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Chat log from R9 of 2023: Hawthorn vs Melbourne

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Melbourne, R9 of 2023

ReggieOz: Go Dees!
bhg26: Got Clarry in this week, apologies in advance
dezlav: On board with ya Reggie.
beerent11: Got him as captain bhg. So fuck you in advance.
dezlav: Go Chandler/Van Rooyen
bhg26: Thats fair beer
beerent11: Chandler loves the G
TheFlagger: nash on clarence?
dezlav: @BHG. Took the V on Gulds. Not risking Clarry or Bont.
bhg26: Took samsons score and benched chandler, so chandler owners rejoice hes going huge
beerent11: I had Stewart vc last night
TheFlagger: I think youre pretty safe with 155 dezlav
beerent11: None near him flagger. Hawks are tanking for wemby.
bhg26: Wheres your sense of adventure dez?
TheFlagger: oh boy. Sicily will be cheap as chips next week. role back with blanck in the side
bhg26: Not if we get him first beer
sc_god: oliver into the bont, lets go lad
TheFlagger: classic worpedo
beerent11: Yeah bhg , your in that unfortunate position of expecting a good season and not happening. Us Roos supporters don?t have
beerent11: That concern
circle52: nit alone with Chandler Samson bhg
pcaman2003: I smell a 100+ pt loss this week.
Gotigres: Just realised I can’t loop Oliver for vc. Hope he has a quiet one.
dezlav: @BHG. Lost in my youth
_Wang_: Go tigres I couldn’t either so put the c on it
Gotigres: omg and I have Mitchell on field 🙁
Baldfrog: Bugger took the C off Tracc
beerent11: Clarry off half back
beerent11: At the centre bounce anyway
navy_blues: hi all
zadolinnyj: Navy
navy_blues: took syd win by 20+ omg freo won
bhg26: and youre shocked navy?
sc_god: this bird bounces the ball better than razor ray
Gotigres: 8 possies for 15sc is pathetic Mitchell
navy_blues: yes bhg i am
navy_blues: what was mills injury?
beerent11: 15 x 4 is 60. I?d take that from Mitchell gotigres.
Cottees: Calf I think
beerent11: Baby cow I think navy
sc_god: calf
navy_blues: ty cottees
bhg26: Had ice on lower calf navy, dont know the extent of it
bhg26: And to think trac was 1 percent away from forward eligibility
navy_blues: miss everything when i go to footy
frenzy: lol baby cow
Baldfrog: Hawks are worse than Norf
Baldfrog: Witches hats plz
dezlav: Wow. Walk away to feed the dogs 🐕 and this happens.
Baldfrog: Did u hand make the meal? Been this way all qtr
Reexys: i had trac as my vc till last second. disappointed with myself
Raspel31: At least we got him Reexys.
Baldfrog: That was a quick gallery opening Rasp
TheFlagger: scrap the new team just move hawks to tassie
Baldfrog: Why do viccos think other states want their reject teams?
navy_blues: bs flagger tassie deserves own team tyvm afl/vfl been happy to take our players all these years
wadaramus: Spot on Baldfrog. We should just cull some Vic teams and make this a true National comp.
dezlav: @Baldfrog. Ha ha. Nah 3 dogs, takes some time.
Raspel31: Personally I feel Hawks still well in this.
wadaramus: Currently the AFL is just the VFL with a couple of teams from each of the other states.
dezlav: Baldfrog. As a Taswegian, no idea.
dezlav: Damn. Have Van Rooyen on the bench and Chandler on field.
Raspel31: Aint that the truth wada- I’m a pom so don’t blame me.
Legix: take the shot tracc omg
wadaramus: Not sure how being a Pom exonerates you Raspel?!
dezlav: So, who has Tracca?
Baldfrog: Me
dezlav: Both of acting from Hobberd
Raspel31: Ditto.
dezlav: Baldfrog Got the V on him?
dezlav: Or Rasp?
PAFC4eva: scrap vic teams bring in tas and nt and sa wa new team each play each other twice 🙂
Raspel31: Tracca and Gulden holding my team together so far- as a Pom who lives in Vic.
pcaman2003: Sicily owners will be happy with the ball down that end so much. Should go huge.
Baldfrog: Na was my C last 2 weeks took off for Oli today lol my season in a nutshell
SofR: I?ve got Tracca but I?ve also got Worpel and Chandler on field
dezlav: Hey SofR. Got Chandler also. Baldfrog, I feel ya.
Baldfrog: Have Chandelier on field to SofR
pcaman2003: Got rid of Worps this week and traded for Libba.
dezlav: After waiting 3 weeks for fitness brought in Dangerfield bout 3 rounds ago, then burnt a trade this week due to his hami
Baldfrog: Have libba should go well with bont copping the tags
bhg26: Of course as soon as i get clarry he loses his scaling
dezlav: Held McKenzie 1 week to long me thinks.
beerent11: Chandler breakeven 42
pcaman2003: Baldy. That was my logic and he’s scoring well too.
Baldfrog: You stuffed up my C Bhg wondered what happened
dezlav: BEERENT. He won’t hit that warming the bench.
beerent11: Geez bhg take a break from the footy mate. It?s getting you down way too much.
bhg26: but i apologised in advance baldy
beerent11: He?ll be okay dez
Baldfrog: LOL all good Bhg it is what it is
dezlav: Cheers Beerent. Can’t watch this game any more, so over to E Extreme quali
Baldfrog: Still waiting for witches hats with Jeff Kennett faces m0nty
beerent11: The will day fade out usually starts about now
Zutroy: Should I keep Horne Francis or move him on?
pcaman2003: Disposal from the Hawks is so woeful. I’m surprised not down further.
beerent11: Which game the better one to watch tonight do we reckon?
navy_blues: hawks playing him in fwed line beer so weird
wadaramus: Adelaide United vs CCM.
navy_blues: bris game for sure
wadaramus: Right after Nth Qld Cowboys vs Dragons 🙂
beerent11: A man for all codes wada
wadaramus: Roger that beer 🙂 Gone off the Rugby Union though.
Malaka: The Adventures of Cameron Mackenzie …
wadaramus: Go well Will Day.
Baldfrog: Cmon Oli
lana2146: CCM win or draw tonight
frenzy: Meek going well
wadaramus: That’s right it’s two legs lana.
Baldfrog: Meek has filled out was skinny at freo
wadaramus: Gawn and Grundy should be ashamed with themselves.
DrSeuss: Where is Worpel playing? Has only had 1 handball this quarter
Raspel31: Atta boy Clarry.
doghungry: just get around 120 oliver, dont want to regret not C’ing
Baldfrog: Hasn’t deslav fed you yet doghungry
doghungry: gettin a good feed tonight 7:30
Hazza09: What is a decent VC for Clarry?
DrSeuss: Oh nice Worps – going backwards now. Please tell me Mitchell hasn’t moved him forward
Raspel31: A lot more than now- in same boat Hazza.
Munky14: Vc clarry… I think it’s time to C Bont
pcaman2003: Think I traded out Worps in the nick of time.
navy_blues: omg wingard
Raspel31: I wish Munky.
naicosfan: Exactly what I did munky? hoped he?d get 140+
DrSeuss: This is his last week for me pca. He had one mark, one kick and one handball this qtr
pcaman2003: Got VC Bont and C on Dawson. Hope either one goes over 150
pcaman2003: Seuss. I hear you. I had enough of his clangers and low DE.
EvilMonk: I VC’d Taranto and accidentally left captain on Constable cause I’m an idiot. 90 points yay
beerent11: Those who bought in weddle must be pleased
sc_god: chandler you spud, shouldve traded you
beerent11: Thought he?d go well today sc_god
Raspel31: The Bont or Dawson- hmm- and so flow the sands of time.
pcaman2003: beer. I am,but the way he started, I thought I erred. Fought back well.
pcaman2003: Beer. Just need Libba to do well to justify my trades this week.
BigChief: No one thinking English against Pittonet as C?
Raspel31: Hmm BigChief- just to throw another in the mix.
beerent11: Chandler on fire
wadaramus: Gawn/Grundy getting schooled by Meek!
pcaman2003: Wada. Grundy again this week getting lower TOG which doesn’t help him much
wadaramus: Will Day running out of puff!
Hazza09: Does Bont get tagged tonight by Hewitt?
beerent11: Day will limp to another 85-90
beerent11: Hope so but don?t think Hewitt has the tools
lana2146: Yep starting to think day gotta go soon
Raspel31: Will Charles sleep with Camilla tonight- questions we can’t answer Hazza.
pcaman2003: Hazza. Think Bont will be too quick for Hewitt. He’ll be hard to stop on recent form I think..
Troglodyte: Ewww. Thanks for putting THAT in our heads
beerent11: Quick 25 clarry?
doghungry: treloar out wont help bont
frenzy: everybody loves Bont
TheOnyas: onya meeky
naicosfan: Treloar out will mean a rise in bont contested and clearances please
Baldfrog: Trying to ruin everyone’s dinner Rasps
doghungry: might mean more clearances to carlton, not bont
Raspel31: Just keeping it real Bald.
Pies20: I just vomited in my mouth rasp cheers 😁
wadaramus: Fillet Mignon with a Brash Higgins Shiraz tonight 🙂
Hazza09: Lol Raspel
wadaramus: Thanks for hitting the wall Will Day you spud.
beerent11: Nice game seamus
pcaman2003: Grundy must be close to being disappointment of the year.
Pies20: Chandler upgrade next week confirmed
pcaman2003: Happy with the games of Weddle and Mitchell.
BigChief: Chandler hit his BE atm, so that’s okay.
Crave: call bs on 15 CP for trac no hawk has been near him all game
bhg26: Apologies again beer
beerent11: Not talking to you bhg
bhg26: So, you?re saying we are on a break?
beerent11: I just need some time
beerent11: Dollar sign for chandler m0nty. Beat his be by 2
pcaman2003: Lloyd Meek take a bow.
BigChief: 120 just not enough Clarry. English will be my C
pcaman2003: Grundy will be cheap for someone. Will be under 500k this week or next.
J.Worrall: 40 ish points yet to be assigned

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