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Chat log from R16 of 2023: Melbourne vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Melbourne vs Western Sydney, R16 of 2023

ReggieOz: Go Dees!
Dredd: Tom Green.. rack off yeah? 6 touches and 21 sc already.. tag him Dees
Raspel31: Onya Greeny.
Hazza09: Don?t shaft me today cogs
lana2146: I got gws winning this
pcaman2003: Get going Tracca. Need you to outscore Green.
Raspel31: Have them both pcaman but Green the differential go Greeny.
Cottees: 8 to 0 frees is insane
OffaStep: Show up, Briggs, for flower’s sake.
Hazza09: Your a fraud cogs, never again
Whiskeyjak: If Trac could kick straight he would be the best player in the comp.
navy_blues: lol hazza you wont have a side next year with all of your “never agains”
thommoae: Conditions, Hazza? You’re a fair weather friend maybe?
pcaman2003: Really need Tracca and Briggs to lift next qtr, by a lot.
DukeNewc: Ben Brown’s hair is always pretty tragic
sc_god: briggs cooked, flynn back in next week
sc_god: pubehead
TheLegend6: Briggs my R2 now :
DukeNewc: haha sc_god
Hazza09: Haha navy only have Fyfe on that list
soup: about to reverse this marshall trade this is rough to watch
pcaman2003: Opponent has Green and Cogs. My goose is getting cooked.
wadaramus: Carn Briggs, reward us loyal cash grabbers.
Hazza09: Why would you trade Marshall, could go 200 today
navy_blues: these gws guernseys suck with white numbers
DukeNewc: No curses pca, I have em both
Pavs: Tkelly out of the eagles game replaced by Maric
bhg26: If Flynn or Preuss come back in could flip back to darcy anyway
TheLegend6: Extra 120k Hazza, helped with my team structure to get.3 premos in this week
pcaman2003: Might not have any choice Duke.
DukeNewc: Well cogs hasn’t moved since that FA
pcaman2003: Tracca has gone to sleep and letting Green pull right away. Sigh!
bhg26: Fucking hell Petracca its between the big sticks!
Hazza09: It?s the conditions Duke
navy_blues: lol bhg
BigChief: Hr has been watching your Swans bhg
BigChief: he even LOL
bhg26: Him and Heeney would be a lethal duo in our forward line chief
pcaman2003: This is better Tracca and Briggs. Keep up the momentum.
DukeNewc: They’d kick 13 of your 15 behinds every game
DukeNewc: *bhg
bhg26: And Heeney would kick 3 out on the full for good measure duke
bhg26: But its great to see that we have inspired the demons performance today
Raspel31: Green- do something!
thommoae: Blimey 13 frees to zero
Hazza09: Geez Briggs out of nowhere
bhg26: 14 thommoae
DukeNewc: Raspel, he’s not only doing something, he’s doing everything
pcaman2003: Raspel. I’d rather he didn’t.
bhg26: Took Cogs off to get ashcrofts score so naturally he’ll go 120
DukeNewc: TV volume off, can’t stand kelli underwood’s voice
lana2146: I took himmelberg off to get sheldricks tonne looks like hims going 100+
bhg26: Not only that i left dcam on since i thought pies were gonna smash gold coast. I was half right
navy_blues: jelly low
sc_god: tim kelly out another 100pt pumping
Raspel31: Green one possie from passing my exalted captain Laird- oh, the shame.
DukeNewc: Agree rasp, the aftershocks still hurt
Cottees: Umps refuse to give giants a free
pcaman2003: Yep! Having Laird as C was costly and served me right.
Hazza09: The 2 times I?ve put the C on Laird Raspel, 50 & 84, says it all
Soups07: why arnt they givving points to green or cogs for their last 4 touches
Raspel31: Once bitten twice shy Hazza.
DukeNewc: Bad scaling soups, should update soon, cogs is a machine
pcaman2003: I wish Trac and Briggs would scale up to a ton each.
Hazza09: How is green going backwards, CD at it again
_newcomber: screwed up with my looping pls i beg you angwin do not come on
DukeNewc: It’s the same with cogs, maybe wait until 3QT hazza
original: Please lift salem please
sc_god: hows cogs going?
DukeNewc: newcomber, he still gets a score of 1…
lana2146: GWS looking good for the upset glad I took them hd 2 hd
lana2146: Who wouldve thought Briggs the best ruckman in this game
sc_god: settle down lana, dees wont lose this
lana2146: I bet you they will sc god
DukeNewc: Need to see the same stuff from the 2nd from gawn
sc_god: you want to lose another bet? lol
bhg26: Briggs is him
lana2146: Let?s do it sc dud I mean god hahaaa you?re god you know everything
Raspel31: You may have my sister’s children Tom Green.
_newcomber: duke talking about my fantasy team
sc_god: lol
lana2146: Briggs looking like a top 3 ruckman for next season
DukeNewc: Gotcha newcomber
DukeNewc: cogs still going backwards!
Cottees: Giants actually getting destroyed by umps lol
lana2146: Best decision I made this season keeping Briggs and English selling Marshall
bhg26: Marshall still has west coast to play lana
pcaman2003: Briggs building momentum nicely now. Better from you yo Trac. Keep going!
original: Salem do something!
bhg26: Saying that he may get subbed at 3qt lol
DukeNewc: Wet Toast are actually doing alright bhg
bhg26: They were due newc
Raspel31: Who remembers Westcoast- the funniest chap on this blog and sadly lost a couple of years ago/
bhg26: I do rasp
DukeNewc: Cogs 130 has turned to shower because of terrible scaling
Raspel31: We were going to have beers bhg- but the olde heart attack. Sad loss.
Ranga2: HBerg 5 points in a 1/4 and a 1/2 shower!!
pcaman2003: Briggs loves to tackle which is very handy.
DukeNewc: Sorry bout that rasp
Raspel31: And it was Bestcoast wasn’t it?
bhg26: Yep it was BestCoast. Seemed like a great lad
wadaramus: I recall it was BestCoast?
DukeNewc: Cog’s touches are making his score go backward, they aren’t counting
clay007: sc_god back in the lead against lana. Close battle.
pcaman2003: BestCoast was a FF legend.. Always made good sense,unlike us.:)
bhg26: That last one was a clanger duke. Probably his lack of contested possessions hurting his score
Raspel31: Just like to mention him every now and then pcaman- hilarious dude.
bhg26: Anyone in here in the BestCoast cup?
original: Cmon salem
clay007: Tracca ton, now we need cogs to lift.
Hazza09: Cogs just keeps going backwards
pcaman2003: Raspel. He didn’t mind a fine drop either.
DukeNewc: Blame CD hazza, its a joke
pcaman2003: A goal or two to make up for the behinds please Trac.
clay007: be positive hazza, he will rise.
Raspel31: Oh indeed pcaman- many a discussion of fine reds. Carn Green!
clay007: 90 now hazza-he is rising like yeast
thommoae: This ‘running through the protected zone’? Sheesh.
pcaman2003: Get back on Briggs.
lana2146: Love ya Briggs get back on there
clay007: Green, slow finish, he was 70 odd at ht. Similar to the bont last night.
colin wood: how on earth is gawn on 90 lol
Raspel31: I miss you Finn Cllaghan but you simply had to go.
DukeNewc: he’s somehow on 100 now colin
clay007: hazza is right, cogs gone from 90 to 87 for no reason.
DukeNewc: where is that scaling for green and cogs
lana2146: Wooooow what a goal
colin wood: lol
pcaman2003: Briggs has gone down from 100 to 94. .Mmm!
bhg26: How the fuck is that a holding free
clay007: lana back in front against sc_dud. Go lana!
soup: insane from bedford
Hazza09: CD don?t have cogs and green in there H2H matchups, shafting both of them
JohnHoward: gawns score is just ridcioulous, no impact and has a 45 point qtr
DukeNewc: Hazza im pretty sure its not cd, its just pca’s voodoo doll again, killing cog’s score
lana2146: Well done GWS great win
DukeNewc: Game over!
Cottees: YOu’re telling me Tracca was better CD wise than Green and Cogs, yeah righto mate
pcaman2003: Briggs disappointing after reaching the ton, then dropping 11 pts.
thommoae: We’re back, baby!
Manowar: Suck it Melbourne!!!!!
Raspel31: Well, that was fun.
DukeNewc: Absolute shafting cottees, cogs gets it every other week
wadaramus: You there sc_god? lol
lana2146: I be around to collect my winnings soon sc god
wadaramus: lmao sc_god

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