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Chat log from R9 of 2023: Sydney vs Fremantle

Chat log for Sydney vs Fremantle, R9 of 2023

Mattzo: gulden big game hopefully
frenzy: chaps
bhg26: Here we go again
bhg26: Surely we had 3 hours of set shots at training
Cottees: Sydney to kick more goals than behinds? Impossible task
banta: Reckon Dockers a chance at an upset here.
bhg26: Still have to worry about scoring first cottees. Heeney hasnt scored off a third of his shots
lana2146: Massive storms about to hit Sydney, we got a lot of rain coming
bhg26: Think were at a similar standard of mediocrity this year banta
Raspel31: Even game so far.
Cottees: More out on the full than goals? I can believe that lol
bhg26: Rain in sydney lana? impossible
bhg26: 7 goals, 7 behinds and 7 no scores cottees
bhg26: Some of those no scores were shots from 30m
Cottees: Better place your bet bhg, Guaranteed money
Cottees: Yeah I saw those no score. I’d kick better from that distance and 35metres is my maximum lol
PigeonPies: hows darcy on -2?
bhg26: Over handballing again, just kick the ball out of the centre
Cottees: bhg. death, taxes, and sydney over handballing
Raspel31: And Gulden touches the pill- my only interest in this drear contest. Farewell.
Manowar: C’mon Sean
bhg26: Wowee we are fucking sloppy
Bulky: Good Lord, what a horrid game.
bhg26: Embarrassingly so
PigeonPies: im already annoyed i didnt get gulden
pcaman2003: Raspel. I’m with you. Only Gulden,but game is boring. I’m off!
a1trader: Mills gone
bhg26: Mills subbed, our injury list is a joke
Pavs: Wowee Mills out! Hi all
PigeonPies: most are bhg
Cottees: Oh wow. Who got Mills in? I considered it
PigeonPies: i very nearly did
a1trader: Gulden has the ability to go huge but also to get 50
bc__: I was real close 5 mins before the game. Mate talked me out of it
suns4ever: Mills going out hopefully great for Gulden
Raspel31: See you to watch Norff get whupped pcaman- but go Gulden- you golden egg.
oc16: there really should be a precedent where if a player plays less than 25% then the emergency should count instead
Pavs: a1 trader he should play for Geelong
Raspel31: Mills was the big trade in call this week- wouldn’t touch him- but sad to see another injury.
a1trader: Whats with the time clock, it usually shows time left, not time gone
bhg26: Francis been very good in defence. Probably should have started him there horse
Raspel31: Gulden- you’re gone next week!
bhg26: Thats some serious hangtime
Pav300: sensational mark! take that you negative Nancies! i am enjoying these young teams have a dip
bhg26: Standard has definitely risen from the horrendous first 10 minutes pav.
Pav300: and owning Errol doesnt hurt either lol
TheFlagger: po gulden
dezlav: Got the V on Gulden this week. Could be good. Go Swannies
Raspel31: Brave and maybe a very good call dezlav.
dezlav: @Raspel. Almost flicked it to Tarranto last night. Thank God I didnt
Troglodyte: Clarke on Clark… why?
bhg26: Freo fans, why does brodie not get games anymore? Has he dropped off or is he stiff?
Pav300: stiff bhg – he will be back soon, ripping up the wafl
bhg26: Get some bloody awareness swans
Ash777: get up serong
bhg26: Should O’Meara be getting games ahead of him?
Pav300: Jaeger just coming good, i think there is room for both
TheFlagger: keep going seagull
Manowar: keep going Sean,
bhg26: Hopefully Heeney now realises that kicking it through the big sticks is worth 6 points
suns4ever: stop napping errol
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: The Lizard is now a muppet.
bhg26: Fucking put your hands up treacy, could have easily grabbed that
bhg26: oh fuck off
Ash777: double muppets
bhg26: 50s galore
TheFlagger: wtf
bhg26: How many kermits are you allowed to dish out m0nty?
bhg26: Umps are a joke
Raspel31: My thoughts exactly TheFlagger.
TheFlagger: lol papley
bhg26: Are you fucking joking!
bhg26: That is the most obvious holding the ball free i have seen
Pav300: this young Freo team is having a real dip. Regardless what happens from here so proud
TheFlagger: whats going on with the clock
bhg26: Dont know how there are four of the wankers out there and they cant see that
BigChief: Swans are the joke bhg, not the umpires. Take your red and white glasses off.
bhg26: Mate, i am the one who shits on us the most
lana2146: Wow what happened to Mills? So many on the discord brought him and Brayshaw in
bhg26: Lower calf or achilles lana. Dont know yet but thats where the ice pack is
Ash777: swans having a dogs last season after getting smashed in the gf
TheFlagger: happy with that gulden q
bhg26: The confident footy we played last year ash has been replaced by over the top sideways rubbish
pcaman2003: Has Gulden gone home? His score still going backwards.
Troglodyte: Bit intense in here and no Walrus or Stu insight… interesting
suns4ever: hahahahaahhahahhaa
Ash777: lol wtf buddy
bhg26: Another muppet m0nty
pcaman2003: Big 2nd half please Errol. No slacking off permitted.
dezlav: You SPUD Franklin
bhg26: We?ve got no one who can man up Jackson
Manowar: no booing now!
TheFlagger: 6 marks huge for LJ
bhg26: Game over
suns4ever: wake up gulden
Cottees: Man I was doing so well in tipping until this week lol
Pav300: long way to go yet….
sc_god: wtf is wrong with sydney lately, this is pathetic
bhg26: Our second halves of recent have been quite underwhelming pavs
bhg26: Can we stop with the fucking handballing, we are too shit to be pulling of cute stuff
TheFlagger: gulden loves a duck n dive
Pav300: bgh we havent played too many 4 quarters this year, keep ya chin up
suns4ever: welcomr back gulden
hmmmm: lets goooo errol
pcaman2003: Lovely stuff Errol. That’s what I’m talking about.
bhg26: Every mark, handball. Every free, handball. And they are all under pressure for no reason
Pav300: Swashbuckling he was the king! Toast of Sydney Town – oh Errol
PigeonPies: once again like every week i took the c off of darcy, i need to trust my gut
pcaman2003: bhg. They’ve been watching the Hawks too many times. Learning our errors.
beerent11: Just switched on. How?re all the new Brayshaw owners going?
dezlav: Get up Gulden. Yee haw.
Gotigres: I was tempted to get Brawshaw this week. So far I’m glad I didn’t.
bhg26: Better than the new mills owners beer
beerent11: Better than the new mills owners marginally
beerent11: I was bringing in mills next week.
suns4ever: changed from brayshaw to errol last minute
sc_god: mills and brayshaw have been horrible, they cheap for a reason.
Gotigres: Bradshaw might still ton up yet.
bhg26: Same here beer if Cameron isn?t fit
bhg26: Freo are scoring so easily and we make it so hard for ourselves to score
TheFlagger: wake up lloyd
Baldfrog: BHG Sydney after a priority pick seriously losing to freo at home is bottom shelf
Gotigres: There’s a pot of guld at the end of the rainbow
bhg26: Why is everyone telling me how shit we are. I already know!
Pav300: blow the siren!
bhg26: Dont you want the percentage boost pav?
beerent11: Did you forget where were bhg? It?s the Fanfooty way.
pcaman2003: bhg.. Theyr’e agreeing with you and validating it
pcaman2003: bhg. Besides, you’re still going way better than us.
bhg26: Its just not our year. Shit gameplan, shit intensity and injuries to key players. Not up to it
Baldfrog: Has freo ever won at the scg?
TheFlagger: any good players coming through the academy this year?
hmmmm: jeez big hodor darcy is everywhere right now
PigeonPies: was like early 2000s baldy i think
dezlav: @BHG. I won’t rag on em mate.
Ash777: lloyd has stopped 🙁
pcaman2003: And to think I was worried how Errol would go this week. Silly me!
suns4ever: give the man a statue
bhg26: At the moment i only want the ball in errols hands
beerent11: What about your Chad?
pluggerpig: Swans are due to win a close one..
pcaman2003: Swans still in this. Keep cheering bhg
beerent11: Swans will get up I reckon.
bhg26: Errol and Chad 1 2s all the way from full back beer
Pav300: loooong way to go
bhg26: I want too pcaman, but the swans have made it bloody hard for me to in the last quarter
a1trader: Blockbuster next week, Swans vs Roos!
bhg26: Were either losing it within the last minute or not scoring
bhg26: Thats the heeney i remember
TheFlagger: wow this would be something
pluggerpig: to be fair to sydney, have already played the 3 best teams in the comp in the first 8 rounds.
pluggerpig: and then a few close losses.
bhg26: True plugger, port and gws could have been another two wins had things gone our way. But we look ordinary too often
beerent11: Seagull, look at all those chips on the ground. Aren?t you hungry seagull?
TheFlagger: big kahuna
pcaman2003: How do I bribe someone to change VC to Errol? Any help welcomed.
BigChief: Reeves out and Kosi in for Hawks
pcaman2003: Chief. Gawn and Grundy will have a ball then.
Cottees: Oh boy. Melbourne by only 80+ now rather than 60 lol
BigChief: pcaman they will go huge. Gawn 150+ maybe.
beerent11: Anyone else got gulden?
Baldfrog: Still time to merge with Norf Pcaman!!!
banta: Lol, why not tag Serong? Horse has lost it
Gotigres: I think Gulden must be a POD for you beer
Cottees: I’ve had Gulden since the start lol
pcaman2003: Baldy.Like with Melbourne all those years ago. No thanks!
bullet08: someone tell francis to hold his body position and stop complaining
SofR: I?ve had Gulden from start too.
bhg26: Tell that to walters bullet. Complains about everything
TheFlagger: 40% started gulden huge pod lads
pcaman2003: Gotigres. Gulden is a POD for me this round. Very, very happy.
bullet08: not disagreeing bhg,constantly goes to ground too easily
Cottees: Gulden would love to be versing a whole team of players. Only good player for Sydney lol
TimT14: Sarcasm ratings are over 200
Gotigres: Time for a rest now Ryan and Lloyd
dezlav: Definitely taking the V on Gulden
bhg26: I wont blame our defenders because we are severely undermanned. But fucking hell our forward line is disgraceful
bhg26: considering the players we have in there
pcaman2003: dezlav. I should think so.
Gotigres: that’s lucky pcaman
pcaman2003: bhg. When Franklin goes, you’ll be better off for a starter.
dezlav: @pcaman. Even if bont hits 150 tonight, I’ll still be happy with Gulds
bhg26: Unfortunately its true pcaman. Cant do anything anymore
TheFlagger: yes lloyd junk it
Ash777: finally lloyd did something
beerent11: Seagull!
bhg26: The athleticism that made him one of the greatest is gone
dezlav: Carn Swans, storm home.
Ash777: looks like it’s time for buddy to retire
pluggerpig: if amartey didnt get hurt would buddy already be out?
lana2146: Is horses job at risk?
dezlav: @BHG. Did you ever think it was worth signing him for 9 years?
bhg26: Yes dez
lana2146: Surely another 3 losses and he?s In hot water
bhg26: It should be lana but probably not. His gameplan is atrocious
Cottees: It is never worth to sign any player for as long as that. Too risky
pluggerpig: horse to the glue factory i reckon
Pav300: rain Lana?
dezlav: Cotters. My thoughts also. 5 would have been about right.
lana2146: I?m at parramatta the storms are here
dezlav: *Cottees
Pav300: thanks for keeping them out there !
doghungry: who’s going bont C? i went stewart VC…
bhg26: Hes kicked nearly 3 goals a game with us
suns4ever: see how oliver at VC goes first
Baldfrog: Have C on Oli
dezlav: @dog. Was gunna but taking the V on Gulden
Cottees: Watch my VC Gulden next time and he will get 60 lol
doghungry: gulden paid off big time
bhg26: Unfortunely, buddy should be dropped. But hes lucky we havent got much in the 2s with reid and amartey out
Ash777: I expect a Hewitt tag on bont
dezlav: Maybe true BHG, a don’t today.
Pav300: FantasticWin – who needs Grundy GawnDogs – we got Jacko and Hordoor
Social: give it up budwar ya greedy flower
bhg26: Well this wasnt apart of his 9 year contract, this was an extension. that you can question
dezlav: Franklin only has 7 so far this season
Cottees: bhg – buddy hasn’t been worth this contract for ages
pcaman2003: Wowee! Gulden a 156 last week and now a 156 this week. Amazing player!
pluggerpig: as a long term swans fan i desperately want buddy gone so we can move forward.
bhg26: 470+ goals in 160 games is pretty good if you ask me
bhg26: Been our leading goal scorer for 7 years, won 2 colemans

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