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Chat log from R19 of 2023: Fremantle vs Sydney

Chat log for Fremantle vs Sydney, R19 of 2023

bhg26: Good start
Dredd: Season 100% over for the loser here
bhg26: Heeney a better chance at goal from 60 than 15m out
bhg26: Wonder why this chat is quiet
Dredd: Its just you, yourself and u here bhg.. im sure people will pass by
TimT14: Enjoy the game bhg
bhg26: What other game could be more interesting than a 14th vs 15th blockbuster
Pavs: Golf, F1, Not cricket or Darts 🙂
DukeNewc: A 13th vs 12th blockbuster may be on bhg?
bhg26: That would be huge duke
Wends: what’s going on with gulden 😮
pcaman2003: My opponent has Gulden as C ,so won’t be pleased.
pcaman2003: On saying that, he’ll bounce back hard I’d imagine
Wends: Did you get the voodoo doll out pca? He’s my capt tho lol
pcaman2003: Wends. I still have him, just not a C. I took Bonts score.
Wends: V sensible pca… I took a shot with Gulden or I wouldn’t will my league game. Overall rank will take a hit tho!
bhg26: Brayshaws angry tonight lol
DrSeuss: Geez are Freo really this bad? Also be great if Gulden could get involved
Wends: We need to send a rocket Dr… with good yaw control
DukeNewc: He has an imaginary tagger on him Seuss
pcaman2003: Wends.Gulden will probably still ton up. He can score quickly.
DrSeuss: What role is Mills playing this week? Is he taking all of Gulden’s possessions?
bhg26: Chads playing Seuss so that takes away a share of the CBAs
Wends: Aww bless you pca… was just about to get the chamomile tea out 🙂
elvundir: i took a gamble and captained Ryan
pcaman2003: elvundir. Hope he goes big. Need him to beat Cameron in other game.
bhg26: There you go freo i suppose
bhg26: Fair grab
bhg26: Beautiful Macca
Dredd: Was worried Wagner would hurt my score but my goodness Gulden, what are you doing?
bhg26: At least hes shown some sign of life this quarter Dredd
DrSeuss: Whats worse Dredd is I have Gulden – my opponent has Wagner – was hoping I would make up some ground
Wends: LIFT gulden lol
beerent11: Just a heads up. There?s not a bad game going on at the Adelaide oval
Dredd: Yeah that’s stiff Seuss.. was hoping Wages could get to the 80 mark while Gulden hits proj.. :/
Wends: Loving Mills’ score tho… sounded like he was on the chopping block for a few teams
navy_blues: keep going parker
DANGERous: gotta lift Gulden
Ash777: wtf gulden
Hazza09: Piss off Mills
bhg26: Ankles
Wends: m0nty, Gulden’s score seems to be stuck. Can you pls look into it? K thx xx
bc__: 100 wagner or ill chin ya
DrSeuss: Brayshaw hasn’t touched it this quarter – maybe some involvement Andy? I already have Gulden playing shit
Gotigres: Thankfully I have Johnson making up for Laird.
exatekk: ouch go tiges, at least i have Wagner
Dredd: Keep going Wages.. hit 80 please
Raspel31: Is Laird out?
exatekk: yeah rasp
DrSeuss: Serong, Brayshaw and Mills combining for 3 possessions so far this quarter – fantastic effort lads
exatekk: fk i nearly put the C on Gulden. last minute took Bont’s VC
Raspel31: Good coaching DrSeuss.
Wends: Guldy better have a 60 point qu. incoming >:<
DukeNewc: Yes Rasp, unfortunately
Gotigres: Nice one exa having Wagner
DukeNewc: Too many injuries, not enough trades
Gotigres: Anyone else have Oliver, Laird and Green on the bench?
Dredd: Imagine still holding Oliver hahaha
bhg26: Ffs Heeney
exatekk: not enough trades duke? 35? how many you want? lol
DrSeuss: Imagine Brayshaw smashing the 1st half then not getting a single possession this quarter
Gotigres: You mean not everyone kept Oliver Dredd?
DrSeuss: My apologies Andy – great handball
bhg26: Didnt pay that 50 at the other end umps when brayshaw had a shot
Dredd: Not the people who are doing well overall
Dredd: GoTigers
DukeNewc: Haha exatekk, I wasted a couple on duds 🙁 I have 1 trade left currently.
exatekk: yeah i have 2 left with Laird, and now possibly Walsh.
bhg26: Gulden going to just fall short of his 143 projection
Gotigres: I feel special Dredd
Raspel31: Stay positive bhg- a qtr to go..
bhg26: You’re right Raspel
DANGERous: lift Mills
DrSeuss: Good to see Gulden has hit the brakes again
bhg26: Can this ump stop bouncing the ball. Hes horrible at it
Raspel31: Gulden edging ever closer to that 143.
Gotigres: If a game was 8 quarters Raspel I think he would get there
bhg26: Parker is pretty good at footy
Dredd: Parker always been one player I would have loved at the Lions.. always gives 100% and is a jet. Super player
bhg26: I say this often dredd but he is 100% the most underrated player of the last 10ish years
DrSeuss: Well done Brayshaw – great first half – fade away in the 2nd

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