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Chat log from R21 of 2023: Geelong vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Geelong vs Port Adelaide, R21 of 2023

Stu7: Evening all
DANGERous: go Tanner
FrankMe: hello
J.Worrall: Howdie!
clay007: Who do you have in this one stu?
J.Worrall: Butter & Rozee here.
clay007: I have butters but opponents have stewart,wines and houston. Nervous night
Pavs: Butters & Houston my pods in this one.
Pavs: Sicily didn’t listen to my stay low calls so basically screwed anyway barring injury
clay007: Which game are you gonna watch pavs, geel-port or syd -gws?
Pavs: Probs this one.
clay007: Stu started the chat and then went and had a sleep. Sleep well stu
pluggerpig: this game doesnt have kelli commentating
clay007: I love the way butters plays. He is so silky
Stu7: I?m back clay
Stu7: Blunderwood free night gotta love that
clay007: How was the sleep stu? Lol
Stu7: Power Nap great clay – I dreamt that st Kilda one but then my alarm went off
Stu7: Won
TimT14: Will be interesting to see if Marshall is done here
Beast_Mode: lol he concussed himself
clay007: Fantastic stu…great dreams bring great results
pcaman2003: Butters points look generous.
navy_blues: you have bad dreams often Stu?
Pavs: New rule Port if Houston wants the ball give it to him
clay007: No pavs…new rule if houston wants the ball..tell him to flower off
Pavs: Think they are listening to your rule Clay. Don’t like it.
Hazza09: CD have Butters as there captain
soup: This little sniping gremlin rioli playing his grand final against us, makes sense
Stu7: Great Cameron you dudd
Stu7: Stewart on fire NOT!
clay007: Dont talk about CD like that Hazza, I have butters. lol
clay007: Cats are playing well pavs. What will be the crowd capacity at GMHBA stadium when complete pavs?
Beast_Mode: why do commentators when talking about records say world record? lol
frenzy: I think it was 40K, clay
pcaman2003: Butters looking to do a Sicily and dominate. Wonder what Scott will do ,if anything.
Pavs: I think 36k Clay
TimT14: Lift Stewart
Pavs: There it is tried 4 times to answer. Can’t start a sentence with a number perhaps or use lots of zero’s
clay007: I was hoping it was 50k
clay007: Was that the weirdest decision ever against danger. wowee
Pavs: Great interview Lingy. Like it
Pavs: Not sure thats in the spirit of the game Rohan. lol
clay007: Gone quiet in here pavs.
Wends: Lingy is great on ABC radio… i never get the hate for him
Pavs: Houston was rolling Clay until he ran into the bench. You have anything to do with that?
clay007: Ive got a voodoo doll pavs, did not think it worked
Pavs: No Good he is a 90% time on the ground guy. Put it away Clay
clay007: Ha! lol Pavs. I had one for McKenzie, that worked real well.
Pavs: Put it on THE CHAD in the other game mate
J.Worrall: Lingy is great on ABC radio
clay007: No way Pavs…got another on stewart.
pcaman2003: Did you steal my doll clay007?
Pavs: Wends said that as well Worrall. I rate him
clay007: Sorry pca… yes I did. Your front door was open.
Social: Lingy is a true gentleman, and a catholic… go figure?!
pcaman2003: clay. Who’s a naughty boy then? I’ll accept it back,no questions asked.
Gotigres: wtf Stewart. You donkey. (Apologies to all Equus asinus)
clay007: Ill return it after the game. I also have a pca voodoo doll. I’, about to jab it in the hammy. Enjoy! lol
Raspel31: Apology accepted Gotigres.
pcaman2003: clay. You should’ve used it to help your boys today. Lol!
clay007: I didn’t have a sicily one.
clay007: Pavs gone quiet…cats are chasing yarn
pcaman2003: clay. Wish I had one for Butters right now.. He’s killing me
Pavs: Not happy about my Houston situation Clay. Butters doing everything
clay007: Butters needs to smash it tonight. 160+_
Pavs: Has to something wrong with Houston ffs
Stu7: Come on Cameron ffs
Bulky: What’s the point of bringing Houston on in the last minute Hinkley?
Stu7: Thank you Cameron
Gotigres: You’re welcome Raspel
Gotigres: Actually just noticed Stewart’s score. 59 points that qtr
soup: What a quarter by stewart
Gotigres: Make that 61 points
Pavs: Stop taking points off Butters going with a sheesh.
navy_blues: cmon port
Ash777: Messi has switched on
DukeNewc: Predicting a goal after the siren, very unlikely but want geelong to go out with as much pain possible
Stu7: Go Cameron
Stu7: Someone give butters a Corky
Ash777: I see geelong have 4 extra players on field
Ash777: looks like cat have a few extra on field
Ash777: maybe not for that
pcaman2003: Stewart since half time nothing short of amazing.
pcaman2003: I just wish Butters score was lower. Much lower!
Stu7: Thanks for nothing Cameron
kano: kardinia park umpires. some things never change
Amare: Why isn’t Hinkley jumping up and down like a flog lately?
Amare: lick my eggs kano 😀
Cottees: Amare – mate if so many of those frees that were not there went against you, you’d be fuming ya hypocrite
Amare: Cry more
Amare: Umps did their best to rob us…but we prevail…all heart
Cottees: Classic Geelong supporters. Arrogant as and bias as. Wait when they lose and itll be umps
kano: amare was scared to speak until the siren went. gronk

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