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Chat log from R15 of 2023: Geelong vs Melbourne

Chat log for Geelong vs Melbourne, R15 of 2023

ReggieOz: Go Dees!
J.Worrall: Go Dees!
All Reds: Go trac
navy_blues: m0nty just want to say thank you for all the hard work you do to make this site so enjoyable we dont take it 4 granted
Wends: Evening all. Good call Navy.
Troglodyte: There’s a few empty seats tonight…
navy_blues: gawn is on for a big game way he has started
Wends: Would love Stewart to make up for his crapola first game for my team last wk
Doggie Doo: Face palm just had to explain my wife an essendon supporter why geelong needs to loose
DANGERous: go Bruhn
OffaStep: Same, Wends. Just have Stew art in a couple of H2Hs tonight. Hoping he holds his own at least.
lana2146: I bet cats tonight
Wends: Fingers crossed Offa 🙂
sc_god: jezza dead
navy_blues: cameron gone already
Wends: Oh not good for Jezza 🙁
Cottees: Friendly fire ooof
Czars: @sc_god that jezza trade not doing you any good at all
Vultures: Rohan 4 weeks, much worse than Sick Dawg
sc_god: rohan 4 weeks, straight to tribunal
Wends: He’s conscious at least
Cottees: With what the tribunial has said, Rohan gets weeks right???
Baldfrog: Now Jezza knows how Andrews felt
Cottees: It is the outcome guys, caused a concussion by the looks, so has to be gone lol
DrSeuss: Geez can’t feel good for Rohan – gotta feel for the bloke
Vultures: duty of care, Rohan’s gone.. Intent has nothing to do with it
DANGERous: Jezza 🙁
Raspel31: No mention of The Ashes please. Only Tracca in this- step up Demons!
navy_blues: lol rasp
Troglodyte: Baz isn’t playing tonight Raspel
Cottees: Like legit, if Rohan got Petracca or whatever, he would get weeks lol
Doggie Doo: Sorry for Cam don’t care for Rohan how many weeks SC related
DrSeuss: Commentators – We are not able to show the footage, but I am sure you could find it if you really wanted to. lol
Dondeal: It isn’t even that bad. Why wouldn’t you show it? Such rubbish. Welcome to modern woke AFL
hmmmm: can you actually get suspended for something on a teammate?
sc_god: glass jaw
Baldfrog: Broken jaw
Wends: So glad he’s moving
ajconodie: Clarry missing now Rohan does this. You just can’t trust a ginger.
Vultures: hmmm yeah if they throw punches at each other for sure
Baldfrog: Geelong fans boo Rohan haha
Cottees: Did Rohan just get booed by own fans?
OffaStep: Least graphic angle, Dondeal. Back angle shows he shat himself and front his nuts came out the bottom of his shorts.
Wends: No mention of the lesser Holly Robinson here Rasp
Pies20: Rohan 3weeks??
navy_blues: barmy army gone missing i heard raspel?
frenzy: Gary Ruin
Raspel31: Cheers Wends- sure Ctas fans wish the hit was the other way- ouch.
sc_god: catters look rattled
Baldfrog: Rohan needs to learn to pull out
navy_blues: viney down now
Vultures: Seriously, I’m demanded Rohan is suspended
OffaStep: Some would say his father should have too, Bald.
sc_god: stewart a grub
Cottees: stewart deserves a week for pushing an obvious injured player lmao
Cottees: only saying that cause I do not have him in SC
stocko12: How was Stewart to know he was injured? Completely innocuous.
Raspel31: Brought in Bruhn this week- only saying as I obviously didn’t-carn Demons.
sc_god: unless stewart is a retard it was obvious, he was grabbing his arm and wincing in pain lol
navy_blues: geez u guys dishing out weeks like your in training for tribunal job lol
DANGERous: hi rasp
Dondeal: Some of these big tackles they keep replaying are very graphic. A bit of senstivity would be nice Ch7
Wends: Anyone pick up Bruhn over the byes?
Cottees: navy – I’d be perfect for tribunal lol
Vultures: Navy.. you’ve noticed it is now a circus ?
Dondeal: I think they should blur Rohan out for the rest of the game. Very triggering for viewers
Wends: Heart for Viney m0nty
navy_blues: yes no brownlow this year cos at this rate all playwers will be suspended by end of season
Vultures: dondeal.. the triggering happened when Sicily got suspended
Baldfrog: Why a heart Wends was just a stinger?
Bwad: Anyone in here actually bragging about bringing in Bruhn is not a genius. More likely a massachist or desperate haha
hmmmm: whenever your ready to make a new joke dondeal
OffaStep: Guess you’re glad Essendon logo is changing to a butterfly then Don?
Wends: ABC saying they popped his shoulder back in Baldy
EvilMonk: @Dondeal you seem very sensitive to people’s sensitivity. Might be best to turn off mate, if it upsets you so much 🙂
stocko12: SC God, give me a spell. It was less then a second after the contest. Bit like Sicily last week.
Amare: popped it back in lol
original: how did salem go from 51 to 37?!
thommoae: Happy to be an ungenius. I brought in Tanner. I also brought in Jezza. (Sigh)
Dondeal: Don’t get me started OffaStep lol
ajconodie: Now Channel 7 are showing it from every angle. Make your minds up lol
Baldfrog: Trying to figure out what Rohan was trying to do wasn’t even in the contest
Bwad: Because they got absoutely roasted on Twitter and everyone was sharing it hahah
Wends: Bummer Thommoae
Raspel31: Did Cameron sleep with Rohan’s wife-just asking- for a friend.
Baldfrog: You nervous now Rasp
Bwad: Which one Raspel? Or the trainer? He’s a sneaky bugger…
oc16: where was this earlier in the year tanner when I had you??
Ash777: how many team mates has rohan injured by now
Raspel31: A tad Bald.
elvundir: i got petracca in this week.. get off the bench mate!
DrSeuss: Might be time to let Stewart keep taking the kick-ins
Gotigres: I think Cats fans shouted ball when Rohan got tackled
DANGERous: off the bench please Tanner
Raspel31: Fratracide obviously suits Rohan?
Pavs: Hi all, Hi Rasp a good game of cricket um football I mean.
Raspel31: Never watched a game of cricket in my life Pavs- step up Traccs.
navy_blues: who won pavs?
original: salem was on 51 last time he went to bench and he scaled back to 37. lets see how much this time
Baldfrog: Pom Ball/Bazz Ball /Stupid declaration ball were the winners
Pavs: The cricket? Wasn’t England Navy 🙂
bhg26: Cumball won the game baldfrog
navy_blues: lol
Baldfrog: Your a bit young to know that BHG
Raspel31: Cricket boring- back to the game!!!
Pavs: Traded in Stewart last week can you tell.
hmmmm: awful opinion rasp lol
bhg26: Lol
JohnHoward: gawn has scored 8 points in 40 minutes
DrSeuss: Was wondering what had happened to him Pavs
Pavs: Should have known Seuss. I am the stopper.
Gotigres: How has Smith become so good?
DrSeuss: Joel Smith paying him close attention this week and had a forward tag last week as well
Pavs: Traded in England as well. Stopped them. Soz back on the game.
DrSeuss: Still plays great defense but doesn’t get the kicks and marks he generally does
Raspel31: Onya England- whoops- Tracca.
JohnHoward: duncan u pest, trying to take stewarts kick ins
navy_blues: fritsch is such a selfish player
original: navy it pays to be a selfish small fwd
Soups07: you boys being harsh on stewart on track for a solid score
original: and hes not even that small. i guess im trying to say, you want the good kickers wanting to kick for goal
navy_blues: he burns his teammates all the time think he got talked to about it too
Pavs: A little bit Navy but I reckon he has a licence to go for goal all the time. A very good finisher
Cottees: Rohan playing for 2 players hahaha
Nicko006: Is holding the man not a rule as soon as rain is around..
Pavs: I think holding the ball is thrown out as well Nicko.
Raspel31: Who’d have thought- 1 player from these 2 teams. Not much there but go Tracca.
sc_god: smith htb lol
sc_god: gawn having a mare
Wends: So the byes play *wasn’t* picking up stewart…
JohnHoward: mmm loving this scaling
Raspel31: Rhetorical Wends?
slydon: no the byes play wasnt picking up cameron
Wends: I don’t even know anymore Rasp 😐
DANGERous: tanner scaled down 2? lol what
Wends: I This is what I get for going hard-core vanilla lol
frenzy: bye play, sounds kinky
pcaman2003: CD should ditch the clangers as they’re just too inconsistent.
Raspel31: Agree pcaman- look at Close v Tracca- pure joke.
Pavs: CD struggling to keep up with the clangers tonight, way too many. Evening pca
pcaman2003: Hi Pavs and Rasp. Just tired of poor judgement on clangers.
Pavs: Geelong skill level woeful tonight.
Raspel31: Clangers galore my nickname at school.
pcaman2003: Raspel. Good to see Tracca going better than earlier.
Pavs: Weren’t you in a Bond film Rasp 🙂
Raspel31: Yes Pavs but back to the Footy. Carn Demons.
Nicko006: 2 holding the man?s then.. what a joke
pcaman2003: Pavs. Lol!
Pies20: Rohan star
Pies20: Or gun been huge this game
Cottees: Rohan 3 goals, 3 weeks from 1 game, not bad ey
Pies20: Friendly fire ban gone made up with goals
Raspel31: So you can be banned for dangerous play against a team mate? Makes sense. Just a pom asking.
Pies20: Bruhn been good also 👌
DANGERous: go Tanner
Baldfrog: I didn’t know that either Rasp
pcaman2003: Happy now that after a slow start, Tracca and Stewart have tons.
Social: Wasn’t really friendly fire when you watch Lever push Cameron into the collision. Jez would have been a meter back
Baldfrog: Must be happy with ur uniques pcaman
frenzy: Lol Bald
Vultures: Be surprised if Rohan gets a kick next week lol
pcaman2003: Bald. Well, unique in this round . I’m playing the bottom!
Social: V good when he does turn up though Vultures 😉
Pies20: Good win from the cat’s tonight 👏 hopefully we bury the cows get a gap from 3rd and 4th
Baldfrog: Womens ashes on 9 atm for those who cant get enough
Raspel31: pcaman- I could fart and 5 of my team could drop dead- same. Still, interesting.
thommoae: A bit of love out there for Tanner after all …
pcaman2003: Baldy. Enough of women,or cricket?
Social: Its the fried dim sims Rasp
Baldfrog: Winning pcaman
pcaman2003: Raspel. Will be a good percentage booster.:)
bhg26: Trac at that weird vc score
The Ogre: Oh goody! Skiing again!
Vultures: Social.. Rohan’s a gun, no doubt.. 2nites game is a pivotal moment/.,
exatekk: has everyone given up on the FF draft league?
Raspel31: Women’s cricket? Bring on the 2nd Test!
JockMcPie: side note, love your work with the dark mode icons monty! really helpful
Pies20: Well done rohan bog
Baldfrog: Rohan did take out his competition
Social: Glad he came home. I guess the season starts here!
Pies20: What happened in the 1st test rasp I’m just a ozi asking?🤣🤣
Raspel31: Yet to catch up Pies.

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