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Chat log from R16 of 2023: West Coast vs St Kilda

Chat log for West Coast vs St Kilda, R16 of 2023

Gotigres: You can break loose and go huge please Chesser. At least 30sc thanks.
pcaman2003: Go Owens! You could save my round with a huge score.
Cottees: Already a goal. Games over already lol
navy_blues: owens marshall and sinclair go big plz
pcaman2003: navy. Should get some great scores here.
navy_blues: hoping
p0nga6: chesser gonna hit that 32 be – mark my words
navy_blues: allen doing amazing job in this side
original: TKelly out mills my draft team. Danger 55. Great
sc_god: give chesser the cape!
p0nga6: chesser this is unreal – real leather poisoning stuff
original: Get on sinclair ffs
navy_blues: lmao go west coast
sc_god: they have no answer for chesser, he’s ripping this game apart
soup: sinclair get the pill ya mop
pcaman2003: Owens again! Yeah baby!
sc_god: apparantly ppl still have owens..
bhg26: Did Raspel get Chesser? Probably his top score already
p0nga6: cape emoji for chesser
bhg26: BJ williams the goat
pcaman2003: sc-god. Only the astute ones. Had him from start and Ave of 86% F6. Happy enough!
lana2146: Imagine if wet toast actually won
Stu7: If the can do it Lana it will be against st Kilda
Hazza09: Who?s tagging Sinclair ffs
bhg26: Windy gonna be a nice f7 for me
p0nga6: this could be the upset of the year. yep, i’m talking about chesser hitting 50
bhg26: That would be bigger than any moment this year ponga
frenzy: go toasters
pcaman2003: C’mon young Owens. Only 2 pts form you this qtr. Get going!
navy_blues: go eagles!
TheFlagger: this is so fitting for the sainters
colin wood: sinclair FFS
beerent11: No telly and wc improve? Ewing theory?
twinpeaks: Anticipating the biggest half time bake of the season
p0nga6: Maric going brazy
pcaman2003: Opponent has Maric on field V Owens..I’ could be in trouble now.
Cottees: Mate how is Maric (on my bench) beating my premos ffs
lana2146: Wouldn?t be surprised if saints come back and win 2nd half
Raspel31: This is simply emarrassing on so many fronts.
Manowar: I would StKilda are shit
soup: my opponents maric is gonna outscore my laird at this rate
Stu7: Sh1t Kilda
Stu7: Sh1t Kilda
Stu7: The only positive thing about this game is the straight kicking
chilipowdr: Can the Boss remind them there’s game on at the half please…
thommoae: How about something positive, Manowart?
thommoae: Sorry – Manowar?
Hazza09: My opponent loopholed Sheldrick into Maric, Ofcourse
pcaman2003: Owens gonebackwards this half and Maric pulling away. This will cost my round. Bummer!
Stu7: This is painful to watch
Stu7: The you go pca
navy_blues: glad i didnt C sinclair
pcaman2003: Stu7. Stroke of luck, but need lots more yet.
pcaman2003: I’m still 15pts behind. Need a big lift from Owens.
OffaStep: I did, Navy. Thought I’d try something bold to win a really tight H2H. Should have stuck with Naicos.
Stu7: Yeah navy there were a few VC and C dudds this round
navy_blues: eagles kicking to straight sinclair not getting kick ins
Stu7: Same here OffaStep I took the C off Naicos and put on Laird
Stu7: Saints are woeful don?t deserve to be iin the eight they are dreamers
thommoae: As it stands, this is a great result for GWS but a disaster for my gauntlet. Thought this a banker.
Hazza09: Ffs Sinclair
Stu7: Saints couldn?t beat Frankston thirds
navy_blues: never again hazza?
Raspel31: Against a powerhouse like WCE Sainters doing okay Stu.
frenzy: Lol navy
Stu7: Ha ha Rasp
Stu7: Hold your heads in shame st Kilda and Lyon you recycled dudd
original: Ffs sinclair
Hazza09: Possibly Navy lol
clay007: put sinclair in the guts to drop the tag Ross. Be a good boss
JohnHoward: as a norf fan, im nervous
Stu7: Accurate kicking by WC
clay007: How many pts does a player get if they kick the ball fwd and it is a neutral result, punched from oppo etc?
beerent11: Don?t be nervous ex pm. We want wc to win so we go higher in the draft.
clay007: in supercoach
Baldfrog: Just thought I’d pop in and say OUCH Stu
Soups07: clay if it is sinclair -5
Stu7: Cheers Baldfrog very painful to watch
clay007: appears so today soups. grrr!
Doggie Doo: Go WC do it for the bulldogs to keep 5th spot, Hi to the regulars.
beerent11: If only shuey wasn?t made of glass. What a gun.
clay007: great 5 mins from sinclair soups
Stu7: Do,something Wilkie
RooBoyStu: Barrass robbed, if his name was Tom Stewart he would be on 300
navy_blues: sinclair on the move
beerent11: Sinclair still on track to ton ladies.
Soups07: yeah love it
Stu7: Hey Doggie
pcaman2003: Did Sinclair attach a rocket booster. Was only 49 some mins ago.
pcaman2003: Need a much better last qtr from you Owens.
Baldfrog: Sinclair hides a few points in his hair
beerent11: How the fuck are the saints in the 8?
Raspel31: Sinclair and Travis Head the 2 ugliest man in sport now. Not that I have a problem.
Stu7: No idea beer
Baldfrog: Nothing wrong with Trav’s Mo Rasp ladies like it it tickles
Stu7: But they won?t be for long they have been caught out with their transparent game plan
Grimes Jr: An average group, the saints
Baldfrog: Like 12thMond Grimes?
Baldfrog: 15THMond what is it these days?
chilipowdr: average is very gemerous
navy_blues: put your foot in it there grimes!!
TheLegend6: not good content baldy
Raspel31: Grimes here to remind us that hate is better than laughter.
Doggie Doo: Williams has improved over time in ruck
Gotigres: Kick the winner please Chesser
thommoae: You and manowar should get together, Grimes. You’d have a lot to talk about.
pcaman2003: Geez! Owens held twice without the ball and no free. Look umpires,look!
Pies20: Usual content from him legend
clay007: hate seems to get a greater response from you guys. Nice comments are often followed by crickets.
navy_blues: saw that pca
original: Let?s go sinclair finish strong
Raspel31: I hate you clay!
pcaman2003: navy. Nail biting at the moment.I’m only 8 in front after being behind this game.
clay007: That will drive a response rasp! I am cool with that
pluggerpig: crouch might set a tackle record today.. current record is 20
navy_blues: clay raaspel doesnt like the word “cricket” atm lmao
Pies20: It’s like a boxn ring in here but need thick skin always has been
Pavs: hate you Rasp and Clay. Thought I would stick my nose in 🙂
clay007: He is a pom navy, so let’s tread carefully.
Raspel31: Hate you more than clay Pavs- so there!
navy_blues: need wood for 2 more possies plz
Gotigres: Why do Jack Williams and Owens have a white knight next to their names. I couldn’t see the icon.
Pavs: Stand in line Raspel & go the Aussies in the Cricket. So There na na na na na 🙂
Pies20: He’s over 70 clay it’s okay needs a rest
clay007: What? Rasp is over 70?
Raspel31: Cricket boring never been interested. Go Marshall.
Baldfrog: The age card from Pies20 who would have guessed
Pies20: Rasp??
Pies20: Like the teethe card baldy??
Raspel31: Lying of course Pies- I am the token Pom.
clay007: cricket not boring since the poms brought in bazball. Anything could happen tonight rasp. Go Windhager!
Doggie Doo: WC start playing bazball
TimT14: When’s the last time two draws in a round?
clay007: Sinclair-raise the bat and kiss the emblem on the helmet.
original: Sinc get back on. Stop duggan stop marshall
Baldfrog: Never in doubt Clay
Stu7: If Saints are true to form then the Saints will still owe this
Stu7: Higgins will make sure they lose this game
Stu7: * owe – lose
clay007: How do you explain this baldy-windhager mark and effective hb, no pts?
Baldfrog: Chesser is finally scoring points gotigres
pcaman2003: Now I’m only 2 in front. This is a worry. C’mon Owens!
Raspel31: How did we possibly let Chesser go Bald?
Gotigres: Career best game Baldfrog, but probably still won’t get 50
Baldfrog: I didnt Rasp still have him haha knew he would come good
Doggie Doo: Crouch has 17 tackles. Whats the record number for a game?
Stu7: Another 3 points pca
BigChief: 20 from Laird Doggie
clay007: 20 doggie, laird
Raspel31: You very welcome to him Bald- not your finest decision.
Pies20: Would have got 2500 with naicos lost my league game by that flower up
Stu7: 20 I think doggie
Hazza09: Why is Marshall score so shit?
Pies20: Naicos c
pcaman2003: Stu7. I’m 1 point down.
BigChief: Really @Hazza? Look at the stats and you will see why.
Stu7: That sucks Pies
Doggie Doo: crouch now 19 tackles
thommoae: That flavour of the month, Rory Laird, with 20, I believe, Doggie
bhg26: Good effort west coast
sc_god: kelly plays they win this
Pies20: Yep stu know you in the boat
Raspel31: Think capping Laird stuffed a few of us up Pies.
Stu7: Another fvcken point
JohnHoward: marshall woukldve scored 455 if his name was gawn
Hazza09: Sorry BigChief, haven?t seen the stats
pcaman2003: Stu7. Got scaled up a couple and won by a single point. Lol!
BigChief: 3 fa, 7 clangers and 42% DE Hazza
bhg26: 2542, ill take that
pcaman2003: One point win. I’ll take that. Scary finish!

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