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Chat log from R8 of 2023: Collingwood vs Sydney

Chat log for Collingwood vs Sydney, R8 of 2023

bhg26: We?re in danger here sitting in a sea of pies fans. I?ll see how many I can take on after badmouthing naicos
bhg26: Francis sub
Urbs: Bit of feeling in this one!
pluggerpig: even fellas
navy_blues: nick davis??? lol
navy_blues: commentator got that wrong lol
Raspel31: On ya Gulden.
hmmmm: errol and dunk finally turning up after 8 rounds of dissapointment for 70% of the DT community
Cr1cketeer: Did ladhams hurt his arm in that head knock?
Gotigres: So far a good choice to bring Gulden in this week.
sc_god: lol
pluggerpig: swans skills look uncharacteristically bad.
Raspel31: Leave Gulden alone Gotigres.
Gotigres: too late Raspel
bhg26: We look shithouse
beerent11: Let?s go seagull and seagull jnr!
navy_blues: cant see this being very close
Cr1cketeer: 2 very chirpy teams, love to see it
bhg26: Yeah we just suck at the moment navy
navy_blues: not only team bhg lol we do too
Social: enjoy the feast pahs, we’ve broken them
bhg26: So you only beat us the last two games by a total of 180 points big whoop
navy_blues: wouldnt want to have C on naicos atm
Oddsy5: whos tagging naicos? only have the game on radio atm
bhg26: Clarke oddsy
bhg26: Fucking hell
navy_blues: poor ginnivan in a sleeping bag on bench lmao some ppl are so soft
biggerz: CLarke hasnt got the tank to run with Daicos, already calling for teammates to cover him when Daicos pushes up field
LuvIt74: Naicos has’s been no where near as strong in the last couple of weeks, wasn’t he being tagged prior to round 7?
bhg26: Has toweled him up last two games biggerz
biggerz: bhg – prelim, 23 disposals and 1 goal for Daicos, 7 disposals for Clarke. Daicos toweled up Clarke haha
navy_blues: these reviews are stuffed
PigeonPies: thats not a goal?
lana2146: Swans will win today,,,well I believe there?s an upset due this round and I doubt norf win
navy_blues: no way he kicked that
biggerz: in the other match, 20 and 1.1 for Daicos, Clarke 17 disposals. you could argue even at best.
Cr1cketeer: First goal off your shin hahaha
Yelse: they need to get VAR type of cameras and ball sensors like soccer
Cr1cketeer: That was the right call
bullet08: hook line and sinker bhg
Urbs: Sheather shinned it
biggerz: the only towel Clarke had in those games was the one he used after the shower
navy_blues: look like it hit his hand last
Yelse: pies really are butchering inside 50
Cr1cketeer: Why’s buddy passed that then
Pavs: Camera angle Navy. No where near his hand
bhg26: Charles job isn?t to get disposals, it?s to stop daicos, which Clarke did
sc_god: lana already upset this round, based on the game odds.
bhg26: Clarke* plus half those disposals were kick ins
sc_god: gulden finally playing like he did in the preseason games
Social: Charles job is to rule the Commonwealth
EvilMonk: any chance we could get a new goal umpire? bloke is useless
RuffLeader: Hayden McLean looking like Ilkay Gundogan with the finish off a cut back there
biggerz: if 23 (6 kick in) and 1.0 and 20 (3 kick in) and 1.1 from a HBF is being stopped, then uve got pretty low tag standards
RuffLeader: Mahrez to Gundogan, Rowbottom to McLean
Grimes Jr: Vintage Maynard trying to claim he touched that. Shock me
lana2146: Swans looking good I got on them $4.90 live bet
beerent11: Once naicos gets through this game the next few aren?t really known for tagging. After the bye he?s got the crows again.
suns4ever: Naicos can’t handle the tag
bhg26: It?s less than the 30 he usually gets, plus he had no impact on either games if you watched
beerent11: Maybe curnow for the blues
sc_god: every team that has a tagger will tag him every time now
NickyD: Clarke stops Naicos from getting 40. No shame, Clarke does the job on others. But Naicos is young, good learning.
Baldfrog: Faicos needs to see a therapist can’t handle a push and shove goes to water
suns4ever: Even when he’s got uncontested touches he’s panicking with the ball and turning over
beerent11: But hopefully lots of people trade him out this week.
Baldfrog: Therapist*
Pavs: Thinking about trading him sc god if I didn’t have other issues.
biggerz: last year he averaged 25.8 and you are saying he got toweled in the two games he almost got his average
Baldfrog: Why cant u say Therapi$t on here?
bhg26: Mate you?ve got no clue
beerent11: Clarke is one of the best at it too.
sc_god: im talking about impact on the game, not possessions.
Cr1cketeer: The word within it baldfrog
bhg26: I thought you were just enthusiastic about boating baldy
Cascadian: SuperCoach scoring has been terrible
suns4ever: It’s not numbers Biggerz it’s impact. He’s had no impact last two weeks
beerent11: Gee bald. I can?t for the life of me see why.
Grimes Jr: Daicos back down to earth. Not surprising
sc_god: he’s a uncontested player, tags will effect him
Baldfrog: Lol Bhg Fair enough Cr1cketeer it’s just a word you see on many buildings
beerent11: He?s halfway through his second year. He?ll work it out.
RuffLeader: biggerz, he also averaged a disposal efficiency of 74% for the year and went down to 60% both games against Sydney.
Cr1cketeer: Grimes on here chirping about naicos. Not surprising
biggerz: I undertsna impact. bhg’s comment was regarding last year
LuvIt74: And they were comparing Naicos all over social media to the Bont
RuffLeader: Led his team for clangers in Round 22. Can find stats that support both arguments.
bhg26: Yeah and he had no impact either game last year
RuffLeader: The biggest stat though is that both times Clarke tagged Daicos, Collingwood lost to Sydney
RooBoyStu: Brickwall Daicos, eats Cheezels and laughs
Grimes Jr: Haha Brownlow naicos 😉
Baldfrog: I said and got flack from collywobble fans he is more like lloyd a seagull good one tho
Grimes Jr: Sheezel > naicos
PigeonPies: sheezel did the same thing when he got tagged cmon now
bhg26: No one will ever compare to the seagull that was prime Jake Lloyd baldy
bhg26: Didn?t rate him as a player but flower me could be get the ball
Baldfrog: BHG some one better always comes along eventually m8
beerent11: I?d back him in to ton up in the next 5 games after this one. No worries.
bhg26: Suppose we?ll have to wait and see, naicos on track. But he actually has impact on games
LuvIt74: Bont had one of his best years in his 2nd season when he won the flag
PigeonPies: people say daicos has no impact but whenever hes tagged we look terrible, no coincidence
bhg26: That?s what I?m saying pigeon, that?s why I don?t understand why teams don?t tag him every week
beerent11: What?s Bont got do do, got to do with it? What?s Bont but different kind of player?
Baldfrog: Na never said he doesn’t have impact just doesn’t like contact
beerent11: Sing in the voice of Tina turner.
Baldfrog: Agree Beer
PigeonPies: me neither bhg, even craig mcrae asked why people arent tagging
PigeonPies: yeah sorry baldy i was meaning more in general of the llast 2 weeks not so much this chat, but i do agree with you
thesilentl: The usual suspects bhg and Grimes Jr spewing anti pies hate as always
Social: maybe coz he looks like a vaping eshay
thesilentl: You blokes need to get help, every game, every week is just sad
PigeonPies: bhg is literally complimenting… are you ok silent?
DaicosQB: Good to see Grimes climb out of his swamp for another pies game, say hi to Shrek for me
bhg26: Wtf are you on about silent lmao, I badmouth my team more than anything
Pavs: Missed the part where bhg was having a go at Collingwood?
Baldfrog: Silent is like Vulture makes $hit for an arguement
bhg26: And as pigeon said I?ve only complemented Collingwood today
PigeonPies: its true, bhg i only see badmouth umps and swans
Baldfrog: Least BHG has stopped telling us how good Warner is that was annoying
oh_lol: silent is literally saying daicos is great and that is bad mouthing? lol
bhg26: Exactly pigeon
Social: reset
bhg26: Well I assumed everyone knew by now but apparently it didn?t get through your head baldy
PigeonPies: daicos is a gun, but he hates contact, he will of course improve but theres no reason to avoid the truth, clear to see
Baldfrog: $hit didn’t think of the reverse psychology
feralmong: so were saying Warner > Naicos. Lets go with that for a bit.
PigeonPies: its that simple, and just quickly, hill and elliott have both been shocking for a month now
bhg26: Exactly feral
PigeonPies: why not mong, we can go with that
Social: are Elliott and Blair the same person?
feralmong: i’d sell our next 3 years draft picks for both.
Pavs: Loving Gulden’s work today.
PigeonPies: any team would mong, warner will win a brownlow once he gets a bit more consistent
hmmmm: looks like they might have dropped the tag?
PigeonPies: finally elliott
Social: How are the umps ding today?
PigeonPies: not bad social, except there was score review that they called a goal even though it was touched
hmmmm: errol actually unleashing today
PigeonPies: what is josh daicos doing there???
RuffLeader: Josh Daicos grabbed Quaynor’s jersey like he was tackling him
Pavs: Swans moving the ball well just lacking composure into forward 50.
Cr1cketeer: Cold icon on Ginni is quality
sc_god: ginno knows a lot about ice
PigeonPies: ball dont lie, that was like 6 meters
Ash777: I didn’t realise that I kept Gulden
Yelse: pies disposal absolutely shocking swans on point atm
PigeonPies: gulden will score 160+
Yelse: can someone man up their gonna have 4 players 40 disposals
RuffLeader: That decision by Campbell was INCREDIBLE
hmmmm: omfg errol pigging out
RooBoyStu: Put Buddy on the wing last qtr and they win easy
PigeonPies: please sub off elliott
PigeonPies: oh it was cox already
PigeonPies: wait no hes still on, now im confused
sfenda1: just tuned in, where is errol playing?
sc_god: mcg
PigeonPies: same role as last few weeks sfenda
RuffLeader: Is Errol’s scoring stuck? Been on 119 for a long time
Social: He’s a bit puffed Ruff, give him a minute
LMartos: everyone’s SC has been stuck for a while
Baldfrog: Sfenda in Australian crawl
hmmmm: 71 point qtr from errol
sc_god: lol he stole that
Yelse: hate the sub rule needed one goal from hill and multi was early done
Ash777: lol what a flop
bhg26: Collingwood in front at 3qt. Unfamiliar territory
bhg26: This set shot display is absolutely fucking disgraceful
bhg26: Don?t know what the fuck they do at training
Gotigres: Errol just won me a match. Thanks mate.
Baldfrog: Beers and board games BHG
bhg26: Well it bloody well looks like it baldy
Social: what do sydney folk do… perhaps they discuss haircuts and how to look glamorous?
Baldfrog: Unlike in geelong kissing ya sisters social?
beerent11: My team is so bad. Worst I?ve ever had.
RuffLeader: Gulden’s SC score is not changing
PigeonPies: swans goal kicking keeping us in it like the crows, we have been getting lucky the last couple games
PigeonPies: no ones is ruff
beerent11: Scoring always slows down in the last qtr
sc_god: sc has caped his score at 119
PigeonPies: is it just me or are the umps taking forever to blow the whistle
Urbs: Looks like supercoach scores have carked it at some point in Q3
bhg26: 19 frees to 8, beautiful
Social: This is Eddie’s legacy bhg, it will take some time to remedy
Social: It seems to work Baldy
sheezel420: just stop giving away frees bhg, simple as that
Legix: looked like it touched the finger
Cr1cketeer: Twice today, they haven’t fully reviewed all parts of the play
Baldfrog: Fat collywobble is singing now
Baldfrog: Thought it brushed his arm Legix
sc_god: sydney been undisiplined, umpired well
Legix: @Baldfrog could be right
bhg26: Not completely denying Collingwoods tally, but 8 frees in a hotly contested games is a joke
sc_god: ginno! with ice in his veins, cool under pressure
RuffLeader: sc_god, you aren’t fooling anyone with no team association. I can see your gummy grin from here
Social: feast on the carcass pahs… welcome.
Grimes Jr: bhg, dont expect much, they tend to get a pretty good run
Baldfrog: Only a few in the league you wanna snot and Ginno is one of them
NickyD: Papley is another @bald
Spifflicat: Is there anyone more annoying than Papley?
Manowar: Yeh, that dude they call Ginno!
Baldfrog: Why is it that the small blokes are the wonkers?
beerent11: Mason cox says hello baldy
Spifflicat: Papley has been doing it for a loooong time
Baldfrog: Cox and his sunnies is funny Beer
lana2146: Small man syndrome
Manowar: 4 eyes
PigeonPies: speaking of cox
Ash777: Ballantyne was like the OG
PigeonPies: nice coxxyyyy good kick
Manowar: need new specs Cox?
beerent11: All of the SuperCoach scores in this game might be going to one bloke in the other game I reckon.
knighter33: Only 2157 SC allocated. Seems very low with only 6mins remaining
Manowar: nice handball Franklin
PigeonPies: the scored havent worked since halfway through the third knighter
sc_god: matthew knights, the scoring has been frozen for 30 minutes champ..
Grimes Jr: they get a lot, the pies
Legix: Grimes are you a bot?
Pavs: Where did Silent go? Dropped a turd then took off.
Social: Milne > Ballantyne
Ash777: judging by the af scores naicos is in for another low score
Baldfrog: Bartlett was pretty bad at times Social
PigeonPies: pavs, i think he realised he messed up and just left for the night hahah
arbel: @knighter … yes very low … 3300/game is the number …
Social: True Baldy, he played the umps big time
Grimes Jr: yep, a pretty average plodder ash
Legix: this goal umpire needs Cox’s optometrist
TheLegend6: omg what a finish
EvilMonk: review number 5 for this goal ump – needs to be removed lmao
bhg26: Once again our kicking has let us down, every fucking week
Baldfrog: And carried on like a pork chop
bhg26: Reckon there?s 5 reviews for the other one as well monk lmao
Pavs: Having a shocker Monk.
Ash777: I hope umps get free checks from OPSM
Baldfrog: Cant blame the goal umps only one of them there’s 4 on field and are still blind
TigerTime1: Are the SC scores wrong? Seems everyone has a big discrepancy between DT and SC
TheLegend6: Hopefully this issue with SC scores doesn’t delay the round finishing tonight
Pavs: Wants Mothers day off next week.
arbel: @tiger … yeah supercoach hasn’t updated in ages
beerent11: Frozen tt
Baldfrog: Tigertime1 that must be an old account
sc_god: jesus christ
beerent11: Great team goal
Bulky: Heeney to lead the Australian downhill skiing team at the next Winter Olympics.
bhg26: This is fucking shit. Need a fucking good hard look at themselves
TheLegend6: How much we think Naicos is on?
Baldfrog: We’ll go alright then Bulky
PigeonPies: max 65 legend
Baldfrog: If CD has him 120 Legend
beerent11: Hopefully errols score is similar to his dt score when sc catches up
bhg26: On my way out of the ground ran into 5 Collingwood fuckwits. Living up to the stereotype
bhg26: Fucking wankers
PigeonPies: sorry bhg, if it makes any difference we arent all like that, and i hate them just as much as anyone
beerent11: Just walk in straight lines bhg
TheLegend6: Every club has those supporters
Social: When does PTSD kick in?
tor01doc: Collingwood on top though
PigeonPies: they do, but more members/fans= more fwits
bhg26: I gave them the hardest no comment ever beer
Social: Only consolation is they’ll be crying again come finals time
bhg26: Yeah social, can?t even make a grand final to lose by 90

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