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Chat log from R17 of 2023: St Kilda vs Melbourne

Chat log for St Kilda vs Melbourne, R17 of 2023

chilipowdr: May going for 150+ from an outrageous number of intercepts tonight
ReggieOz: Go Dees!
Stu7: Evening all
navy_blues: king prob gone
BigChief: King done already?
FoopyTime: thank fck for sportsbet injury bet return
clay007: Eveneing Stu. Final four on the line tonight. Good luck!
Stu7: Same to you clay
pcaman2003: Need a magic game from Owens, like about 150+ will do it. No pressure!
Stu7: Go Sinclair and Wilkie
Stu7: Good luck pca and chill
original: get involved salem
pcaman2003: Thanks Stu! Go Sainters!
frenzy: King cooked great
2Ph0nes: stick to horse racing you flog commentator
clay007: Nice start Steele.
DrSeuss: Surely that was touched – looked pretty obvious
Stu7: Cheers pca – hawks was a close one
Raspel31: Cracking start Tracca.
navy_blues: get owens on with king gone geez
bhg26: Hey trac any danger
Stu7: Lift Sinhair
original: flower off may
pcaman2003: Stu. Not bad, but we need to improve disposal drastically.
Stu7: Not helpful Raspa
DrSeuss: Geez Melbourne looking very sleepy so far
pcaman2003: Don’t worry about Trac. He’ll still score 120+ with ease.
Stu7: Saints up to their old wayward kicking again
2Ph0nes: dees are cooked
Manowar: Woewodin WoeWoeful
BigChief: Ross out now too.
pcaman2003: Seb Ross gone too. Oh dear!
Raspel31: Ouch.
thommoae: hat’s an early call, 2phones. Impulse bettor as well, are ya?
original: sinclair cmon buddy
Hazza09: Who cursed Trac?
frenzy: sorry h
navy_blues: voodoo doll on trac pca told me hazza
navy_blues: dees are cooked?? lmao what muppet would say that?
pcaman2003: navy. Haha! Except I have Trac..Doll locked away tonight.
Tangent: Some start from Langdon
bhg26: Whoever gave up Langdon in the fanfooty draft league thank you so much
frenzy: Lol
shagga24: Steele off to a good start
DrSeuss: Might be time to looking at bringing in Steele – tackling back up again
Stu7: Steele looks sharp 🙂
circle52: Who still has Steele??
shagga24: Haha I do, looks like I’m stuck with him
clay007: Tracca.. that is better. Cmon windhager. I only the windy one because of Dunks. Will he be back next week?
DukeNewc: Nobody you’d think circles, he played some weird positions when he returned from injury.
thommoae: Woewodin Wowonderful, Manowar/ Two from Two score involvements.
Stu7: Cmon Wilkie
Stu7: Nice kicking Melbourne
Manowar: St Kilda in big trouble, Melbourne 5 goals already
Pavs: Me Circle 1st time to brag about it for 1 quarter
Manowar: No Wowwoeful still
shagga24: Haha me too, first time in a long time
Stu7: I?m convinced st Kilda try and find a way to lose each week
Stu7: Nice stuff Wilkie keep going buddy
shagga24: I even got sucked into Yeo while chasing cheap league wins
Gotigres: Don’t start hitting some form now Steele. You need to go back to playing like an iron deficient anaemic like u have been
thommoae: And early injuries is Plan A tonight, Stu? 🙂
Stu7: 100 percent thommo
thommoae: Credit for variety and creativity then.
clay007: All quiet on the western front
BigChief: Cordy now in doubt. Saints falling like 9 pins
pcaman2003: C’mon Owens! I need you to score well.. Get some goals.
Stu7: 6 shots 6 points – saints will be out of the eight in 2 weeks – don?t know how to win
BigChief: 6 weeks for May for kneeing Cordy in the head. LOL
2Ph0nes: thanks daisy, didnt know you could sub 2 players from the same team mate!
Yelse: just got home wtf happened to th saints players?they all gone for the game
BigChief: King Shoulder, Ross hammy and Cordy concussion Yelse
Stu7: Wake up Wilkie
FoopyTime: king shoulder ross hammy and cordy may knee to the back of the head
original: Sinclair getting no CD love
Stu7: Thanks Foopy
DrSeuss: Sinclair open in space so often as well – just being ignored
Yelse: woah did someone walk under a ladder or a black cat cross Ross lyons path
clay007: Windhager is not doing jobs in the midfield. I think he is playing back.
FoopyTime: yeah took a bit for chiefs comment to come thru on my end lol
Stu7: D1ck head Wilkie
dodgybros: St Kilda with more red crosses than an ambulance
BigChief: All good Foopy. Confirmed my post 🙂
gazza39: When holding Marshall pays off
BigChief: Did RoMar just grab hammy?
pcaman2003: Hate when Owens marks and kicks long to a contest gets clanger for a Melb mark.loses points.
Stu7: Wilkie trading you next week you dudd
Stu7: Wilkie nice quarter 4 points
PigeonPies: why do you even have wilkie
frenzy: how to destroy 2 premier ruckmen, put them in the same team
Stu7: Why Do you have 22 premium players Pigeon?
Pavs: Averaging 90 Pigeon not the worst
royboy16: dunno frenzy – saints did it with Marshall and Paddy just 12 months ago
Stu7: Yeah Pavs not sure what Pigeon is on about
PigeonPies: pretty obvious what im on about
Raspel31: I don’t have Wilkie so anyone who does must be an idiot??
BigChief: You flog Lever. How dare you take a kick away from Salem.
pcaman2003: Gee my players are rebelling this week.
2Ph0nes: wilkie had a good year but 90 avg isn’t a prem
soup: exactly what i was thinking chief, especially with having salem for 20+
Stu7: i Think you might be on the money Raspa
Stu7: 2PhOnes my point was I was asking if pigeon had 22 premiums as I don?t and Wilkie is one of my non premiums however
Stu7: Averaging 90 is not too foul
2Ph0nes: fair point mate
Stu7: Cheers 2Ph0nes
clay007: Stu-don’t stress. Remember…everyone on this forum is a SC god. They all have 22 premiums and all their players get 100
Stu7: Lol Clay
Raspel31: Marshall now the combined score of Maxy and Grrunters?
pcaman2003: Get involved Owens.You’ve done SFA since qtr time.
Raspel31: Why do you even have Owens pcaman?-jjoking.
Gotigres: Marshall making me pay for starting Briggs ahead of him.
Stu7: Lol
frenzy: Lol Rasp
clay007: How good are the gods? They make it rain in England so we can watch the footy. Thank you gods!
pcaman2003: He tests my patience at times Rasp. This is one of them.
Social: evening ladies
clay007: Witts score is bs. Look at the game Marshall has played and look at Witts stats. Bs
Stu7: Social
pcaman2003: Who were those people worrying about Trac earlier. Lol!
Social: funny story… I couldn’t get a signal at my sons game and didnt get the C onto Neale
Gotigres: Hi Social
Stu7: Nice prediction pca
Roksta: Sorry guys got trac in this week
Stu7: That?s tragic Social shattering
2Ph0nes: its not bs at all, you just need to understand the socring. eitts has had triple hitouts to advantage
BigChief: It’s your 150th Salem, time to lift.
Stu7: Nice work Roksta
Pavs: I think it is 5 pts for a hit out to advantage. Adds up quick
Raspel31: Marshall spends too much time on the pine- lazy sod.
sfenda1: steele blue moon
Stu7: Hey clay how l9ng is the rain around for do you know?
clay007: They have taken an early lunch. Play maybe at 1pm their time, 1 hour for us.
Stu7: Cheers clay
pcaman2003: I may as well scrub my team and rebuild it. Useless lot this week!
Pavs: Keeping Steele an act of genius. (Way to many other issues to trade him)
Dredd: Crouch, Grundy continually getting points.. Anderson going nuts.. Rose has stopped.. fk sc honestly HAHAH
Raspel31: Sainters been valiant in this with half their team injured.#
Gotigres: Ok, Marshall, I won’t trade you out for Butters after all, and I will start you ahead of Briggs from now on.
pcaman2003: Nice Owens! 2 clangers in 10 secs. Crap!
OffaStep: Too late for me, Gotigres… RoMo with a sweet run home too. Oops!
Raspel31: I thought you’d retired in a huff pcaman?
pcaman2003: About to Rasp. I need a BEX.
Gotigres: Did you trade him out Offa?
Stu7: Nice comeback Wilkie 10 more points please
elvundir: petracca doing nothing this quarter
Snarfy: Just remember pcaman2003, “if pain persists, see your family doctor.”
pcaman2003: 13 touches for 6 clangers is a great ratio.
pcaman2003: snarfy. Lol! I might be doing a lot of that at this rate.
elvundir: thank you petracca
Gotigres: Nice late goal Tracca
DukeNewc: I think Dredd needs something stronger snarfy!
TorturedSC: I think FA count as clangers
Dredd: Hahahaha Duke, Grundy hasntt moved it so its okay.. Crouch near 100 is annoying though
pcaman2003: Tortured. They do.
BigChief: Shock horror Melb kicked more than 8 goals
Social: nice one tracca
Raspel31: Safe for another week Marshall.
DukeNewc: I don’t think crouch will be a POD for long Dredd

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