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Chat log from R16 of 2023: Gold Coast vs Collingwood

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Collingwood, R16 of 2023

zadolinnyj: Common woods by 25
BigChief: Tipped Pies but would love to see Suns win.
Legix: let’s go C Naicos my man
Manowar: C’mon Rowell, u have a dud oppo today!
OffaStep: Took C off Daicos in the hope that Sinclair will win me a critical H2H… Watch him smash 130.
clay007: Pies using Swans strategy. Kill em point by point.
bhg26: Kick enough points clay, you might get a draw
Cottees: Clay – its a bold stragedy. Let’s see if it pays off
SwaggyP: tipped the suns today because im st00pid
clay007: Elliot not following the game plan.
bhg26: Hes cheating clay
Raspel31: Perhaps bordering on the insane rather than stupid Swaggy- but admire your spirit.
Stu7: Off the bench Daicos
Yelse: that wants Kick in danger
Yelse: C on laird failed me now i need Witts and Darcy POD to go nuts 120 + each
Cottees: Ah I tipped Crows but why is my afl tipping website showing I got it wrong wtf
beerent11: Been out and about all day. Was ziegull injured in the earlier game?
navy_blues: lol bobby hill u muppet every week try to take a specky
BigChief: Same here Cottees.
Raspel31: Not alone Yelse groan. Go Rowell and Green.
ceaserr16: Worry about your own players Navy
zadolinnyj: Any danger of kicking straight
Cottees: Good Chief, not just me haha should hopefully be fixed soon
Legix: insane goal
Yelse: great goal
zadolinnyj: Wow
clay007: Goal of the year…oh no a review
navy_blues: ceaser its true watch him he spose to be on ground to use his speed not trying to fly
BigChief: What are you doing Elliott? You are meant to be kicking points.
beerent11: That?s some sausage!
clay007: He is a better player than most of your small forwards Navy. The odd fly is not bad, look at Toby Greene.
soup: dcam do someting
navy_blues: odd? every week you mean
navy_blues: hasnt taken any yet that ive seen
pcaman2003: How did Cameron get 4 points?
PigeonPies: im with navy, bobby goes for moty every game hes not that good
clay007: He has been a welcome addition navy…that assist was pretty handy.
Pavs: dcam going to struggle against Witts this week and English the next. Sigh
sc_god: bobby is a shit footballer in a very good team
Number 8: Won’t be surprised if Rowell earns a crab or potato icon at some stage this season
navy_blues: he is fast so stay on the deck and run better for team
lana2146: Can someone check if dcams still alive?
BigChief: OMG Naicos fumbled. 1st time in career LOL
navy_blues: lol right on cue
Stu7: Should have left C on Daicos instead of Laird
pcaman2003: I need Cameron to stay real low so I can catch up to my opponent.
beerent11: Good player that Bobby hill.
Number 8: Gold Coast changes. Out: Dew. In: Hardwick.
original: Keep going titch
Cottees: pca – me too haha
Pavs: Thanks pcaman thats the help he needs to start scoring hopefully 🙂
Yelse: frampton gonna kill cameron score
ausgooner: would love it if dcam stay low to make up for Laird doing an amber heard
Cottees: why couldn’t Flanders play like this at the start of the year
pcaman2003: ausgooner We agree there!
beerent11: Dcam is going to struggle against the best ruck in the comp.
pcaman2003: beer. Hope so!
pcaman2003: How did Cameron get paid that Tap out form Witts then? WTH!
Stu7: Interested in scoring Daicos?
original: Bringing in Titch after the bye has really not worked out
clay007: Bobby Hill is playing well.
beerent11: He?s on 33 stu
bhg26: Oh my word dcam
beerent11: Very good player clay.
navy_blues: amazing the difference clay
BigChief: Okay Noah can you start hitting targets please.
beerent11: Hopefully we see him fly for a few hangers
pcaman2003: Nice work DCam! Keep it up!
bhg26: pcaman you better not be using that voodoo doll
Number 8: It’s called football, Rowell. Any chance you can use your size 10s?
Raspel31: Who is this young Daicos? Should I bring him in?
pcaman2003: bhg26. Sshhh!
bhg26: Surely it can be better used elsewhere
pcaman2003: bhg. Not at this time.
Pavs: Hold Chesser Rasp.
bhg26: Any other uniques your opponent has that i dont?
beerent11: Haha. Classic raspel. Classic. Hahah.
Raspel31: Chesser a keeper- cheers Pavs.
BigChief: Use the doll on Cox and Frampton. Might help Dcam
Ash777: them some hot pies
Number 8: Only three blokes on the ground without a kick. Oh, hang on, two of them haven’t hit the arena yet!
beerent11: Had high hopes for this game.
navy_blues: awww bobby cmon
bhg26: Stupid sexy Flanders carrying the suns
Yelse: elliot coming into some form
clay007: Bobby should have tried to take a specky.
Cottees: bhg – he might injure his shoulder soon with all this carring
Cottees: carrying*
Number 8: This is embarrassing by the Suns
Raspel31: Methinks a tad of tongue in the old cheek there beer you naughty chap.
J_Herer: Pies will rest someone at this rate
DukeNewc: Wake up DCam, you’re costing me my best score all year
pcaman2003: That’s it Darcy ,have a rest for a while. Hehehe!
soup: wtaf is dcam doing
DukeNewc: I’ll thank you later as well pca
bhg26: Game on
Raspel31: Been keeping my eye on Hewago?
Legix: good man nick
Yelse: geez even witts horrible
clay007: Have you got B Long as your C rasp?
beerent11: Bloody star
pcaman2003: No probs Duke!
JockMcPie: i love nick daicos so much
BigChief: Just give Naicos the star now m0nty.
DukeNewc: That cold sign on DCam should be changed to a voodoo doll symbol
Raspel31: Get back to you on that clay.
Legix: Noah the only one showing heart
pcaman2003: Duke. Frankly, I’m disappointed that Voodoo doll has allowed Cameron to score this much.
DukeNewc: Oh well pca, you could probably get him to do his acl if that satisfies you…
J_Herer: Another 3 brownlow votes
sc_god: your sexy doll isnt a voodoo doll buddy
ceaserr16: Why has Anderson spat the dummy lads?
pcaman2003: Duke. Fortunately, I’m not that vicious
Raspel31: Yes you are pcaman.
DukeNewc: He’s won 4 taps straight so better start working your magic
PAFC4eva: has anyone ever won charlie in their second year?
PigeonPies: yes
pcaman2003: Raspel. But not as vicious as that scary sc-god. Lol!
Pavs: Traded out Humphrey for Cameron. Winning 🙂
PAFC4eva: who dont say naicos
Cascadian: Johnny Noble is a bloody good player. Makes a few mistakes now and then, but he tries his guts out.
Raspel31: Too true pcaman.
pcaman2003: Nice trade Pavs. Haha!
DukeNewc: Pretty sure sc-god is on youtube, you can plan you’re sabotages based on his trades pca
DukeNewc: *he’s on YouTube
DukeNewc: YT* I don’t know what’s wrong with my autocorrect today
Kidult: Running out of money @monty? had 8 ads on the one page
Pavs: Some words are banned Duke. Good on Monty how much did you pay to be on here Kidult?
pcaman2003: Dukes. Pretty sure he’s not going as well as he tells us.
DukeNewc: Well if that is his channel, he’s top 5k
Cottees: guaranteed sc god is lucky to be top 10k
sc_god: glad i put the c on my boy naicos instead of laird 😉
Pavs: Got caught out on 2 lies about his ranking Duke could be anything?
clay007: Thanks for letting us know sc_god.
TheFlagger: C butters or marshall?
Cottees: Flagger – Marshall will get subbed out to get rest guaranteed haha
Pavs: Make that 3 lies said Bont in the last game 🙂
TheFlagger: yep true butters it is
clay007: Witts is only 5 pts ahead of Cameron, why doesn’t he get a cold icon
TheFlagger: doing some funky loophole actions I swear if tyrell dewar is the sub…
original: Get on titch
bhg26: Bloody darcy cameron you reject swan
clay007: Well done original-you asked, Mcrae listened
Bulky: This is what you call a coach killer of a performance from GCS.
Legix: off the pine Anderson
Crave: It’s time to bring them out
pcaman2003: Don’t know how much longer Dew can last now. Looking very shaky.
sc_god: dimma to gcs
clay007: chat gone quiet!
clay007: Cold icon for chat Monty
Pavs: Enthralling game Clay
TimT14: Games boring now
wadaramus: I’m watching the Cowboys destroy the Tigers.
clay007: True Pavs! Not for a Pies fan though.
wadaramus: en to the AO to see the Crows boost their percentage.
wadaramus: Looking forward to Day 3 at Lords 🙂
original: Flower off rowell
clay007: How many runs do the Aussies need to feel safew tonight Wada?
Pavs: Fair call Clay. I’m enthralled watching my new signing D Cameron.
wadaramus: Mind you Day 3 was pretty good 🙂
wadaramus: Gotta be 450 clay, England could go berserk and chase anything down though!
clay007: Pavs-my opponent has moore and I have cameron and mitchell, has not been a good afternoon
clay007: I think 400 will get it done
TimT14: They missed a J Daicos handball.. will end up costing me $1.2k
wadaramus: I just hope we get it done1
Pies20: I changed naicos to laird clay c last minute also not a good afternoon 😕
Stu7: Same here Pies not helpful
Pies20: Plenty of sc scores to go hopping titch and Anderson ton up
wadaramus: I went Dawson C after VC on Dunkley.
slydon: What’s been happening to dcam? I’m not able to pull the game up
sc_god: keep going naicos, good lad
Pies20: Stupid really stu looking back it 😒
clay007: That is a bad afternoon Pies20. I would have thought Laird would smash it against Nth.
Raspel31: It is forbidden to mention the name Laird on this site clay.
Pies20: Not as bitter as old mate grimes shower happens enjoying this game go you pies!!!
clay007: I had vc on Dunks, will he play next week?
Legix: 150 please naicos
DrSeuss: Has Darcy Cameron been playing forward all game or just playing rubbish?
clay007: Probably true rasp.
Legix: rubbish Seuss
Raspel31: Yep clay- just a cork 9 day turn around.
pcaman2003: Seuss.Been playing with a Voodoo doll hanging off his leg.
DrSeuss: Cheers Legix – the one week he is unique in all my leagues
Pies20: Legix 150 easy for naicos
Cottees: Daicos gets to 170 at this rate
clay007: Cameron is playing well. lol
Pavs: Ton up Cameron 😉
sheezel420: Dunno what game you’re watching clay
sc_god: witts hasnt been good either
clay007: I was being sacrastic sheezel. He has been pox!
LuvIt74: I feel for those who have Cameron & Jackson bloody hell
navy_blues: sc-god praising naicos??? lmao off must of traded him in
sheezel420: Oh! haha that makes more sense
ausgooner: cameron’s gonna junk it up to a half decent score isn’t he
clay007: I hope you are right rasp.
Raspel31: Well, you and every other team clay.
DukeNewc: hopefully at least 75 ausgooner
Pies20: 600 points still to go hoping titch n Anderson get some inflation on their game
Dredd: Anyone else notice Dunks scored 107 off 56% TOG? Would’ve absolutely massive if he didn’t get the corky.. stiff VC
Cottees: Dredd – Dunk also definitely got it in 2nd quarter cause he slowed significantly
Raspel31: Slipped past me Dredd.
Dredd: Aight Anderson rack off now thanks.. stop this junk rubbish. Mitchell can go nuts but not you..
clay007: He was tagging Taranto as well Dredd
Dredd: Could’ve been an unreal VC score then Cottees.. annoying
Dredd: Yeah he does that every week Clay.. goes H2H with oppo best mid..
Cottees: Yeah Dunks will always be my VC with how well he is playing lately
clay007: Mihocek grabbing at his hammy. Hmmm?
clay007: Bloody good player dredd
Zooo: I’m paranoid now though Cottees with the calf
frenzy: nice Jaicos, very nice indeed
Cottees: I mean they’ll rest him as aren’t they versing Eagles next week. So cover him than should hopefully be good
Dredd: He’s been elite Clay.. his ability to stop the influence of the oppo best mid while having the influence he has is crazy
pcaman2003: Naicos and Jaicos killing it yet again. 8th wonder of the world.
soup: dcam get off the pine you spoon
Cottees: And jokes on you, Dunkley was my year 10 support for when I was year 7. So have to VC him 😉 lol
TimT14: 4 more JDaicos pleaseeee
Raspel31: Come on Suns!
pcaman2003: DCam from 37 to 62 this qtr. Clap, clap!

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