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Chat log from R8 of 2023: Port Adelaide vs Essendon

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Essendon, R8 of 2023

TimT14: Let’s go Houston! Big score today
frenzy: chaps
elvundir: lets go bombers.. nice start
navy_blues: good to see young hobbs back in side
dezlav: Get amongst it Davey Jr
JayEm: Any time now Redman
Hazza09: Any time now Rozee
Cottees: Oh no Rozee. Channeling his inner Taranto are we?
Yelse: what is wrong with wines
Loggy17: Redman has to be dud buy of the year. Must have changed roles
pluggerpig: Wines is ageing like milk
slydon: redman is done for me i cant handle his inability to compete each week
navy_blues: crowd very quiet
FoopyTime: the tiprat going off
cmperrfect: Good to see Walla up and about.
slydon: im glad we have a coach now that can actually take advantage of the squad we have. hes actually made alir mostlyredundan
JayEm: I need to get rid of Grundy, Danger and Redman and i’ve run out of boosts
slydon: what happened to zac reid getting a game?
Cascadian: Zach Merrett should be on more
bhg26: God Ridley is such an annoying player to own
Raspel31: Run out of boosts before the byes JayEm??
Cottees: I am so thankful I went Ridley to Buckley early as
Cottees: I purposely only trading 2 max until bye area for my last 2 boosts
bhg26: Upgrades early are the play raspel, if you don?t use the boost you get left behind
bc__: Horne Francis robbed every week by Champion Data. Must be run by North flogs
bhg26: I?m down to one
JayEm: @Rasp: Spent the last one on Friday. Inuries almost every week and trying to balance upgrades
JayEm: Except when it’s a Doch, Saad or Stewart serious* injury that lasts 2 weeks
sc_god: lol he hasnt had a single effect possession yet what do you expect
Raspel31: Get you JayEm- damned bad luck and got Danger too.
Cottees: bhg, yeah I agree need to use boosts but I like having 1 or 2 for later as possibe. Injuries of course change that
sc_god: effective*
EvilMonk: afternoon
JayEm: I at least got 6 good quarters of scoring from Danger before he did his hammy.
sc_god: my biggest issue is my bench is bad, only 3 playing this week
bhg26: Don?t know whether to use last trade boost to get Clarry or just get Brayshaw or Steele next week
Cottees: bhg, see how Steele goes today
Pavs: Traded out Setters for Steele this week. That should put a handbrake on Steele for a while.
Cottees: I hope that means Setters going huge today thanks to you Pavs 😉
bhg26: Wowee Ridley and rozee, get a move on
Raspel31: Bound to work Pavs
Pavs: Correct cottees/Raspel
navy_blues: want ridley rozee stay low opp has them
Pavs: Dream start Navy.
navy_blues: ridley hurt
dezlav: Carn McKenzie. Get in there.
duckky: Jnr will get a week for that
Pavs: Got sniped Navy are you at the game?
navy_blues: rioli could be going on holiday
navy_blues: no pavs lol
bhg26: Fuck you ridley
DANGERous: you can use the ball efficiently now Rozee
sc_god: hahaha
Cottees: Idk Danger can he? lol
duckky: Tippa is back to being a tackling machine
sc_god: rozee giving hoppers 7 first half clangers a good nudge
duckky: Seems some dissent is more deserving than others….
navy_blues: razor the power seeking ump
Zee94: 50m for what?
slydon: razor has been doin it for long enough well enough, hes has the right to command respect
Pavs: I think he came off the top rope Zee
navy_blues: great bump
slydon: still gets it wrng sometimes however
Cascadian: Go Zach Merrett you legend
duckky: Ridley off. Riloi will get at least 2 weeks
slydon: these htb are rubbish
bc__: Ridley subbed?
Zee94: Yep Ridley gone after getting his jaw knocked off ball
lana2146: Setterfield back to doing what he do best,,,disappearing
slydon: time stamp for ridley/ruioli incident?
EvilMonk: This is a ripper game of footy, lots of hard bumps, the game is masculine again!
Cottees: slydon, AFL just posted it on twitter I believe
Zee94: Tippa sometimes to selfless
slydon: thats dirty as
Cottees: Haha the one time being selfless is actually bad lol
slydon: bye rioli, if ridley has a fractured jaw from that it will be 4-6 weeks
duckky: The umps are responding to criticism about them taking too long for HTB decisions, which encourages sling tackles
duckky: Pity they are doinbg it for the 7th game of the week and not the first
cobrakai00: Rioli’s a thug
navy_blues: 4+ for rioli off the ball intentional no way they can defend that
Social: I needed Ridley and LDU to get 140 between them… urgh
TigerTime1: Deserves the same amount of weeks that ridley is gonna miss
navy_blues: concussion no broken jaw for ridley
Cottees: Suspension will be 2 weeks with just concussion
navy_blues: think it should be more was high intentional off the ball he wanted to take him out
Cottees: I agree navy. Should be way more but you know AFL lol
navy_blues: jonas down i think
navy_blues: wow free to marshall missed there
navy_blues: 2 goal turnaround
Cottees: Go Rozee
Zee94: God we need to learn to handball again, between aim and putting actual force into it..
navy_blues: chat will be bit more lively in next game im sure lmao
Raspel31: Whoops.
frenzy: lol navy
kano: wow thats a tough htb against merrett
Dondeal: That HTB against Merret is a disgrace
cmperrfect: Time to hand out the marshmallows.
Dondeal: That isn’t dragging it in. Razer is a flog
sc_god: great umpiring
FoopyTime: razor is a flog when you know an umpire by name you just know theyre shit at the job
Social: Boundary ump at the Cats yesterday was built like a tank, usually they’re spindly running types, this guy was ripped
NickyD: WOW imagine if KHF could play for 4 quarters. Great comeback.
navy_blues: other game still says pre match m0nty?
Social: swans no show?
pluggerpig: Monty asleep at the wheel
Social: here dey come da bombonieri
lana2146: Setter?s glad I traded ya last week
sc_god: good decision
RuffLeader: Funny, the bloke who kicked the goal that ended up winning it snipes both goals and jaws

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