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Chat log from R22 of 2023: Carlton vs Melbourne

Chat log for Carlton vs Melbourne, R22 of 2023

ReggieOz: Go Dees!
frenzy: howdy
bhg26: Carn Trac
frenzy: Lol at my Capt Dunks
original: saw jordan boyd in the names andgot excited
Gotigres: You owe me 1000 sc points Oliver
dodgybros: The Matildas have scored more than these two
bhg26: Don?t do this to me trac
bhg26: Fucking hell man fuck penalty shootouts
Gotigres: Well done ladies
Cottees: Matildas into semis!
navy_blues: phew
Urbs: Go the Matildas!
clay007: That was awesome. Well done girls.
original: docherty is over rated. look at the kicks he takes
dodgybros: Afl should introduce penalty shoot-outs from the 50 arch if a game is a draw
navy_blues: lmao have another drink original
original: navy legit rather have the ball in any of newman weiters fish saad hands
pcaman2003: Well played Matildas. Fantastic win in penalty shootout.
Cottees: pca – they played so well!
pcaman2003: Cottees. They were inspiring. Deserved their hard earned win.
cherry9: Man I did not need that stress. You beauty Matildas!! 🙂
Cottees: Cherry – nearly had a heart attack I reckon. Very deserved
thommoae: Wonder if there are stronger teams than France; they were re
pcaman2003: original. If you don’t want him, we’ll be happy to take him off your hands.
dodgybros: Funny how everyone watches the Matildas but no one watches aflw
original: absolute BS free
pcaman2003: thommoae. French ranked 5th in the world, Matildas 10th.
cherry9: The Matildas are just playing awesome right now
cherry9: Sheeesh is there a footy game on as well. Nice to see Oliver running around
pcaman2003: You’ve gone very quiet Trac. Time to wake up.
dodgybros: Cheese platter activated
Amare: suck it frogs
clay007: Tracca…you legend.
navy_blues: cant stand razor
clay007: Great goal Martin.
Raspel31: Mattildas were whipped but held on. Why bother playing- straight to penalty soot out.
nbartos: NEWman wowee – take a urine test fella
Harambe: Laisse moi pleurer sur mon plateau de fromages en paix
beerent11: Someone had to say it raspel
clay007: No one will ever let you cry on your cheeseboard in peace Harambe
Beast_Mode: france are like the male french team, just flop all over the field
clay007: Tracca done sfa this qtr. Lift!
Beast_Mode: gotta sub grundy out in these conditions
cherry9: They have got to stamp out acting from soccer. Makes the game almost unwatchable
cherry9: Too entrenched probably, but so embarrassing. Surely they know how silly they look
BigChief: Dees on top now. Blues out of gas.
Tea_Bagger: Dees to strong, happy with the baggers pressure though.
slydon: i think dekoning should be going off for a hia here to stay in line with afl’s policy
slydon: tow head hits in a row one with whiplash from hitting the ground the other an accidental elbow from gawn immedietly afte
BigChief: Don’t listen to Slydon. Doesn’t have a clue.
slydon: not the real chief
slydon: small deputy
soup: break their hearts dees
BigChief: You don’t even know where my name comes from do you?
navy_blues: we beat collingwood unlike some soup
dodgybros: TDK does amazing things to my system
slydon: if youre trying to copy the real big chief jason dunstall you can put your fake ass back in my pocket
soup: not really relevant to my statement but good on ya
BigChief: Well you are wrong dumbarse. Not Dunstall
OffaStep: Put his ass BACK in your pocket? WTF? You keep his ass in your pocket?
slydon: so what, you a big “meat” man then? smoke mine goofball
navy_blues: lol viney
BigChief: You hand out the insults and can’t take them.
slydon: since when? im here throwing em right back
slydon: may should also go off for a hia if i follow my own logic
clay007: Melb cooked, fried, steamed.
navy_blues: think carlton might went to gas station
pcaman2003: Paddy about to shoot past Tracca.. Get going Trac you slouch.
slydon: nvm didnt hit his head
soup: blues can smell finals
BigChief: Looks like it Navy. Def got 2nd wind.
runners47: Yes, navy – definitely a fill-up that some might have missed
navy_blues: still ages to go
slydon: go on then chief where’s the name from?
dodgybros: Big Balls, Big Ass and Big Pickett Pockets
bhg26: You kidding me doc?
Harambe: WTF why sub Doc?
dodgybros: What’s up Doc?
runners47: Beats me why Doc subbed – though now glad that Newman, not Doc, was my Naicos replacement
Tea_Bagger: Umps making some good decisions here for the dees?
original: doc subbed cos he is slow and ust kicks it high. like for like replacement
Beast_Mode: wheres the flog that said dees are cooked?
navy_blues: another bs decision by ump 50m away what a joke might as well sit in crowd and umpire
slydon: it was big chief >.>
bhg26: Also Trac come on
BigChief: Wrong again dumbass. It was clay.
dodgybros: I don’t mind my triple brie fried
Beast_Mode: navy you should be in the crowd and watch your team play for the first time in your life
navy_blues: beast was earlier this year unlike you i show my side
navy_blues: beast u just come in and dribble
clay007: I suggested that the dees were cooked, so does that make me a flog beast?
dodgybros: You are all cooked, toasted, roasted, fried, steamed, blanched and baked if you ask me
clay007: Navy… beast has no support on here. He plays the man. Cmon blues
BigChief: You forgot poached dodgy 🙂
pcaman2003: Has this become the site for societal misfits?
4_Dots: How trac only on 97 with these stats bit stiff
dodgybros: My favourite Bigchief
Beast_Mode: dees robbed by these flogs
bhg26: That is a fucking disgrace
navy_blues: wnew
Cottees: ooof I went for Carlton but surely that was a goal by trac
Hughsy: absolutely robbed.
thommoae: Goal Umpire was guessing.
bhg26: An absolute fucking disgrace
Beast_Mode: looks like the aussies are going to retain the ashes twice in the last month!
BigChief: Marchbank’s hand never touched that.
OffaStep: Cracking game.
navy_blues: lol bhg i know why your upset
Bulky: The goal umpire should have to say how it was touched. Off hand, body, leg, etc.
nbartos: how newman is not 150 9s crazy
soup: Can’t wait for these frauds to be bundled out in first week of finals
navy_blues: wd blues great effort
bhg26: Bloody Trac captain and helps swans as well navy but fucking hell that?s a goal
navy_blues: now boys how many goals did dees get from soft frees?
navy_blues: at least 2
navy_blues: im gonna buy the goal ump a beer tho loll
BigChief: Enjoy the W navy. Great game overall.
Beast_Mode: they need hotspot technology
navy_blues: hey beast who u support?
Amare: onya Blues!

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