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Chat log from R16 of 2023: Adelaide vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Adelaide vs North Melbourne, R16 of 2023

frenzy: match of the found, Lol
Troglodyte: Roo’s got this I think 😉
PAFC4eva: can the roos buck the trend coming off byes 🙂
pcaman2003: Afternoon lads!
zadolinnyj: Lads
pcaman2003: Have the C on Laird. Pity Dunks was pulled out early
Raspel31: To Bont or to Laird therein lies the meaning of life?
pcaman2003: Rasp. You leaning towards Laird last night?
Raspel31: And went the Laird pcaman time will tell. By the way, afternoon lads.
Legix: get moving LDU
Grimes Jr: Laird lift
Raspel31: So far not so good pcaman.
bhg26: Keays a great pick up if anyone went him
Hughsy: In wardlaw we trust
PowerBug: Went Keays at M8 when he was $368k. Working so far but has been a soft run.
bhg26: Role should hold up though power. Crows seem to be backing him in the middle
Cottees: bhg – Sydney should watched Crows kicking for goal I reckon haha
bhg26: We would be 1.3 with 2 out on the full cottees
Grimes Jr: Keep going Rory
Cottees: you’re forgetting the one that did not even make 30 metres lol
bhg26: Someone would have probably tripped over their shoelace as well
Raspel31: Taken your chill pills today after last night bhg?
Cottees: 100% bhg. What is more funny is North is the only 1 of the 4 teams playing right now with a behind lol
Cottees: Well spokes to soon. Now crows has 1 haha
bhg26: Yeah Rasp the loss of the Chad hit me hard
Cottees: now Dogs too hahaha – cursed them all!
navy_blues: butts down m0nty
m0nty: Butts on the ground! 🙁
bhg26: navy with the faster fingers
m0nty: Butts weeping, you hate to see it
Raspel31: Butts showing some spunk today.
navy_blues: really rasp? what u been doing lolol
m0nty: back on the game Crom and Norf players
pcaman2003: C’mon Phillips! need you to score well toady.
navy_blues: hate players taking a mark and just walking back to take kick without looking to see who is on
m0nty: Butts mudded :'(
Raspel31: Butts indeed caved in under the pressure.
pcaman2003: Watching other game. Has Laird gone to sleep this qtr?
Raspel31: I blame you pcaman.
pcaman2003: Thanks Rasp! I love you too.
Grimes Jr: Ffs laird do something
Raspel31: There’s a thought Grimes.
pcaman2003: My opponent has Dawson C and Laird was way ahead earlier. Grrr!
Cottees: Na Dawson do something and use the ball better
bhg26: Unfortunately stuck with sheez. Was a couple thousand off luke ryan
pcaman2003: Where are you Phillips? Get the ball man.
Grimes Jr: Laird going to ruin my weekend
Raspel31: Amazing quarter Lairdy- keep it up- sigh.
Ash777: go ldu
bhg26: Wouldnt call that your best work sheez
Grimes Jr: Well, I went the wrong captain
Manowar: Laird gone to bed?
pcaman2003: Laird another one of my usually useless Captain picks.
Cottees: Grimes – literally could of chosen someone from dogs and be so much better off lmao
Raspel31: Fat lady not singing yet pcaman though certainly warming up.
Cottees: Keays might be my last upgrade tbh. Looking amazing
pcaman2003: Rasp. Would be easily my worst year of picking a Captain. Can’t take a trick. Lol!
Raspel31: I brought in Chesser this week was simply time.
navy_blues: adel not very impressive today
bhg26: Hes due for a good one rasp
zadolinnyj: Gee laird quiet quarter
Legix: Laird came on for 10 seconds before half time lol
Raspel31: I just look at it this way pcaman at least I will never listen to your advice again. But hope springs eternal.
DukeNewc: Hey boys, just created an account, my supercoach journey started this year so I thought I probably should.
bhg26: Welcome DukeNewcombe
Raspel31: Welcome to the madhouse Duke.
Grimes Jr: Fuck u laird u weak dog
Stu7: Any guesses on Lairds score lads & lasses?
Stu7: Welcome Duke
Grimes Jr: 82 stu
Raspel31: Well Green you better go huge as you are truly a spud Laird doen’t look interested.
Legix: Is Laird dead set right now
DukeNewc: Thanks for getting the reference bhg
Stu7: Don?t say that Grimes lol
Stu7: I?ll be shattered if he gets that
DukeNewc: C on Laird and not looking good
Raspel31: It doesn’t pay to be polite on this site Duke.
Grimes Jr: A good lesson to never go laird over Bont. Laird is a weak cunt
sc_god: almost went with laird but put the c on the bont instead phew
DukeNewc: Fair enough, I’ve been an observer for a bit
Grimes Jr: Season over thanks ladies u
navy_blues: lol god always picks right capt
pcaman2003: I’m disgusted with my team. I’m going to sack em’ all.,the useless plonkers
Grimes Jr: When it?s not lairds day, he is weak as piss
Raspel31: Chin up lads- I capped Laird too. Shameful. Now up to the differentials. And always next week.
Grimes Jr: Get the duck on the ground laird u retard
p0nga6: jesus Grimes, clean up the language. zero need for that sort of stuff.
bhg26: I wonder who grimey has as captain
pcaman2003: Laird , Taranto and Phillips doing my head in. Time for another drink.
lukefield9: oath ponga, people get way too invested in this sorta stuff
loginpaul: grimes mate, you’re useless
Raspel31: Well said p0nga6.
thommoae: Maybe do without the ‘jesus’ as well, P0nga?
karens: im scared of grimes, he seems loose
Grimes Jr: Come on mr PC pong pong
ausgooner: geez, there’s still a quarter left and we know how quickly laird can score. everyone needs to relax the fuck out
Grimes Jr: Well done thilthorpe u selfish dog
pcaman2003: Stop the clangers Phillips and stop going backwards FGS.
Legix: Laird back to the bench wow
pcaman2003: ausgooner. Can you tell him then that we need 60+ from him last qtr.? Thanks in advance.
runners47: Shiels scoring less than an English tailender – you’re a one-week experitment
ausgooner: just sent a quick text. should be good
Stu7: Well said pca
p0nga6: Grimes – if PC means not being a flog like you then sign me up
Raspel31: Handbags away ladies- all pals.
pcaman2003: Rasp. I have a big brick in mine. What’s in yours
Baldfrog: Haha this place turns to $hit quickly
Cottees: Baldfrog, welcome to society ey lol
Raspel31: A snub nose Walther p38.
pcaman2003: Baldy. You better believe it. That’s half the excitement. Lol!
Stu7: Go Laird 67 quarter please
pcaman2003: Raspel. Isn’t that a girly gun?
Stu7: Nom
Raspel31: You should see what’s in my briefcase pcaman.
Stu7: No pca it?s the latest gender neutral pistol
Baldfrog: Thats what they say in Pattaya Rasp
pcaman2003: I’d rather not Rasp. I’m not into blow up type things
Raspel31: Lol Bald.
loginpaul: hope you blokes find some friends
Grimes Jr: Laird to do acl
navy_blues: grimes i wish u would get banned
Cottees: Grimes to do his hammy sitting and watching footy
Troglodyte: Who needs friend when you are apart of such a supportive community as this one
pcaman2003: What about Grimes to get an acquired brain injury? Oops! Too late!
SwaggyP: grimes a grub
SwaggyP: grimes sleeps with the light on 100%
BigChief: Grimes to have a heart attack. Oh wait you need to have a heart for that to happen.
Raspel31: Grimes by name grimey by nature.
Troglodyte: Great pile-on. I rest my case 😉
bhg26: Still dont know who grimeys captain is
TheOnyas: Onya Hingey
Cottees: Trog – have to pile on a tigers supporter lmao
Stu7: I could strangle myself trading Mitchell for Laird and then C him
Grimes Jr: Laird to get more points on bench than on ground #donsfoory
Troglodyte: haha – yep, get’em Cottees
pcaman2003: Stu7. We’re feeling the same pain mate.A few of us with C on him. Ouch!
Cottees: Reckon Grimes is secretly in love with Laird. Man mentions him 100 times a day
pcaman2003: So disappointed in you Phillips.
Grimes Jr: I?m all for the pile in. Love seeing the different insults people come up with
Stu7: Cheers pca
Stu7: Who said ? ausgooner: geez, there’s still a quarter left and we know how quickly laird can score. everyone needs to rela
Troglodyte: Got 3 rooks looped on field this week – all outperformed Laird. Winning
Grimes Jr: Get 95 laird
SwaggyP: Laird still a small chance at a ton
DukeNewc: There’s another laird mention Cottees
Raspel31: Grimes is actually M0NTY’S alter ego just probing for weakness. Stay strong.
Stu7: Hope you?re right Seaggy
ausgooner: stu – still time to ton up
Stu7: ausgooner hope so
Cottees: Who knew tacking Dunks VC was better than this garbage hahahaa
Stu7: Swaggy
Troglodyte: Probing. Lol – no more Butts jokes please
soup: thank god i vc’ed neale instead of dunks otherwise laird would have my C
bhg26: Laird to kick back to back to back goals
Raspel31: Surely time to bench Laird again?
LuvIt74: how long to go
bhg26: Good comeback sheez
beerent11: Yes. Go lairdy!
DukeNewc: Meanwhile, O’Brien has hit a 5 yr old kid in the stands with that shot
pcaman2003: Laird you useless Squab.
beerent11: Ziegull injured?
Tangent: Sloane 23 touches in the 2nd half.
ausgooner: laird can piss right off, joins brayshaw on my never C list

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