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Chat log from R9 of 2023: Brisbane vs Essendon

Chat log for Brisbane vs Essendon, R9 of 2023

slydon: lets flowring get a fight in early boys keep it close
J.Worrall: Carna sameolds
pcaman2003: Just realized my opponent has Davey the sub on the ground. Whoops!
Dredd: Traded Ashcroft over Chandler cause of BE’s.. can’t wait to regret it
Dredd: Nice no throw call there.. umps are on early
pcaman2003: Dredd. Still have Ashcroft as I had 2 others to trade out first
bhg26: If I didn?t have Ridley to trade Ashcroft would have been gone
lana2146: Will setterspud go over or under 90 SC points tonight? I?m going unders
dezlav: Lana. Hopefully over. RASPEL not here yet
zadolinnyj: Under
dezlav: I’d love to see Bombers get up tonight.
Dredd: Neale had so much time and hit that kick? Going at 33% already.. smh
dezlav: Cameron benched cause McGrath has his number
frenzy: i will go overs
Baldfrog: Good to see Mckenna has started like his normal self
Dredd: Chill Dez, its half way through Q1.. Charlie only needs 10 mins to kick 3
RuffLeader: At least with Hobbs going into the middle for Parish, there is no risk of Essendon’s DE going up
Dredd: Wasteful entries early.. come on Lions
dezlav: Tipunwuti showing signs of old Ricciouto
pcaman2003: Why did Davey get replaced ? Sick,or injured?
dezlav: Thanks Dredd. 1 beer in and I’m getting excited
Troglodyte: Keep rollin’ Fat Tippa
TimT14: Lions entries have been too deep into forward 50
frenzy: tactic s pca
Cottees: Wilmot beating premos wouldn’t suprise me this week lol
Troglodyte: New rules on team announcements pcaman. You can name a 22 from any of the 26
pcaman2003: Thanks Frenzy.and Trog
Dredd: They’ve been too fast Tim.. Deep is fine but going too fast
frenzy: Late outs is gunna be the norm
sc_god: ashcroft going to get last weeks score at 1/4 time lol
bhg26: Ball don?t lie!
TimT14: Bombers keep a spare behind the ball usually, so won’t let Charlie out the back
pcaman2003: Go Ashcroft! He may just get BE yet which would be useful.
Dredd: Fk we have been so poor inside 50.. dominating territory..
suns4ever: Ashcroft making the 10k that traded him out look a bit silly
bhg26: Make that 26k suns
dezlav: 14-1 in WB vs Carl and Jon Brown claims Carl defence has fallen apart. Ha.
daniel87: i mean i traded ashcroft for dawson so fair enough well done ashcroft
Dredd: Yep. I lost faith in him. Feeling stupid that he’s nearly already beaten Chandlers score..
sc_god: ashcroft into Oliver so not concerned, ashcroft has been consistant so was always going to bounce back
Raspel31: Make many bad calls but not a kneed jerk dropping of Ashcroft- talent.
suns4ever: yep bhg! blew my mind, plenty of lower scoring rookies to trade!
wadaramus: Love the way those who did not trade Ashcroft find justification for this.
Pies20: I ok ut
wadaramus: And criticize those who did.
Pies20: I put
Pies20: Wow got cut off there i put my hand up i did to Dawson
wadaramus: Whatever floats your boat people.
pcaman2003: I’ll be happier if Ashcroft can do this in 4 qtrs,not 1. Let’s see!
Pies20: At the moment pie in the face wada he’s going nuts
Raspel31: I’m just so proud I brought in Neale 3 weeks ago only lost me $200.000
bhg26: Brisbane have been watching swans set shots for goal
Dredd: We should be winning by a bit now.. territory dominance is massive.. come on guys
bhg26: Get on the ground Ashcroft
bhg26: There we go
Dredd: Really sums up this game.. we are all over them, they go inside 50 once and kick a goal.. ffs Brisbane
pcaman2003: Raspel. Ouch! His scoring is all over the shop this year. No consistency at all. Shame to see.
Spifflicat: Trading Ashcroft off the back of a single poor game, is not SC 101.
PAFC4eva: thats what they did to us last week dredd bris to win
Dredd: This is actually painful to watch.. I have no doubt we’ll turn it on at some point but its horrific atm
Dredd: Trading Ashcroft off a 70 odd BE when averaging 70 is not a stupid trade.. some people really that blind to see that?
beerent11: He kills it at home dredd. Check his stats.
suns4ever: yeah but once his 37 is out the price cycle he’ll make more money
beerent11: I need zerret to stay low. Want to take hopper up to him this week
mattmac24: Ashcroft was a player that should be held until their bye at least even if he was to dip in price.
Dredd: I mean I went Ashcroft to Gulden so I am pretty happy tbh
wadaramus: If you’re happy to take 60;s from Ashcroft good for you!
wadaramus: Stop banging on about it when he jags an outlier.
suns4ever: 60s? he averages nearly 80 lol
beerent11: Oh well, if we all did the the same thing at the same time, where?s the fun in that?
Dredd: 28 I50s for 8 scores.. talk about wasting dominance
wadaramus: OK, 72 then, round it up if it makes you feel good.
beerent11: If you improved your team, that?s the game.
TheLegend6: Went McKenna to Gulden, finally a trade works
dezlav: Setter looks good for over 90 though (fingers crossed 🤞)
beerent11: Essendon play wc and norf twice between now and seasons end.
pcaman2003: Nice move legend.
Dredd: omfg another 50 for absolutely nothing.. good work AFL getting umpires from vic to do this game
Dredd: we are fking rattled.. the other game looks more enjoyable
DrSeuss: Not worried about the 50’s Dredd – be nice if the umps called HTB or incorrect disposal
beerent11: Couple of shootouts for a Saturday night.
Dredd: Yeah fk oath Seuss.. im probably more mad cause we aren’t getting those calls.. and we are just so trash I50 tonight
Dredd: That I50 right there sums up the night
circle52: Try watching this crap at the ground. Worse game I have seen
dezlav: Sorry Dredd. Big CCameron fan but McGrath really does have I’m by the short n curlies
beerent11: Nice get around on saying fuck dredd. Urbs will stamp that out quicksmart.
DrSeuss: Dezlav – McGrath doing well – but it helps when you are allowed to hold the man – no way McGrath can run with him
dezlav: @Suess. Fair call
dezlav: In other news, finally squeezed Bont into my team and he’s stinkin it
navy_blues: lol dredd losing the plot in here haha
pcaman2003: Was hoping McKenna would do better tonight before I ditched him. Terrible game from him.
TheOnyas: onya hobbsy
Dredd: Daniher on a carry mission..
Pies20: What’s up with neale lately?
beerent11: Why do they call you onya, onya?
dezlav: Beerent. Is it Ambrossio?
Dredd: Butchering the ball big time Pies.. has kicks under no pressure and turns it over.. not Neale like
pcaman2003: Keep going Ashcroft. Nearly there!
beerent11: Over my head that one dezlav
Dredd: Hahahaha how is that a free against Charlie.. smh we have some of the worst officials in world sport
original: just gotta hope davey doesn’t come on
dezlav: Apologies to anyone who had Bont. I am the curse. Brought him in this week.
duckky: Bugger demanding the Tasweegians have a roof on their stadium, they need on on the Gabba to stop dew
dezlav: @Duckky. We don’t even need a new stadium, just upgrade UTAS.
beerent11: We don?t normally talk about other games dezlav. Spoilers not encouraged.
dezlav: @Dredd. Gotta feeling somehow Charlie will end up with 3 by game end.
Dredd: Goes from Hipwood getting coat hanged over the shoulder to an Essendon goal… smh
Dredd: 9 goal last qtr would be nice.. this has been stupidly close. stop playing with ya food and smack them now
dezlav: Off to do dishes.
dezlav: Whilst watching the game off course
Pies20: Neale moving now nice
frenzy: Andrews Weed killen, call him round up
Pies20: Thought you were watching the lakers replay beer
pcaman2003: Might have to rethink ditching Ashcroft this week.
DrSeuss: Dunkley certainly hit the brakes in this quarter
dezlav: Setterfield 89. Will take it.
sc_god: take the 89, also take the 53k he’s lost you as well

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