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Chat log from R8 of 2023: Western Sydney vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Western Bulldogs, R8 of 2023

BigChief: Greene is a massive out. Changed tip to Dogs.
davywap: Grubby Greene it out
sc_god: greene is a gun, big out. gws no chance now
Migz: greene is the only player in the afl i wish would have both his legs broken. such a fwit
Pavs: Harsh Migz.
sc_god: lol keyboard gangers
Spifflicat: Same to you Migz
biggerz: settle down Migz
Loggy17: nice Migz dbag
sc_god: gangsters*
wadaramus: That’s such a shit thing to say Migz?
Urbs: Settle Migz
BigChief: Can we wish Migz breaks both arms and legs?
wadaramus: So much unnecessary hate in the world today, society really sucks arse.
bhg26: I will get the mob on that right away migz
Migz: sure, but it wont do anything 😉
Pies20: I don’t mind him migz ruffled some feathers with that comment 🙄
Pavs: Go big English, Bont & Libba.
bhg26: Bont get a move on
Pies20: Wada sensitive love it 😀
clay007: The Bont is a beautiful field kick.
original: Liba needs to lift. Less bench plz
bhg26: Like poetry clay
Pies20: Went clarry vc had bont c
Migz: after watching him at multiple games live at freo and eagles games surely you couldnte enjoy having him on your team hah
Pavs: Think we moved on Migz.
clay007: How many rookies do you guys still own? I am steadily working through culling them.
BigChief: I have 7 clay but that includes Sheezel and Ashcroft.
Pies20: 7 clay but including sheez but I’m shower this year
bhg26: Ive got Ashcroft, Sheezel, Cincotta, Chandler and Ryan/McKenna who i can loop the better score for
Pies20: Same chief
Pavs: 6 with Sheez probably keep him for a while
bhg26: McKenna def gone next week and maybe ashcroft too
Raspel31: We talking on field or in toto Clay?
Ash777: Ashcroft has gone as far as he can
bhg26: Want to trade boost next week to get oliver in
Pavs: Trades are the big thing this year. down to 21
clay007: Sheezel is close to a premium. How close are you from cutting Ashcroft Chief? I still have him. I have 5.
clay007: On field Raspel.
BigChief: Baker prob my next rookie gone. Ashcroft safe for a few more weeks
Ash777: lmao the stress ball
bhg26: Same here pavs
Raspel31: Does Macrae count as a rookie?
clay007: Based on tonight’s form, he does Raspel.
bhg26: Yes Raspel
sc_god: baker, jvr, ashcroft all done. will lose money now
Raspel31: 8 with Macrae- 7 without.
clay007: I’ve got Ridley, want to get rid of him, but need to get rid of rookies first. Thoughts on Chandler?
bhg26: Hold another week clay, has at least one or two more week of cash gen
hmmmm: tom green weapon
LuvIt74: hold chandler for next few weeks, i have RIDLEY ALSO
clay007: II was thinking that bhg. Thoughts on tomorrow’s game between Pies and Swans?
sc_god: hold chander, his b/e will still be low enough next week
bhg26: Yeah ridley is a pain in the alps. Gets no more than 80-90 every week
BigChief: Hold Chandler until byes if you can.
Ash777: Ridley should bounce back
Oddsy5: got 4 rookies left on field. 23 trades left and ranked 37k :))
bhg26: Im going to the game and im ready for pain
bhg26: Pretty much hold chandler until he stops making money
LuvIt74: hold chandler for next few weeks, i have Ridley also but holding him until the byes
bhg26: I expect nothing from us now clay
Pavs: Sound like a broken man bhg
clay007: My rank is 1215 Oddsy, 21 trades left. I want to somehow break into the top 1000. Bhg-Pies are ready for a loss.
bhg26: What gave that away pavs
RuffLeader: Didn’t want to get rid of Ridley, but it let me get Oliver and Day, so it was necessary
Pavs: I’m very intuitive mate.
Raspel31: Not thrilled about losing Danger- but maybe Anderson?
clay007: Anderson is not consistent enough Rasp. Check his weekly. Have you guys seen Sicily’s score. -2
bhg26: Should keep going huge until touk gets back rasp
Pies20: Haha pavs
Pies20: Clay have faith mate 8
Pavs: Looked at Anderson this week and went to Steele. Gee he played well Raspel
beerent11: How long is touk out?
clay007: I always fo Pies20. I am coaching my son’s Under 11 side at the same time, so won’t be able to watch live.
bhg26: Says TBC on injury list beer, but he had surgery on the knee
clay007: fo=do
beerent11: Bont?ll be700k+ next week
navy_blues: bont flying knew he would once i took clarry as c
Mikeagles: Should have put the C on Bont instead of English
BigChief: What a surprise. It’s raining in Canberra LOL
clay007: I traded out Setterfield and brought in Cripps. Great move-not1
beerent11: Glad clarry did the job. Wouldn?t want to be relying on English
Pies20: I’m running line’s in my daughters soccer game same time will be keeping a eye on the scores
clay007: Coke lines Pies?
BigChief: White lines Pies20? Only joking.
sc_god: great stuff Captain Bont
Pies20: 🤣 clay n chief nose beers only on special occasions
navy_blues: nice goal lobb
BigChief: Bont has gone berserk.
clay007: Great work Pies! What is your prediction? Swans @ MCG, Pies by 20.
Pies20: Sc god disappointed at the moment went vc clarry
sc_god: you cant knock back 136, i know i wouldnt!
Pies20: Close game clay hopefully we start better
pcaman2003: I tossed up and went Clarry over Bont for C .I’ll get it right one day, but will take 136
Pies20: Yeah god safe bet
clay007: True @Pies. Pendles is back and big Cox will challenge an undermanned swans D.
Pies20: Same pca
pluggerpig: Bont 15 CP in less than a half.. nuts
Loggy17: not having Bont hurts
sc_god: bont on pace for 30 contested, 20 clearances lol
Spifflicat: Even if Bont hits 160, your only 24pts down PCA. No biggie
LuvIt74: @Loggy17 if you dont have the Bont in your side by now you should give up
RooBoyStu: If Tom Green was Dusty or Cripps he would be 100sc pts robbed Go C Green
LuvIt74: @Spiff 24 x 2 = 48 which is huge in this game mate, each extra point is massive let alone 48
clay007: Where is Macrae playing? He seems mostly forward. Put him back in the guts where he belongs or Raspel will trade him out
Pavs: Caleb Daniel nearly had a high tackle on Flynn.
Pies20: Ive had him from the start luvit and I’ve already given up haha
Oddsy5: ugle wow
Spifflicat: Try the maths again Luv it. Your wrong
beerent11: Jelly is so clean with the wet footy
TigerTime1: Was going to boost to get bont, then O.Lord got dropped so had no downgrade options. Saved the boost and got cripps. FML
pluggerpig: i went English C over Bont. feeling a bit sheepish now but prob still get a 120+
Pavs: Spiff you better explain that to me as well the maths looks right. Have i missed something?
Fromage: This is the only week I got the C correct
LuvIt74: @Spiff were talking about Oliver’s 136 vs hyperthetical Bont 160 which = 24 points but as your C thats a extra 48 points
Spifflicat: Yes, this is basic SC. You have Bont and Clarry. So 136+160. It hen you get to double one of them, it?s only a 24pt diff
clay007: Spiff is right because you need to factor in both players.
Harambe: Luvit, take out your calculator and type (2×160+136) – (2×136+160). The difference is 24
LuvIt74: Yeah ok your correct its 24
Loggy17: haha, I thought I was bad at maths
LuvIt74: 24 points is massive none the less
Pavs: Got it Spiff. Thanks. I’m an idiot.
Pavs: No Loggy but as you don’t have Bont might be a glass houses thing.
Spifflicat: 24pts is just over 1% of your weekly score
Harambe: You only double the difference when both coaches have unique captains that the other coach doesn’t own at all.
Ash777: Bont’s kicking is sublime to watch
LuvIt74: @Harambe that is correct glad your awake
RooBoyStu: Bont would get 5pts for f@rting
bhg26: JJ doing nicely in my fantasy side
pluggerpig: was it a contested fart roo
DANGERous: bont disappointing this quarter
Loggy17: rooboy, so funnt, was just thinking the same and u wrote it
RooBoyStu: @Loggy17 a night of pizza and garlic bread brought it to mind lmao
slydon: trust english to put the work in each week what a player
navy_blues: treloar gone
BigChief: Treloar cooked hammy again
Social: Ah yes good evening compadres
Pavs: Evening Social.
dezlav: So just put Treloar in Friday evening, now his under cloud. FML.
Social: Just got in after a lovely afternoon at the home of football
dezlav: @Social. Wemberley Stadium, ha ha.
BigChief: No cloud devlav, Treloar cooked.
Pavs: Good for Macrae owners more mid time bad for Treloar owners probs 3+ weeks
Raspel31: My toughts exactly dezlav.
wadaramus: How good is 72 Seasons by Metallica, anyone loving it?
wadaramus: Lift Cogs!
Ash777: it was a low down hamstring so 2 weeks probably
dezlav: @Chief. Cheers, that and Dangerfield. Great weekend.
Pavs: Bit of a history though Ash not sure they might give it longer.
BigChief: @wada it is awesome. I got it day it was released.
dezlav: @Wada. Haven’t got it, yet!
wadaramus: BC, it’s a fukn great record, looking to buy it on plastic.
dezlav: Speaking of cooked, how bout GWS.
BigChief: Chasing Light and If Darkness Had A Son are my favs
Spifflicat: They are almost good, but not yet
BigChief: Don’t wait Dezlav get it ASAP
dezlav: @BC. I’LL d/load it tonight and get the vinyl on Monday.
wadaramus: Totally loving yhe last two tracks, Inamorata is almost Prog heaven!
Hazza09: Typical Coniglio
DANGERous: go bont
Social: I bet Coniglio loves Procol Harum
Oddsy5: tom green sheeesh
Raspel31: Will that goal get Green over the SC ton- sheesh.
bhg26: Game on
slydon: flower it im throwing out setters and either ashcroft or JHF and bringing in bont and a rookie
Rebuild: Good boy Green
Loggy17: green should end up with 150+
slydon: should have done it weeks ago
Loggy17: slydon, do it
RooBoyStu: Tom Green not Toby Greene
RooBoyStu: My C Green
hmmmm: tommy pigging rn
Spifflicat: Not quite done yet apparently
bhg26: Wowee!
slydon: i cant tell your tone @loggy
dezlav: Shoulda left the c on English. He’ll still get 130
Social: look out
lana2146: Buckley possible keeper
Pavs: Playing well lana wont always go at 100 % though
slydon: this is turning into a game
bhg26: Get out there Bont
bhg26: Jamarra absolutely shit himself
Social: thank gooness I left the C on Bont
pluggerpig: looked up record for contested possies.. cunnington with 32. huge
Pavs: Heard the commentators say clearances was Paul Salmon with 22. Surprising
Spifflicat: Gee English works hard all over the ground
Ash777: 22 clearances pavs
beerent11: Jelly green English and baker not too shabby in this. Sunday awaits.
Ash777: oops thought you said cps
beerent11: Sunday Bloody Sunday
Pavs: Yep
Pavs: Good win Ash.
lana2146: Coniglio been on 70?s most 2nd half not funny
clay007: Third goal for dry anus
Hazza09: Cogs fake premo
Loggy17: Green’s scoring sus as
TigerTime1: all of green contested possessions mustve been ineffective, otherwise robbed

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