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Chat log from R16 of 2023: Sydney vs Geelong

Chat log for Sydney vs Geelong, R16 of 2023

J.Worrall: Carna Bloods!
Troglodyte: Rohan is playing so good chance you’ll get that
TimT14: Geelong -70 might be on here
navy_blues: think cats by at least 6 goals
navy_blues: big diff from WC to geelong lol
3m Flatty: Good evening long time reader first time chatter
Vultures: Cats by 14
Troglodyte: Go big Sheldor!
navy_blues: welcome flatty
TimT14: Need a big score from Stewart for draft league
Legix: Evening lads
Baldfrog: Hey Losers
Troglodyte: Welcome Flatty
TheFlagger: seagull I need some redemption from you big boy
bhg26: Ball will actually go into our defence this week flagger
frenzy: thats a big fish Flatty
Baldfrog: Bugger have paps first goal scorer
JohnHoward: gulden on track for 480
Pavs: Gulden 3 tackles in one and a half minutes. Nice
Wends: Bonsoir ? tous
bhg26: Gulden already halfway to his score from last time he played geelong
Cottees: Bhg – rooting for Sydney for ya 😉 Gulden and Parker please go huuuge
TheFlagger: gulden almost scored his total from last time against cattery
Hughsy: I look away for 1 min and gulden is on 25
bhg26: Past halfway now
thommoae: Bonsoir une
bhg26: For obvious reasons cottees im not too hopeful but appreciate the support
beerent11: Anyone else got gulden?
BigChief: Evening all.
bhg26: Bit of a POD beer, tipping not many do
Baldfrog: He’s my POD beer
TheFlagger: why would anyone pick a winger beer? dont be silly
Wends: bonne soir?e Thommoae 🙂 And are you there god? Did you go Gulden VC…
Legix: good start shellder
Vultures: Gulden sheldrick & no cats
Wends: Sheldrick burning red hot on my bench with no way to loop
circle52: I even thought of puting VC on him wish Idid instead of Dunks
circle52: Gukden that is
Vultures: Swans by 14 lol
bhg26: How can you miss that bad
Baldfrog: Least a few Sydney fans have turned up tonight
circle52: Wends I have Sheldrick covering Oliver yes I kept him
Cottees: man sydney not using opportunities well enough. Should be few goals ahead
bhg26: Great start Heen
navy_blues: lol 2 from 2 heeney
beerent11: Did you keep Oliver circle52?
Wends: Good for something atleast circle 🙂
thommoae: Swans fans always turn up bald
circle52: Yes Beer Low on trades the reason
Baldfrog: Must be a gale force wind down Sydneys end
Wends: Jaysus, mary n jowseph… right off target
TheFlagger: mills defence??????
bhg26: Yeah thats not the right kick
Cottees: only sydney would lose this while dominating like this lmao
bhg26: Fucking hell thats soft
Cottees: see sydney, that is how you get goals. get soft frees and kick straight duh
beerent11: Let?s go disco.
Baldfrog: Sydney about to implode
TheFlagger: close hasnt learned his lesson
bhg26: Hey swans, if someone recently had an issue with their ribs. Fucking crunch them!
Cottees: Surely you pay that as dangerous given previous frees for dangerous tackles lmao
Baldfrog: I agree with Richo there ump should have blown whitsle earlier
BigChief: What was Close meant to do there? Can’t let Francis go or he will get dropped
beerent11: Bhg got that dog in im
navy_blues: they will sayhe should of released his arm
Wends: Stewart my worst pick since presti in my first year playing?
Cottees: BigChief, literally could say that about Sicily too mate
bhg26: Even errol is missing, flowering hell
beerent11: You mean Tom Stewart wends?
Cottees: bhg – Campbell missing too is insane
BigChief: Won’t be long before AFL becomes touch footy.
Baldfrog: Sadly so Chief
Wends: That would be him beer… hoping that changes over the course of the game
bhg26: Must be 100km an hour winds cottees. Doesnt seem to bother geelong at the moment
DrSeuss: Duncan’s return has effected Stewart – takes all of his possessions and plays very little defense
Baldfrog: It’s that gale force wind I told ya
bhg26: Another 1
Legix: Holmes 15+ not looking good
beerent11: He?s pretty bloody good wends. You must have had some awesome teams
Vultures: ceases to b a competition when there’s the duty of care rubbish BC
Pavs: Averaging 109 Wends?
Wends: Thx for explaining Dr. Should’ve traded him out then this week Dr…
bhg26: Unless we are planning on kicking 120 more behinds i wouldnt mind a goal
beerent11: Brian Peake. That?s a blast from the past
beerent11: Easy freo legend
navy_blues: aussies got a early wicket
Cottees: bhg – with how well you’re playing, could easily win by just behinds haha
bhg26: Despite our goalkicking we played some bloody good footy that quarter
beerent11: *east freo
Cottees: and I just realised I forgot to put E on Sheldrick hajhahaha oops
sc_god: good start sheldrick, ton up and i’ll loop you mate
DrSeuss: Definitely playing some good footy bhg – except for that damn kicking at goal
davywap: Papley has a punchable face
dezlav: @BHG. Thanks for the opinion over Rampe and Himmel. In the end left Ginbey in, for 1 more week.
Baldfrog: Like Ginnavin Davy
Wends: Brought him in after byes Pavs, missed some juicy earlier scores.
Pavs: Fair call Wends. Think he will be alright tonight not huge but should ton up.
sfenda1: mills straight in next week me thinks
bhg26: No worries dez. Cumming has come in for GWS so would need to see what happens to himmels role
Wends: *after geelong bye. Beer not too bad this yr, great start, lost ground pre-byes, halved ranking across byes – not bad!
3m Flatty: Keep the wickets coming Navy I live with a pom he was filthy after the first test
navy_blues: is his name Raspel?
Baldfrog: haha Navy
bhg26: Lmao BT what a call
Wends: lol navy… hope rasp stuck around for day 2
bhg26: Reckon holding the ball should count if theyre tackled over the boundary line
Wends: Ah swannies… our own worstestest enemies.
Grimes Jr: Get busy sheldrick
dezlav: @bhg. With ya on the holding.
3m Flatty: If your referring to me it’s.very wrong to assume someone’s gender hahaha
clay007: I was going to say, I’m glad Stewart is quiet, but don’t want to jinx it, so I didn’ say it
Baldfrog: But you just did Clay
Wends: You’ve done it now clay lol
Vultures: where’s Rohan.. ?
navy_blues: Raspel is a pom on here flatty lol
beerent11: Don?t think the scg suits Disco.
Pavs: Raspel may have 2 accounts on here as well.
clay007: He is wearing the Where’s Rohan jumper. He is near the wizard.
Baldfrog: Both Gender neutral Pavs?
Gotigres: My team is so good that I don’t have Melican on the bench or even D6.
bhg26: Its a fucking spoil you dumb pricks
Pavs: Aren’t we all now days Baldy 🙂 I want to offend anyone.
Cottees: Melican been screwed over by 2 deliberates
TheFlagger: Lloyd flogging it up Stew too well done lads
DrSeuss: Stewart getting the Will Brodie TOG tonight?
BigChief: The tackling machine for Swans 0 tackles so far.
Dondeal: It wasn’t off a kick bhg, can’t spoil over the boundary off a bumb ball
Baldfrog: Iwant to offend anyone to Pavs
Pavs: *Don’t
Cottees: oh wow Sydney got a goal
bhg26: So they should just let the cats player grab the ball Dondeal?
Vultures: lucky to get a kick next week I said.. Rohan lol
Gotigres: What the hell is Stewart doing?
Dondeal: No, the player has to take possession. I don’t agree with it
bhg26: Geelong have had 3 times the amount of frees we have had, blatant cheating
beerent11: On special comments tonight – dumb and dumber.
TheLegend6: Sheldrick looks great
Baldfrog: The same as Lloyd SFA gotigres
Wends: At least he’s getting something Dr
clay007: Good game bhg, this what I thought the GF would have been like last year.
bhg26: I am loving Angus Sheldrick at the moment
navy_blues: the amount of easy marks i50 swans had geez should be well in front
bhg26: Wwhat grand final clay? Dont remember that
Pavs: Sheldrick a gun. Oliver might have to stay on the bench when he gets back.
Troglodyte: Wasn’t there a goat call Gryan?
BigChief: Please take you red and white glasses off bhg. That was the correct call the way the game is in 2023
Wends: Missed a wicket dayum!
Baldfrog: Yeah Trog he disappeared quite quickly
Gotigres: Very happy I got Sheldrick in and put the E on him.
Yelse: Swans specifically not bombing it so stewart can’t get intercepts
DrSeuss: Wends – my opponent this week has Stewart on the bench and Wilmot on field – and is killing me so far
Vultures: oh boo hoo
bhg26: No it was not chief. Punched the ball desperately before the cats player could get his hands on the ball
Baldfrog: That guy knows how top play DR
bhg26: Dont have sheldrick in sc but enjoying him in fantasy
clay007: I wanted Sheldrick, but his price had risen too much. Is he going to be consistent?
Vultures: it’s not worth it fatty
Wends: This is helpful detail Yelse, thank you… Will other teams take note tho?
Baldfrog: To be fair chief never seen anyone penalised for a punch oob before
DrSeuss: Bald – he either has a crystal ball or massive balls – or just very lucky
BigChief: He never tried to keep the ball in play bhg. Thats the rule now.
Baldfrog: Agree m8
Vultures: fancy not havin Sheldrick lol
BigChief: But saying that it is a stupid rule
bhg26: So every spoil that goes out of bounds is deliberate? Gotcha
Vultures: lol BigChump,
Wends: Yeah but fancy having him when you can’t loop – woewodin is me
Cottees: Geelong are so bad lol – Sydney should be up 6+ goals
BigChief: bhg if it’s not a kick yes.
clay007: Steward enjoying the freebies, kicking out after each swan behind.
OffaStep: Flowering Sheldrick is going to get me beaten in at least a couple of H2Hs…
Ash777: I bought in sheldrick this week so good
bhg26: Then there would be 20 deliberate frees a game. A lot of spoils go out of bounds
bhg26: Oh my fucking god hickey
Cottees: hahahahahahahahahahhaha
navy_blues: lmaoooo
Ash777: lmaooooo
Grimes Jr: There is no way Maric as a key will be named as sub, right?
AlsoGmax: Poor Hickey.
TheFlagger: stew kick outs nice
clay007: What has been your favourite behind so far bhg?
bhg26: I mean darcy fort is sub for brisbane every week grimey
Wends: Swans’ half time change room will be reminiscent of the on the mound convention scene from Bull Durham
Baldfrog: Haha Clay
bhg26: Not a behind clay but heeneys two consecutive out on the fulls stand out
Gotigres: omg. With Sinn playing I can’t loop Sheldrick. 🙁
clay007: Good work bhg! Well done! lol
clay007: Melican’s spoil over the boundary was pretty awesome. Bang!
beerent11: I reckon if the the swans had kicked straight, they?d be further ahead bhg.
Raspel31: Melican has been an absolute game changer for me.
bhg26: And what evidence do you have to back up this hypothesis beer?
Cottees: bhg – umps didn’t pay free against danger getting mills high. 1 free in a half is wow
Wends: Incredibly insightful beerent. Swans need you on retainer.
Pavs: Traded him out this week Rasp.
beerent11: Just a vibe. I?ve watched a lot of footy. Just something I picked up over the years.
TheFlagger: huge seagull. farkin huge
beerent11: Nah my teeth are pretty straight wends.
bhg26: yeah cottees i reckon getting hit in the back of the head constitutes a free but what do i know
Wends: Gifted all round 🙂 #blessed
TheLegend6: The only way I can loop in Sheldrick is if Maric doesn’t play, I got a feeling they’ll make him sub though..
Pavs: Don’t reckon they will Legend.
Rilian: Crab icon for Ratugolea (permanently..)!
Raspel31: Thought Melican would go huge tthis week looking for a way to sub Gulden back on.
Vultures: someone has an axe to grind lol
Pies20: Besides the lucky ones with neale last night vc who’s going who for c??
Pavs: There are people on here that don’t believe things that you say Rasp. I’m convinced though.
Vultures: Laird DT
beerent11: Got him!
circle52: Tossing up between Bont and Laird
Pies20: Im at the moment naicos thinking Sinclair
beerent11: That?s the big wicket
Grimes Jr: FuCk off bairstow u fat git
Raspel31: Fair call Pavs I cannot lie. Laird for my money.
beerent11: I like Johnny. Multi skilled employee. Wicket keeper / crowd control.
Wends: Cummins sporting quite the shiner
Pies20: Sheld please ton up and some
bhg26: Beer i think that protestor is the only thing bairstow has gloved this series
Pies20: Melican has so far not fantasy but kept hawk to a goal
bhg26: Bold to say hes a keeper
Pies20: Danger 8 possies for 14 harsh
Wends: So are runners still allowed? (for Lyon in 2nd innings)?
Pies20: Watching the footy or cricket swans fans??
Pavs: Yes Wends.
bhg26: Dont need a runner when youre hitting boundaries wends
clay007: Even without Lyon Wends, the players can wear their runners. No thongs allowed.
navy_blues: dont think lyon will bat bit hard on crutch
DANGERous: stop starting on the bench Bruhn. want the game time
BigChief: Not for many years Wends.
ballbag: can someone run tissues out to lloyd. how can someone be so pathetic?
Baldfrog: How’s Oliver scoring for ya Ballbag?
Pavs: Maybe that’s a No Wends. Did not know about that Soz
bhg26: Holy shit we got a free
BigChief: Outlawed approx 2012 I think.
navy_blues: omg htb gulden
clay007: You are lucky there bhg, that was Ballllll!
Wends: I did Pavs, but had a moment, must be all the AFL rule changes. Running on his crutch in a thong doesnt sound appealing
bhg26: We dont get a free for a hit to the back of mills’ head they dont get a htb free
ballbag: @bald i fucked him off real quick after he needed tissues. lloyd can garn get aswell
Baldfrog: After the BS you gave me about trading him you are a wonker
bhg26: Think the only thing swans should be doing at training is goal kicking
bhg26: Should have genuinely kicked another 7 goals
beerent11: Let?s see em do it against our bowlers.
sc_god: trade lloyd into your sc team, said no one ever lol
Ash777: Lloyd is not a premo anymore so if you need to get rid of him do so.
bhg26: sc god brought in tuohy this week
clay007: That was not a mark! Oh, my!
navy_blues: all out poms!!!
bhg26: Karma
Vultures: it’s the frees they pay not the frees they miss..
bhg26: Fuck off hodge you dumbalps. 50 my alps
Baldfrog: That was quick Navy
BigChief: Maybe 8 or 9 bhg. Been watching Carlton I think.
Baldfrog: I may differ on that Vultures after last W/E
navy_blues: happen to switch as it happened baldy
wadaramus: Sensational first session Australia, 6/47.
ballbag: @bald LOL tell someone who cares you sad sack
Baldfrog: Batting looks hard Navy glad we have a lead
Vultures: children..
Raspel31: Back to footwada!!
beerent11: Swans?d be in front if they?d kicked straight.
TheFlagger: the baz
navy_blues: hard for 1 side at least baldy hehe
wadaramus: Back to what Raspel?!
Wends: Meanwhile, little Stewie and his sloth-like scoring rate 😐
Ash777: thought there’d be 20 frees by now
Baldfrog: Swans lucky they have all those popints keeping them in front
bhg26: Kick through the fucking thing!
Wends: How does Longmire have any hair on his whatsoever?
Raspel31: Pardon my angry typing wada this is a football site.
TheFlagger: lol +12 for stew in that
wadaramus: Ah, now I get your comment 🙂
Pavs: Don’t like the cricket score Rasp?
Wends: *head lol
beerent11: Disco is awaken wends
wadaramus: Go Sydney.
Baldfrog: Keep it clean plz wends
bhg26: im about to pull my eyes out
TheFlagger: lol
Ash777: lmao
Pavs: That’s a No from Baldy.
wadaramus: Go Australia.
Baldfrog: More fun if a friend does it BHG
Ash777: Swans making dogs horrible kick at goal look decent
Wends: Gracious
TheFlagger: yes stew
navy_blues: get moving cats geez
Raspel31: Enormously original comment wada you should be a script writer.
Wends: Wonder what the record is for worst inaccuracy in a game?
bhg26: Fucking hell swans
TheFlagger: boo boo boo
wadaramus: Go the Crows.
Baldfrog: Rekon it’d be a game in the wet Wends
Gotigres: Stewart 50 sc, Melican 24 sc. What’s going on? My players don’t score that well.
Yelse: all i need is hawkins and rowan to kick 1 more goal each for 2k
duckky: Most behinds in a game was Hawthorn 1977 hawthorn 25.41 191 defeated st kilda 16.7.103
wadaramus: Oh my Lord, Gulden is a gun!
duckky: Second worst was 1985 Hawthorn 11.31 97 defeated melbourne 12.9.81
Baldfrog: Duckky our resident guru
Wends: Prob right baldy, but this is pretty awful.
beerent11: Nice googling duckky
Cottees: Duckky, I am not suprised one bit it is Hawks haha
Baldfrog: Wends it should be over by now
wadaramus: Broad spectrum of point scorers for Sydney!
Wends: Ahh but the point is they got there duckky!
wadaramus: Might have to bite my Tongue.
beerent11: My boys kicked 8.22 in a grand final vs crows. Fun memory.
bhg26: Channel 7 pointing out how dangers shot missed because the ump called play on without commenting on how it wasnt a mark
clay007: You need to keep your Head wada. That will give people a Broad smile.
wadaramus: Stoked with Sheldrick so far.
DANGERous: bruhn starting on the bench again? why
wadaramus: Spot on Clay!
beerent11: Pretty average game even though it?s close.
clay007: It was pretty Starc wada! The Pope will be watching.
navy_blues: hey wada how you gonna do a line for Joe
bhg26: Stewart again pushing a player when theyre down. What a c*nt
wadaramus: He is the Root of all evil navy.
clay007: Well a Root will give Hazle wood!
wadaramus: I hate that shit bhg.
Pavs: Not sure what game you are watching tonight bhg?
DrSeuss: Decent comeback from Stewart Wends
thommoae: Settle bhg. Even with an *, you’re o*t of line.
beerent11: You?re a riot during swans games bhg
navy_blues: bhg settle dont need that
Gotigres: I’m getting high because of a pelican
RuffLeader: You?ve completely lost it bhg
BigChief: Are you serious bhg? He was making sure Blakey was okay.
beerent11: Worst pick since Prestia
Pies20: Agree beer
wadaramus: Poetry Clay!
bhg26: yeah after pushing him chief
Hughsy: Stewart 30 points for a tackle and a kick?!?!
Pies20: Swan’s should be 5goals up shower kicking going to cost them
clay007: Then he will be cummins wada!
Raspel31: Happen to agree bhg Stewart a dirty ## but I’m just a Pom.
bhg26: And i dont think he was sorry, just doesnt want to get fined again after what he did to viney
Cascadian: bhg if you say so princess
RuffLeader: Why should be
Wends: It was a long-winded way of saying the old Heisenberg “LIFT!” beer 🙂
DrSeuss: Ooooh Yelse – are you nervous?
clay007: You might want to check your blood pressure bhg. Remember it is just a game, just ask Rasp! lol
BigChief: You need to stop commenting here when Swans play. You are making yourself look and sound silly.
ballbag: so stewart has scored 60 points in the same time lloyd scored 5. youre a gun lloyd. a deadset champion
RuffLeader: Why should he be sorry? Big tackle, Blakey lying there nothing wrong with him.
Yelse: can’t believe rohan missed 🙁
DrSeuss: Keep going Mr Sheldrick – a bit too long between possessions young fella
bhg26: Stewart is a dog, i stand by what i said
Wends: Where are you god? And did you VC gulden?
Raspel31: Thanks cay.
Migz: what a different game first half to second. crazy swing
bhg26: The c word was agressive but stewart has done dog acts in the past
bhg26: Saw it last week
Baldfrog: There is something wrong with that end
wadaramus: Sensational session win Australia.
Ash777: errors galore this game
clay007: This is a big game for both teams. Finals loom.
Cottees: Far out sydney, calm it down you have over 8minutes
Gotigres: Sheldrick looks tired. Don’t think he will ton
beerent11: Disco stew you star!
TimT14: England playing like it’s a ODI
bhg26: We seem to be trying to actively keep ourselves out of finals clay
Wends: Who’d be a coach (apart from the $1m p/a salary)
dodgybros: Geelong 5th, do something Swans
Raspel31: Let us sttle this now Stewartis a thug and Engand on the back foot carn Gulden.
beerent11: PTSD from last year bhg
BigChief: On this effort, neither side should be playing finals.
bhg26: 9 behinds away from the lead
Baldfrog: Dunno Wends couple of years of being a crap coach you can retire
bhg26: What happened last year beer?
clay007: Does anyone know what the armbands tonight are for? Matt Rendell?
bhg26: Wait you get 6 points for that? We should do that more
Migz: amazing how you get 5 bonus points for the middle area
Wends: Succinct as always Rasp 🙂
beerent11: Oh. Nothing. Nothing at all.
BigChief: @Clay Graeme John I think
clay007: Thanks Big Chief, just googled him.
Yelse: get roan on
BigChief: I did the same Clay 🙂
TheLegend6: omg
bhg26: Im out
Gotigres: Oh no
Cottees: oh my god Sydney,
JohnHoward: aaaaaaLLLLLOYDD go u good thing
wadaramus: Fox you spud!
TimT14: No wayyyy
NickyD: Nice comeback from the King Gull
Ash777: roflmao omg
TheFlagger: lol swans fans celebrating early
Migz: Wowwee what a miss
Wends: Stewart I take back my earlier mild criticism
wadaramus: Not over yet bhg.
BigChief: Robbie Fox OMG
beerent11: Perfect!
Cottees: Heeney couldnt even get a behind
TheFlagger: lloyd done well for a 96
BigChief: Draw anyone?
wadaramus: Draw!
TimT14: Common draw
Ash777: go the draw!
Cottees: Heeney stats, 3 out on full and 2 behinds wow
ballbag: pfft he GULL only ever scores big coz he does it in the last qtr. fckn lazy
penguins00: neither team deserves to win
Wends: wth uyiu%Z^$#!
wadaramus: Kick straight win games, your loss Sydney.
bhg26: An absolutely disgusting performance
Cottees: now for tips, I cannot remember how draws work
beerent11: Good dog Stewart. Good dog.
Ash777: another win for draw fc
DrSeuss: Robbie Fox not going to sleep well tonight
beerent11: Gee the cats kicking for goal cost em that game. 7.12
Raspel31: Like watching my grandmother knit- only slower. Carn Swans.
Ash777: It’s a draw both the teams are even
Wends: Tuohy just being interviewed now, saying tough conditions, v swirly winds…
davywap: Gee that must’ve been shit to watch
bhg26: I vomited all over myself davy
bhg26: It was a blast

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