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Chat log from R9 of 2023: Carlton vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Carlton vs Western Bulldogs, R9 of 2023

Mikeagles: bont or english for C?
TimT14: English?
Social: mb
DANGERous: go the bonk
bhg26: Bonk
navy_blues: 1st goal from turnover
RuffLeader: Have a go Bonk
Ash777: lol the boos for Jones
Fromage: Bontempelli
Ash777: Acres is a bit of a butcher
Dredd: Nice start Pittonet.. just no FA this week please
NickyD: Captain: Marcus Bonkempelli
bhg26: 3 votes, M. Bonkempelli
bhg26: Anyone gone JJ?
pcaman2003: C’mon Libba and get moving.
original: I?ve got liba capt in draft. Mastermind
bhg26: Do something Bonk
Raspel31: Oh dear, the Bont lock in not looking so good- but early days and tommorrow is another day.
RuffLeader: Got the C on Bonk, need him to lift
Ash777: Bont is playing head to head with cripps
Hazza09: Ffs Bont always when I have the C on you
bhg26: Who Ash?
pcaman2003: I have VC on Bont, but opponent has C on him. Not watching! Is Bont tagged
sc_god: watch the game and find out mate!
pcaman2003: Apologies to Libba owners. Got him in this round.
pcaman2003: sc- god. Watching other game
frenzy: bonkyatelli
pcaman2003: Tackle your way to 130 Libba,like old times.
sc_god: doch pretty cheap, 2 tons in a row. Is he back?
DANGERous: go bonk
bhg26: Assuming most of us fielded cincotta?
Raspel31: Um yep bhg.
Ash777: yes and should have went mitchell
bhg26: Was able to do that in fantasy, couldn?t in sc
pcaman2003: bhg. Fielded Cincotta, but he hasn’t got a pulse. Needs a jump start.
bhg26: Get a move on bonk
naicosfan: bonk throwing my sc C
Hazza09: Always when I have the C on Bont he does this
bhg26: Bonk only performs when he?s vc
navy_blues: every player thinks they can kick round the corner hopefully soon they will realise not every1 can
bhg26: Except for last week
naicosfan: Get more than clarry at least bonk
Social: bonch doing it again
Grimes Jr: Woof woof
Ash777: I put the vc on anderson and C on Naicos
navy_blues: no htb against bont
original: deliverate you are kidding
ajconodie: Stop handballing english, you giant gumby.
Ash777: again they dont do deliberate
original: thats htb when he tries to kick it instantly lol umpires kidding
original: yes ash but im not going to type ‘insufficient attempt to keep the ball in play’ its quicker lol
pcaman2003: Get the ball Libba and be useful
Grimes Jr: Is silvangi the worst forward in football?
Loggy17: Tim is playing like an Englishman
Social: Get it to the Bong
naicosfan: Flowering english losing to silvagni in ruck
Loggy17: Bongemspiliffi?
wadaramus: One goal to four at half time? Are the conditions tough under the roof?
wadaramus: Sometimes AFL footy sucks arse.
Manowar: I’ve got a job seeker from spare Voss
wadaramus: It’s two goals to one at Hindmarsh.
beerent11: Anyone bring Bont in at 750k. I still expect him go 130, just interested.
wadaramus: Did you trade out Ashcroft beer?
beerent11: Nah not yet. Will keep him as long as I can wada.
beerent11: I don?t have Bont either. Can?t pay that much for anyone
wadaramus: Gotta be careful, the Ashcroft lovers will castigate you.
beerent11: I?m one of them wada, but I?m not castigatin no one
Pies20: Social had a few bongs?? Just asking
Pies20: I tipped carl and united losing lift Kent’s!!
sc_god: probably, there is nothing else to do in geelong
Social: huh
Grimes Jr: Baggers perpetually shit – love it
Pies20: God 🤣 not a bad way to pass the time
dezlav: Sorry all. Brought Bont in this week so it’s my fault.
Yelse: need 135 from bont minimum lifttt
Social: Dave’s not here
Pies20: Good old Carlton tonight showeo
Baldfrog: Voss first coach sacked this year?
Pies20: Who’s dave?
duckky: No Cripps, No Carlton
Social: Ugle-Hagan should add a Cincotta flavour ice cream
Spifflicat: Good chance it?s a bloke with the first 5 letters being L O N G M
pcaman2003: Baker went horribly quiet. Was 26 at qtr time and added 6 pts since.
Social: Longmember?
navy_blues: carlton needs 50000 handballs b4 they kick the ball geez
Spifflicat: Mike Myers does AFL
Gotigres: Bontempelli ensuring I lose all my match ups
original: wlahs disposal is terrible tonight
Pies20: Changed bont to Dawson last minute should of taking clarrys 120
Gotigres: I have McKenna, Baker and Cincotta on field with Bont captain. How good is my team?
duckky: McCrae finally off the bench
pcaman2003: Premos well down in both games. Must be something in the air
m0nty: Hollands double tackle, should get +8
Hazza09: Absolute joke Bont
naicosfan: Yes please m0nty
naicosfan: Get off the pine bong!
Hawkthornz: Went Baker over Hollands
bhg26: Bontemsmelli
naicosfan: Far out bongtoosmelli
beerent11: Feel sorry for anyone that paid top dollar
naicosfan: Better off with seamus Mitchell at this rate
beerent11: All three of my opps have the c on Bont.
Pies20: Or has the c on him beer
beerent11: Nope, have.
beerent11: One of them has, three of them have.
Dredd: Time to leave Pittonet in the ruck thanks Vossy
beerent11: Sorry pies. I thought you were correcting my grammar. I see it now. Laugh out loud!
Social: I have theC on Bonx
Social: has
frenzy: Lol the haves and has not
Social: how good are barbecue shapes
beerent11: I?ll just grab another beer
bhg26: Theres two of you?
Mikeagles: english you useless sack of shit do something
mattmac24: Savoury are the best Social..
a1trader: He dropped a mark and gave Carlton a goal Mikeeagles. Thats something
mattmac24: I got English in this week, sorry all.
Pies20: Same beer happy days don’t mind pizza social but bbq are good also after bongs 🤣🤣🤣
beerent11: Bont?ll still go 120+
Social: to be honest I love them all, even chicken
pcaman2003: English drops an uncontested mark, but no clanger.. Is that not a clanger?
beerent11: Nice, pies
Pies20: Not watching but Carlton a huge chance?
beerent11: Cheers friends, off to watch a lakers, warriors replay.
Pies20: Enjoy beer speak to ya again soon mate
Social: Its all up to the Bonza
Crave: English dropped mark no clanger fk off CD
bhg26: beer please answer my texts. Please forgive me
pcaman2003: Cheers beers!
Social: NO you mofo Voss
DrSeuss: Hollands subbed – thanks for nothing Vossy
original: was always gunna be hollands or conco
Social: Hollands was on track alps wipe
bhg26: Flower me Bont get an effective touch
naicosfan: Hit a kick bonk!
pcaman2003: Opponent has Crippa. Must be happy, not
Hadouken: how has cincotta been this bad?
sc_god: he’s hardly touched the pill thats why
naicosfan: Yes lovely bont, 1 kick that hit a teammate +17sc lovely, keep it up
_Wang_: Bonts scoring is insane
pcaman2003: Welcome to my team Libba. This score will help.
Gotigres: Oh wow, nice qtr Baker
Social: Bong time
naicosfan: Damn Beveridge bring bong off while he?s on fire
Pies20: Right behind you social 😁
RuffLeader: Keep going Bonk
pcaman2003: Gotigres. Last time Ilooked he was on 36. Got some very quick points.
Social: Saladas with a bit of Sirena tuna go alright too
Grimes Jr: Ahh yes #baggers
bhg26: Can english at least tap it to bont
sc_god: Vossy cooked
bhg26: If i see not bontempelli get another clearance im gonna lose it
naicosfan: Need another 10 points each from bong and Timothy
Dredd: Nearly 100 for Pittonet!! what a decision that was for Grundy.. keep making cash big fella
Gotigres: That’s good pcaman.
bhg26: Its a 14 point game and people are leaving
Pies20: I’m not tipping Carlton again unless it’s against westcoast North Melbourne or hawks I’m done
sc_god: did you go to the scg today?
frenzy: last train to parkville leaving
Social: woof
bhg26: I live in melbourne so no
bhg26: Flower ya bont
sc_god: take the 88, also take the 53k he’s lost you also
sc_god: wrong game lads my bad
Hazza09: Everyone but Bont
Hazza09: Absolute joke
Pies20: Sub out Hollands and curnow has been great since coming on stupid sub
bhg26: Give bonk the 20 points scaling cd
Social: Thank you and good night

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