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Chat log from R21 of 2023: Western Sydney vs Sydney

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Sydney, R21 of 2023

bhg26: Good start
bhg26: Feel like I type that every week
Stu7: Hey bhg
clay007: How is the bp bhg?
Stu7: Good luck to the Swans
Stu7: You can wake up now Kelly
bhg26: Not bad clay but we?ll see
Stu7: So this is the Kelly we?ve got tonight – great!
clay007: You say that after 2 straight goals. lol
pluggerpig: 1 ticket to the amartey party please
bhg26: Had Naicos on bench and Jelly on field. 40 pointer incoming
pcaman2003: Big game from you needed tonight Briggs. Give 110%
Wends: Evening all. I’m on the Briggs train too pca… only good juju!!
pcaman2003: You too Gulden.
clay007: Toot toot!
bhg26: Omg Jelly you did get on the ground
bhg26: dud*
pcaman2003: Wends Good luck to us then Wends. Hoping a miracle happens.:)
Wends: Between the three of us surely we can get him going… choo choo!
Stu7: Greene and Kelly ffs
TimT14: Let’s go Green and Kelly need 130+ each
pcaman2003: Not suppose to say this, but GO HAWKS!
pluggerpig: cmon commentators. bedford. bed.
clay007: Greene playing well
Wends: You’re allowed pca lol, quite the win
pcaman2003: Wends. My chest is extended with pride.:)
FrankMe: Just sounds different when Campbell kicks it
pcaman2003: Lift Briggs!
Hazza09: Get involved cogs ffs
clay007: Thanks hazza…he needs a fire up
Wends: Long odds wins are always feel-good 🙂
bhg26: Automatic green vest on Clarke m0nty lmao
bhg26: Good to see we?re getting the rub of the green again
bhg26: Errol you absolute fucking superstar you have no right to kick that
pcaman2003: Oh Errol!
pluggerpig: i say it every week but how is errol paying $201 for brownlow
bhg26: Kelly you are an absolute spud
pluggerpig: oh my she said orange team again
bhg26: I?ll let her off plugger I think that was intentional
pluggerpig: swans efficiency is nuts right now, should be 3 goals down. i’ll take it
bhg26: Giants must give their fans megaphones to make them sound louder
pluggerpig: maybe they still use that covid lockdown crowd noise CD
mattpanag: actually i heard they play fan sounds over the loudspeaker! legit
bhg26: Still using the cardboard cutouts as well for attendance
pluggerpig: at least a tassie team would have 2 genuine heads per seat
bhg26: And to reiterate Josh Kelly you absolute donkey
bhg26: At the moment I hate you with a burning passion
pcaman2003: Gulden finally has his first stint on the bench. Good tank.
pluggerpig: 9 straight. this is great
Wends: He was always going to cop it from someone bhg
Stu7: Kelly spuditest
bhg26: And one!
pluggerpig: pmsl this is awesome
pcaman2003: Wends. Briggs looking the goods tonight.. Keep cheering him on.
pluggerpig: they needed hicko instead of snicko
pcaman2003: Get going Errol. Don’t stop now
bhg26: Still can?t believe the Bog for this game doesn?t win the Shane Mumford medal
Wends: Singing ‘life is incredible’ as we speak pca 🙂
Tea_Bagger: Dermot is a flog!
Stu7: Come on Coni
clay007: No he isnt tea bagger
bhg26: Umps are hating florent lol
Stu7: Awesome kicking bhg
bhg26: I don?t believe it stu
Stu7: Keep going Greene
pluggerpig: wasnt too long ago the swans couldnt kick to save themselves. WCE game seemed to switch it back on.
J.Worrall: Dermot is a flog!
Tea_Bagger: Your right goldeneye his ok, how are you after the pies game today?
thommoae: Florent suffering from Bedford-itis more like it, bhg
pcaman2003: Gulden sucked that qtr..Dropped right off.
Wends: He’s got Bedbugs
Social: Oh hello 🙂 there are some people here watching the battle of the bridge. That’s terrific!
clay007: I’m a little flat tea bagger, then I saw the ladder.
pluggerpig: our mcleans are showing
bhg26: Unforgivable miss
pcaman2003: Is Gulden still at the game? Can’t find him anywhere..Maybe just invisible paint
bhg26: Good work Fox
Wends: How many traded Mills out, besides just me
bhg26: For a team with a lot of mids we are absolutely horrendous when it comes to centre clearances
Hazza09: Get off the bench cogs
Stu7: You tell him Hazza
bhg26: Fake grass when it?s raining is a great idea
pcaman2003: FGS Gulden. Learn to tackle properly and stop the clangers
sheezel420: The Big Rig is killing it
Wends: Choo choo!
pcaman2003: Yes! Choo choo.
Stu7: Go back to sleep gulden
Stu7: Get off the bench coni
hmmmm: of course mills comes back to life the week i trade him out
Stu7: Hmmmm it?s always the way mate
pcaman2003: Ton up Gulden . You can do it easy.
Stu7: Kelly and Greene thanks for fvcking my score up you spuds
bhg26: We are one of the worst 4th quarter sides, always defending and can?t get it forward
Wends: Hmm… it’s some kind of wierd cosmic thing that the player most traded out, inevitably kills it…
Stu7: 23 goals and only 2 points outstanding skills
pluggerpig: swans will get up tonight bhg
bhg26: Hayward can you for once kick through the fucking ball
Wends: Who knew there were two killa Briggs’s’s?
bhg26: My goodness
pcaman2003: Gulden’s score jumped massively then. You bewdy! Now ton up.
Wends: back on Briggsy
pcaman2003: Get back on Briggs. Your team needs you.
pluggerpig: rowbottom doesnt get enough love. great player
bhg26: We?re playing with a cake of soap and they can?t fumble
pcaman2003: Giving Errol a clanger for that was a bit tough
pluggerpig: must be almost papley time
bhg26: Oh fuck off
TimT14: Brutal score review, common draw
Ash777: draw fc warming up
bhg26: Pick the ball up for the love of Dean Towers
TimT14: I think Toby will kick a goal after the siren to tie the game
pcaman2003: Briggs or Gulden to kick winning goal. I’ll take either.
DukeNewc: Deja Vu TimT
DukeNewc: Except he won the game for them…
Grimes Jr: They get a lot, the swans
bhg26: Chad
pluggerpig: wow genius from mclean again, love it
Stu7: You fvck head Greene
Wends: Not a bad first game back from T Green
Grimes Jr: Umpiring bias gets the swans home again
Ash777: Thank god lloyd is back
Stu7: Kelly Greene spuds
navy_blues: wd wicks
Jaypa: oh flower off Stu, clearly trying to punch the ball forward, dont let past prejudices blind you
pluggerpig: might see some roid rage from kingsley soon
FoopyTime: im devo not going to hear BIG BIG SOUND
Hughsy: Gulden, golden, same thing
pluggerpig: oh you noticed that too hughsy
pcaman2003: Need to improve that clanger count Errol.
pluggerpig: great win swans
Wends: Great effort Briggsy.
bhg26: Thank the lord Callum Sinclair we kicked straight
pcaman2003: Briggs and Gulden dropped about 13pts last 8 mins. Didn’t help me much.

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