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Chat log from R15 of 2023: St Kilda vs Brisbane

Chat log for St Kilda vs Brisbane, R15 of 2023

J.Worrall: Carn Sainters!
slydon: should be an interesting game hopefully
Pavs: Windhager to tag Neale again?
bhg26: Taking Tracs vc score so those with dunkley vc can rejoice in knowing hes getting 150
Yelse: Good ebening!! VC C everyone?
Yelse: Duno why i kept ollie apparently re done his hammy
circle52: not alone there BHG I am also taking Tracs VC score so as you say watch Dunks go big
circle52: @Yelse I have also got Oliver as well.
Yelse: Harvey said they might be tagging dunkley highest ranked player
Pavs: I’m with you Yelse Gotta hold him now might bring in Sheldrick to cover.
Pavs: A bit of luck for me though with my opp having Chesser and Atkins both outs.
Yelse: yeah holding this week as well should have opponents covered
Pavs: Thinking Sheldrick so watch Jaspa Fletcher go big tonight.
Pavs: Going VC Dunks sorry all
Cottees: Pavs – nearly making be risk Marshall VC haha
Pavs: I will go the wrong way Cottees watch Dunks get tagged and Neale get 160
daniel87: if you put it on slowmo on kayo sounds like the commentators are stoned
Cottees: I hope not as Neale is next on my list, not this week haha
bhg26: Windhager cbas, delicious
beerent11: Does the b stand for Bruce bhg?
beerent11: No obvious tags
bhg26: Would explain the swearing beer
bhg26: Whoops read that wrong nvm
Pavs: Thought beer might had gone to school with you as well bhg 🙂
beerent11: Would explain delicious
bhg26: Funny how that person never commented any further pavs
bhg26: Just dropped what school i went to and dipped
Pavs: Noticed that haha
beerent11: Nah I get the the impression there?s a sizeable age gap tween bhg and myself.
Pavs: He is outside your house as we speak mate.
bhg26: Cricket bat on standby
beerent11: Big o!
bhg26: Whoever scores more between ashcroft and humphrey will determine my m9 this year
dezlav: Hoody Y’all. Go da Lions. Big one tonight please Dumks
slydon: dunkleys had a v quiet quarter
sc_god: lol great m9
LMartos: CD taking the piss missing 2 obvious tackles for Steele
Yelse: not a week to have wilmot ashcroft and dunks VC as PODs
clay007: Probably a bit early to be calling that Yelse!
Pavs: We are not all ranked 23 or 55 or whatever rank you want to tell us this week sc-god
beerent11: Plenty of time for vc?s kids.
Raspel31: Thanks for the loyalty Ashcroft- but hope springs eternal.
DrSeuss: Windhager everywhere at the start of the quarter then disappeared
navy_blues: even the women looking good against poms lol
sc_god: the women always dominate
Raspel31: Thank you for the love navy- bless.
navy_blues: yw raspim sure you will be feeli more “love” in the upcoming matches
clay007: Gee Dunkley having a bad night…I hope you could detect some early sarcasm
navy_blues: king reported lol
navy_blues: ump cant be serious
FoopyTime: nufing report tho
bhg26: Surprised they showed that king replay, thought it was too graphic
_newcomber: king been prolific early
Troglodyte: 10 weeks for that surely 😉
clay007: Windhager is just a passenger at stoppages, both Neale and McCluggage waltz around him
Raspel31: clay- you are a genius. The only person I know who put the vc on Dunks.
Pavs: Charlie’s body language ordinary
clay007: I know Rasp-who knew?
Gotigres: Don’t know how Dunkley is on 50. He’s done nothing.
clay007: Agree Pavs-having a right old sook at umpires, team mates etc
clay007: Gotigres…shhh! Cd might hear you and make adjustments. Shhh!
bhg26: Windhager done nothing since the first 5 minutes of the game
beerent11: It?s amazing that none of the rest of us thought of it rasp.
beerent11: None of us
DrSeuss: Yep Windhager hasn’t even been near the ball since the first 5 minutes – no tackles, nothing
Gotigres: Charity for Dunkley. I’ll take it.
Hazza09: Cmon Neale ffs
Pavs: My opp didn’t think of it, happy times
Troglodyte: I went with a up and coming lad Dosh Junkley. Hope he goes alright
Raspel31: We are mere humans beer- how to cope with a genius in our midst/
hmmmm: neale is doing fine wtf u on about
bhg26: I love playing this game sensibly and taking tracs 121 only for dunkley to most likely smash that score
clay007: My sarcasm about Dunks came because Yelse said you would hate to have vc on him.
naicosfan: Cd milk Dunkley, and I?ll take it he?s been my best C choice the past 3 weeks
Pavs: Reckon Yelse might have using a bit of sarcasm as well
Ash777: dunks is always my vc
beerent11: There they are
gazza39: Hello all
Pavs: Hello and welcome gazza
gazza39: Of course my opp has Andrews tonight
Ash777: Andrews is going to double ton if saints keep this up
Raspel31: Evenining gazza
OffaStep: Wow, this sarcasm is really tricky stuff!
clay007: It looks like Windhager is playing a defensive role on Neale, no lock icon yet though.
gazza39: I look away for 5 min and he went up 25 points ffs
DANGERous: cmon dev
sc_god: lol hipwood weak as piss
Legix: Joke report
daniel87: dropped the c bomb there
bhg26: And there it is
Manowar: Dev’s a loser!
EvilMonk: lmao did I just hear him say “He’s 100kg C^@#!”
Pavs: Haha OffaStep hard to type sarcasm. Rasp has it under control though 🙂
bhg26: You did monk lmao
TheFlagger: windhager needs another rev up
Raspel31: Steady on Pavs- long lunch. Up to you tonight old boy.
hmmmm: jonathan brown having a binder of notes in front of him is so flowering funny
Pavs: Not in the same realm as you Rasp. Even on a drunk day you rule.
EvilMonk: lol they replayed it… lmao did I just hear him say “He’s 100kg C^@#!”
EvilMonk: that’s a copy paste fail boys, if I sounded bipolar xD
Pav300: no one cares EvilMonk
TheFlagger: how the fuck are you a tagger with only one tackle in a half
TheFlagger: gresh already thinking about hoisting up the ol’ McClelland in navy
Social: go on dunk dunkerton
bhg26: Windy stop being a bitch and get the pill
beerent11: Ashcroft loves that Gabba
Pavs: Good to see Steele find a little bit of form
gazza39: Sinclair is just a long haired version of Laird
gazza39: And I love it
Hughsy: How dare you gazza
frenzy: one of the great games Max King, thank you
gazza39: Stop Andrews for the love of SC
slydon: imagine having a worse score than someone who got knocked out in the first quarter but youre actuall yplaying a full gam
Raspel31: King playing within himself frenzy. Tactical.
slydon: aka max king youre shite
DrSeuss: Windhager having a nightmare game – lost all his powers after the first 5 minutes
frenzy: having a lend, takin the p1ss
Ash777: should have been an andrews mark then
clay007: Dunks gone quite. He needs to a rev up from one you on FF.
TheFlagger: windy was there best mid last week and then ross puts him in a defensive role ffs
Social: King is like one of those toy cars you pull back to wind up
Social: he’ll have an explosive climax very soon
TheFlagger: their oh boy
DANGERous: earth to dev?
Gotigres: There are unexplained questions in this universe. Like why did I get Ryan in, instead of Sinclair.
TheFlagger: well earnt rest on the bench windy! flog!
TheFlagger: to be fair its lyon’s fault
DrSeuss: Windy might get subbed by Lyon just to add insult to injury Flagger
beerent11: Or yours for picking him?
navy_blues: love how its always someone elses fault lol,
Ash777: poor byrnes
Raspel31: A question from left field- anybody thinking of outting vc on Dunks?
Social: Is Charlie on one of those little e-bikes like the eshays ride now
Pavs: How long a lunch Rasp?
OffaStep: I was going to Rasp, but at the last second sc-god advised me to put it on Andrews.
FoopyTime: how is dunkley so over scored
Social: yep the vc is on McDunk
clay007: Intensity is up by the Saints
beerent11: Unheard of. You?d have to be Nostradamus to have that kind of foresight rasp.
Nicko006: Steele obviously being time managed but he looks better moving around this week than last..?
DrSeuss: Yep Brisbane have lost their intensity at the contest – why TF Fort is the sub I will never know
Pavs: You are all making me feel bad. Thought I was being clever to VC Dunk but you are making it sound obvious.
DrSeuss: Steele has 9 tackles – looking better, but I doubt he finishes with 10+ tackles each week
Raspel31: No- very clever Pavs- very clever indeed.
beerent11: Every man and his dog would have the vc on Dunkley pavs. Cept bhg.
circle52: DrSeuss when I saw Fort sub I though have we not learnt. AhChee should have been sub again
Social: Fagan has a chubby for Cats rejects apparently
sc_god: steele will end up with 75-77% tog like he has for the last month.
DrSeuss: I thought Fagan would have learnt by now with Fort – we have enough talls and if Big O gets injured Daniher can ruck
circle52: @m0nty Fort has been subbed for Lohman
beerent11: Had a rough year with injury sc god. Understandable.
Pavs: Thats how Dunkley gets his score.
FoopyTime: BT- its raining young guys
Social: Umbrellas up, here comes Max King
Pavs: Dunks get on the ground please
Gotigres: I would like my POD vc Dunkley to get 130sc points.
bhg26: Bold move tigres! What led to that decision?
beerent11: Second time he?s been stuck there this game pavs
slydon: i get you have to wait for the whistle but thats play on, hes gone to step and kick
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Dougal, that roundabout was not magic.
slydon: stiff fot the sainters
beerent11: Wait. Have other people got Josh Dunkley in their team as well?
Gotigres: Thought that I would surprise my opps bhg. Doubt they were expecting such a surprise move.
bhg26: Ashcroft score a little stiff
Pavs: Beer its getting as bad as Brodies TOG 🙂
bhg26: TOG so bad for brodie its gotten to zero pavs. whats the deal with that?
Gotigres: lol Pavs
beerent11: Ahh memories, pavs.
bhg26: Well i must say it is a brave decision tigres, lets see if it pays off
OffaStep: Fools! Dunks predicted to fall by 20k between rounds 20 & 23. That’s the time to get him in.
Pavs: Small tank bhg. Very small
Raspel31: Well, only if too much a fool to not already have him offaStep.
clay007: Bhg-did you get your punctuation right. Ashroft score? A little stiff!!!
beerent11: Sometimes Ricoh reminds me of the son from the castle.
Gotigres: Not looking good bhg. Need him to kick a goal
Pavs: Very long lunch Rasp got it 🙂
bhg26: If his name was Bontempelli he’d be on 350 points clay
OffaStep: Looks like I gotta practice my sarcasm, Rasp. Where’s the font for it?
beerent11: *richo
clay007: Probably right bhg-then you would rather stiff. lol
clay007: *would be rather stiff
Pavs: You have to start by thinking England will win the cricket OffaStep.
Pavs: Been harsh on you tonight Rasp. I will leave you alone now.
Gotigres: Looks like mu unique Laird will be capt.
Raspel31: My bad- evening ladies- onya Dunks and c’mon England. Join in.
Social: unacceptable Dunkstein
gazza39: Sinclair my best recent pick up, solid as
Raspel31: Ditto Gotigres.
beerent11: Looking pretty good in all my leagues for a change. Think I?ll bank the safe 119.
navy_blues: i will take dunks score np
Legix: Dunks and crouch came in clutch with 25+
Manowar: well done Dev!
beerent11: That?ll do donkey. That?ll do.
Social: nin nin nin nin Charlie gets to ride his pee wee 50 hooray
bhg26: I lost 2 points taking tracs vc score instead of going dunkley captain, how will i recover from this?
beerent11: At least windhager went big for you bhg.
Social: Shouldn’t be too hard to loophole the Dunkevich
bhg26: I wont go too hard on him beer, he was nuts last week

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