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Chat log from R17 of 2023: Brisbane vs West Coast

Chat log for Brisbane vs West Coast, R17 of 2023

TheFlagger: Happy neale 250 day
Cottees: Eagles to put 3 players on Neale and tag him out of the game as Ashcroft can get 200 😉
ElstyBoy: Time for Chesser to GOAT it up
Pavs: Neale vc go large little man
Baldfrog: Go Chesser
Gotigres: I know Chesser has got a 100 in him this week.
navy_blues: m0nty slept in
Manowar: C on Neale mother fuckers!
frenzy: chaps
Baldfrog: Chesser started well on the bench
Gotigres: Risky move Manowar. Might have a quiet game.
bhg26: Ashcroft/Seamus Mitchell are my dunks cover this week. Ashcroft started well
JohnHoward: jasper already a better player then his dad dustin
duckky: I traded out Ashcroft 2 weeks ago…. Can’t you tell?
TheFlagger: seamus covering dunks and ziebell covered by windy for me oh boy
pcaman2003: Got Fletcher on field. Go young fella. VC on Neale Sorry about that Pavs.Lol!
TheFlagger: only 2 trades left and 5k in the bank so just pray ziebell comes back next week. if not then ill flick him
duckky: Sadly JohnHoward – bot of Dustin’s boys are in the USA on College punting scholarships.
duckky: The elder one played in the College competition grand final
navy_blues: johnny boy still dont know what he is talkin about lol
frenzy: Dustin is not his dad johnnyH, Adrian is
Gotigres: Fletcher is the son of Adrian, who kicked the ball to umpire Peter Carey
bhg26: Ashcrofts score is bs, he hasnt done anything wrong yet
pcaman2003: Gotigres. I remember that. Hilarious at the time.
duckky: Sorry – Just chhecked – both Mason and Max played against each other in the College GF
BigChief: Ziebell will be sub this week I think.
duckky: How many SC points did Carey get?
Gotigres: yes pcaman
TheFlagger: yep confirmed he is the sub chief
Hazza09: Is Neale getting tagged?
bhg26: Tackles are worth 4 points so ashcroft has got 5 points from 2 effective disposals a mark and a free for
Gotigres: 7 games for Chesser so far. He has got to be one of the luckiest AFL footballers in history to get games.
duckky: Champion data is slow to update for some players BHG.
duckky: Im still waiting foir CD to update Libba’s score from last night
bhg26: lol duckky
TheLegend6: Libba’s score an absolute joke from last night
Cottees: good one Ducky but I hope it does happen for Libba haha
pcaman2003: duskky. I think they made a hash of Libba last night. Missed a disposal b4 half time siren too.
Hazza09: Neale looks disinterested today
Gotigres: I’ve noticed some players get their scores faster than others as well Duccky
bhg26: Peak supercoach play there will
TheFlagger: keep going gov
BigChief: Bris kids will get a lot of mid time today. Neale may not score too much.
Gotigres: 3 possies Neale is shameful
duckky: Witches hats please monty
Hazza09: Neale just labouring around, looks CBF
bhg26: When does the mercy rule kick in
JohnHoward: rip to those who played maric for dunkley, maric wont be seeing the ball today
Gotigres: Wouldn’t be surprised if Neale gets subbed off for a rest and to give the youngsters some game time
TheLegend6: I was disappointed taking Sheldrick instead, but looks like it’ll work out
Cottees: Eagles on the comeback! Easy win from here
soup: kelly all good to come back on field? not watching
TheFlagger: chesser going nuts!
OffaStep: Surely Lions will want to show a bit of ruthlessness today – reckon Neale will still ton up with a few extra rotations.
bhg26: Kelly in the rooms now soup
OffaStep: Please keep talking shower about Maric, jHoward. He was dead quiet until you posted then picked up another possie!
Cottees: Jeez Ashcroft ground time is so low 🙁
JohnHoward: ur a joke maric, shoulda stayed in the wafl
OffaStep: Cheers, JH. That should get him a goal.
runners47: Thanks McCluggage & Kelly – keep that scoring rate up for the next 3/4
Drak: How is Maric meant to do anything with that kind of delivery?
Manowar: got a problem Neale
navy_blues: love watching cameron sook when team mates dont kick it to him
Hughsy: Damn poor Kelly
Manowar: get on ya moped Charlie!
TheLegend6: Crazy no goals from any of Lions normal goalkickers
Pavs: Horrible body language Navy thought they would address that
TheFlagger: decent season chesser lol
Gotigres: Commentator said Chesser has had a p[retty good season so far.
navy_blues: young hough doing ok on charlie
Beast_Mode: chesser 7 possies wow, piglet
beerent11: Jezza, Lloyd and now telly adding to the body count. Getting 5 seasons worth of bad luck this year.
TheLegend6: Is Kelly coming back on?
OffaStep: Some players know where to position themselves. Maric’s GPS is about 3 metres off.
Gotigres: Chesser on track for 20 possies
navy_blues: lmao charlie
pcaman2003: Cameron! Did someone get the number of that truck?
pcaman2003: C’mon Fletcher and find that ball.
beerent11: I love j McGovern. Bloody star
DukeNewc: The toasters should have the pumpkin icon, good for a few weeks and back to being shower
beerent11: At least telly looks ok
bhg26: Ashcroft you bloody beauty
Beast_Mode: lol
Cottees: bhg – surely makes sense right. Gabba + no Dunkley so Ashcroft goes big
bhg26: His average at the gabba is 100+ already cottees, so no dunks increases that
Hazza09: Typical Ashcroft at the Gabba
bhg26: Hes been remarkable as my m9 so far, got 111 looped on field last week as well
Cottees: Yeah bhg amazing m9. Will be my last upgrade. Just don’t know who to and will trade when not at gabba
TheFlagger: time to sub neale off
beerent11: Eags right in this
bhg26: If you want to hold for a couple weeks cottees touk will be way down in price, probs goes down to around 520-530k
Cottees: yeah Touk definitely a shout. I like that but I don’t have Neale cause I am rookie
TheLegend6: Ashcroft going at 100%, wow
pcaman2003: Thelegend. Saw him miss a target earlier, but still at 100%. CD is a joke.
Cottees: pca – na CD don’t miss anything. They’re completely fair and unbiased
DukeNewc: I wonder what bribes he’s giving CD pca, compared to libba.
Beast_Mode: you lads throwing your toys out the cot over ashcroft score lol, libba spudded it up deal with it
original: 100% DE but had a turnover. Figure that out
Cottees: original against Eagles any possession is effective
Pavs: Incorrect Beast Mode. CD is in fact struggling this week
pcaman2003: Beast. No one made a comment on Ashcroft’s score. Talking about CD and their supposed infalability.
TheLegend6: Libba’s numbers were outrageous last night, certainly didn’t spud it up
Dondeal: Got a geeling Neale is gonna get subbed
Cottees: Compare Bont and libba too. You’ll see the inconsistency lol
original: Sc scoring needs better weighting. Compare mclugg and mcgov
PigeonPies: libba was honestly terrible, did not notice him at all except for 1 kick inside 50
pcaman2003: I’ll be glad if/when CD get rid of the contentious clanger criteria which seems inconsistent to me.
OffaStep: Maybe sub Charlie off for Kai? Not sure Neale needs much of a rest after his lacklustre performance today.
original: I?d be happy for backwards and sideways kicks to be scored less, and ensuing mark too. And kick ins to count for less
bc__: Surely Neale gets subbed
beerent11: The brizzy plumbers crack jumpers are back
navy_blues: dripwood takes baileys goal lol laugh if he dropped it
beerent11: Definitely agree with the kick in point original. Unless it?s a direct score involvement
Pavs: Reckon they will sub Lester imo
frenzy: PB for Chesser
beerent11: Giants hawks next. Blockbuster Saturday arvo. Going to kill some fish I think.
Dogs5416: Original – 100% effective and a turnover is possible. Do you know the rules?
lana2146: Fair dinkum Daniher and Cameron couldnt score a goal against wet toast
original: Cmon dogs5416 tell us
original: Kicked over 40m but was a turnover?
navy_blues: loving it lana thats why bris arent GF contenders imo their frwd line lets them down
Pavs: Waiting Dogs you could just tell us without the “know the rules bit”
bhg26: Madden has a clanger going at 100%
Cottees: bhg – I don’t think his clanger was a disposal
lana2146: Feel a bit let down actually I thought Lions would win 130 plus at home on a beautiful arvo ummm
navy_blues: mcgov injured? or just subbed?
OffaStep: Barass has two, bhg.
Pavs: Wasn’t a free against Cottees what else could it be?
bhg26: Probably fumbled and lost the ball pavs
Cottees: Pavs – Aren’t fumbles clangers?
Gotigres: Get to 60 please Chesser
Hazza09: So another VC down the drain
lana2146: 17 behinds the lions lol
Pavs: Seems as though they are mate not sure?
pcaman2003: Coleman subbed ou.
wadaramus: Clanger: An error made by a player resulting in a negative result for his side. Disposal clangers are any kick or
wadaramus: handball that directly turns the ball over to the opposition. Frees and 50-metre penalties against, No Pressure Errors,
soup: zorko subbed
wadaramus: Dropped Marks and Debits are all included in clangers.
original: Dogs where did you go? Cmon mate
Pavs: Thanks Wada makes sense the dropped mark thing.
bhg26: Rip Ashcrofts perfect disposal efficiency
navy_blues: he is researching the rules original
wadaramus: Yep, no pressure errors/dropped marks makes sense.
OffaStep: Barrass still @ 100% with three clangers now.
wadaramus: Maric picking up a few leftover chips.
Cottees: Offastep – He fumbling the bag
Hazza09: Get off the pine Neale
pcaman2003: I thought Fletcher would do well today. Oh well!
Dogs5416: Missed your reply, what was it original?
OffaStep: Ashcroft is fumbling my flowering bag, Cottees. 140 and rising for 2 opps.
original: Dogs we are all waiting for you to educate us
original: I said ?40m kick that ends up being marked by oppo??
OffaStep: Back from the library, dogs!
Pavs: Feeling superior chubby gone down?
bhg26: Ashcroft best m9 ever
pcaman2003: bhg26. Made a lot easier with no tag applied from Simpson. Don’t think he cares anymore
bhg26: Why would ya pcaman
Pavs: Been awesome today bhg thought Sheldrick was pretty good as mine
Gotigres: Good look from Gunston.
Beast_Mode: this week he is yes, but if you have ashcroft at this stage your sc team is pure garbage. he has avg of 86 lmao
Cottees: pca – why would you tag Ashcroft over Neale? lol
bhg26: He is my m9 beast, hence he is on my bench
OffaStep: Nice cast, Beast.
Pavs: Beast mode with 30 premo’s in his side
Gotigres: Finally a good capt score for me
lana2146: Yep ill take 140 VC thanks Neale
Raspel31: You don’t need to justify yourself to Beast bhg.
frenzy: thank you Mr Lyons
Pokerface: Beast mode is that guy who finishes on top of the league and goes out of finals in straight sets with no trades left
soup: love needing clug for 20+ and then he gets burnt twice in the last two minutes on 19
bhg26: Take a bow Will Ashcroft
TheFlagger: junky neale
pcaman2003: Poker. Sounds about right. Lol!
navy_blues: ashcroft no good away from gabba but sure that will improve
navy_blues: flagger let me guess u dont have neale?
Pavs: Flagger had Neale Captain I think?
TheFlagger: everyone has neale including me
Raspel31: But we don’t all have Ashcroft.

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