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Chat log from R8 of 2023: Gold Coast vs Melbourne

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Melbourne, R8 of 2023

ReggieOz: Go Dees!
ReggieOz: Get well soon Pauly!
Spifflicat: Swallow tagging Oliver
Legix: cmon C Tracc
Cottees: Yes Roo, go huge so I can put you on field
obbynl: van rooyen 30 is that a typo? lol
pcaman2003: Have the C on Oliver. Need a biggie from him
bhg26: Rory Atkins a watch this week for 200k, got 89 last week
bhg26: Brought Anderson into my fantasy side for a bit of fun
Raspel31: Brave call Legix.
Pavs: Bad news pcaman I have done the same thing.
pcaman2003: Pavs. Lol! I would normally be saying that.
slydon: this is suns home game up at karara isnt it?
pcaman2003: slydon. Yes it’s a home game for the Suns
bhg26: Standard oliver scaling
slydon: ty been a bit out of it this week so just checkin for betting purposes
Pavs: Nothing wrong with that bhg.
pcaman2003: bhg. Hoping he’ll scale up much higher.
bhg26: It is when you dont have him pavs
beerent11: Bought clarry in this week. Feels so much better.
ceaserr16: Off the pine chandler
bhg26: Ill probably trade boost bring him in next week
Loggy17: is there a set number of points allocated to each game or do players just get what they get? sometimes seems when 1 play
bhg26: 3300 total points for the game loggy
Loggy17: when 1 player gets more points, others lose points without doing clangers
Crave: 3300 total points
Loggy17: cheers bhg
zadolinnyj: Did gc grab the lookalike for rankine
bhg26: Chandler on fire
sc_god: the lookalike was drafted in 2019 tho
Cottees: Who picked up Powell. Going huuge
zadolinnyj: Would be good to see Rowell back to early days
tor01doc: bhg. – you seeing into the future?
Legix: what a goal Chandler
ceaserr16: bhg26 as you were saying haha
bhg26: What a goal
Cascadian: Oliver makes a lot of mistakes
Cottees: bhg. You’re insane at calling goals mate. keep it going please
bhg26: That?s 3 times that happened today ceaserr lmao
bhg26: Pedlar Taranto and now Chandler
pcaman2003: Is Grundy okay? Not playing much
Urbs: Wil Powell possibly the greatest to ever do it imo
bhg26: My Anderson punt in fantasy starting well with 2 stints on the bench already
BigChief: bhg you also called Hoppers goal.
zadolinnyj: Does stewy dew dream he is Pac-Man eating opposition players
bhg26: Wow that?s 4 then, this is too much power
Cottees: bhg. send me your power please master
bhg26: No
Cottees: Fair call. It is too much power for one person lol
penguins00: bhg what are the next winning lottery numbers?
bhg26: Keeping them to myself penguins
Pavs: Use them when your team plays Penguins team perhaps bhg. lol
pcaman2003: Grundy back to the bench again. Lol!
_newcomber: bhg surely tell me who sydneys sub will be
bhg26: Not even my powers can do that pavs
BigChief: Sheldrick should be the sub.
bhg26: Probably Sheldrick newcomber
DANGERous: i had Powell until this morning, smh
_newcomber: dang there goes my hollands loop
BigChief: Powell great value at 480k def
bhg26: Do something Anderson
bhg26: And he?s on the bench
navy_blues: hi all home from local footy
pcaman2003: Having Clarry as C is looking very shaky.
BigChief: Okay Clarry, remove finger from backside.
Pav300: gee Humphrey B Bear is a big unit
Davo27: Fire up Clarry
Gotigres: Captain fail for me this week with Oliver
pcaman2003: Gotigres. Don’t worry! Whoever I seem to pick these days fails.
navy_blues: dont give up on clarry yet
Davo27: Carry is picking up steam, big last half m8
Davo27: JVR stop going backwards
slydon: tellin me gotigres i capped taranto
Cottees: slydon, could of been a lot worse. He did minimum
BigChief: Ballard not well atm
hmmmm: keep the faith in clarry boys, TT got to 120 odd after 14 at QT. back the boys
slydon: has kozzie caught him in the face with his boot as he ran past?
bhg26: Oliver also had a 20 possession quarter this year
slydon: yeah i know im not regretting it considering i took it off clarry for it
Gotigres: Do you have Ollie as captain pcaman?
sc_god: clarry shouldve had 2 clangers that quarter
pcaman2003: I wish Grundy would stop giving frees away. Less than 120 this week and trade to English
pcaman2003: Gotigres. Yes I do. Blame me for his score.
sc_god: grundy going to ebd up loaing 40k in the last 2 weeks at best..
Yelse: its a very low possession game any reason ? wet up there?
pcaman2003: sc-god I’ve given him enough rope. It might be time to upgrade before it’s too late.
Ash777: bought in powell this week
pcaman2003: Grundy is a real potato this week.And Oliver is the invisible man
sc_god: grundy always going to lose a shit load with the 158 b/e
Cottees: Wtf is happening to Melbourne. Is Gold Coast suddenly good without Miller? lol
bhg26: Wtf Oliver what is that scaling
sc_god: as i predicted, atkins is a spud
NickyD: Grundy always getting less gametime, same role as Jackson last year. Not great for consistent high scoring.
_Wang_: Oliver is like boat gets points for breathing
a1trader: Collingwood could use a guy like Grundy
Ash777: What NickyD said.
Gotigres: Did Oliver wake up?
PigeonPies: grundy makes us worse as a team, doesnt even try tap to a team mate
beerent11: Look at clarry go
NickyD: @a1trader – then we wouldn’t have Titch. Also Frampton > Grundy 🙂
mattmac24: It’s a win for me if Grundy stays below Ratugolea. Traded Gr
pcaman2003: mattmac. I think your safe Grundy was up to 58 last qtr,now 48.
a1trader: lol, so if Grundy was still at Collingwood he wouldn’t be getting a game?
wadaramus: Pretty good game of footy.
Gotigres: Whenever my opp has Fritsch he goes 120
Hazza09: Ffs Chandler get to 75
Crave: super quarter for Anderson
Hazza09: Who?s tagging Clarry?
hmmmm: swallow
Loggy17: swalow Hazza
frenzy: david
BigChief: Don’t stop now Clarry.
pcaman2003: Can someone please give Grundy some charity touches?
sc_god: wasnt grundy on 58 at 1/2 time?
Spifflicat: Grundy was on 39pts 15m into Q1
pcaman2003: sc-god. I said that a few comments ago. He’s having a real mare. Just did another clanger.What a joke.
slydon: it never made sense to me why the picked up grundy in the first place
Cottees: What is the record for frees against Just saw grundy is on 7 lol
sc_god: wtf 7 FA’s. wonder what the most frees kicks against a player has given, 7 is a good effort!
runners47: Come on Chandler – get off the pine and be Friends with the Sherrin!
pcaman2003: Anyway. Definitely trading up to English this week. Grundy is done.
duckky: Most frees against was 13 by Mark Williams (Coll) in 1983 vs Carl. Next worst Max Walker (Melb) with 12 in 1969 v StK
Cottees: How does a player manage that many frees against
sc_god: thanks mate
BigChief: Great effort Chocco and Tangles.
navy_blues: gc play better without touk lol
hmmmm: why on earth did i get grundy. spud icon for me and everyone else who owns him
Ash777: Grundy only scores well as a lone ruck.
bhg26: Do something chandler
Loggy17: Fritch’s hair makes me cringe
navy_blues: cmon ollie big finish
BigChief: That was not deliberate.
Gotigres: Melbourne should sub off Gawn to give Grundy a go
BigChief: Too late Gotigres, they subbed Turner.
hmmmm: surely 7 FA is a record
BigChief: Gawn gets a gift goal.
BigChief: recomment below from duckky @hmmm
wadaramus: Grundy 2 goals 14 hit outs, 7 FA’s and a rubbish 2nd half.
Loggy17: Gotigres, great plan!
wadaramus: What a total jerkoff.
bhg26: May telling his blokes to save the fighting for the pub
pcaman2003: Gotigres. It’s hard to believe that Grundy was recently an elite ruckman.
RooBoyStu: Newman lucky to get 1, should’ve got at least 3
slydon: 2 weeks for grundy for that head high hit?
wadaramus: The AFL’s ridiculous desire to play on all the time is a stain on the game.
pcaman2003: Come back on Clarry and get that 130+
slydon: and maybe one for roos late hit
Hazza09: Get off the pine Clarry ffs
Gotigres: I’m just glad I don’t have Grundy pcaman
duckky: Now that Gil is going, perhaps so will the desire to make this just a game for TV
navy_blues: jvr hardly touched him
pcaman2003: Wada. Too right! Another reason for so many turnovers and woeful clangers.
slydon: roo clumsy but the keyword, “careless” high contact unintentional
wadaramus: Hope so duckky.
BigChief: Lemmens you flog. JVR attempting to spoil. Not dirty at all.
sc_god: JVR cooked anyway, needs to be traded.
wadaramus: Spot on pcaman. Aussie Rules Footy should be played true to it’s spirit, even at AFL level.
pcaman2003: Gotigres. I thought you had him, so you’re safe.
wadaramus: Noah going off!
Davo27: Cmon Clarry, Big Points
BigChief: Toby Greene out for GWS
pcaman2003: Can the Hawks cause an upset tonight?
Loggy17: Anderson is a serious player
Loggy17: Yes pcaman, Freo rubbish
beerent11: Anderson?s played one of the best games I?ve seen for a long time. Vs tough opponents
Gotigres: I have English and Marshall pcaman
duckky: pcaman – you are an optimist
bhg26: Anderson you gun, fantasy pick working out after all
beerent11: That?ll do for a vc clarry.
penguins00: Hawks can cause an upset
lana2146: Since touk went out Noah looks juicy
ceaserr16: bhg26 fantasy pick of the week!
pcaman2003: dukky. Not always, but I feel more positive tonight.
Loggy17: Fritch needs to take a good hrard look in the mirror and realise he looks silly
duckky: The Dees seem to forget they have to win the game, not coast on just 10 points
Ash777: Rosas has become the new Rankine
Raspel31: Charles a late out for The Coronation.
pluggerpig: massive game for Lionel
pluggerpig: i can think of a suitable quote from The Hound about the coronation
Loggy17: can someone tell Dwayne that Hunter has a freakin T in it
Loggy17: calls him Hunner
NickyD: @Raspel, luckily I have William as my (E)
Ash777: Dwayne & King the worst combo
pcaman2003: Raspel. I heard that Prince Phillip was being resurrected as a replacement
Raspel31: Lol NickyD
bhg26: That?s such a free!
lana2146: Epic finish
Baldfrog: Charles out still wont help Tottenham
BigChief: Draw anyone?
thommoae: You can do better than that, pca. Ordinary.
Raspel31: Nothing can help Spurs Bald.
lana2146: Take a bow Noah you ledgend
ceaserr16: The second coming of Jesus wouldn?t help Spurs Bald
Baldfrog: Will Kane stay Rasp?
lana2146: I?m cashing out clarry for 140
Raspel31: Not if he has a sat in it Bald. Go Clarry- and Anderson sigh.
lana2146: Draw loading?.
bhg26: There two frees in that 10 second patch for Gold Coast
beerent11: Just give Anderson? 200
bhg26: 7 point play
ceaserr16: Oh Macpherson
BigChief: Noah bog by a mile.
slydon: bit of a slug fest
royboy16: hard done by the Suns there. great game
beerent11: Nick madden can skipper again
hmmmm: bye bye chandler
beerent11: Chandler played fine
beerent11: That?s a rookie score knobs
sc_god: chandler b/e will be in the 30 range, still has a week left in him
BigChief: Will take 136 from C Clarry
vaficarra: chandler has hawks next week at MCG. He’s a specialist there so he’ll probably score another 100

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