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Chat log from R16 of 2023: Western Bulldogs vs Fremantle

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Fremantle, R16 of 2023

Troglodyte: G’day Urbs. Enjoy your break over the byes?
Legix: Afternoon all
Urbs: Was pretty good tbh
Troglodyte: Legix, howdy. Would have thought this game has more presence given quality of the teams in the other game…
Raspel31: Afternoon ladies.
Legix: Agreed Trog
bhg26: Seems Bont is yet to get his usual scaling
Troglodyte: Rasputin – good to see you
Cottees: omg, I wanted to Captain Libba but got scared. Always go with your gut guys lol
Raspel31: Lol Trogs good to be seen.
Troglodyte: Don’t worry I’m sure there will be no mention of the cricket….
Troglodyte: ….given the honourable company you find yourself in
bhg26: We cant kick goals from 10m in front and they get that lmao
SwaggyP: hello hello
SwaggyP: brennan cox firing up
Raspel31: Cricket is for mad dogs Trogs boring. Carn Bont and Serong.
Troglodyte: Agree Swaggy – Cox is on the rise
bhg26: Why hasnt either side kicked a behind yet?
Troglodyte: neither team has any past trauma against the other bhg?
ausgooner: 1 behind across both games
bhg26: Thats better
Raspel31: Must say having Serong over Brayshaw so far so good.
bhg26: What trauma trog?
Troglodyte: Not sure. I forget.
pcaman2003: Was hoping Serong outscores English, but looking unlikely now.
navy_blues: libba doing well
pcaman2003: navy. Had Libba a long time now and not disappointed.. Was a good POD for a while.
bhg26: Anyone fielding fyfe?
navy_blues: had from start and will do again next year id say
Cottees: pca – sames mate. We just went too early on captaining him haha
Raspel31: Um no bhg though to my shame I have him.
pcaman2003: Coees. Too true! I did a couple of times and he dudded me.Lol!
Legix: Have scores frozen?
navy_blues: dogs gone to sleep
Manowar: Bontempelli struggling today!
pcaman2003: I’m sure English is scoring from tap outs he’s not even getting.
The Hawker: Great timing Manowar
Hughsy: good bont
bhg26: cd have him as captain pcaman
pcaman2003: bhg. I sometimes wonder mate.Very suss at times the tap out scores.
LuvIt74: omg Jackson what the hell mate
Manowar: Ryan going backwards?
shagga24: geez Fyfe wasnt very confident
original: Flowers sake liba get moving
DukeNewc: Hey boys, I introduced myself on the other chat and I thought I should here as well
bhg26: Liam Henry has found his role
shagga24: G’day mate
original: 3 points this qtr liba not good enough
DukeNewc: G’day shagga
JohnHoward: go english, u sexy tin man
DukeNewc: Freo wasteful
a1trader: Pretty happy with my opponent having C on Brayshaw
Raspel31: Que Seong Serong whatever will be will be.
Pavs: Welcome Duke
pcaman2003: Rasp. Would’ve been better putting the C on Serong, not Laird. Sigh!
Raspel31: Just a tad pcaman.
DukeNewc: I made the same mistake pca
bhg26: Dont want to know what bonts disposal efficiency was in that last 5 minutes
pcaman2003: Duke. Join the club! We’re good at this.
Raspel31: No Duke- pcaman is good at this.
DukeNewc: Yeah I’ve seen this instance many times rasp
original: Cmon liba
JohnHoward: its honeslty racsim the way bevo treats macrae, i hope macrae leaves this brainless egotistical coach
Raspel31: So hard when you want the Bont to do well but your opp capped him and you went Laird.
bhg26: Erasmus started well
thommoae: But there is a certain beauty in Mac’s stats, JH – 72 DT 72 SC from 72 TOG. Bevo you’re an artist!
LuvIt74: How is it racism regarding how bevo treats Macrae?
bhg26: Cox everywhere
pcaman2003: Keep going Serong. Needing 300 out of you badly.
thommoae: Macreacism?
bhg26: Not bad thommoae. Not bad
JohnHoward: GO MACRAE, clearly bevo does not have him in his sc. GET THE TON MY BON #macreacism
shagga24: What happened to Fyfe?
SwaggyP: West coming out party
Soups07: nothing shagger tactical
shagga24: cheers Soups
Pavs: Bought on Erasmus to give away free kicks Shagga
DukeNewc: Its a blinder of a start isn’t it pavs?
pcaman2003: Massive score from a ruck with only 8 touches. and 2 clangers. Those tap outs and tackles add up. Mmm!
Pavs: Not great tactics Duke
thommoae: Jackson. (Scratches head and looks bewildered.)
ausgooner: pcaman – conveniently left out the tackles aye
Hughsy: serong you beauty
karens: young english cox looking good
Raspel31: For every Serong there is a Laird Shakespeare.
pcaman2003: Great game Serong, but not the 300 I was looking for.
ausgooner: pcaman – oops, should’ve finished the sentence lol
DukeNewc: The little wins have to be celebrated pca
pcaman2003: Duke. I’m happy with any little win, I just need more of them.:)
bhg26: Any chance Bont scales to 140?
pcaman2003: Not much bhg, but keep praying.

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