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Chat log from R16 of 2023: Essendon vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Essendon vs Port Adelaide, R16 of 2023

pcaman2003: Please Rozee belt the pants of Martin. I’m desperate!
Pavs: Ridley, Butters & Rozee please help my Saturday out.
m0nty: new basic positional icon
navy_blues: cant see ess getting close to port
DukeNewc: pca, don’t pull out the doll again
pcaman2003: Duke. Hope I haven’t upset you.
bushranger: Agreed Navy , Port by plenty
Pavs: Not getting any Icons in Dark mode today M0nty. Anyone else have this prob?
DukeNewc: No you haven’t pca, still having an above avg week, ill get used to it
Pies20: Go bomber’s stop them going top top top!!
Pies20: Only zerret this game
ausgooner: c’mon zerrett, need a huge one to make up for Laird being a crab
DukeNewc: me pavs
clay007: Oppo has zerrett as C, so I hope he is tagged and produces lots of clangers. Sorry to those that have him
Legix: good start Rozee
PAFC4eva: Ok lets go pear
Pies20: Who has butters?? Went libba today over butters only for the be value
pcaman2003: Hope Rozee scores that much every kick he gets. Haha!
clay007: looks like drew running with zerrett
dodgybros: That voice
Troglodyte: Go the power! Great chance to show Redman what a mistake it would be to join the Crom
PAFC4eva: Nice goal big dix agree bhg ?
The39Steps: Houston on track for 456 SC.
zadolinnyj: Need lots of possessions in this game
Raspel31: Whilst I am happy with your score Rozee the knowledge that everyone else has you dampens the joy.
loginpaul: Redman wants to be a crow?
PAFC4eva: thats the rumour login
clay007: Visentini was going through maccas drive through when he got the call up.
Legix: Dante is a big lad
bhg26: Didn?t see it PAFC, assuming it was from a free
PAFC4eva: This is looking like repeat of round 8 match
PAFC4eva: no bhg point was
bhg26: Suuure
original: Houston what a tease. 35 sc after 6 mins. Only 9 sc since . Trade
PAFC4eva: True
bhg26: I broke butters
DukeNewc: Ridley on a tear lately, his concussion put his head in the right place
PAFC4eva: Passed the points curse on to us bhg hope its not a draw
bhg26: Good to see we?ve made an impact on the league
Pavs: Ridley been awesome Duke. Loving it.
Gotigres: Thanks bhg. Can you do the same for Ridley and Houston and Merrett? Cheers.
DukeNewc: The only problem with that is I don’t have him, I don’t have a very good defence
bhg26: well i am a merrett owner tigres so im trying
zadolinnyj: Butters of all the weeks please get 25
bhg26: Can people stop wishing mediocrity upon my players
FoopyTime: brad scott please never move langers back down the field
original: Bitters and finlayson combine for 95 tonight plZ
navy_blues: wow power need to switch on
Raspel31: Feeling Rozee I didn’t butter my bread. Carn Hobbs.
soup: my oppo somehow doesnt own rozee go big son
pcaman2003: Rozee V Martin looking okay so far. Keep going Rozee
Fangman: I do not say this very often, but go Bombers!
Pavs: Alcohol kicking in Rasp? Pre cricket drinks I get it.
navy_blues: lol pavs
wadaramus: Enjoying a Maslins Red Ale, carn the Bombers!
dodgybros: I need more than a Maslins Ale to enjoy watching the Dons at the moment
PAFC4eva: Cmon wada
wadaramus: Sorry PAFC, you know the drill brother 🙂
ralfsmiff4: Unlucky for the Dons there, Wines’ kick to Narkle was surely 10?12 metres
Manowar: Fuck Essendon, smash em Port
wadaramus: I do have one friend who is a Bombers supporter 🙂
original: Don?t go ridiculous butters. I?ll let you have 80
wadaramus: I was born at Glenelg to a father from the Port.
PAFC4eva: 1 more freind than i have wada
Pavs: So your only friend is a Bombers supporter Wada? 😉
PAFC4eva: i still dont understand a port man jumping on crows
wadaramus: Depends how you interpret my statement Pavs 🙂
original: Classic Houston. Real foot off the pedal
wadaramus: It’s a long story PAFC
pcaman2003: Martin scores like Bont. Ineffective HB but gets 5 pts. Lol CD!
Pavs: Just joshing mate reckon you have a couple.
PAFC4eva: Understand m8 already told story a while back
clay007: Merrett getting a couple of cheapies down back.
TimT14: Common port score 1 more point
wadaramus: Glad I don’t have to tell it again 🙂
soup: visentini ]could be a real cash cow if he keeps this up
dodgybros: Is this a replay from last night?
Hazza09: Is anyone else having a dog of a week?
wadaramus: In Fantasy or real life Hazza?!
pcaman2003: Hazza. Could be better and hopefully will be.
Hazza09: Hahaha fantasy
ralfsmiff4: Real fantasy
bc__: Merrett is a Jet
Hazza09: Laird C, Dcam and Fyfe the spud getting injured
gazza39: I was so gonna out the C on Visentini phew
ralfsmiff4: Yeah wada Laird as skipper has destroyed me. Got Fyfe in 2 weeks ago too. I’ll be trading for 2nd time this season lol
wadaramus: It’s a brutal game ralfsmiff4, but it’s all for fun and we get to fuck around on fanfooty, good time man!!
wadaramus: England tactics not seeming very baz worthy?
Cascadian: Anyone watching Windows vs Scots?
Cascadian: *Windies
wadaramus: Eating leftover mini hot cross buns, drinking red ale, watching the Ashes.
Cottees: I think I need a few more reminders that Dante Visentini is debuting
wadaramus: Haha, Bairstow is a shit keeper.
DrSeuss: Exactly Wada – bouncing short pitch deliveries for the aussies to leave all day – exhilarating BazBall
Gotigres: Time to tag Merrett
Cottees: The bye is actually a liability to teams hahaha
bhg26: Butters if you dont get a ton youre grounded!
wadaramus: Loving the ABC call of the cricket, great entertainment.
pcaman2003: Okay Rozee, time to bang on some more points.
Manowar: Essendon up to there old tricks again? juiced up at half time
wadaramus: Not nice Manowar.
Raspel31: Just back from 2 cheerful hours at the pub- not nice at all Manowar.
p0nga6: the second half has started Ridley
Napper: Womp womp stop crying
TimT14: When’s the last time two draws in a round?
Dondeal: How many more top draft picks do Carlton need Manowar before they stop being perenial losers?
dodgybros: Soft as butters
wadaramus: Gee whiz, this is such a high scoring game, glad I am watching the cricket.
ausgooner: Butters got 18 points for that passage of play, what a rort
clay007: Merrett got a pt for coming on to the ground
ralfsmiff4: The the ease with which Butters and Stewart score is so suss. (Saying that even though I own them both)
Pavs: Fingers crossed also high scoring Wada.
ralfsmiff4: We need a royal commission into Champion Data’s favouring of certain players. It’s in the nation’s best interest
Raspel31: C’mon England, sigh.
wadaramus: Indeed Pavs 🙂
wadaramus: Hey Raspel.
ausgooner: it’s almost enough to make you go back to AFL fantasy…naaaaah
clay007: Yes Ralph, look at Merretts please
ralfsmiff4: It’s pouring down! Will we get another Ken and JHF moment? Been quiet in these 3 qtrs, just like the game earlier in yr
ralfsmiff4: Will add him to the list clay. Getting all these players again next yr!
Pavs: Cottees Visentini is playing tonight 🙂
ralfsmiff4: Heard earlier tonight he’s the first Dante to play in AFL history. Gave me a chuckle
clay007: Merrett hb 5 pts, Visentini hb, 2 pts
Raspel31: Dante slipped past many of our radars this week damn.
Pavs: I reckon Allir is the same ralfsmiff. lol
original: Cmon houston tooo slow bro lift
dodgybros: Merrett’s had merit
Gotigres: If a player averages 10sc for the season, why aren’t they 50k for next season?
Napper: Why would anyone pick visentini raspel late in and no one needs to upgrade anymore
NickyD: lol Napper…. whoosh!
Pavs: I will trade him in next week Rasp.
Raspel31: Good point Napper- thanks.
pcaman2003: C’mon Rozee and don’t let Butters do it all.
Pavs: Game on
davywap: Why is this game at the G?
Hazza09: Merrett unbelievable
Olij: Merret for 200?
clay007: Merrett has killed my team tonight.
Raspel31: Maybe indeed time to consider Zerrett hmm?
pcaman2003: Merrett having an absolute cracker.. Might have to captain him one day 🙂
Yelse: zerrett get back on 200 the aim
TorturedSC: Is Merrett being tagged? If not wth is Ken doing?
pcaman2003: Rozee you marvel. Keep it going champ.
Raspel31: Zerrett and Visentini definetly on the radar next week.
clay007: My oppo has merrett Captain, ruined my hth
Daitro: what is ken doing? Winning at the moment
Pavs: Nice Rozee. Now get Butters back on.
Olij: Dan Houston is clearly showing that he is better than Ridley at the moment
TorturedSC: Not helping us plebs without Merrett, that’s what.
Pavs: Visentini and Chesser would work well together.
happytimes: Suck eggs drug cheats
Raspel31: We plebs- not us plebs- personal pronoun.
Pavs: Carlton bloke you have the wrong name.
Manowar: Juice worn off Essendon, contact James for some stronger stuff
p0nga6: merrett really got nothing for that centre clearance and then kick inside 50?
thommoae: Try to stay in this decade, happytimes, hey?
thommoae: Wrong Raspel personal pronoun as an object 🙂
Raspel31: That’s gotta be a red card m0nty.
OffaStep: If Ridley’s on something performance enhancing, it wore off at half time, happytimes.
J.Worrall: consummate you, lousy Cap cheat.
p0nga6: the best thing about our drug cheating is it barely made us better
Pavs: The troll sirens are sounding thommoae.
soup: rozee saving my saturday
J.Worrall: These artoon boys have long memories. Just as well, coz its been a long time!
pcaman2003: Soup. Same here! Hopefully another 15+ points coming.
Raspel31: Game on.
clay007: Why do you think that rasp?
sc_god: poms wont even make half this lead, oms will be all out before stumps tonight
clay007: Game on.
Raspel31: Well, I was talking about the football but 3 quick wickets.
pcaman2003: Did Rozee’s score just suddenly drop 7 pts then?
Pavs: Yep same as Butters
clay007: He can’t can he?
Legix: omg
Manowar: Suck it Essendon!!!!!
clay007: What a finish!
Cottees: Wow!
Cottees: Houston for the win
PAFC4eva: Bad luck dons cracking finnish
sheezel420: lmao get rekt essendon
Gotigres: omg
Raspel31: Pooh.
DrSeuss: Damn Houston – what a kick
clay007: Someone take a photo of the Bombers players faces. Go Pies!
pcaman2003: How good was that? Great goal Houston.
FoopyTime: man mad cause carlton cant beat there way out of a wet paper bag
FoopyTime: solid game
Troglodyte: First and only time I hope to agree with Manowar.
TimT14: Amazing goal houston
soup: houston my goat
Dredd: ffs how can you lot prefer Port.. disgusting
slydon: thats rough
slydon: a hard way to lose but have to give it up to both teams, amazing 4th qtr
sc_god: yes! get stuffed dons! lmao
slydon: Zac Merrett. O captain my captain!
RuffLeader: Crazy, the blokes bagging Essendon all barrack for teams below them on the ladder

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