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Chat log from R9 of 2023: North Melbourne vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Port Adelaide, R9 of 2023

frenzy: howdy
pcaman2003: Hi Frenzy. I’m here waiting as other game is terrible.Go Sheezel, Ziebel and Rozee.
Pavs: Hi frenzy good luck today.
PAFC4eva: Gday all hoping we kick straight today
zadolinnyj: Good luck lads
pcaman2003: Someone tell my guys the game started 6mins ago.
Raspel31: Port ahead- what a surprise!
Raspel31: Go Teakle if Marshall a late withdrawal.
Troglodyte: Lets all enjoy the chat serenity until our little friend gets on
Raspel31: Ah yes Trog- a fine point.
zadolinnyj: Throw some chips out on the ground and Siebel will get to it pc
pcaman2003: Which friend we talking about? I’m missing something.
Troglodyte: To mention his name is to risk summoning him
TheFlagger: good start ziegull
Raspel31: A certain chap with roo in his name- an angry fellow- just positing
pcaman2003: Geez Ziebel ! We need positive points man, not negative
pcaman2003: Ah! The young lad.
Bulky: Good strategy by JHF. Don’t touch the ball, you don’t get booed.
Raspel31: So far Rozee, HF and Sheezel looking damned good- sigh.
SofR: I suggest everyone just ignore him and not engage
original: Houston get on the field ffs
TheFlagger: butters handballs far too much for someone who kicks as well as he does
ShrexySean: Slow start by Ziegull and Sheez.
ShrexySean: Crozee needs to wake up
SofR: I?m referring to the un-named antagonist. Ignoring id best way to shut him up
pcaman2003: Shrexy. Looks like we have the same 3. Tell em’ to wake up
Troglodyte: Don’t know who you are talking about SofR
Manowar: Horny-Fancis not doing well today, maybe upset with North fans boos?
Zutroy: H-F will pick 40 in the last qtr to tease enough so I keep him for yet another week
pcaman2003: Rozee going AWOL this week. Hardly sighted.
Baldfrog: Got rid of LDU this week and look at him now flog
Raspel31: Rozee fine pcaman- capable of 50 point qtr- Sheezel and JHF the worries.
Pavs: Butters will be a must have. Like how he plays.
pcaman2003: Raspel. At least Rozee and Ziebel caught up a bit near the end.
original: Lift ziebell and houston
pcaman2003: Yes Ziebel! Lift!
TheFlagger: if only butters’ teammates could kick
Manowar: C’mon Teakle, u have a dud oppo today!
zadolinnyj: Gee Horne has no heart. Should be playing angry to prove a point
Troglodyte: Just a practice match zado
Raspel31: Ours not to ask what goes on in a young player’s head zado- difficult game for him.
Raspel31: Told you Rozee would come good pcaman
Troglodyte: This contest will hence forth be known as the Battle of the Bergmans… then instantly forgotten
Baldfrog: Can’t wait for new tassie stadium may get 2k turn up
suns4ever: wouldnt be many north fans or afl fans wanting to go watch north bald
TheFlagger: death taxes butters getting crunched
Baldfrog: Wheres rooboy JHF lovin being at port
pcaman2003: Rozee slow start,but a blistering comeback.
Raspel31: As I depart to sadly go to a gallery opening- I will channel Rooboy- FFFFF
Troglodyte: Hopefully took his ritelin Baldy
pcaman2003: Rasp. Hahaha! Hit and run.
PAFC4eva: Jhf lookalike doing well
Manowar: fancis-horne coming good now!
masterhc2: Surely norfs last month just proves they should relcoate to tassie. embarassing
Manowar: good work Brynn
Baldfrog: Why would Tassie want them
Baldfrog: Merge with hawks be better then they might have a team thats competitive
Gotigres: Drury might not even be worth trading in after this round.
pcaman2003: Baldy. Leave us out of it, or you can just merge with the Crows. 🙂
TheFlagger: anyone go early on drury?
TheFlagger: butters should have 3 ga but his teammates suck
pcaman2003: Don’t start this crap with the stupid clangers Ziebell.
PAFC4eva: If jonas can kick a goal witchs hats please urbs
beerent11: I love goldy
beerent11: Bergman an unexpected ton for draft
pcaman2003: JHF catching up to Rozee fast. Rozee slowed right down this half.
dezlav: @Baldfrog. As a Taswegian, you’re right. We don’t
original: Houston such a draft disappointment
dezlav: Tassie wants a team, but we don’t want this new Stadium. Upgrades Utas instead.
dezlav: Hawks/Melbourne live on Kayo/Fox now.
Cottees: Hawks Mel game not working on fanfooty for anyone else>
dezlav: Cotters. Refresh.
Cottees: good now thanks
pcaman2003: Cottees. It’s just come on
TheFlagger: yes zak
pcaman2003: Hurry up Rozee. You should’ve tonned up ages ago
pcaman2003: Finally I have Ziebell and Rozee on tons
TheFlagger: teakle is the new bj williams

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