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Chat log from R22 of 2023: Port Adelaide vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Western Sydney, R22 of 2023

bhg26: Jelly to go large since i have him on the bench
navy_blues: why bhg?
bhg26: 23rd man navy
navy_blues: wow loxury
thommoae: Demons needed that goal Umpire last night. Correct decision.
navy_blues: luxury even
Pavs: I have Hewetts 142 sitting on my bench bhg. A solid 20 from Libba on the ground sums up my year really.
wadaramus: Why did the Power dust off this old guernsey?
Raspel31: Superb work Pavs- sigh.
bhg26: I thought i was a genius last week pavs benching naicos with the finn tag then Kelly got 62
pcaman2003: Pavs. Lol! After reading that, I’ll never complain again about my errors again.
Dredd: To still think I chose getting dcam over Butters.. :/
Pavs: Your mate English got 50+ in the last Quarter Rasp. Had to loop Marshall so decided to use my C instead.
Beast_Mode: lol
Pavs: Many tales of stupidity right here. Go Rozee 200+
pcaman2003: Pavs. Glad you went Rozee for C. Good choice I think.
Raspel31: I am aware Pavs- clinging on.
Hazza09: Regret the day I went Walsh over butters to save 30k, cost me my year after trading green out for him
pcaman2003: Rozee, Butters and Briggs cruising along nicely.
Hazza09: Power off Green, all this mess started with you
Pavs: It will keep me from thinking about going out in straight sets pcaman 🙂
Bulky: JHF is a liability to this side. DE is awful.
Raspel31: Agree Hazza- that was my week terrible of 6 outs- all downhill since then.
navy_blues: fat lady warming her tonsils up
Pavs: Glad this year was a rebuilding year for my approach to Supercoach
Raspel31: One would think she’s almost in full flight navy.
navy_blues: well long time to go in game yet rasp
navy_blues: ok 8 goals up she is singing now
soup: another day of regretting getting touk instead of waiting one week for butters
PAFC4eva: Mark my words gws big uoset of round 🙂
bhg26: Briggs 2 points for hitout to advantage and a handball cool
PAFC4eva: upset
Silz90: Good one soup. First year playing supercoach/fantasy?
bc__: Cotton wool for butters Kenny
navy_blues: huge fgoal to keep em alive these commentators need a bit of realism lol
pcaman2003: Just hoping Briggs, Butters and Rozee this good next week.
bhg26: Free against for tackling too hard
navy_blues: big game next week bhg
bhg26: Yes it is navy
bhg26: Will be shitting myself for the duration of the game
navy_blues: you shower that long? omg water bill
bhg26: What can I say? I like to be clean
PAFC4eva: Sydney to put crows out of race 🙂
navy_blues: next week bris v coll FF chat will be crazy lol
PAFC4eva: Dredd v pies supps
navy_blues: bring popcorn and tissues lol
bhg26: Gonna lose one of my leagues and what would have got me over the line was the trac goal
PAFC4eva: Tissues for dredd popcorn for everybody
Beast_Mode: lol the umps will get a belting from dredd as usual
circle52: What about me???
PAFC4eva: tissues for you to circle or popcorn
navy_blues: circle your well rounded np at all lol,
frenzy: ur the comic relief circle lol
circle52: Its just I hate Pies with a passion sorry Pies here
PAFC4eva: we all do especially when they are winning

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