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Chat log from R8 of 2023: Fremantle vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Fremantle vs Hawthorn, R8 of 2023

sc_god: hopefully semen mitchell doesnt get subbed
BigChief: m0nty why does Seamus Mitchell become Taj Woewodin when added to watchlist?
pcaman2003: Frost 2 clangers in one play. Typical. And gives away the goal to boot.
pcaman2003: First 2 goals given away recklessly. Not a good start Hawks.
original: Did Sicily just go from positive 6 to negative 4?
sc_god: great start weddle, could become a downgrade in a few weeks
pcaman2003: original. He gave away the free, then a 50.
Hazza09: Unbelievable Sicily
thommoae: That’s a real. live person you’re making off-colour jokes about, sc. Remember?
bhg26: Come on Shrek
original: All week I thought ?be bold, grab day instead of Sicily? if only
DANGERous: cmon Ryan i brought u in over Powell
pcaman2003: original. What’s that saying? He who hesitates is lost. I’ve been lost for weeks 🙁
original: PCA I coulda grabbed sinclair too instead. Anything better than this so far
pcaman2003: original. Early days yet. So many good players have had shockers this year. Very unpredictable!
pcaman2003: Gee our defence is rubbish these days.
Hazza09: What a joke Sicily
pcaman2003: Day has really stepped up this season.
BigChief: I don’t think your coach helps pcaman.
navy_blues: oh my sicily lmao
lana2146: Serong 4 touches in first minute and only 1 rest of the half comedian
BigChief: It’s 1/4 time lana, not 1/2 time.
sc_god: lol lana, ease up on the UDL’s
pcaman2003: Get that DE up Worpel and get me some points.
DANGERous: im so good at trades ive done chad to ldu to dangerfield
lana2146: Yes quarter emphasis on 1 in the rest of the quarter that?s my point
lana2146: Watching 3 sports atm,,,wsw vs syd fc huge game here in parramatta
pcaman2003: Sicily is leading well by example. A great captain he is
Pavs: pcaman I am watching the other game. Do something about Sicily for me please. lol
lana2146: And magic round up QLD
pcaman2003: Pavs. Wish I could mate, but our whole backline is poo and broken.
bullet08: frost is the biggest dodo in the afl
bhg26: Fucking hell Darcy
BigChief: No leadership on or off field pcaman.
original: Please Sicily, at least make your BE
slydon: weddle worth bringing in for cash next week?
sc_god: lol no
BigChief: Don’t waste the trade as Mitchell will drop him week after you take him Slydon
pcaman2003: Chief. There is definitely something missing. Leadership could be it
DANGERous: you are allowed to touch the ball Ryan
clay007: Has Day stopped? I’m watching the Bulldogs game.
Jaypa: other than “not a lot” what is Darcy doing?
BigChief: Jaypa weather not helping him at all.
frenzy: sweet fanny adams
BigChief: He does better in wet is what I meant
Hazza09: Great night to have both Sicily & Darcy
Jaypa: I have Sicily and Darcy C so I guess my weeks finished 🙂
pcaman2003: We’re going to get pumped big time. Our skills are rubbish.
bhg26: Fuck me Darcy do something you bumbling buffoon
DiggaDogga: WTF is Darcy actually doing? Not watching.
pcaman2003: Jaypa.Ouch ! That must be super painful.
Jaypa: yeah I feel sick pca
pcaman2003: Worpel a clanger from a lazy kick off the ground. Some of our players need a blast
LuvIt74: @Spiffy were talking about Oliver’s 136 vs Bont’s 160 which = 24 points but as your C thats a extra 48 points
LuvIt74: sorry wrong room
Hazza09: Darcy for Gawn next week
Ash777: lol rage trading darcy
bhg26: I thought we got darcys shit score out of his system
sc_god: darcy has these types of games every season, hardly a surpise
bhg26: Yeah but i only paid for the one scgod
pcaman2003: Worpel has been disappointing this year. Gets lots of ball, but disposal is equivalent to a 3rd grader.
slydon: has day been on the bench since half time?
frenzy: the tassie hawks
slydon: or has he just come back on?
Oddsy5: darcy and siciliy turning it on this wuarter
beerent11: Yep, I got sucked in by Day.
pcaman2003: Greene subbed out. Shocker of a game,like many Hawks players.
slydon: hy is day going on and off the bench every 3 minutes im watching the other game can someone explain?
Gotigres: Same beer
lana2146: Day did the same thing last week it?s how he plays lol
lana2146: Day is so hot n cold he?ll go missing for intervals
beerent11: Well that?s the end of fergus?s cash gen. Need a fwd rookie or two
bhg26: I swear cd isn?t paying half of Darcy?s hitouts as effective, tapping it to teammates for no score
RooBoyStu: Day never going to score well tonight as Full Moon
pcaman2003: Hawks are getting ready to cement themselves at the ladder bottom.
pcaman2003: Do something useful Worpel.
slydon: i just want 90+ out of day
BigChief: beer T. Berry GC is 123k fwd
bhg26: Jag a 90 Shrek
navy_blues: nearly tempted to take hawks @$3.40 glad i never
Oddsy5: my uniques are worpel day shrek and traded in ryan this week. ryan only one any good
beerent11: Cheers bc
bhg26: Fuck sake Darcy why are you on the bench again
beerent11: I?ll take that from day. Could have been worse
beerent11: Erasmus just a touch too expensive
beerent11: Why is Darcy?s tog so low bhg?
Social: Wowee just tuned in, what a jumper!

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