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Chat log from R17 of 2023: Western Sydney vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Hawthorn, R17 of 2023

Gotigres: I have Briggs on field over Marshall
Pokerface: gotigers ive just slipped him on field. deciding whether to field marshall or gawn
frenzy: dont have Briggs 🙁
pcaman2003: Have Briggs and Marshall on field.. I’m stuffed this round already so won’t matter much.
bhg26: Onya Cogs
frenzy: tough luck there Xavier
Manowar: kee’mon Briggs
navy_blues: he is back on frenzy
Manowar: problem Mitchell?
Cottees: Come on Mitchell, you’re my Dunkley cover please
soup: cant wait for cogs to fade out like he does every week
frenzy: lol m0nty had him in the showers, done for the day
navy_blues: resurrected
thommoae: Well you’ll have to wait until the last quarter, soup. By definition 🙂
Manowar: happy with J. Kelly so far, keep up the good work!
DrSeuss: Looks like Nash trying to do a job on Green
Cottees: DrSeuss – wish Nash was on Cogs and Mag on Kelly so Green goes huuge
DrSeuss: Would love the same Cottees – Cogs running round getting all his non contested footy
Manowar: alot of green/e today
pcaman2003: Cottees. Wish Nash was a real man and take on Cogs,Green together.:)
Cottees: pca – and Kelly too?
Hazza09: Get to a 65-70 Mitchell, you are my Dunkley cover ffs
bhg26: Can briggs get on the field
pcaman2003: Cottees. Yeah! Why not hey?
Cottees: Pca reckon I could do that easily. Take on 3 players. Not hard at all ey
lana2146: Briggs the machine
pcaman2003: Peace of cake!
BigChief: That’s enough HB Tom, you can kick it now.
soup: cogs you jet
JohnHoward: cogs would be on 120 if his name was bontmeplelli or gawn
Cottees: ffs Hawks, stop Cogs from getting easy possessions and goals
Cottees: JohnHoward, mate hes on 1 Contested at 58%. Pretty easy to look at the stats
DrSeuss: Bont or Gawn would have more than 1 contested stat
Gotigres: Looks like Cogs is well on his way to 85sc
bhg26: Got Briggs, Cogs and Day… and green
pcaman2003: Also, Cogs didn’t get paid a clanger for the HB directly to Hawks player. Another one missed.
JohnHoward: #CDbias
Cottees: We can tell JohnHoward has Cogs lmao
BigChief: You are clueless as usual JohnHoward.
thommoae: Quick change of tune, soup. Cogs on song?
JohnHoward: if anyone here needs a high quality body corp manager please let me know
original: Cogs should be higher
Raspel31: Golly this game reads like the county Cork year book.
Hazza09: How is Cogs only 45
soup: just gonna enjoy it while i can thommo, mood also lifted from briggsy and day
frenzy: Lol Hazza and original
BigChief: Really m0nty? What is wrong with my comment for you not to post it?
Cottees: oh no Chief, you being naughty boy? lol
2Ph0nes: cogas has been a seagull and butched the pill, seems fair imo
BigChief: No Cottees, just answering originals comment.
DrSeuss: Green finally used his boot
Cottees: yeah and he needs to stay away from his boot DrSeuss lol
Raspel31: To negative effect DrSeuss- sigh.
original: Cogs 0 touches in 7 mins
Hazza09: Ffs Mitchell
Cottees: Cogs goes missing so easily lmao
pcaman2003: Greene and Weddle been missing a while for the Hawks.
Cottees: Hazza – Yeah I know right, the one week I need him to cover haha
clay007: Cogs score is low
pcaman2003: Briggs making up for last week. This is more like it
Cottees: clay – you’re only the tenth person to say that lmao
DukeNewc: At least hes not Josh Kelly cottees, sitting at 8 sc
pcaman2003: clay007. A terrible DE will do that to a score.
clay007: I was only joking cottees. It is like Brodie’s tog
Cottees: haha fair Clay]
original: Cogs won?t even break 90sc
BigChief: Muppet for Bedford.
clay007: What is T Green doing? Is he tagging himself?
DANGERous: lift Himmel
Hazza09: Lol cogs is absolute tease, typical
Manowar: Mitchell u idiot! I see Box Hil is in you’re future
thommoae: Tbf pca Briggs was up against Gawn and Grundy … in the wet last week.
original: Hazza agree. We will be lucky if he hits 80
navy_blues: omg amon
DukeNewc: Cogs consistency rating should be -5
Manowar: Silvagni beat up Reeves in the ruck last week, Briggs should get 250+
navy_blues: cmon briggs lift
Cottees: Wingard actually being good for once? What universe are we in? lol
DukeNewc: Cottees, you are a cordial man, a pretty twised one.
Cottees: Exactly where I got this name from (my nickname) hahaha
soup: scrimshaw get off the pine you donut
clay007: Cogs playing well.
Pokerface: score is low though don’t you think clay?
FoopyTime: 57% efficiency will do that
pcaman2003: Poor Weddle. Clanger for a fumble under pressure and has scored a mere +1 since qtr time.
DrSeuss: Massive thanks to Tom Green for failing to show up today – get involved you peanut
Raspel31: Takes one Green to destroy the good work by Ashcoft DrSeuss.
Gotigres: I’m still confident Cogs can go 85+
DukeNewc: Great tag on Kelly by Maginness
Cottees: Hawks let Green to free please hahaa
DukeNewc: His score has started to go down gotigers
DrSeuss: Yep – I know that pain Raspel – you win some – you lose more (or something like that)
wadaramus: While we’re giving thanks, I’d like to give cheer to Cogs and Briggs for showing up DrSeuss 🙂
Gotigres: Like usual Duke
Cottees: Thank you Hawks
beerent11: Keep bagging green please
DrSeuss: We should all give thanks Wada – thanks to TomG for taking my advice
TheLegend6: Briggs not moved this qtr
wadaramus: Lift Briggs!!
frenzy: extract the digit Isaac
bhg26: Thanks for the huge quarter Briggs
Cottees: yup Green and Briggs been on bench for way too long. GET ON
2Ph0nes: feels sorry for the muppets that have himmelburger
DrSeuss: Himmelburger is outscoring this muppet with Tom Green
navy_blues: least himmel hasnt been charged with criminal acts
pcaman2003: F Greene will be back to the magoos again soon.
TheLegend6: Nice comeback Mitchell, grind a 65 out
Cottees: gotigres! he got over 85!!! but he will go back in the 4th probs
Pokerface: Himmell fine for his price
clay007: Himmelburger is doing ok. 69 before 3/4 time is not the worst result. Green 55 is not cool. i
wadaramus: Briggs you hack!
bhg26: Briggs with a massive quarter for non owners
lana2146: Himmels great value
Pokerface: especially with that lovely fwd/def swing
soup: go hoks
navy_blues: wouldnt mind hawks winning this
clay007: I have not been watching, what is going on with Green? He is my POD.
soup: himmelburger you absolute helmet
DrSeuss: My POD as well Clay – just looking slow all day – attention from Nash early – but just rubbish
Raspel31: Come on Green- only another 100.
wadaramus: Helmet? Is that a positive or negative reference?
clay007: His last two games, he scored 2 hungies, but today against a flower team, wowee.
clay007: Thanks Seuss for the update. I hope he finishes strong.
pcaman2003: Are you still there Briggs?
bhg26: Briggs, your teammates are in the orange. Tap it to them
TheLegend6: One of the all time bad second halves from Briggs
Cottees: well my projection just went down like a million cause of this bloody game. So frustrating argh
DrSeuss: Unlikely Clay – just one of those games I think. Opponent has Cogs and Himmelberg though – so looking great
pcaman2003: bhg. I think he may be colour blind.
navy_blues: muppet day omg
DANGERous: keep going Himmel
bhg26: Oh my fucking god day
Raspel31: Well, when I despair over Green I like at the bright side and say thank golly I didn’t have Kelly.
soup: will…
DrSeuss: WTF Day – what did you just do?
pcaman2003: TheLegend. I think he’s only added about 5pts this half.
Yelse: what happened to tom green ?
Yelse: haven’t watched the game
bhg26: Briggs fallen back down to earth
frenzy: cogs score looks low 🙂
bhg26: He was on 79 at half time the donkey
JockMcPie: briggs is sore so that probably explains the low TOG and score
JohnHoward: as an english and marshall man, thank u briggs for being ur true potato self
Gotigres: Briggs at full value now. Time to trade him out for next round.
TheLegend6: Briggs a keeper in my team :
clay007: Alright-what can we expect from Briggs and Green from here? Is 80 for Green ok? 90 for Briggs?
clay007: Don’t leave me hanging guys? Think tankers…lift!
pcaman2003: Gee our HB really kills us. Mistake after mistake..
TheLegend6: yes Briggsy
lana2146: I?m keeping Briggs Im happy with 90+ scores
pcaman2003: Briggs score an optical illusion? I thought it just climbed.
wadaramus: I’m keeping Briggs, I don’t have enough trades to get rid of him.
DrSeuss: Maybe move Day back onto the ball Mitchell instead of forward
bhg26: But hes been so reliable in front of goal seuss
lana2146: WoW Briggs went up 20 points in a minute
clay007: Get Seuss on the Hawks committee! agree with him. You have my support.
DrSeuss: 12 contested possessions in the middle – lets move him forward at the most vital part of the game – GENIUS
pcaman2003: Same here Wada. Down to my last 8 trades.
blashtroko: Day injured his arm/shoulder in Q3, guessing thats why the move fwd
wadaramus: Briggs storming home, 4 back 4 wide, good finish mate!
DrSeuss: Interesting – didn’t see that blash
OffaStep: Commentators seem to think Mitchell was just trying to win contested footy inside 50 with Day.
bhg26: Thank god briggs is a ruck with actual footy skills
bhg26: Kelly a game for the ages
OffaStep: Sam mitchell, that is.
thommoae: Apologies to Cogs please … you know who you are!
FoopyTime: i refuse
DrSeuss: Yeah I didn’t see Day with any issues – other than an average coach
blashtroko: Yeah, nobody mentioned the injury in the broadcast – check late Q3, he’s holding his arm I was sure he’d done a collar

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