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Chat log from R19 of 2023: Brisbane vs Geelong

Chat log for Brisbane vs Geelong, R19 of 2023

All Reds: gat it lions please
DukeNewc: Up the lions, for obvious reasons
Raspel31: Close game so far.
Baldfrog: Stewart as VC here
Dredd: If we were to lose this..
Baldfrog: You’ll be fine dredd you guys know how to drive to the Gabba
naicosfan: Dunkley, Neale, Ashcroft, mcluggage go low today pls
navy_blues: go cats
Baldfrog: Thats 90% of sc’ers Naicos
naicosfan: Indeed bald, lol
Dredd: On top but can’t score.. what’s new with us
naicosfan: Go on Stewart, big game today
DukeNewc: Cmon dunks and neale
Dredd: Geelong brought up their umpires with them.. lovely start from the men in green
original: danger ffs man. draft ffs
bhg26: Stiff Original lmao
Dredd: We are gonna lose.. another week of not putting teams to the sword..
navy_blues: hands dredd a tissue
sc_god: who cares dredd, really whats the point of brissy winning. They will get flogged at the G by anyone in the 8.
Hazza09: Dunkley MIA Ofcourse
Dredd: ?? you clearly didn’t watch last weeks game nor have much awareness of the current season.. classic smack from you scgod
Baldfrog: Dunks just needs a run been out for a while
original: have hawkins in my draft team. can he score 80+?
naicosfan: Why in the world do you have Hawkins? He plays good once in a blue moon.
Dredd: Anyone notice #1 has Daniher hahahaha. That’s a laugh
bhg26: Hes surely taking the power dredd lmao
DrSeuss: If Fletcher and Mckenna could hit targets rather than Cats – we will be ok
bhg26: But theyre #1 so i wont question their sc mind any further
original: naicosfan its draft man, different ball game
Baldfrog: Wondered why Jasper was going backwards DR
naicosfan: Lovely kick
navy_blues: very nice goal
DrSeuss: If only all of our forwards could kick like Linc
Baldfrog: VC Stewart 200 will do just fine
pcaman2003: DrSeuss. McKenna 10 touches @80% not good enough for you? Tough critic!
DukeNewc: It’s actually Jaspa Baldfrog, spelling a bit different.
naicosfan: Ohh yeah, that?s my fault original, got no idea about draft, should?ve read your comment under, lol.
Stu7: Keep going Stewart
original: daanger coming back fam?
Stu7: Go back to sleep Dunkley
original: quality of picture on kayo awful? why it look foggy
Raspel31: Still no sign of Danger and Zorko- 2 hard nuts to crack.
beerent11: What a fucken boring game this is
original: danger apparently on now? no bench icon
original: zorko lining up to come on too
Baldfrog: Why does danger have a pink shirt icon is he raising money for fairy floss?
naicosfan: Concussion doctors I think bald.
Baldfrog: Oh first time i’ve seen that icon
bhg26: Do something Ashcroft
naicosfan: Hip wood is a flop
DrSeuss: Ashcroft is open so often in space – team mates not seeing him unfortunately
bhg26: I know its bloody annoying at the moment seuss
Dredd: How have we not destroyed Geelong by now..
DrSeuss: Same old story Dredd – on top by heaps – can’t kick straight
Baldfrog: Why is Brissie copying the crows goal kicking style
naicosfan: Danger that was class
Dredd: This is actually sad hahahaha. 15 pts and we have easily been all over them for a quarter and a half.. disgusting really
navy_blues: cmon cats lift
Dredd: Why would you wants cats to life navy?? Wouldn’t you prefer them to lose so you can still finish as high as possible??
navy_blues: i backed gee to win dredd lol
Dredd: lift*
bhg26: Not taking Ashcrofts score atm
beerent11: Surprised O?Connor hasn?t gone to Neale yet
DrSeuss: Look out Dredd – Joe kicked straight
Dredd: We might actually start kicking some now overall Seuss 😮
DukeNewc: Cmon dunks mate
Dredd: Nice to see Ah Chee playing well again
Wends: Atkins on him apparently beer… according to ABC commentators
frenzy: not the Tobin bros
Hazza09: Dunkley isn?t 100%
Baldfrog: Really poor Stewart
DrSeuss: How is that not HTB?
sc_god: lol zorks has a very punchable face
circle52: O conn0or ha
navy_blues: stewart in middle lol
navy_blues: not for long tho by the looks
navy_blues: cant see geelong getting back in this
DrSeuss: Never speak too soon Navy – remember what we allowed last week
naicosfan: That?s ur proj, Stewart, keep pushing
navy_blues: true but its just not happening for them
Dredd: Navy just trying to jinx us
Baldfrog: Yep UncleBaldy needs a big VC score Stewart
navy_blues: unless they can do a richmond
wadaramus: Lift Dunks!
original: Ffs hawkins you?re a spud
sc_god: cats are cooked, need a cleanout. these gereatrics ain’t going to get to in the top4 anymore
Hazza09: Push an 80 out Dunkley ffs
clay007: I don’t think Hawkins is a spud.
beerent11: Very impressive downhill skiing exhibition by the men in striped shirts.
Gotigres: Get Mullin on the ground so he can get me 20 points
Baldfrog: They just need a few more 30 somethings is all
navy_blues: no witches hats yet m0nty?
Gotigres: Do Geelong think they are playing in the women’s world cup with only one goal scored?
m0nty: it’s kind of a reverse witches hat game, 36 bollards out there
Baldfrog: Why do backmen need 1/2 qtr on the bench?
navy_blues: lol
Baldfrog: Hope you have zimmer frames for those bollards or they will fall down
Dredd: You’re welcome Geelong..
DrSeuss: Starcevich you muppet
DrSeuss: Ashcroft – time to get involved please lad
Dredd: Here we go…
Baldfrog: Few brissie backsides would be twitching right now
beerent11: Uh oh dredd
navy_blues: was a throw
Dredd: Geelong and umpires.. never a chance getting a fair crack against them
FoopyTime: yup was the umpires that gave the cats the win against us too trust me no cope
PigeonPies: cats midfield is so bad
original: Draft finals killer hawkins. Thanks mate ffs
DrSeuss: So 2 Geelong Goals from Lions players kicking to Jez Cameron in front of goal – top work lads
Dredd: Gifted the cats some goals today.. 2 from D50 Turnovers
Dredd: How is this game seriously 19 points HAHAHAH
DrSeuss: It helps when umps pay marks outside 50 or marks when Andrews punches the ball
PigeonPies: can umps not pay marks outside 50?
Dredd: Umps been riding the cats back into this one big time
DrSeuss: Haha sorry Pigeon – marks out of bounds
sc_god: you say that about every brisbane game lol
PigeonPies: ahah was probably out of bounds to be fair
PigeonPies: henry you muppet
chris7399: Muppet McLachlan on the phone to the umps. Can they BE any more obvious who they want to win!
navy_blues: i can feel the nervous tension…..
TimT14: Hahaha that was ball on Henry
sc_god: the bears just lack the ticker when challenged
Dredd: 3 quarters of domination for this HAHAHAH.. sack Fages please
Gotigres: Ashcroft down
PigeonPies: hope its not as bad as it looks for ashcroft… devastating
chris7399: Ashcroft hurt. hasn’t moved in 3 minutes
sc_god: poor kid, tombstone
Doggie Doo: lIft lions
DrSeuss: Can’t do much when the opposition just throws the ball around like it’s league
Baldfrog: Another one bites the dust
beerent11: Might not be too bad
navy_blues: so many injuries
ralfsmiff4: Love to see that from Ah Chee. Hope he gets a good run at it after a career-best game
bushranger: fingers crossed for WA
beerent11: Blue moon ah chee?
thommoae: Or maybe CAC kicks truly?
DrSeuss: Charlie Cameron – what are you doing
Baldfrog: Thanks Tom
Dredd: These umpires are horrific..
Manowar: Charlie Cameron…eowwr eowwr
ralfsmiff4: DrSeuess what do you think Robertson’s future is? He’s been in and out of the team for years.
ralfsmiff4: I think Dev Rob can be a great player. But lots of competition. Maybe a trade target?
DrSeuss: Dev Rob – good when in a tagging role – just doesn’t seem to stand out when he plans – Lions have a few guys like that
Baldfrog: Bit soft as a player ralf wouldn’t trade for him
sc_god: brisane having only 2 players on the injury list doesnt help
original: Two quick goals please THawk
chris7399: Need to give players permanent roles for continuity. Rayner #1 pick has played 50 roles
Gotigres: For the love of my SC team Mullin, get back on
PigeonPies: dunks is amazing
sc_god: amazing second half dunks, was on 31sc at the half
lana2146: Imagine relying on Mullin for your SC team lol
DrSeuss: Finally a HTB – that was probably the least HTB we have seen all night
Dredd: for what!!
Dredd: These umpires HAHAHAHA
original: You?re shower geelong
Hazza09: Well done Dunks
Manowar: Brisbane just making up the numbers, average team – shit coach!
DrSeuss: OMG Umps – first dissent call all weekend to give Geelong a free on the 50m – be less obvious
PigeonPies: have a shot joe
sc_god: brissy still weak as piss, will get smacked by any team in the 8 at the mcg and they know it
DrSeuss: From a Carlton fan with Voss as your coach lol
PigeonPies: i mean, zorko is an absolute grub, probably deserved
Gotigres: That’s how bad my team is Lana
Dredd: where’s the long overdue spud icon for sc_god?? serious muppet
FoopyTime: bisban ryan bisban ryna
Baldfrog: Walrus stole it Dredd
Manowar: Voss won you 3 flags and you put shit on him! ya Donkey
DrSeuss: Need a troll icon
chris7399: Lets be honest Voss is a gun player, average coach
DrSeuss: Voss is a great player you Donkey – very average coach. You understand the difference right?
Baldfrog: Who did Voss win the flags with Manowar ya donkey

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