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Chat log from R16 of 2023: Hawthorn vs Carlton

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Carlton, R16 of 2023

Stu7: Afternoon all
frenzy: howdy
Stu7: Cripps and Kemp for me
Cottees: Cmon Hawks!
DukeNewc: Carn Hawks
navy_blues: lets go blues
Stu7: Frenzy
Cottees: I see Hawks gonna channel their innier sydney
sc_god: lol cripps, you taking the piss surely mate
bhg26: McKay would fit in well in our forward line
Cottees: bhg, you want Macdonald too?
DukeNewc: Thats not something you want to channel sometimes cottees
pcaman2003: Okay Hawks! Record low clanger count from you today, NOT record high
Cottees: yeah Duke probably not ideal ey
DukeNewc: I’ve seen countless intercepts and cutoffs so far pca
Cottees: pca – have to go for a record in something lol
navy_blues: loss?
bhg26: Heeney holds down that spot in our team cottees
Ash777: lol lewis young requested to leave dogs because he didn’t want to ruck now he’s rucking for blues
Cottees: fair call bhg
Cottees: Ash – unlucky with both Carlton rucks out lmao
DukeNewc: Does anyone else here think the pressure gauge is flowering dumb? It’s just a random number based on an opinion.
Cottees: Hawks go from beating Lions to getting destroyed by Carlton. What are we lol
sc_god: well thats what happens, when you got kids. bright future tho
BigChief: Cottees you beat Lions and then lost to Suns.
navy_blues: well hawks arent that good lol
pcaman2003: This could get ugly early if this keeps up.
Cottees: Well obviously sc_god lol
navy_blues: i actually agree with sc_god some1 slap me lol
sc_god: yes the pressure gauge is poxy, almost as bad as this winviz bs i hear every 5 minutes during the cricket
pcaman2003: Chief. Our game against the Suns was a disgraceful effort.
Dredd: Come on Cottees, we lost cause of the bye.. us and 8 other teams can use the excuse, like you guys with the suns games
Cottees: Navy – well, Hawks are rebuilding. Carlton are meant to be top 8 sooooo lol
DukeNewc: no sic = no win the last couple weeks
FoopyTime: hawks kids look promising tho
Dredd: Good work Cripps. Playing well 🙂
FoopyTime: carlton have a top 4 list with bottom 4 coaching
navy_blues: look cottees carlton could play 1 good qtr then still lose happened for ages now so dont lose hope
Cottees: oh no Navy. you’ll win this, never thought you wouldn’t haha
pcaman2003: Hoping Weddle will improve from here. Have him on field and will be my last upgrade.
FoopyTime: ill give hawks a packet of ciggies and a case or pepsi max for mitch lewis
DukeNewc: Hawks need more draft class
DukeNewc: Newc and worps cant be mids 1 and 2, we need 1 or 2 top tier mids
Raspel31: Ditto pcaman.
Stu7: Off the pine Cripps
FoopyTime: fine ill upgrade my offer to include a 2nd round pic and a loaf of helgas multigrain bread
bhg26: Can the hawks stop ignoring day
pcaman2003: Hi Rasp. Just hoping he’ll make a few more dollars before going out.
Hazza09: Get to a 65 Weddle so you can become Mills next week
pcaman2003: Foopy. Sold!
navy_blues: hows the cricket going?
Dredd: Mitchell still scoring.. gonna be tough to choose either him, considering DPP, or T.Thomas to upgrade
DukeNewc: Foopy, add a single weetbix and you’ve got a deal
Raspel31: I wouldn’t settle for less than sour dough Foopy.
navy_blues: ashes to ashes dust to dust in future rasp supporting aust is a must lol
Raspel31: I’m a patient man navy.
wadaramus: 3rd umpire doing his best to keep England in it.
Stu7: Good boy Crippa
bhg26: Ward doing wonders for my draft side
DukeNewc: flashbacks to the shower umpiring in 2019 wada
pcaman2003: Hawks HB is really shower.
thommoae: I think Freo Erasmus was -6 when he entered the fray. Ashes Erasmus is a -12 at least.
Cottees: kick the bloody goal omg. Worse than Sydney
DukeNewc: You’re a joke fergus
DukeNewc: Don’t worry cottees, we will have our goal if we kick another point.
bhg26: Day having a shocker
pcaman2003: bhg. Not just Day either.
pcaman2003: Apart from giving Blues lots of space, do we have a game plan? Looks horrid!
Cottees: pca – we playing like we want Harley Reid but that is gone now lol
BigChief: Mitch Lewis rolled ankle?
pcaman2003: Cottees. Watching this is very disheartening. Playing like school kids.
Cottees: pca – reckon I’d get a game at this rate haha
bhg26: Blanck doing well not to get a witches hat
Stu7: Nice work Crippa
Stu7: Loving Worpels bench time
pcaman2003: Probably Cottees. Weddle gets the ball and destroys it.
navy_blues: great half nice change
BigChief: Tough on Ward and Morrison. They have both been okay.
Raspel31: Hawks at least playing entertaining footy -well, I;m laughing.
pcaman2003: Stu7. He may as well stay there. Not doing much else.
sc_god: vossy 5 year extension?
DukeNewc: you’d start over frost cottees, he’s atrocious
Cottees: That was my strength, could use the ball well in my afl days haha
pcaman2003: don’t get too excited Navy. You’re only playing us mate.Lol!
Cottees: Duke – how did you know I was a defender 😮 lol
Cottees: It is insane how much we miss Sicily in our team
frenzy: horfawn put shower on their own like no other
pcaman2003: frenzy. Cos we’re an honest mob.:) and call a spade a spade.
Hazza09: Is it worth trading back Sicily, Hawks look shot
soup: Is day getting tagged or something?
Cottees: na soup – Hawks are washed
Cottees: omg we made to 6 points! a goal!
bhg26: 50 behinds to go for the hawks to take the lead
navy_blues: nice doch
DukeNewc: It was a hunch cottees, join sic on the all aus list this year
DukeNewc: The hawks fans are going bananas for that goal
Cottees: Omg an actual goal! wow
Cottees: Haha Duke – at 6ft 3, probably could of came a player or tried if i put in the effort. Sicily 2.0 cause Im competitive
DukeNewc: The comeback is officially on cottees
Raspel31: Think he was shooting for a point.
Cottees: oh we got them now Duke. Easy win from here
Dredd: Hereeeee come the hawkssss
DukeNewc: Yes cottees, the cowbell is out, it gets the engine running
pcaman2003: Go away for 8 mins and look what happens. Maybe I should go again.
BigChief: Blues are imploding. LOL
DukeNewc: Could be a repeat of last year lol
Legix: muppet for Newman wow
naicosfan: Only Carlton could choke this game
Cottees: pca go away again please – its working!
DukeNewc: pca must still be watching, hawks turning it over again
pcaman2003: Duke. Sshh!
Hazza09: Flog McDonald for burning Weddle there
Soups07: good call hazza
pcaman2003: Hazza. You noticed! He’s been burned a few times when well out on his own.
DukeNewc: I want to laugh and my relative who goes for the blues, leave pca
pcaman2003: Duke. Hawks have to learn to play with distractions.
BigChief: Reeves subbed? That’s a surprise.
DukeNewc: Can you at least leave for the 4th pca? We can test the theory once more, I’m desperate
pcaman2003: Duke. Haha! You sure must be desperate..If Weddle gets to 70, I’ll go.
Raspel31: Think pcaman just took a pee.
DukeNewc: Guess you’re not leaving pca… At least we kicked one under your eye
Legix: Umpire told Worpel to stand 3 metres from where Cripps was standing lol
pcaman2003: Get going Weddle.
BigChief: I feel for Hawks fans watching Frost destroy your backline.
TheLegend6: Any chance hawks had are gone with that from Frost
Cottees: literally Frost gives like half oppositions goals with how bad he is
DukeNewc: He has a very punchable face chief
TheLegend6: Is Day playing on mckay?
Dredd: I have hardly heard Cripps’ name and he’s somehow at 81..
bhg26: Wouldnt mind 15 disposals and 2 goals next quarter day
Migz: frost reminds me of emus. He just starts running and doesn’t know where to go or when to stop. just run
Cottees: guys we are half way to beating Carlton
DukeNewc: Or forrest gump migz, run frosty, run
navy_blues: lol um0
naicosfan: Oh my
navy_blues: ump
navy_blues: so deliberate but not paid
pcaman2003: Migz./Duke Pretty close analogies.
BigChief: That should have been a Blues free. 100% he HB out of bounds.
Hazza09: Cmon Weddle get to 65
Cottees: yeah navy – we got lucky there. Frost is so bad
soup: At least get to 60 day you donut
DukeNewc: Spud icon and all cottees, we need every single bad icon on him, Muppet, crab, cooked etc.
BigChief: Was Weitering reported?
Cottees: Yeah ikr Duke, like Imagine if Frost was Sicily this game. We might be winning
DukeNewc: Did something to Meek off ball
BigChief: How does Frost get games over Granger-Barrass?
lana2146: What?s up with impey
DukeNewc: 2015 feels like a millennium ago
BigChief: Not playing lana
lana2146: Ok thanks chief
pcaman2003: How many more throws will Cripps get away with today?
Stu7: Hopefully a few more pca he?s in my side lol
Zooo: Need to move that star onto Cerra M0nty
navy_blues: they all try the throw pca every club bulldogs prob the most
pcaman2003: Stu. Half your luck. He gets away with a few.
sc_god: he’ll get 60pts next week tho lol
DukeNewc: pca, we need a stat sheet about how well hawks play with or without you watching.
Stu7: Not wrong pca
navy_blues: there u go pca cripps gave u a goal so be happy
BigChief: Charlie subbed? WTF
Zooo: I’ll admit Cripps is right up there with the top throwers of the league
Dredd: More goals to the Hawks from you Cripps.. get that score back down
BigChief: Subbed the wrong Curnow.
LuvIt74: Day must of had a Day out
pcaman2003: They may as well just get rid of HB , then the controversies finish. Just throw it.
Dredd: 2600 and gonna lose HAHAHA.. Green already at 23 sc in first 8 min
Stu7: Good boy Kemp keep it up buddy
pcaman2003: That’s rough Dredd. I’d be stoked with a 2600 this week. Good score!
DukeNewc: I may loose with 2.5k this week dredd
BigChief: That is pathetic Harry.
Zooo: Spot on call on Harry having his best off the ball game, Hes been great today despite goal kicking
Dredd: Supercoach is a cruel game.. Ridley 119 avg last 5 and bombs with an 80.. spud
OffaStep: Feel your pain, Duke. 2.5 and will likely loose because I missed the Warner out and didn’t put Fletch onfield. Go Maric!
BigChief: Rain prob hurt Ridley though Dredd
DukeNewc: Offastep, I accidently fielded a DNP and didnt have bench cover
pcaman2003: Duke. Ouch! That wasn’t my fault though, right?
DukeNewc: No no pca, you’re all good
pcaman2003: Nice comeback with the scores this qtr Weddle. Keep going lad.
Cottees: damn should of fielded Seamus Mitchell over Taranto lol
OffaStep: Ouch, indeed. I’m sweating on a HUGE captain’s game from Sinclair and Maric getting on.
naicosfan: He?s kicked a snap
BigChief: cya pcaman Weddle 70+ LOL
DukeNewc: Just about to say that chief
DukeNewc: na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye
Raspel31: You’ve certainly settled in well Duke.
naicosfan: Ward has played a great game, could be a possible replacement late in the season as an emergency
DukeNewc: Getting used to the madness Raspel
DukeNewc: Its also a hawks game so I have a lot to say about how shower we are
navy_blues: 10 goals nice
Zooo: Cerra 3 votes
pcaman2003: Duke. Haha! Good to have you onboard
pcaman2003: Nice finish Weddle.
soup: weds you legend

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