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Chat log from R22 of 2023: West Coast vs Fremantle

Chat log for West Coast vs Fremantle, R22 of 2023

thommoae: hmmm … what sound does a cricket make?
dodgybros: Eagles will smash Freo tonight haha
clay007: You are right so far dodgy one.
original: lets go Tkelly
DrSeuss: Want to get involved Serong?
original: Yes kelly
original: Tkelly going backwards liiift son
original: wouuldnt be many people to have 8 touches (incl a goal) and only have 6m gained
BigChief: Any chance of getting involved Serong?
DrSeuss: I have Serong and I have no idea how his SC is going up – the guy has done nothing
nbartos: hawks loving the OMeara trade – does squat
original: Keep up with LJack Pls tkelly
original: You?re a fraud Kelly. You were on 40 after 20mins in Q1
DrSeuss: How does Serong have 0 tackles in a half
Beast_Mode: you dont need to tackle wce
Raspel31: 5 Gaffs already Serong? Guess it doesn’t matter when you’re playing Wet Toast.
DANGERous: go Andy Bray
pcaman2003: Rasp. Plenty of room for more to come.
DrSeuss: West Coast tagging Serong with O’Neil even when they are down by 100 – classic Wet Toast
nbartos: wc need the ball to be tackled Seuss
original: 100+ pls Tkelly
nbartos: brayshaw ripped by CD
Beast_Mode: says nobody
nbartos: father time for walters
soup: Needed one more disposal from Ryan and he gets dragged
nbartos: 9 kermits kelly
original: 6 frees against WTF

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