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Chat log from R11 of 2023: Adelaide vs Brisbane

Chat log for Adelaide vs Brisbane, R11 of 2023

navy_blues: ok laird dawson and dunks go big
Raspel31: Agree with the Dawson and Dunks but Neale- don’t let Laird outscore you by 50.
sheezel420: new addition Neale, go huge son
Doggie Doo: Got the C on Dunks
Hazza09: Dawson come on
dezlav: How many weeks for Zorko. 3
beerent11: What for fez?
sheezel420: 0 lol
beerent11: Same here doggiedoo
TheFlagger: yes dawson stay low
dezlav: @beerent. Eye gouge
navy_blues: nothing in it they said thi nk zorks be fine
beerent11: Nah
dezlav: Blues. Intent.
Raspel31: Oh dear Mr Neale- I know Keays an unpleasant bit of company but wish him away.
Hazza09: Wake up Dawson ffs
navy_blues: gee bris gettig everything their way atm
duckky: At this rate, I should have taken Zerret’s 110 rather than relying on Dunkley
beerent11: Ashcroft doesn?t travel very well
Raspel31: Time yet duckky- Marshall tonned up after a zero first qtr- went safe with the Bont.
DrSeuss: How is it a mark if hits a Lions player in the head? Plus 50m for that weak shit?
Stu7: Duckky it?s a roll of the dice at time hey mate
duckky: Thanks guys – think positive
TheFlagger: piss off dawson and neale
nbartos: is Sloanedog playing?
TheFlagger: theres not really many passengers in the crows lineup its a huge improvement on last year
nbartos: Agree Seuss that was BS
Raspel31: Dawson from nothing to wow- in 5 mins- but we all have him.
Hazza09: He heard me Raspel lol
DrSeuss: Still have no idea why teams don’t tag Dawson though – truly a mystery
Stu7: Except me Raspel31
Raspel31: Your scream was heard across the world Hazza.
Czars: ashcroft going crazy
beerent11: Dunks going now.
Stu7: Dunkley escalated big time
beerent11: He?s passed his breakeven at least czars
Raspel31: Dear Lachie, ignore that unpleasant man Mr Keays and go about your business.
pcaman2003: No more clangers please Lairdy and keep the points moving
navy_blues: want neale to stay low opps C
bhg26: For flowers sake ashcroft
nbartos: cant see how Dunk escalated?
navy_blues: have a rest thats good lachie
Stu7: nbartos he went from 11 to 37. Quickly if you weren?t watching
Raspel31: Navy- Lachie cannot break a tag- killing me.
nbartos: yeh I mean Im watching the game & couldnt see 30 points in 5mins?
navy_blues: yes rasp stop lachie stop bris
sc_god: no sharp no brisbane
Stu7: I didn?t say 4
Stu7: I didn?t say 5 mins
Pavs: Loose, slippery Butts.
nbartos: not having a crack at ya Stu – champ data
DrSeuss: How TF is that a mark?
Stu7: Lol Pavs
navy_blues: dripwood on fire again i see
navy_blues: nice goal
Stu7: nbartos – all good mate
Raspel31: So glad I capped Riley Thitropppeeenn- carn Lions!
Pavs: m0nty’s gone with Butts fluffs one. Nice. lol
nbartos: LOL out by a mile
DrSeuss: WTF Umps – Crows don’t need more help today
navy_blues: fogartys mark lmao way over
Gotigres: This is pitiful Wilmot.
nbartos: umps have been one sided – and Im a neutral
Pavs: BE of 15 Gotigres think he is using that as a target.
pcaman2003: Just come over here. What’s happening with Ashcroft? That’s pitiful!
bhg26: He is Trashcroft now pcaman
sc_god: hahah!
beerent11: Doesn?t play well away from the Gabba pcaman
bhg26: Ill be here all week
DrSeuss: Brisbane have been overawed so far – not much uncontested footy around so far
sheezel420: Opponent having Ashcroft and Wilmot is singlehandedly saving my week
beerent11: Captain dunk halfway there
pcaman2003: Ashcroft is one of my last upgrades. Can’t wait if he’s going to dish this rubbish up.
Pavs: Stand up career going again bhg
Cottees: pca problem is Ashcroft nearly guaranteed 100 at Gabba these days. Need to time his trade when hes away
bhg26: It took a while but im back in form pavs
beerent11: He?s got the bye next week
Hazza09: Ashcroft is a GABBA bully
thommoae: A week’s a long time in Ashcroft Fantasy land-owners’ world, apparently. No complaints last week.
Pavs: Think I got told ‘why would you trade Ashcroft” this is why he is still young.
Pavs: Oh yeah I needed the cash also to get in Butters. lol
Czars: whats everyones projected??
pcaman2003: Nice choice Pavs. Looking at something the same or similar. Have cash in bank.
slydon: doesnt look like ashcroft likes to get his hair wet, hope fully he can warm up with some hot choccy and marshys
slydon: followed by a bag of cement ya lill pussssss put some points on the board kid
Czars: slydons into him
slydon: youre only staying in my team coz my team is dogass
slydon: still gotta get rid of chesser and simpson before i can get rid of this clown unfortunately
Pavs: Sicily one match ban
slydon: what did laird do to drop from 70!?!?!?!?!?!
Pavs: A huge 2195 Czars after 2596 last week with no trades. Gotta love this game.
slydon: and ive got a c on laird and a vc on dunkley i give up with supercoach
TimT14: Dunkley need 150 DT from you
beerent11: 2329 with the c on Dunkley. But have Ashcroft so will even out.
sc_god: hiliarious
beerent11: Ash on the move
bhg26: Im on 2040 with laird dawson dunks and ashcroft. darcy and atkins ruined me
Raspel31: beer – on about 2340 but need Neale to not be beaten by Laird by 50- and so flow the sands of time.
beerent11: That?s my projected rasp. Not my current score.
Raspel31: Oh- same beer.
DrSeuss: Lions kicking woes going to hurt them if they keep this up
DrSeuss: Shoulder is high now?
navy_blues: neale getting bonus points atm
sheezel420: It’s cause heaps been flowering huge this quarter navy
sheezel420: he’s*
sc_god: no he isnt, all deserved. 4 clearances in the 1/4
navy_blues: not 35-40 points in 7mins good lol
Raspel31: Another beer sheezel?
sheezel420: I have no idea what game you’re watching navy
pcaman2003: Currently proj 2332 but not helped by my terrible choice of C Libba. Never again!
DrSeuss: FFS – 20 scoring shots to 15 – kick straight
Cottees: pca – don’t worry, he will get 150 next week cause we won’t go him C again haha
Raspel31: I’ve told you once pcaman- you are a very naughty boy.
beerent11: Laird having a quiet one, just quietly.
pcaman2003: Raspel. How true! Better spank me now. 🙂
beerent11: Get a room you two
sheezel420: Get a room you two
sheezel420: lmao beer
Pavs: Glad he has had 10 tackles beer
Hazza09: How is Neale on 86
beerent11: Ha
beerent11: There he goes pavs. Bit of scaling back on track.
beerent11: Dunks is getting a nice rest. Someone kick a goal
pcaman2003: Dunks, Dawson, Laird, Noice!
DrSeuss: How is that play on? Thats a clean mark
beerent11: Pedlar on his bike. Of of Dwaynes best
naicosfan: Controversial umping today
J.Worrall: Dunks, Dason Neale, Noicer!
Ash777: The ump most likely thought that ROB got a piece of it
Raspel31: Dunks, Dawson. Neale- is this a fashion parade/
TheFlagger: boo
DrSeuss: Agreed Ash – maybe he should go to Specsavers – was clear as day
navy_blues: nice goal!!
pcaman2003: Worrall. Maybe not for long. Laird closing in fast.
TheFlagger: wow
beerent11: Dunks just took that qtr off.
Ash777: The angle they showed when it looked like he did
J.Worrall: Fashion parade?
TheFlagger: mbappe lol
DrSeuss: And this is why you can’t just keep kicking behinds – FFS Lions
Cottees: I mean – Lions cannot complain about umps. Kick straight ya idiots
Ash777: 2nd angle showed him not getting near it
J.Worrall: Thought long about Captain Dunkley. Decided to accept the 124 from Bont.
pcaman2003: Nice qtr Laird. Same for the last please.
navy_blues: 0,3 from deripwood and joe dont help either cottees being min frwds
Cottees: Hipwood main forward. hahahahahahahah but yes true navy
Raspel31: Same Worrall- a bird in the hand.
Ash777: The usual suspects letting lions down in hipwood n daniher
navy_blues: main
Wends: Evening all. Beer ABC radio mentioned Dunks poss calf issue earlier (can’t remember if end of qu 2?) but he came back on
DrSeuss: 1 Goal and 9 behinds in a quarter is ridiculously bad
Raspel31: Un plaisir comme toujours Wends.
beerent11: Cheers wends. They?ve got the bye next week I think.
Wends: Merci beaucoup Rasp. Et pareil pour toi 🙂
Wends: He’s played through it so it can’t be anything serious at least beer, FWIW
sheezel420: omelette du fromage
DrSeuss: Ahh Jo – he giveth and then he taketh away
sheezel420: Dawson is the biggest butcher
Pavs: A tackle machine Lairdy
sheezel420: He’s a beast isn’t he Pavs
Raspel31: Footy tips this week-eek!
beerent11: Gerard depardieu
Wends: Not having Laird is seeing my score backslide straight back after a reasonable round 😐
DrSeuss: And that is how you kick straight useless Lions
TorturedSC: Sheezel, you missed the final word “Today” normally excellent
Wends: *ranking
Pavs: Thought he would have a bigger score Sheez
Cottees: haha screw you lions and my tips
Hazza09: If it was Bont Pavs he would be on 135
Raspel31: Thinh a a great many options than Laird Wends- not a problem I would sweat on.
sheezel420: Who’d have guessed 5 tips is a good week
Ash777: the round upsets
naicosfan: im happy i tipped adelaide, but doesnt make up for the first 5 games….
beerent11: Keep going dunks.
beerent11: This not that big an upset. Crows are pretty good.
Wends: Thank you Rasp… the FOMO is real
naicosfan: dawson cannot hit a teammate. infact hes hit up the lions defence in his last 6 kicks.
sheezel420: Not even 3000 points have been given out, closer to the end a bunch of players will skyrocket in points
navy_blues: good job adel
beerent11: 172 breakeven for Dawson
Czars: what a dive from tex
sheezel420: @naicos he still went up points with that lol
navy_blues: lairdy
sc_god: lion not a contender, crows never in doubt.
Raspel31: Lochie.
sheezel420: Lions just can’t win away from the Gabba, will hurt come September
beerent11: Laird will scale up big
Manowar: k’mon Dumkley
naicosfan: ive got no words sheez
Hazza09: Laird should be on 130 easy
DrSeuss: Lions have just won 7 straight – they were due for a loss – they win this game if they kick straight
Manowar: Brisbane are shit!
beerent11: Cheers dunks. 1st good c I?ve had for a few weeks.
Raspel31: Laird should be dropped for having a slightly strangely shaped head.
navy_blues: lol manowar stupid comment
Pavs: A bit more positivity from Manowar at the end.
Cottees: Raspel body shaming lol
sheezel420: Raspel can’t handle the chad jawline
Raspel31: Onya beer x
Hughsy: i needed 150 from laird…
Pavs: Not body shaming Head shaming thats fair.
Wends: Good pick beer – nothing like a sharp rank rise on a Sunday evening
Raspel31: Lol- cheers Pav.
beerent11: Pretty hard to drop rank from where I am wends.
soup: 16 tackles from laird, unreal
a1trader: Laird on bench until siren now
duckky: 16 tackles and none possibly drawing the ire of the MRO? Even more unbelievable!
Pavs: He’s a beast Soup. Courtesy of Sheezel that one.
beerent11: Just a warning. I?ll be bringing Neale in after his bye. Do wit that what you will.
sc_god: thank god for lairds 16 tackles!
Wends: TBF, man o wars do have multiple venomous microscopic nematocysts. Can’t fight nature!
beerent11: And maybe Dawson.
Pavs: Interesting.
Raspel31: Never doubted him beer- shook the tag and came good.
Wends: And no beer! This is an official Neale trade intervention.
beerent11: Pretty sure you made up most of those words wends.
pcaman2003: Very satisfied snatching another win form what looked like a definite loss.
Raspel31: Wends does have the veto.
Pavs: Raspe that’s as good as your Norf’s to win.
beerent11: Who are you happy with pca?
Wends: Thanks Rasp, thought someone needed to step in
beerent11: Shit, I?ve got pedlar on field. Choice!
Raspel31: No complaints, no tears goodbye, won all 5 leagues- we’d only cry
pcaman2003: beer. Your boys especially. Ford and Phillips, then DeGoey, Stewart, Taranto etc.
beerent11: Veto. Shmeto.
frenzy: top score from 18th, Lol
pcaman2003: Go frenzy. Top effort mate.

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