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Chat log from R12 of 2023: Port Adelaide vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Hawthorn, R12 of 2023

bhg26: Seamus out, the carnage continues
Pavs: Yep bye rounds are a crap show.
bushranger: Got 18 this round. Please no injuries
frenzy: chaps
Pavs: Who have we got the C/VC on this week all. Another thing i need plenty of help with.
Cottees: Gone for the BUtters VC. Hoping it pays off for once lol
Fromage: Naicos for the C
Pavs: Good luck Cottees hope he goes well.
bushranger: Bont VC for now
circle52: For the first time have VC right went Petracca last night
Cottees: Pavs – thanks mate. Would love a VC to go amazingly
naicosfan: butters vc and still deciding between naicos C or bont C
Pavs: I’m thinking Bont to Laird bushranger. Just preparing others if they would like to
Fromage: Big tag on the Bont by the cats?
soup: rozee starting on bench?
bushranger: Thinking the same Pav, although last time laird played up north he had a shocker. Did someone say Taranto??
naicosfan: not sure fromage, its either that or he destroys their non existent mid
bushranger: Bont will dominate young Cats
Cottees: Rozee starts on bench a lot
bhg26: I dont think Bont can be tagged
RooBoyStu: Lift Rozee you thorn!
Pavs: Must admit I do like the way CD scores Bont. He seeme to get a bit lucky on the scoring system.
Cottees: Pavs – I know right. He gets pointed for being near the ball. Good C if Butters doesn’t go amazing
RooBoyStu: @Pavs like Ablett jnr, pulls his pants up or takes a sip of water 5pts, scratch the crown jewels 10pts
Czars: is seamus not playing?
Pavs: Seamus out yesterday Czars
Cottees: Czars – Hawks announced yesterday sickness and was late out today
Fromage: @rooboy I?ve seen him score 9 points taking a selfie
naicosfan: late out i think
naicosfan: need day low, become inaccurate pls
bushranger: Seamus ill. Ps This could get ugly quickly
Pavs: lol Rooboy/Fromage
RooBoyStu: Ok all have a good day, get on Proscenium Arch each way at Eagle Farm in the QLD Oaks.
Cottees: Hawks playing amazingly. Only 25 points down
lana2146: I took port win by 80 points +
JohnHoward: weddle has directly cost 4 goals
Fromage: AFL released the names who made claims against Clarkson and Fagan
bushranger: Lana they will be 80pts up at half time
Pavs: Hate to say this Cottees m0nty got the witches hats on standby i reckon
Cottees: Pavs – to be honest, knew this would happen. I tipped Port by 60+ which seems low lol
Cottees: Just wanted Butters to go big hahaha
Cottees: Congrats to Breust for 500!!!
navy_blues: looks like a flogging coming
Pavs: Can’t see where Q Narkle fits into this side.
navy_blues: very nice kick inside forward 50
PigeonPies: just a depth player
clay007: I have not seen Day for ages. It says midfield, but he has not attended the last 4 CB’s. Where is he?
naicosfan: id say forward pocket pavs
navy_blues: finlayson on target for 16 goals at this rate
naicosfan: i feel like butters should be on more sc rn, intercept mark, inside 50 hit up, 2 contested, 2 clearances at 87%
Spifflicat: I reckon Narkle is just injury insurance
Cottees: Just imagine what Bont would be on if he had Butters stats right now
Pavs: Been looking good Finlayson but he also looks as if he wants to hit everybody.
Cottees: naicosfan definitely cause he my VC and CD hate me
naicosfan: id say 60 cottees
naicosfan: same cottees, havent hit a vc or C this year…
RooBoyStu: If Port make the GF and Narkle doesn’t play, Human Rights Commision will have another case
PigeonPies: hes on track for like 140 lol relax
Cottees: PigeonPies – easy for you to say. If it was Bont would be 200
navy_blues: muppet for scrimshaw
Spifflicat: I was thinking muppet for RBS
travo: witches hat time!
pcaman2003: Hi all! Did the Hawks leave the backline in Melbourne in error?
Cottees: pcaman – Sicily loss seems to be huuuuge lol
RooBoyStu: navy_blues muppets for all Carlton losing 7 out of last 8, when most saw them making finals this year
navy_blues: well at least hawk supporters can understand ny frustration with blues turnovers
navy_blues: and still above your mob lilboy
navy_blues: my
Cottees: navy – you act like being above Hawks is an accomplishment hahahahaha
Cottees: Our side was predicted to be this low. you were meant to be top 8 lol
Doggie Doo: Don’t forget Port your only playing a bottom side
RooBoyStu: You were expected to be above my mob, but by way more, it’s a huge failure by your mob
Vultures: bring out the witches hats
navy_blues: cottees im talking to that lil roo supporter not you!
Fromage: Finlayson hurt his pinkie
Cottees: navy haha I cannot read lol
navy_blues: i agree roo im 1st to admit that so your point is??
RooBoyStu: I told my good mate when Voss was appointed he was happy i said he can’t coach as senior coach, assistant yes but head n
RooBoyStu: You said you are above my mob, so you should be, should be way more
naicosfan: jeez 130+ loss coming up..
RooBoyStu: Head coach no
PigeonPies: this is pathetic hawks
navy_blues: agree again lol
naicosfan: up the witches cones
Cottees: Man it is insane how inconsistent we are hahahahah
navy_blues: im 1 eyed carlton but im a realist too and reality is carlton are not up to stand
pcaman2003: Cottees. We’re getting on top here. They’re down to a goal a minute now.
RooBoyStu: Can someone tell me if Bruce McAvaney will be a witness for Cyril?
lana2146: Looks like my port to win by 80+ bet already there lol
navy_blues: standard
navy_blues: its raining in adelaide
naicosfan: cmon butters keep the sc creeping up
Cottees: pca – good to hear. not too bad 1 a minute. see if we can get it to 1 eevery 2 minutes
Pavs: Not great for Weddles confidence this game (stating the obvious)
pcaman2003: navy. Yes! Raining goals.
RooBoyStu: C on Rozee
navy_blues: exactly pca
navy_blues: butters ran hard for that mark
naicosfan: slowly evening out butters! even though you should be +15
lana2146: When you see results like this it makes you wonder how good an idea it is to put another team in the comp
Cottees: Yes the butters
Cottees: See Bont would get +20 for that. Butters getting underscored
pcaman2003: Don’t understand the amount of space Hawks are giving Port. Absurd!!
RooBoyStu: If Rioli is so upset with Hawthorn hand back the Premiership Medals, maybe he melted them to cash in the Gold
Cottees: pca, reckon we are allergic to Port
EvilMonk: all of Hawthorn with witches hats is hilarious xD
Pavs: Cottees Shh leave Bont alone I need him
Cottees: Pavs – Well, Bont is C if Butters aint getting there soooooo rip lol
grassguy: port gonna score 200+
Cottees: PCA – we on the comeback!
navy_blues: port % going thru roof today
pcaman2003: I’d like to see Mitchell’s game plan, and backup one.
Pavs: Easy in hindsight but never did like Mitchell’s appointment.
slydon: i dont think hes got one pcaman
Fromage: Meek injured
pcaman2003: Cottees. We’re lulling port into a false sense of security. 🙂
navy_blues: pca i think u guys are copying our game plan lol
Cottees: Carlton v Hawks gonna be so goooood lol
bhg26: Butters is a pretty decent footballer
naicosfan: Butters is getting robbed.
naicosfan: Bont would be 100+
Pavs: Lock him and Rozee next year bhg. A must have.
navy_blues: i hope butters lifts his effort next half
Cottees: Mate butters has better stats than Marshall but less than him in SC. yeah righto mate
pcaman2003: navy. You guys are a bad influence on us all.:(
runners47: Only thing Hawks are winning is the hit outs…
Cottees: 11 to 5 frees. clearly umps changing the result for Port. Rigged 😉
Pavs: Thats 30 extra points CD can use on Bont tonight. Like it.
runners47: Atm VC on Naicos – C on Bonts – change C or not??
naicosfan: thankfully butters my vc… need that +30 to hopefully hit my first C
Pavs: Whats your number naicosfan 120/130 to take Butters?
naicosfan: 120 pavs
naicosfan: butters will most likely get it, its just kinda annoying he could be going more, but oh well
runners47: Yes, naicosfan – was a toss-up btw Butters & Naicos for the V, given their opposition – went with N . 120 the min
naicosfan: hoping naicos has a field day and drops 40 lol
navy_blues: naicos seems to be having more bench time lately maybe carrying a injury?
naicosfan: i dont suspect an injury, maybe as he has played a fair bit of midfield in the last couple of weeks
bushranger: Day having a stinker
slydon: yall seem to keep forgetting naicos is still what only 21? hes still developing his body
pcaman2003: Is there a poo icon for all the Hawks players today?
hmmmm: cannot believe i held day over his suspension for him to deliver me mid scores for the last 6 weeks
lana2146: @hmmmm and soo many people still own Day including me lol biggest fake premo ever
sheezel420: well even norf haven’t been this trash, take the little wins
sheezel420: Day isn’t even a fake premo, had like 2 good games. Like calling Brennan Cox a fake premo
hmmmm: yeah def thinking chopping block for him now lana
hmmmm: even the traders thought he was rolling 22 sheezel, he definitely has been pumped up
naicosfan: sheezel im extremely annoyed i brought in brennan cox after he performed for those first two games.
sheezel420: Ouch naicos we’ve all been there
naicosfan: Butters first touch in a bit
naicosfan: Tackle*
original: Houston this qtr has been going 20mins man do something
clay007: You just needed to let him know sooner Original. You woke him up.
TheFlagger: prayers answered
sc_god: will day dissappointing latey, glad i didnt get him
original: Wow I am magic. Come on voss – get those blues
navy_blues: pca libba C tonight?
sc_god: where was the magic last night? lol
runners47: Wish that would work, original
original: Sportsbet Facebook status re this game real good
naicosfan: CD is absolutely robbing butters
Cottees: Naicos – actually rigged right
naicosfan: I?ve never seen a player with a score
Cottees: Hawks have bet Carltons score!!!! lol
naicosfan: Line like butters have this low sc
naicosfan: Almost as bad as day last week, he had a stinker, he was inconsistent as
pcaman2003: We’re still in this.
Cottees: imagine having a 113 DT with under 100 SC at 75%. actually rigged
naicosfan: It?s mind-boggling cottees
Fromage: Come on hawks 14 more goals
original: Houston cmon man this qtr has been going for 20seconds do something
Pavs: Barass a late out for the Eagles
pcaman2003: Navy. Definitely no Libba for C. Lol! Thinking Taranto or Zerrett.
runners47: Power switched off
Cottees: get on the field Butters. need 120+
wadaramus: 10 more in 20 mins, still plenty of time.
naicosfan: Wada we need 120sc?.
pcaman2003: jJHF drops a sitter of a mark, uncontested, but no clanger. I thought they were clangers.
soup: well done weds, what a get he was
pcaman2003: Weddle has been a good find. Handles the pressure alright.
naicosfan: rozee + butters deserve even at least
Cottees: Weddle doing amazingly thank you
pluggerpig: hawks back in this…
original: Please kick a goal lord. Lord please
Cottees: Plugger, port is allowing us lol. they stopped
original: Thank you weddle
pcaman2003: Another 26+ from you Rozee would be good.
Pavs: Lord missed out plenty today. Bit crappy original
GJayBee: Weddle has a BE in in SC of minus 15 love it.
RooBoyStu: I’ve been crucified today by my 18 player O.Lord
Cottees: Weddle huuuuge
GJayBee: Weddle has beaten my opponents Day, come on
pcaman2003: Rozee missed his ton.Poo! But go Weddle you good thing.
Soups07: same jaybee great to see
RooBoyStu: All Port players with less than 15 possessions today should be dropped
Rilian: O Lord, imagine being a forward with 0 goals among 23 for the team..
Cottees: Well my VC streak is still going amazingly… now which C to destroy
GJayBee: Ringer Ringer will ton up
Loggy17: lol, I know the feeling Cott. Last night the first night my VC has worled all year with Trac
naicosfan: In the same boat as you cottees lol
RooBoyStu: Ying yang all Port players
RooBoyStu: And ying yang all hawk players

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