richmond

Chat log for St Kilda vs Richmond, R22 of 2023

TimT14: Never seen any team turn it over as much as the tigers
Tommy_C: Dow looking good so far
thesilentl: Tigers in a touch spot, list looks shot but you can’t just punt a bunch of blokes that won you multiple flags
sheezel420: …you 100% can thesilentl, it’s called rebuilding. unless they think those blokes can win more flags
TimT14: Even if we destroy the list there isn’t much coming through
navy_blues: what a poxy short long sleeve jumper riewoldts wearing
frenzy: thesilent touch, lol
TimT14: Marshall on track for 224
Beast_Mode: richmond have the better dow
Raspel31: King- 3 possessions 3 goals- guess that cuts the mustard.
wadaramus: Wood not playing very hard today?
navy_blues: in afternoon now wada not morning lol
frenzy: soft Masonite, wada
Raspel31: Who we going for in the ladies World Cup- England or Australia? Just curious.
Dredd: Surely that isnt even a question Raspel
beerent11: Baltic pine wada
wadaramus: Rhetorical.
BigChief: There is an AFLW world cup?
Raspel31: Thanks wada
wadaramus: Flaccid mahogany.
Dredd: -7?? Are you taking the piss CD
Dredd: -7?? Are you taking the piss CD? ffs Rioli
Dredd: Thats a first.. reloaded while commenting and it sent what I had written.. thanks FF
TheLegend6: Rioli done
Dredd: Rioli and Libba gone in the same day.. Daicos already on the bench and S.Mitchell dropped.. season is now done for me
Raspel31: By the way- lol BigChief.
TheLegend6: Thats karma for wishing players to get injured Dredd
pcaman2003: Luckily I’ve squeezed into next final in spite of Libba’s score. Need to trade again. Sigh!
Raspel31: I’m stumbling through with half my team gone pcaman- feel we are not alone.
soup: Need crouch to score less than 103 to make it to prelim. Can I celebrate?
beerent11: That?s a relief pcaman
pcaman2003: Just another year of carnage Rasp.
thommoae: Seems to be much sadness for sc players – play dt, guys. No sadness, just fun – full teams!
Dredd: Shows how sad your life is Legend to remember a tounge and check comment by someone youll never meet..
pcaman2003: beer. Yes it is. My oppoenent devastated with injured players.
Dredd: Which was made a week ago too.. Tigers been that forgettable this season?
TheLegend6: People don’t forget cunts Dredd
thommoae: Wishing injuries on players a no-no, Dredd, whether tongue in cheek or tounge and check.
navy_blues: agree
Dredd: People seriously have low IQs here.. welcome to go find the chat, never “wished” for anything.. ffs
Dredd: I said “it would be handy to have a ? player and ? player to get subbed”..
Beast_Mode: lol you grub, showing your true colours
Dredd: Its called tounge and check cause it holds no meaning.. cant help everyone just assumes what being subbed means
Dredd: thing called a tactical sub you reject Beast.. get a life instead of wasting it here you loser
PigeonPies: dredd youre on here more than most hahahaha
PigeonPies: biggest sook here too
Beast_Mode: lol literally here every game, every week lmao
Dredd: Welcome to find me in any chats yesterday xx idiot Pigeon
Beast_Mode: throwing his toys out the cot, hilarious
Dredd: Welcome to also go through the chats Beast.. your eyes are literall fixated to every games chats to try and start crap..
thesilentl: Dreads unlucky that Grimes jnr isn’t here to say something awful and take the heat off him
PigeonPies: you had a day of? glad you got some fresh hair mate
PigeonPies: he does this every day beast
Beast_Mode: lol
Dredd: Mate, I’m here once or twice a week lmfao.. no wonder you go for the pies, absolute pest Pigeon..
Beast_Mode: his parents must have put him to bed early
PigeonPies: biggest sook hahaha
Dredd: no even sooking, literally cringing at your patheticness
Dredd: Beast mate, no one likes you besides anyone you lacks any bit of intellegence.. which Pigeon does.. sad
Beast_Mode: lmao, says the guy who can’t spell intelligence lol
Raspel31: Dredd- keep it nice. All pals.
Dredd: Took you that long to search in google how to spell it? Yikes Beast mate
Dredd: Come on Raspal.. I literally said nothing and these clowns come out of the woodwork at the first sniff of beef
Urbs: Let’s all just simmer down and watch some Rossball
bhg26: Dredds keyboard getting a workout the last couple weeks
Cascadian: I just love watching these cat fights on the chat!
pcaman2003: Time to sing Kumbaya and chill.:)
wadaramus: Judge Dredd, taking out the perps all on his own, judge, jury and executioner!
Raspel31: I take exception to that Cascadian.
Getup: Good work Marshall keep going
Cascadian: What happened to MrWalrus? Haven?t seen him on the chat in ages
Raspel31: He was rather pompous and dominating Cascadian.
Getup: Steele get involved
Beast_Mode: geeez the saints fans going ferel
Cascadian: Yes Raspel I agree
Getup: Top 8 spot up for grabs beast
thesilentl: The word you were looking for was asshat @raspel31
Getup: Get to 90 steele
Raspel31: Ha ha- lol thesilentl.
wadaramus: When your head is so far up your arse you wear your arse as a hat.
ballbag: gees, bunch a back stabbing bad attitude whingers here today. any of you ever socialise in the real world? smh
wadaramus: Have you seen society lately ballbag?
Raspel31: Ballbag is on day release and we all wish him well. Coming on remarkably.
wadaramus: It’s a shitpit of narcissistic wankers living life through their black mirrors.
ballbag: @rasp. you havent had release for years. and youre on here 24 hours a day. its like this is your life boss 😉
don key: going to be an interesting finals this year !
DaicosQB: Bolton is so flowering clean with his ball pickup
bhg26: Beer if youre here my team is choking
DaicosQB: Nothing better than another silent afternoon from Grimes

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