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Chat log from R15 of 2023: Sydney vs West Coast

Chat log for Sydney vs West Coast, R15 of 2023

Pavs: Afternoon all
Cottees: Hey all, I am at that stage to yolo my captain choices and risk it all for fun haha
Pavs: Choice is Cottees?
bhg26: Think West Coast are due for a win
Pavs: Chesser lol
Cottees: Gone Parker to be different and not take Dunkley to be greedy lol
Pavs: bhg starting with the bar set very low. Good luck today mate
sc_god: bhg swannies a chance?
Pavs: Good choice Cottees good luck. Like it
frenzy: howdy
bhg26: Id like to think so sc god
Cottees: Yeah Pavs, reckon for me to even get top 5k I need to choose dunkley VC, take huge scores or go pod as
Pavs: bhg tell your mate Longmire (don’t trust him) to play Sheldrick an appropiate amount of tog
bhg26: Ive tried pavs but he doesnt listen to reason
Cottees: I think you’ll be fine bhg lmao
Cottees: game is already over
bhg26: Mills half forward for those interested
Loggy17: anyone else having issues with Kayo?
sc_god: gulden should get a 50pt 1/4 now if he’s fair dunkum
Legix: @Loggy17 yeah mate I?m getting video network error
bhg26: Heeneys back
pcaman2003: Loggy. Yes! says starting soon at 4.59. Peanuts!
navy_blues: omg papley handballed lmao
sc_god: kayo fine here
Troglodyte: typical, bugs out during THE game of the round
Loggy17: yes – 4.59pm – awesome
Czars: yea kayo not working
Loggy17: haha trog
PowerBug: Scroll down to live channels and load up Ch504 on Kayo and it’ll work that way
Loggy17: thanls bug
Troglodyte: Thanks PowerBug – Legend!
suns4ever: kayo works on live channel 🙂
Cottees: Gulden on track for 20 goals at this rate
Pavs: Nice Errol. Pod this week
JohnHoward: initially i traded in luke ryan, then i saw an article of lloyd on the afl site, so i traded him in instead. fmsc
Loggy17: made Gulden captain but have about 8 players playing so doesn’t make a difference!
Troglodyte: Kudos on the purple name too. I can’t even change my logo let alone get purple text
Czars: what a great game of footy.
sc_god: simpson the poor bastard, looks absolutely cooked
Troglodyte: Is Shellshock going to breakeven?
navy_blues: omg this is so bad west coast as much chance as england in the ashes lol
Cottees: Pavs – Parker kicking goals for me is so amazing haha
Pavs: Good start Cottees byt straight to the bench.
Cottees: Yeah not ideal but he isn’t Brodie ey, so back on soon hopefully
Pavs: Smart by Sheldrick if he kicked the goal straight to the
Troglodyte: Nice work Sheldor – keep up the bazingers
JohnHoward: the more i watch florent, the more i see him slowly evoling into a jake lloyd type of player
Loggy17: Buddy should retire immediately for the good of Sydney. MacDonald is the future
bhg26: And sheldrick is on the bench
Bulky: Blinder of a game from Pelican.
slydon: never thought these words would come into my mind but yikes, i almost feel bad for west coast
Cottees: Bulky, can’t blame Melican when the ball is not there lol
slydon: this has to be the worst season in the history of afl, vfl just football in general
Loggy17: Darling is a ghost
Raspel31: Hmm- thinking I’ll be taking Gulden’s points but maybe not Melican’s.
bhg26: Thats a ridiculous kick from campbell
slydon: whos having a worse year, 96 fitzroy or 23 westcoast
pluggerpig: thought this might be a danger game for the swans, given how bad theyve been. turns out WCE are next level.
royboy16: close one slydon – I still have nightmares about my lions that year
Pavs: Got Melican as well Rasp only as cover for this week. Still like a 50 or 60
Raspel31: Indeed Pavs- very much only brought in as cheap cover.
slydon: it surely has to be asked, it surely has to be competing hey royboy
DrSeuss: Good to see Sheldrick spending more time on the bench than on the field
slydon: its not even meant to hurt any felings, just without looking at the stats and comparing the differences in the game
Loggy17: WC should merge with Norf and move to Tassie.
Raspel31: And Melican’s off and running.
bhg26: Can Maric move to half back or the middle so he can get a touch
DrSeuss: Need to move him further up the ground somewhere bhg – let the poor young fella get a sight of the ball
bhg26: No point having talent if they are never going to see the ball seuss
slydon: there is just no cohesion at all across that wc backline
slydon: every wc defender was about 5 metres or more away from their man there
DrSeuss: Agreed bhg – might need to move Oscar Allen around a bit more too. At least Simmo moved Yeo onto the ball this qtr
bhg26: Mills is playing very well. Seems to be in most stoppages. Bargain at his price
Troglodyte: Gaff playing on Amartey. lol
bhg26: Sheldrick 61% tog. Unheard of
Pavs: Goal up young man
Pavs: Maybe not.
DrSeuss: Nice 2nd possession for the qtr Errol
LuvIt74: Glad i didn’t burn a trade on Maric
suns4ever: 200 on the cards here
sc_god: who cares he’s on 88 in the first half lol
LuvIt74: This is going to get very ugly an absolute % booster
cmperrfect: Time for the witches hats.
Troglodyte: who is off for Wet Toast?
Cottees: I swear if they subbed Maric, I am fuming
JohnHoward: phew thank u williams, shoutout to simmo
DrSeuss: Subbed Jack Williams – came off with an ankle earlier I think it was
Raspel31: Maric playing a good team game Cottees.
Cottees: Was gonna say, subbing a guy off with on fair go would be insulting
pcaman2003: Nice little ton Errol. 2 thumbs up from me.
slydon: and its only just gone half time pcaman
Raspel31: Errol covering Melican so far pcaman.
wadaramus: Oh Errol, I would do everything to have the VC on him.
DrSeuss: Maric up the ground and gets a couple of late possessions
pcaman2003: And as soon as I praise his on, his score dropped from 102 o 98. Lol!
slydon: chesser getting subbed in is incredibly handy for me, means i can get to 18 this week
thommoae: Clever, wada.
royboy16: gold wada! James Reyne gold!!
pcaman2003: Raspel. I don’t have Melican, but should get to his BE of 7 surely.
wadaramus: Happy Saturday FF friends, couldn’t resist the ode to an Aussie Crawl classic.
Pav300: loved it WADA
wadaramus: Wet and miserable down the ‘dinge, reverse searing some Hanger steak, bottle of Samuels Gorge shiraz on the side.
LuvIt74: Chesser scored more than Maric in a couple of minutes…
wadaramus: It’s 1/2 time, and I know I shouldn’t, but how good was the win at Edgbaston?!
LuvIt74: Could Yeo be a keeper
slydon: youre showing your age here wada
wadaramus: He’s a late season pick up definitely worth keeping if you get him Luvit.
royboy16: a great Test loys of swings (mostly from Root)!
wadaramus: I know slydon, some of us have been around for a while 🙂
thommoae: Reckon Horse should make like the Juniors 2nd half – forwards play back and vice versa
bhg26: This feels like the south park episode where the kid ice hockey team plays the adults
bhg26: Errol is ridiculously good
Pavs: Like Sheldrick as well bhg. He looks a player
Cottees: Thank you Parker, loving ya
thommoae: Reckon the Swans may still recall the WC fans’ treatment of one Adam Goodes. Karma?
Raspel31: Melican’s use of the ball pretty impressive too.
navy_blues: every1 looks good aqainst no opposition
Czars: does maric get dropped or will he stay in the team cos WC have no one
bhg26: Waited for him to get consistent games pavs, good to see hes making good use of them
Pavs: 2 more to his breakeven Rasp its tense
Malaka: If the Swans play their cards right, they could win this.
Raspel31: Edge of seat stuff Pavs.
pcaman2003: Raspel. So true. Only 2 clangers in 2 and a half qtrs.:)
bhg26: Hes been doing it all year navy
Pavs: he’s there Rasp
pcaman2003: Surprising that the witches hats haven’t come out yet.
beerent11: Really find out who the flat track stars are in games like this
Doggie Doo: Ginbey doing okay as the sub.
pcaman2003: If WC weren’t so desperate, that soft c**k Gaff would be long gone.
bigpens: Get back out there Errol
Pavs: Chesser was the sub Doggie
Raspel31: Chesser the sub Doggie?
thommoae: Settle, pca. He’s had a few mates in that boat for over a season.
bhg26: For the love of god i sincerely hope this puts heeney into form
Doggie Doo: Me bad
sc_god: lol toughtough guy behind the comment section, never played footy in his life i bet lol
DANGERous: lift Gulden, haha
pcaman2003: hommoae.I agree, but he has underperformed every week and does little/
Pavs: Witherden should put that aggression into finding the yellow thing
thommoae: ‘Underperforming’ is a relative term with WC, ya reckon?
beerent11: Every club gets their turn to be terrible. Plenty have short memories.
pcaman2003: Thommoae. To a point. Leaders like Kelly,Shuey,Yeo still playing their hearts out. Not Gaff IMO.
thommoae: Fair enough.
thommoae: But they are in the guts, Gaff is on a wing – an iffy position in any team, but at WC?
EvilMonk: close game, should’ve captained Errol. Might just captain every point winner when they play Wet Toast.
navy_blues: omg to easy everywhere
pcaman2003: You don’t have to play in the middle to have heart and that’s what I’m talking about.
colin wood: Heeney’s found his level. WAFL
Gotigres: You know your team isn’t very good when you’re hoping 3 of your players stay in double figures
Troglodyte: Your team is not that bad Gotigres
Cottees: get going Parker, it’s just Wet Toast mate
Stu7: Great Mills injured anyone know why?
Pies20: Wow surely heads will roll after this at the Eagles this is bad real bad
Manowar: C’mon West Coast still time to win thsi one!
J_Herer: Dear lord they got a point
Olij: Bro every player on west coast has a witches hat playing a defensive role lmao
Stu7: And Willliams who I brought in this week
Gotigres: I have Chesser, Maric and Melican Trog
Stu7: Bad luck Gotigres
Troglodyte: Byes mate, you do what you can 🙂
Raspel31: Having 1 is forgivable Gotigres- 3 is shameful.
sc_god: maric is a terrible pick up, he only had 8 possies
andychiz: has anyone ever had a minus score from a player to draw a match in SC??
Gotigres: Thanks Stu for your condolences. Thanks Raspel for that deep hearted sympathy.
Doggie Doo: Sad that WC are so bad. AFL would be doing head twists
Troglodyte: There are no good rookie options, just got to bite the bullet at this point
navy_blues: lets hope tonigts game is a lil closer
bhg26: Sc god has never made a bad trade. That?s why he?s won SuperCoach every single year
navy_blues: tonights
Stu7: How does Mills look coming back anyone?
Pies20: Agree doggie
beerent11: Barass, shuey and telly don?t deserve hats.
bhg26: He?s looked good stu, just being managed now
beerent11: sc_god is a very successful troll. Gets a couple of bites every time.
clay007: How does he troll beer? This info is always relevant at some point.
Pavs: Clay you have opened up the door there. All yours beer.
OffaStep: Feel like sc_god isn’t a troll, just naturally irritating and conceited.
bhg26: Well if he hasn?t won every year beer then his username is a lie
TheLegend6: Happy I paid up for Sheldrick this week
Stu7: Thanks bhg26
OffaStep: That said, I’d also be bragging if I managed to bag the best captain pick every week.
sc_god: thanks mate, not a troll. Username checks out
Raspel31: Wise words OffaStep.
navy_blues: mclean lol
Cottees: Pavs – Parker bet Dunkley so worked out in the end 🙂
Stu7: Gaff lead boots
slydon: this is embarrasing now, can we hurry this up so i can watch my game
dipperD: When was the last time a team kicked 200?
Pavs: Nice work Cottees he had a bit of a rest for a while as well.
Olij: @dipperD 2011 when Geelong beat melbourne
Cottees: Yeah fair rest though, not really needed ey haha
slydon: olij thats what i was thinking
Vultures: woweee !!
DrSeuss: Might have played Warner into form this game as well bhg
Pavs: Been a fun watch though Cottees 🙂
sc_god: fair effort sheldrick, was on 9sc at 1/4 time
slydon: i reckon id be able to get a game over at subiaco at this point
slydon: sign me up, 6″4 ex- high level basketball player
slydon: been 15 years since i kicked a footy but it doesnt look like that makes a difference
pcaman2003: Lucky for WC that Swans didn’t kick straighter. 🙂
Pavs: 2 90’s in a row Sheldrick do I need Oliver to come back. lol
bhg26: You saying you have a basketball background slydon?
Doggie Doo: Yes I too could play at WC
Pavs: His real name is S Pendlbery bhg.
Cottees: even I’d get 1 touch before doing a hammy hahaha
pcaman2003: I’m without 1 leg and 1 arm 1 eye, in a wheelchair and could play for WC.
bhg26: Don?t think I was ever expecting us to put up 200 anytime soon
pcaman2003: Nice percentage boosting score bhg26

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