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Chat log from R12 of 2023: Melbourne vs Carlton

Chat log for Melbourne vs Carlton, R12 of 2023

ReggieOz: Go Dees!
Pavs: Evening all. Let the carnage begin.
karens: Carlton ftw
Baldfrog: Has to be blues night Walsh to star
Cottees: Carlton have something to prove, especially Cripps. They’ll play their absolute best
navy_blues: evening guys hear a rumour S Mitchell out tomorrow (sickness)
BigChief: If Blues can kick stright they could win, but I can’t see it happening.
Cottees: Navy – yeah confirmed out by Hawks
Baldfrog: Bugger me semon
BigChief: Straight* WTF is stright? LOL
navy_blues: dont hold your breath baldy their kick would have to change miracle like lol
Baldfrog: Navy have a tingle in my right nut it’s never wrong
navy_blues: kicking even
navy_blues: going to carl v ess next week
BigChief: Kozi will be huge.
Baldfrog: Not a good start loose players
pcaman2003: Evening! Well,with Mitchell out I’ll need Grundy and Cincotta to do well tonight to make up.
Zutroy: Carlton on Friday night. Thanks AFL
Zutroy: A few weeks back I had a choice between Cripps and Walsh. Guess who I picked
Doggie Doo: Dees by 6 goals
BigChief: Doesn’t look like kicking has changed @navy.
stemy1243: VC on Trac tonight.
Doggie Doo: good game please
Gotigres: I only have Cincotta so hopefully he tons up
navy_blues: im willing to give then a bit longer chief
Legix: same here stemy
BigChief: For some reason I brought Kennedy in as Def with Carl injuries
navy_blues: walsh on fire
Doggie Doo: Nice kick Walsh
DrSeuss: Walsh is a gun – but that is probably why you don’t play him forward Vossy
navy_blues: forward?
BigChief: Pcaman Grundy v Silvagni should score well.
grassguy: I got tracca VC
beerent11: 20 on field, 14 premiums. About the norm?
Stu7: Kemp you little beauty
pcaman2003: Chief. I hope so. Will need it to cover a bit for Mitchell being a withdrawal.
dodgybros: Of course Chandler as soon as I trade him out
DrSeuss: Navy – do you not think Walsh is playing mostly forward of the ball?
navy_blues: playing everywhere got 1st clearance of the game in the m
BigChief: Suess Walsh is playing midfield and running forward.
navy_blues: middle
pcaman2003: Grundy has a good tank,but much less game time these days. Sigh!
Baldfrog: Carlton players are like traffic cones
ryan: kemp is overrated
DrSeuss: Yeah I am watching BC – definitely at bounces then always forward of the ball – seems like they need to use him to link
BigChief: Ryan who exactly rated him?
clay007: What is this talk of Seamus Mitchell not playing. I can see he is listed as playing half back.
Dredd: My opp has Cripps and Petracca.. hope ppl here VC’d either of them.. theyll go massive cause im agst them.. sigh
Pavs: Definetly out Clay
Gotigres: Cincotta just spent half of the qtr on the bench
Zutroy: My oppo has vc on Cincotta Wtf?
sc_god: he’s offically out champ, with illness
Gotigres: Seamus out due to illness
pcaman2003: Clay007. Navy said rumour not playing and Cottees says Hawks confirmed it.
clay007: Thanks Goti-how come it is not listed on AFL teams?
grassguy: do hawks Tag? and if they do who would they tag Rozee or Butters
frenzy: bailey mcdonald he’s replacement
DrSeuss: I think I still have PTSD from when Voss coached the Lions – so now I question all of his decisions
Gotigres: Probably a leftover from last round Zutroy. Lucky for you
Zutroy: We both have the C on Bont GT I’ve got vc on Rozee
BigChief: Seamus Mitchell (sickness) has been the late withdrawal from Hawthorn?s side making way for Macdonald?s debut.
clay007: You guys get info before the AFL does. Is Carolyn Wilson on this chat forum using the name Gotigres?
BigChief: From Hawks website @clay
soup: whats going on with cincotta tog? not watching, does he look injured?
Gotigres: hmmm, actually that only makes sense if he was Capt Zutroy, so ignore what I said
clay007: Thanks for the info gents-this is important in the bye rounds. Will Simpson come in or should I trade him?
Pavs: Not injured Soup just got stuck on the bench
Gotigres: yes clay.
Baldfrog: This is getting boring already
clay007: Gee-that target behind the goals worked for Chandler! Ha!
wadaramus: Yep.
BigChief: Wow Carl hit a leading forward. And kick misses as expected.
Hughsy: I have walsh and docherty… doing great
Pavs: JVR covering nicely so far tonight
navy_blues: no free there!!
BigChief: Nice quack quack Spargo
Zutroy: Agree Baldfrog. Have gone the 4 in 1 option on kayo, AFL rugby, cricket, softball
Gotigres: It must be annoying for the people behind the round target sign
DrSeuss: Yep – not a fun night to be watching Walsh tonight Hughsy
clay007: Kane Cornes might actually be right about Walsh vs Rozee. I thought he was mental at the time but…
Spifflicat: This chat is always boring Baldy. The umpires suck, this player needs to stay low, why does so and so suck, etc etc
Pavs: Good call Chief
Rubber Ducky: Quack goes Charlie Spargo to draw a soft free on Saad for a goal.
Baldfrog: F1 practice in 20 mins Zutroy another option
biggs2dujj: Voss is gone. Won’t last the month
Joegreg123: Gawn is terrible
wadaramus: WHy is Walsh sucking so badly tonight?
BigChief: Is the French Open on yet?
clay007: He is adjusting to his new teeth Wada!
wadaramus: I’m watching the NRL, not much better.
Baldfrog: My fault Wada said he would star tonight
pcaman2003: joegreg. Gawn errible and Grundy being wasted.
DrSeuss: Clay – on fire tonight
Zutroy: I’ll prolly switch the cricket to the golf baldy
clay007: Thanks Seuss-I think it is a compliment!
Zutroy: Raiders will win by 25+ wada
ballbag: Carlton are like tits on a bull. fucken useless
wadaramus: Eng vs Ire Test Match is riveting.
DrSeuss: Walsh has been good when near the ball – but mostly running forward after clearances and not getting much there
wadaramus: My mate at work is a West’s fan so cheering for them.
beerent11: Geez the umps are crap, trac needs to slow down, why is McGovern so bad at footy?
beerent11: As expected wada
Joegreg123: Pcaman i dont have either of them coz they suck
clay007: Tits on a bull would be quite interesting, so what is your point ballbag?
Spifflicat: The Raiders will lead by by 10 with 10 to go, and give up the last two tries including one on the death to lose by 2
wadaramus: Everyone enjoy the Origin Game 1?
Zutroy: I’m cheering for Alex Twal to finally get a pie
Zutroy: Origin was good wada. Was a bit weird with the complete lack of crowd noise
BigChief: Clay are you too young to know that saying?
wadaramus: Pie slang for try?!
Baldfrog: Forgot it was on Wada
pcaman2003: joegregg. Grundy okay but gets put on the bench too much. he said recently he was fine.
Zutroy: Wada yes. Spiff long suffering green machine fan?
wadaramus: Bullshit Baldy!
navy_blues: wow we coulf make a FF team that could kick better than this
Zutroy: First year I didn’t pick either of Grawndy. Happy with that
wadaramus: Yeah, I don’t think NRL works on an oval Zutroy.
DrSeuss: Origin was amazing – great comeback from Qld – AGAIN
clay007: They would be useless Big Chief, but I would like to see that. Carlton I do not like seeing.
wadaramus: I was there a few years back and have been to see Storm v Chooks and the atmosphere severely lacks.
Spifflicat: Penrith suck at Origin
wadaramus: I saw Cowboys vs Bulldogs many moons ago at Hindmarsh, it was excellent.
Zutroy: Flegler in the bin because turbo ran into him was a farce DrS
wadaramus: Haha Spifflicat, I agree, all the eggs in one basket.
Zutroy: I used to go to the Storm at Olympic Park. Fun times
wadaramus: Yes DrSeuss, shit sin bin and bagged a double in the last ten, sensational.
BigChief: Spiff what are you smoking? Penrith don’t play origin.
DrSeuss: Agree Zutroy – some terrible decisions all night in that game
Spifflicat: And clearly you don?t watch it BigChief
clay007: Sorry-Is Carlton playing Melbourne in the AFL tonight?
wadaramus: Look at the Blues line up BC, the spine is all Panthers!
wadaramus: Cleary he doesn’t Spifflicat!
BigChief: Nope. Have not watch rugby in 10 years
grassguy: Go Tracca
Spifflicat: ***shakes head***
wadaramus: Yes Clay, we’re just entertaining ourselves at half time, what topical in tonight’s game?
Spifflicat: Jeez Walsh sux tonight
clay007: Cripp’s return to form, um, Curnow not getting pill. The death of the Blues
hmmmm: gotta love the gawnstar’s decision making
Zutroy: C’mon Harry Baker-Finch, you started so well
wadaramus: Outstanding observations Spifflicat.
m0nty: back on the game please… I know it’s not great but it is footy
Yelse: whats happened with walsh ?
Spifflicat: Thanks Wada, this game is?.. disappointing
stemy1243: Yes Trac!!
Spifflicat: Is it Monty?
Pavs: Crippa nearly got last weeks score at half time. About time.
DrSeuss: He is getting pushed forward of the ball Yelse – goes to centre clearances then pushed forward – the genius of Voss
wadaramus: What is wrong with Vossy’s game plan, it was working?
wadaramus: Was Curnow and McKay a two trick pony that other coaches easily worked out?
Spifflicat: There?s a plan!!!!!
Doggie Doo: No pity for Carlton
Raspel31: Oh my- oh goodness- just home. On ya Tracca- my only vested interest.
DrSeuss: Look at who they beat early on Wada
wadaramus: For fuck sake half time takes for fucking ever!!!
wadaramus: NO wonder I go bananas taking all sorts of crap about other sports.
wadaramus: The NRL has had half time and are five minutes into the second half!
Pies20: Few beers tonight wada?
wadaramus: No more than usual Pies20 🙂
ballbag: beers are fine. just be careful of wada if doping wada. and asada too
Spifflicat: I?m on the Talisker Wada, have to get some joy out of this rubbish
Pies20: Can see mate enthusiasm love it up and about
wadaramus: No dope for me ballbag 🙂
wadaramus: I’ve had the obligatory Coopers Original Pale Ale, plus a couple of craft beers.
Raspel31: Chill dudes- no talk of drugs- unless you’re a dealer.
Stu7: I finally get rid of Lever and now he does something
wadaramus: Now on a nice glass or two of Barossa Shiraz.
ballbag: Coopers sparkling for me tomorrow
Spifflicat: Nice Wada, like the Coopers Stout myself
wadaramus: Giddy up ballbag 🙂
Pies20: What you got raspel besides the blue pills 😁
wadaramus: Oooh, cop that Raspel 🙂
Raspel31: Hmm- looking at the orange ones with suspicion Pies?
Pies20: Ballbag you from sa mate?
wadaramus: He’s a Blue Bagger, but he has great taste in beer 🙂
Pies20: Are they the 48hour ones raspel??
wadaramus: Are we really still at half time or is the website just lagging?
wadaramus: Hooray, we’ve restarted!
Pies20: Carlton a chance?? Been shower last month surely not
Raspel31: Reading the small print now Pies.
clay007: That McKay fellow is a good shot at goal.
Pies20: Mckay couldn’t bye a goal last week crazy
wadaramus: Despite all the beatings in the 90’s, carn Carlton.
Raspel31: It is to laugh clay.
frenzy: jack Silva subbed
wadaramus: MOre to the point, carn Walsh and Docherty.
DrSeuss: Walsh not even at centre bounces now – starting at half forward – fantastic
clay007: Of course Raspel- A week is a long time in football. The outrage brigade were going berserk during the week
BigChief: Don’t stop now Kennedy.
Raspel31: Best way to avoid abuse Clay is to be Carlton free- as I am this week x
Pies20: Just a scrappy game tonight not exciting at all just saying
clay007: I like McKay-I have not liked the abuse he is copping. It is a tough game AFL footy.
Pies20: Orange pill obviously kicked in with x comment rasp jeez enjoy your weekend
Pies20: He’s definitely lifted clay was woeful last week
duckky: I thought they picked teams and games for Fridays that are meant to be both exciting and good footy?
ballbag: from victoria. Coopers are world class. they have a best after date. ive got a 2 year old bottle
Raspel31: Lol Pies- all good here on planet earth. Tracca- do something.
Pies20: That they do dukky definitely unders tonight
clay007: I heard his Podcast this week and he spoke of the effect it is having on his loved ones. Sad really!
wadaramus: It’s the bottle conditioning, roll it before opening and get the cloudy goodness.
wadaramus: Why is no-one scoring in this game?
Pies20: Yeah didn’t hear that clay afl dishes up pressure for everyone guess it how you cope with it
wadaramus: Can we offer some sort of goal scoring incentive?
ballbag: @wada. roll it. flip it. and some just neck the sediment in the last swig.
Pies20: And he’s definitely been alot better tonight
BigChief: duckky you know this game was set before season started right.
clay007: I think he is showing he can cope. I think some heat needs to come on Cripps though-no intensity
Raspel31: Did you know taht the average iq of AFL fans is far lower than EPL fans. Just read. Amazing.
DrSeuss: FFS – Walsh is having a nightmare game – just put him on the ball Voss you spud
bhg26: Saads dt to sc is absurd
slydon: touch the flippin ball curnow.
clay007: Do you know much about Harvey Harrison @Pies?
bhg26: I would say what if im both raspel but my mobs in the championship now
Spifflicat: Blues on track for 4 goal game.
Pies20: Nah mate who’s that clay?
Raspel31: Newcastle bhg?
wadaramus: Luton Town promoted, Kenilworth Road only holds 10K!
clay007: Making debut for Pies tomorrow 2Pies!
Dredd: Championship means second tier raspel.. dont disrespect my newcastle like that thanks
Sillybugga: carltons goal kickers have been good tonigh
Pies20: Same rasp go the toons
wadaramus: I hope Man City wins the CL so they put the cue in the rack and let someone else win the EPL.
bhg26: The mighty saints. We single handedly stopped city from winning the quadruple
ballbag: LOL english football? in the top 5 tiers it is ilegal to drink alcohol whilst viewing the pitch.
Pies20: Dah pies sorry clay yeah don’t know much about him hopefully just fits in nicely
BigChief: Please take your soccer talk elsewhere
Dredd: Would’ve guessed the saints bhg.. considering the red and white like the swans
bhg26: Youre welcome
Bulky: Cripps has turned into Crapps ….. again.
clay007: Cripps has gone -7 this qtr-what a captain.
Raspel31: Superb work bhg.
Pies20: Horses chief??
Gotigres: Bowey out
bhg26: Graziano Pelle > Pele
Pavs: Heard he gets a bit of the ball but likes a tackle Clay
Sillybugga: shows the quality of the game when people talking about obscure foreign sport lol
Raspel31: Golly- with injuries et al- grace a diu I resisted Walsh.
Pies20: Yep agree bugga
BigChief: AFL Pies even if it is this crappy game.
clay007: It is great watching the debutants @Pav! I hope he is not the sub.
wadaramus: Obscure foreign sport? We ain’t talking Curling.
ballbag: time to rub the genie bottle walsh and pull ya fucken finger out
bhg26: Dad loved Le Tissier Dredd
wadaramus: Bam, Tigers put on three tries in three mins with a Raider in the bin for ten.
Pies20: Race 1 morphetville number 2 my cuzn trains race 1 number 2 flemington got a tip gamble responsibly
wadaramus: Sam Walsh you hack.
clay007: Good 2 mins by Cripps. He must have read my post. C’mon big man!
Spifflicat: For the NRL fans see earlier comment on Raiders
pcaman2003: Grundy can’t even beat DeKoning in the ruck duels. From champ to chump.
wadaramus: Come on Carlton!
Pavs: Small forward a hard gig Clay. Looking forward to watching though.
Bulky: I’m sure Cripps has had more than 2 tackles.
Raspel31: If rugby league- thugy league invades this site- out of here- back to footy.
Pies20: Got cincotta get 70 odd please 🙏
wadaramus: Bit sad that pcaman.
Sillybugga: wadaramus this is English chat pls
wadaramus: There was a Fan League section Raspel.
Pies20: He’s still a champ not a chump pca just saying
clay007: Cripps has a couple of clearances and then Vossy sends him forward! Hmmm!
sc_god: lol saad 72sc
pcaman2003: Wada. A huge fall from highs.
ballbag: can anyone see why walsh is so useless?
DrSeuss: He has done the same to Walsh – Clay. He needs Walsh, Cerra and Cripps in the middle
wadaramus: Didn’t see it happening tonight ballbag 🙁
Dredd: Hilarious if Cincotta beats Gawn.. come on lad
clay007: His decision making has been poor tonight@ ballbags. Confidence maybe?
stocko12: Why lol SC_god?
BigChief: Voss is destroying the mids.
pcaman2003: pies20. Maybe he’s just under utilized, or has just lost his mojo.
bhg26: Supercoach is a cruel game. traded cincotta and kept hollands because of the job security…
DrSeuss: Confidence potentially with Voss moving him forward where he won’t get a touch for 10+ minutes at at time
bc__: Mansell quickest in FP1
Raspel31: As is my ex wife bhg but let us all raise a glss we didn’t bring in Walsh this week.
bhg26: bloody oath raspel
ballbag: Voss is a toss. subs sos. he aint no ross the boss. pos.
Dredd: Blues problems will forever be their bottom 6-8 players.. and then a couple of their stars go missing from time to time
Pies20: Can only imagine your frustration ball bag
Pies20: Agree dredd
ballbag: the blues problem is the board. have hade ZERO success since the board went large
Dredd: That tackle effort from Saad sums it up.. feel bad for the blue baggers out there.. tough watch
BigChief: No arm chop on Young?
Dredd: You know your playing back when you have less disposals and less tackles.. outworked atm
clay007: Cripps is like a witches hat. He just stands there, hardly moves unless the wind blows.
Dredd: bad*
Rubber Ducky: Quack goes Zac Fisher for a cheap goal on Brayshaw.
DrSeuss: Nice duck there from Fisher
Gotigres: Go Carlton
Sillybugga: how many goals from frees lolton
BigChief: Quack quack from the fish.
Dredd: Only postive is Blues have kept this low scoring.. still a chance.. come on baggers
Raspel31: May the least worst team win!
Pies20: With gawn pca he will look average 2all Australian rucks in the same team
DrSeuss: Cripps beaten to the ball twice by Grundy – slower than molasses
Pies20: Surely carrying a injury seuss
Dredd: rack off petracca
DrSeuss: Not sure Pies – Cripps has looked slow for a long time
ballbag: is walsh sooking like macrae or is he having a crack?
DrSeuss: Walsh having a crack – getting ignored by teammates – having a VERY rough night
sc_god: why are you not watching the game?
DrSeuss: Just got penalised for holding Viney – while Viney had the ball in his other hand
BigChief: When has Cripps looked quick?
pcaman2003: C’mon Cincotta and go past Chandler.
Pies20: Drop punt Harry??
N_talerico: Bevs
Hazza09: Well done JVR
N_talerico: Bevs you there bro?
sc_god: lol walsh a ball wnning,he’s not lloyd. “ignored” lol. He’s just been ordinary tonight
Pies20: Petracca with no oliver a definate n
Raspel31: I chose not to VC Tracca- an emotional choice. We all grow from being idiots.
frenzy: Chandler went home at half time
N_talerico: Hey everyone, it?s my friends bday.. please say happy bday bevs
Dredd: Cottrell.. bottom 6 player.. exactly what you expect from bad bottom 6 players.. shocker
Pavs: True Rasp but one day i hope to be fully grown cause being an idiot sucks
ballbag: LOL ive never seen an idiot grow. you on the vino raspell
DrSeuss: Haha its true Raspel – well some people don’t grow from it 😉
BigChief: Thanks for taking last 1/4 off Kennedy
Fizzy343: if your team is so bad you still have chandler you should be happy with this score already lol
pcaman2003: C’mon Grundy,where are you man?
Bulky: Give up the captaincy Cripps u spud!
Dredd: lol fizzy..
Zutroy: Wasn’t Cripps on 78 at the half
clay007: I agree Bulky-been quiet for a half when his team needed him the most.
pcaman2003: FFS. Back to the bench again. I give up
Fizzy343: am i wrong dredd
a1trader: Thank the game is already iced
Hughsy: great time to own van rooyen
Pies20: Who’s bevs but ill say happy birthday tal the other’s will at some stage
Bulky: he was certainly in the 70’s @Zutroy. Game there to be won and gone missing.
Raspel31: Ballbag- very offensive. I’m limited to wine, vodka and cocaine. Show some empathy. Tracca. Whoo.!
Pavs: 72 Zutroy but close enough still a crap second half
Zutroy: Harry Baker-Finch!
Pies20: How many spots left to fill your team fizzy??
ballbag: always better to be offensive than defensive. just look at carlton
BigChief: Probably never been on this site just like N_talerico @Pies20
Pavs: I love ‘If your team has” comments.
Hazza09: Great time for this ton JVR
BigChief: Queens birthday huh BT you flog.
Bulky: Pathetic Cripps. Pathetic Carlton. No more Friday night games.
ballbag: you are fcken useless in my team walsh. seeya hack
Pies20: Are you going to say happy birthday chief?? Yeah totally agree chief
stemy1243: That will do captain Trac!
DrSeuss: Cripps at the Fyfe stage of his career?
Raspel31: Good work Stemy.
beerent11: Cincotta dead on his projected
BigChief: Jappy belated/early birthday @pies20 hehe
Sillybugga: can you smell what the blues are cooking?
Fizzy343: @Pies20 3 spots weddle humprey and mitchell my 3 rookies on
BigChief: Happy*
DrSeuss: Happy Birthday Bevs – hope you aren’t a Carlton fan
ballbag: The Queen was born in april. Kent Charles in november
Sillybugga: cooking durian by the smell
original: cripps is done. can we trade him to freo for their second round pick
Balladeer: Happy 12th birthday to the young lady Bevs!!
stemy1243: Petracca only in 17.8% of teams!

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