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Chat log from R19 of 2023: Carlton vs West Coast

Chat log for Carlton vs West Coast, R19 of 2023

Troglodyte: This is going to be a train wreck…
navy_blues: hope so
Wends: Had a hunch and went last rook off field for NN… working out so far 😮
Wends: *instead of Briggs to Gawn
naicosfan: The kick it to curnow strategy is coming back..
naicosfan: Thankfully I put the C on him
Baldfrog: Have Walsh but never considered him as VC material. Think I might be wrong
fundraiser: i needed peris on field, sean darcy and laird both out. had to take a donut cos my bench is atrocious
Wends: Bad luck there with doughnuts… Could Chesser be up for more than his customary 26 this wk?
Baldfrog: Wonder if T Kelly would leave for a pack of salt and vinegar chips?
Pavs: Bought in Hewett this week for Sheldrick and cover Cripps. Not sure of my thinking but going ok
Hughsy: i have walshy… but also tkelly
naicosfan: How tf is 71 sc from 28 dt possible
dodgybros: Blues might beat largest winning margin and highest score this game
bhg26: West Coast still a chance from here
Wends: NN set up camp on the bench?
Pavs: Camping with Hewett Wends
Hughsy: not good enough walsh
Wends: Must be roasting marshmallows there Pavs… hope they pick up up where they left off early Q1
navy_blues: motlop good small frwd works hard
soup: curnow on track for the most plastic coleman medal of all time if he bullies this basket case of a club again
navy_blues: hope so soup lol
Cottees: can Eagles tag Walsh or do something lmao
Bwad: Yeah, because Plugger, Dunstall et al. never played against bad sides did they Soup? What a horrid take.
Wends: NN needs mini-rocketing
BigChief: Is that because Hawkins could only kick 4 against this basket case of a club @soup?
soup: a more horrid take is comparing chief and plugger to charlie curnow
fundraiser: chesser on my field wends, heres hoping he at least gets to 50
TheFlagger: free kick carlton
Bwad: Did I compare them or use them as a reference point? Hawkins most plastic Coleman because COVID. See, I can troll too
beerent11: Oh no telly. Oh no.
original: timm kelly putting on a horror show
dodgybros: may as well put Peter Hudson into the mix
Pavs: Bwad coming in
Bwad: Haha, keep your cheer squad members in line will you Pavs?
Wends: Fingers cross fundraiser… maybe needs a little rocket of his own
beerent11: Looping cincotta with ziegull. Nearly enough already
Bwad: Ziebell is full dropped isn’t he Beer? “Managed”?
Pavs: Cheer squad members?
Stu7: What happened To Walsh?
BigChief: Still an emerg Bwad so could be sub again.
Urbs: Walsh currently in the rooms, dunno what for
fundraiser: wends im pretty sure the whole west coast franchise needs a rocket at this point
Stu7: Thanks Urbs
Bwad: Surely Charles goes for the Docklands goal record here
McLeod_23: Walsh hamstring I heard
DrSeuss: Hold Walsh and he finally has a great start and then gets injured
fundraiser: ayy chesser with one cheeky handball before half time
original: thiis is hard watching, even for a blues fan
bhg26: Had the same feeling when we played them original
original: zieb sub surely
navy_blues: 1 of my opps has curnow as C
DrSeuss: Fox covering Shuey’s injury but no mention of Walsh
TheFlagger: fark
BigChief: Blues prob resting Walsh for next week.
Stu7: Walsh out it just gets worst for team
Stu7: My team
DrSeuss: I know the feeling Stu – lose Walsh – Day terrible – both uniques in all leagues of course
Wends: Anyone watching: who has taken Walsh’s place in the mids?
TheFlagger: we will get destroyed next week if cerra and cripps dont play
McLeod_23: cunningham and fog getting runs in the middle
Stu7: Thanks Macleod
Baldfrog: Geez just got back seagull and dunks now lose Laird and Walsh
navy_blues: great kick hollands
Stu7: Sucks hey Baldfrog now Walsh down for me
Wends: Thx McLeod
Hughsy: is walsh’s injury serious?
McLeod_23: Carlton said they’ll get scans. They seem to think minor
Baldfrog: Least Chesser is consistant
TheFlagger: eagles coming back
fundraiser: chesser in the guts. should be a solid second half
TheFlagger: you’d think with 0 midfielders left hewett would be on the ground
TheFlagger: the george variety
beerent11: Keep hearing the umps saying endzone when the ball goes deep forward.
Stu7: Reverse that goal m9nty
BigChief: 3 weeks for SPS if Boyd got 3.
beerent11: Gee blokes are quick to call out weeks
BigChief: Sling tackle and head hit ground @beer.
Hazza09: Traded Green for Walsh, just sums up my year
Baldfrog: SC finals start next week dont they?
Soups07: week after baldfrog
Baldfrog: Thanks Soups. Maybe can carry Walsh for a few weeks then
Wends: fundraiser Chesser may get you your 50
Hazza09: If it?s 3-4 baldfrog you can?t carry him into finals
Baldfrog: I have double chance in pretty much each league so have time to see
runners47: Kelly, you need to work a helluva lot harder in the last qtr – even if your teammates aren’t…
Stu7: Come in Kemp
Stu7: Go Hunt
Wends: Junk it up NN – go for the gull
fundraiser: wends our fingers crossed got a good lift from chesser. the rocket worked
Stu7: Kempppppppp
Stu7: Off the bench Kemp
DukeNewc: Pretty sure this may be the coleman medal decider right here.
naicosfan: Underwood u absolute flower it was Cowan, not kemp
navy_blues: nice 10 charlie
DaicosQB: Curnow with 20 goals against west coast for a coleman, my hero
original: Ttkelly has been absolutely bashed up today, cant buy a free
BigChief: Duke Adel play WC in last round
FoopyTime: i hate underwood with every bone in my body
runners47: Terrific tenner, CC
FoopyTime: i still remember her talking about a north player dropping a mark and saying his mum would be upset with that
FoopyTime: because she played netball for tonga
DukeNewc: Chief. Oh….. that could get messy, flashbacks…
runners47: C’mon Kelly – go and find the ball – it doesn’t automatically come to u
Stu7: Great wot,
Stu7: Great work Hunt & Kemp
Stu7: Just because I praised you Kemp & Hunt doesn?t mean you stop
sc_god: walsh score comical
Stu7: Nice Hunt
Dredd: Wish I had an extra trade to bring Hewett in.. wowee
runners47: Sure is sc_god
naicosfan: Sheed from the boundary 🙁

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