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Chat log from R19 of 2023: Western Sydney vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Gold Coast, R19 of 2023

navy_blues: hi all
Foxman69: Sun time!
Cyberdyne: g’day folks
Dredd: Shocking news today.. Ashcroft ACL 🙁
Hughsy: thought id switch it up and go Anderson as C… im so smart
TimT14: Let’s go Kelly, Callaghan and Daniels, need 320 for draft league
bhg26: Stupid sexy flanders going nuts
Hazza09: Nice to see Flanders doing what we needed him to do early in the year
nbartos: Ned going big this month – flog after we all traded him out
frenzy: howdy
nbartos: not a bad game tho this one
Bulky: Humphrey lighting it up.
Hazza09: Standard cogs, shows up for 10 minutes then goes home
bhg26: Touk Touk auditioning for my ashcroft replacement. Im liking what im seeing
original: ruck scoring is too easy
Wends: Feel for you Hughsy… did the same yesterday with Gulden … don’t beat yrself up tho!
TheLegend6: Difficult season, carnage every week, Ashy and Walsh added and still 3 games left
nbartos: Touk into my team next week as last Mid upgrade
Wends: Hung onto Briggs one more week to get last rook off field… keep going big fella
Dredd: Made the opposition decision Wends, went Briggs to English and still have Thomas on field with 1 trade left
JayEm: Stupid sexy Flanders in my team might be the best thing i’ve done all year
Dredd: Opposite* need to stop going on ff on a Mac.. 😐
Dredd: Add Ridley potentially to those Legend..
DANGERous: get crackin HH
TheLegend6: Yep absolutely Dredd
Wends: Relief to be able to jump onto English I’m sure – does that mean you have 1 more rook to go Dredd?
lana2146: If only Flanders started the season like this
lana2146: Flanders probably go 125+
Wends: My league oppt. hopefully not checking scores… traded HH out this rd
original: hahha wends i traded him out this week too
fundraiser: only player i have from this game is josh fahey on my bench. can he beat his be of 10
Wends: Nooo original… #SCregrets lol
Hazza09: If Walsh is out for 3+ Touk is the one
lana2146: Wow how could you only fahey fundraiser theres so much value out there these 2 teams
original: wends, all good, am sure he will be on free agency still
original: (draft)
Hughsy: i doubt walsh is out for more than 1… he jogged off the field and was rested bc they were vs wet toast
Wends: King dreaming of Acland St cake shops?
fundraiser: lana i guess the stars just never aligned haha
lana2146: Yes that happens fundraiser
fundraiser: although i do still have 8 players left to play this afternoon
Wends: Wonder if any inverse correlation btwn no. of coaches jumping off a player & likelihood player goes 50 above 3 rd ave.?
Troglodyte: This is captivating footy – no wonder the chat is dead…
nbartos: touk has stopped
original: stay low anderson
original: goo cogsy boy go
PigeonPies: “fortune favours the dave” nice huddo
Raspel31: I am not one to employ the term spud freely- but come on Rowell you spud!
Wends: So has Briggs nbartos… literally. Off the bench big guy!
sc_god: briggsy and touk have gone home lol
PigeonPies: i love toby
original: i love toby too
TheLegend6: Touk just looks to be jogging around
TimT14: Is Touk gonna get subbed?
Wends: CD appears to have skipped a couple of Briggs H/Os… is that desparation on my part tho lol
bhg26: Oh briggs
sc_god: briggs looks stuffed, they might give him a spell for a week and play flynn
pcaman2003: Briggs providing insight as to how not to play a qtr of footy.
thommoae: Briggs is breaking even with Witts – which equates to GWS ground players being better around the centre. Job done.QED
frenzy: what a funny young fellow is Humphrey
sc_god: getting smacked in the clearances suggests he isnt getting the job done at all, not breaking even. Witts clearly on top
sc_god: still playing pretty well tho
Wends: Will be finally time to get off him in that case @SC-god… Huge bummer but rook off field this week took priority.
Dredd: Wow Humphrey fell off a cliff.. lucky to have him while he had his purple patch
Dredd: Another tick for pulling the trigger to go Briggs to English.. made some good decisions this year 🙂
sc_god: briggs could ton up from here still, if he has a crack
nbartos: he’s doing better than Touk
original: dont stop cogs. do stop anderson
Hazza09: Dony stop cogs ffs
Wends: Rocket time Briggs… LIFT!!
Hughsy: keep going Anderson. do stop cogs
PigeonPies: cmmon razor what is that free kick
original: FLOWER off anderso. shh hughsy
Hazza09: Geez Humphrey
original: anderson must be winning the game off his own boot with these positive points..plz stop
sc_god: cogs!
nbartos: toby subbed off – ffs
nbartos: touk bench for 8 min. ??
valkorum: Anderson ride is rough. Goes shower for 3/4 then scores big in the 4th
Wends: Cmon briggs last minute goal!
original: dont stay on bench cogs. i know you want to. but dont
soup: touk yin yang
Stu7: Macpherson you spud
original: cmon cogs
Stu7: What happened to Greene
Stu7: There you go original
sc_god: nothing they just rested their best player thats all
Stu7: Nice work sc_god
sc_god: kelly bin or ying yang, had 10 possies at the half, 18 in the second half

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