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Chat log from R21 of 2023: North Melbourne vs Melbourne

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Melbourne, R21 of 2023

bushranger: Good day every one. Getting absolutely pantsed in my final so can sit back and relax. Go big Viney
cherry9: Is Grundy really in the side? Not according to AFL site that I can see
cherry9: Ok looks like the lists just updated, Grundy no longer showing here. C Max then
frenzy: Im over getting smashed, hope not today another
navy_blues: naicos out for 6 weeks wow
bushranger: Yes Navy, the good news keeps coming. D’oh
Hazza09: Anyone?s kayo not working?
snake_p: yess Hazza says game starting at 1.59
cherry9: Yep. Kayo not working. Fox live footy channel works tho
lana2146: Kayos never working so glad I got foxtel
Stu7: Arvo all
Stu7: Kayo is a piece of sh1t
lana2146: A few blokes had Daicos to win Brownlow from start of season odds like $20 to 1 ouccchhh there goes that
Dredd: Go to the live channels bit.. scroll down on main page and go to fox footy..
Stu7: What?s foxtel cost Lana
Dredd: Cause it?s working
Dredd: Kayo this is
lana2146: Stu7 think I pay around $55 a month
soup: On ya sheez
Stu7: Cheers Lana
snake_p: thanks Dredd
Stu7: Stay low Gawn and Unisac
runners47: C’mon Viney – off the pine and in amongst it…
Social: go nuts tracca
Hazza09: Great start Trac ffs
soup: Trac recording his game day tiktok or something? Do something bloke
pcaman2003: I’m getting Kayo on my laptop, but not the TV. Bizarro!
cherry9: Kermit on May is a bit rough. Bowey slipped
Dredd: 100% mays fault.. kick wasn?t straight to bowey and it was 15m..
Stu7: Suprisingly Kayo is working for me
TheLegend6: Go to foxfooty live channel on kayo, it’ll work
pcaman2003: I have it on TV now. Went back to live game icon and clicked and game came up this time
bc__: Stay down Trac
Roksta: Brownlowpelli
Dredd: Can North keep this up.. take inspiration from the Hawks yesterday (notes Hawks are much better than North)
pcaman2003: Thank goodness my opponent has Trac as well.
Dredd: noted*
Badgerbadg: The fact ziebell has been copping the vest in recent weeks is beyond me
pcaman2003: Dredd. Why thank you Dredd. These are strange times. Makes it interesting though.
Dredd: Dont want to talk about Trac too soon.. but oppo has him C
Dredd: Too bad everyone wont carry on about the Pies getting smashed to you guys.. compared to our game pca :/
pcaman2003: Dredd. I’m trying to stay humble, but hard not to get excited over yesterday.
Badgerbadg: eddie ford single handedly sinking the dees
Hazza09: You absolute joke Trac
Badgerbadg: I wonder what a multi of hawks, cats and roos to win would have paid.. lol
pcaman2003: Badgerbadg. Be like winning Powerball.:)
lana2146: Cats were heavy favourites yesterday but hawks and Roos be very nice odds
Dredd: Imagine if the Eagles got up.. now that would have been a jackpot along with Hawks and Roos.. Cats were favourites
cmperrfect: so funny watching Larkey be paranoid about his receding hairline
cmperrfect: after each mark, first thing he does is comb his hair over with his hands haha
navy_blues: lots of players do that
Dredd: Couldve made 7k from Eagles, Hawks and Roos just putting $10 on..
Badgerbadg: Norf putting their best foot forward for a move to tassie…
Manowar: but u didn’t
dodgybros: Hawks should have been favourites.
Badgerbadg: melbourne fwd line has been absent, Petty needs to go back to defence
navy_blues: lol petty goals
Badgerbadg: scrap that, keep him up top
Manowar: don’t get carried away, Norf will lose today
navy_blues: just showed petty played 6 games frwd dees won all 6
The Ogre: I want Goodwin gone but I don’t think I’d replace him with U Badger LoL
bhg26: Earth to Sheez
Badgerbadg: @Ogre I think my words helped, kicked 4 straight since i called them absent..
The Ogre: Gotta scare the shizen out of them
dodgybros: That was Petty
pcaman2003: Wow! Thomas gained 8 points for that kick that was turned over. Go figure!
Beast_Mode: he should lose points for a teammates turnover? lol
Dredd: Bit harsh pca.. Was going through for a goal if his teammate didnt concede the free kick
pcaman2003: Beast. No! But how did he get 8 pts for an uncontested kick?
navy_blues: and the dream run ends for norf melb in charge of game now
dodgybros: Port might be fourth after this round
navy_blues: weird how dees look better without grundy
navy_blues: grundy desserves to be playing afl walk into any other side tho
ReggieOz: Go Dees!
dodgybros: Petty second goal from full back
Dredd: fk off Trac..
DukeNewc: Navy, it’s bc gawn is better as a solo ruck, also one of them takes up a forward spot
pcaman2003: Ziebell back to decent TOG and scoring well.
dodgybros: Gawns getting old. Maybe only 2 more seasons of 140 plus points per game
Dredd: this guy… fk me dead
Hazza09: Great mark Trac
Social: up the trac
beerent11: ANB you beauty! Keep going son
pcaman2003: beer. How’s your round looking so far?
beerent11: Draft good, classic not so much. As per usual. You?
beerent11: Actually just looked at classic and on a bit of a comeback. Might get up.
circle52: Dees getting the rub of the green from umps.
pcaman2003: beer. Neck and neck. Won’t be much in it at this stage. Have double chance.
beerent11: ANB again!
Dredd: Trac’s gonna ruin my finals.. this is insane.. +50 this qtr
Hazza09: Trac getting heavily underscored, if this was Bont easy 130
navy_blues: lift trac plz need more
pcaman2003: Is Ziebell teasing me to get him for Naicos?
Raspel31: You have trades left pcaman? Well planned.
pcaman2003: Just wish I could trust him to keep this up.
beerent11: Surely there?s better options pcaman
pcaman2003: Raspel. I sure have after last years lesson. Have 4 left.
Hazza09: 1 trade and 12k looks like it?s Docherty
Raspel31: Got hit with 7 out in 1 week pcaman- destroyed my well laid plans.
pcaman2003: beer. There are indeed. Just pondering.. Looking at Doc
beerent11: Does naic have dpp?
beerent11: Righto, 30 points from Brayshaw to help put it to bed.
pcaman2003: Sorry! Yes he does
Dredd: Backed Wagner to get a lot of the ball over Thomas.. then Tarryn goes +16 this qtr already.. sc this year
Beast_Mode: another great decision lol, take that fluke ton out wagner averages 58
soup: Can’t wait until Ziebell retires
bhg26: Sheez?
beerent11: Beastie just hangs around waiting to jump on comments like that dredd. Loves it.
Dredd: Brisbane avg the most I50s in the comp.. means he is going to get a lot of looks.. continuly showing your little iq
Dredd: Dont I know it Beer.. biggest pest to hang around here.. the guy no one wants but still hangs around
LMartos: Sheezel averaged 30 over the last 3 weeks but he’s cactus you reckon, lol
Hazza09: Get off the bench Trac
clay007: Good chat all. I need Wagner to ouscore Hambling by 30 to go straight through to prelim. Any chance?
soup: reckon you can enjoy the week off clay
pcaman2003: Sounds good clay.
clay007: I hope so soup, as someone mentioned, Wagner is up and down.
Beast_Mode: well done Thomas, good job lad 😉
Dredd: Wagner has been building, score has improved each week since hes been back.. and Lions avg high I50s..
Dredd: 🤡 Beast.. Thomas looked cooked going into 3QT.. cant predict he was gonna play full last qtr and get 6 clrs..
Dredd: It is what it is

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