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Chat log from R7 of 2023: Western Bulldogs vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Hawthorn, R7 of 2023

karens: bont 200sc for his 200th
GOD: it’s a new Day
navy_blues: went vc bont
Fromage: VC on English
Cottees: VC English. Scared of Bont getting tagged
GOD: do something Bontempelli,
Cascadian: Took the VC Ryan. Safe choice.
MrWalrus: Wise choice
jlitza: vintage worpedo
jlitza: normally thats ootf
Troglodyte: Lobb. Boo. That is all for now.
navy_blues: CD missed bonts inside 50 kick to williams
Pavs: Agree Navy isn’t that 2 goal assists to Bont?
navy_blues: yep
Pavs: They will fix it at Quarter time
MrWalrus: Knew I should have fielded Greene
Cottees: Walrus, I am forced to field him haha
Troglodyte: Has Worpel taken Day’s role 🙁
TheFlagger: lift english
pcaman2003: Go Worps! Keep that up lad.
Cascadian: Stay low Will Day
navy_blues: bont on bench to long
MrWalrus: Have the hawks forgotten how rubbish they are?
sc_god: if you knew why didnt you field him then?
beerent11: Beautiful Bont three more qtrs like this will be perfect.
sc_god: surprised by bonts score. should be on at least 35
pcaman2003: Walrus. A bit unkind there mate. 2 more new debutants today.A very young inexperienced team.
navy_blues: i like young mitchell
Fromage: Lift English
TheFlagger: Worpedo
Cascadian: Gee whiz so far happy that I didn?t go Bont as C
Vultures: Walrus barracks for a potatoe, don’t feel too bad pca lol
bhg26: And now bonts shit, lovely
TheFlagger: english do someting
beerent11: Okay Timmy time to do a jelly
pcaman2003: Vultures. mGood to see someone understands.Cheers!
suns4ever: cant believe i had Toby MClean on my bench for 75% of preseason
beerent11: The hawks are doing a great job of sharking English
Cottees: Hawks definitely have missed Lewis
beerent11: Lewis has been hitting the protein
RooBoyStu: Water Closet WILL WIN tonight, Visy Blues will lose their next 6. Get on the Eagle Rock!
pcaman2003: Hawks pressure been good 2 weeks in a row. Hope they keep it up.
bhg26: Come on bontemsmelli
TheFlagger: yes timothy
beerent11: Water closet?
ausgooner: Him English
navy_blues: wish i could tell the future like some think they can tarot cards no doubt
BigChief: Stu still dribbling shit about horse racing on a footy site.
pcaman2003: FFS Worps. ZStop the ridiculous clangers mate.
RooBoyStu: Lol Eagle Rock = West Coast BigChief
RooBoyStu: Go to bed BigChief past your bedtime mate
RooBoyStu: WC = water closet
TheFlagger: stay low day
beerent11: Long way to go but English is the closest thing to dean cox since dean cox
TheFlagger: ffs
lana2146: Day ya bloody beauty
PigeonPies: unlucky flagger
beerent11: Willy boy!
RooBoyStu: Rubbish Beer Goldy miles ahead
PigeonPies: i started day, doing better than i expected
suns4ever: welcome to the game bont <3
RooBoyStu: Geez Bulldogs struggling this year, Bev will be bald lol
bhg26: Funny, people talking about all time ruckmen but fail to mention callum sinclair. Everyone in here is delusional
lana2146: Booom
navy_blues: another ga to bont
pluggerpig: david rodan has an amusing little grin every goal
lana2146: No way that was high on day lol
beerent11: I love goldy but even at his best I think English has more midfielder quality than the great man.
RooBoyStu: Was high every ‘day’ of the week lol
pluggerpig: dean cox was a bloody great ruck for a long time.. great sc scorer too
RooBoyStu: Peter Everitt too and Alex Ischenko
bushranger: Big Cox a fantasy lock for a long time
pluggerpig: my first every fantasy team was full of saints. spider, lowe.. steven sziller! late 90s playing DT in the newspaper
RooBoyStu: Lazor ‘nightclub’ Vidovic underrated ruckman
bhg26: My word you guys are old lol
RooBoyStu: Oui pluggerpig i played that too
RooBoyStu: Everyone gets old bhg, every day one day older
bhg26: Yeah well my mob are making me age faster than most
pcaman2003: Happy with the Hawks first half. Do it again 2nd half boys.
sc_god: he are old bhg, but the sad thing is young fella you’re home every weekend on FF lol
bhg26: Ill be like hans moleman
Fromage: Hawks in for another close one
bhg26: Cheers mate
TheFlagger: polly farmer was the most dominant ruck ive ever seen
RooBoyStu: Scgod lol alcohol drinks too expensive out for the young ones on student welfare
beerent11: Nice to Errol back bhg
beerent11: *see Errol back
Raspel31: Hmm- perhaps English not capped this week.
bhg26: Yeah beer, but im losing more of my sanity every week
RooBoyStu: Any way all off to the G, hope we get within 50, always be kind to your mum, miss mine every day
navy_blues: doubt it
the dud: Damn- I went Weightman Captain
sc_god: Fergus is cooked with Lewis back
beerent11: He?s been a much better cashcow than I expected though sc god
Nurfed: good news is if he stays on 0 you can vc loop still dud hahah
pluggerpig: weightman out there playing dodgeball. how can you not come into contact with the footy at all in a half
bhg26: Thats about what i did in juniors plugger
Crave: dogs fans were malding that lloyd didn’t put him in top 5 small forwards too
TheLegend6: blatant free kick missed
ausgooner: you really judging weightman on half a game of footy lmao
bhg26: When you dont have a single stat except a clanger gooner, you can rightfully be judged
BigChief: Wrong Nurfed. He would get what Weightman scored.
the dud: Just 159 points behind my VC
lana2146: Days a absolute weapon
wadaramus: A donut is a donut, you earn the right to be sledged.
RooBoyStu: Lucky he’s not Indigenous wada, might take offence
TheLegend6: Get on the field Jiath
Nurfed: youre a spud rooboy
DrSeuss: If JJ is out because Bont stood on his hand….will not be happy
beerent11: Bakers getting a ton of ball.
Cascadian: Good Comeback from Oskar Baker this quarter
bullet08: seamus off
TheFlagger: what the fuck
sc_god: mitchell subbed
bhg26: No way they fucking subbed of Mitchell
RooBoyStu: If I’m a spud you’re a casava
lana2146: Tactical sub Mitchell out of the game
Legix: why would they sub mitchell
beerent11: Glad I took wilmot
TheLegend6: I hate the sub rule
RooBoyStu: Talk tomorrow all Go Roos
beerent11: Like for like with scrim. Mitchell probably starts sub next week.
frenzy: hawks tanking
BigChief: OMG Weightman got a disp.
Nurfed: weightman impacftul play there
RooBoyStu: If you’re relying on Mitchell delete team
GOD: Mitchell u idiot!
Bazza2023: bahahahah weightman
bhg26: Ff cooked
Cascadian: Frozen
slydon: weightman is straight garbage ive hated that flop since he came into the league. cant hold his own body up in contact
Gotigres: Do something Greene
BigChief: I think m0nty fell off his chair when Weightman touched the ball.
TheGoffy: How good is Cody Weightman?
obbynl: i was fielding mitchell lol
Bazza2023: is weightman turned into homer?
DaicosQB: Surprised they don’t shove Weightman into the middle when he hasn’t got a touch so he can atleast see the ball
Gotigres: I didn’t mean collide with the post Greene you spud
navy_blues: lol
wadaramus: Weightman eats his delicious pink donut and when finished decides to get a kick.
TheLegend6: Where is Bont
beerent11: Reeves has done a great job
Wheels31: Greene injured?
GOD: C on Oliver or Daicos?
wadaramus: Actually it was a lazy handball from the donut king.
bullet08: would say oliver god – daicos will be tagged
wadaramus: WHy is GOD asking, he is all knowing?
Legix: Daicos will 99% be tagged GOD
bullet08: wouldve thought you had it on marshall last night tho?
beerent11: English to go big this qtr won?t need the c
slydon: yeah man austin reeves is a goat, future of the lakers
Crave: English 8 disposal only 3 contested at 50% must have a million HTAs
Social: with ya there beer
slydon: daicos will get tagged and? hell still get 40 and 2 goals
Legix: slydon i suspect keays will keep him below 30
pcaman2003: Worpel would be so good IF he could get the clangers down and DE up.
beerent11: Laird still playing as far as we know?
BigChief: Only 5 today pcaman. That’s an improvement
beerent11: Needs to get going social
slydon: legix, do you really need a bombers fan to tell you that kid is the best player in the league and nothing can stop him?
wadaramus: Day fizzling out, ton up man!
TheLegend6: Something wrong with English, fumbling and dropping marks
pcaman2003: Chief. He’s so unpredictable. Good one week, then terrible another. Disposal needs massive improvement.
wadaramus: The Bont bonus is in full swing, Day worthy of similar SC score.
TheFlagger: fantastic english captain. the one week he doesnt go 130
runners47: Get off the pine, Worpel!
beerent11: Looks buggered legend
sc_god: nah he doesnt
pcaman2003: Sorry guys.! Forgot to mention Voodoo doll on English this week. Is it working?
wadaramus: Why not?
obbynl: whats gonna be greene’s be after this
BigChief: Reeves has beaten English easily today.
wadaramus: Does he really deserve 30SC more?
TheLegend6: Can’t believe Mitchel got subbed, what a joke
hmmmm: -3 to sam mitchell for subbing seamus of all people
beerent11: Reckon Mitchell might start as the sub next week with scrim back
TheFlagger: day frozen
GOD: buy English at big discount..I will!
Grimes Jr: cmon macca lift
BigChief: With 6 mins to go would McLean really want to play?
wadaramus: The sub is a fukn stupid idea BC.
wadaramus: Sit there for 2 and a half hours and get asked to play 5 mins.
BigChief: Agreed wada. Almost the worst thing AFL has done.
pcaman2003: Another poor 2nd half from Worpel. He just has to change things.
_Wang_: Apologies to English owners I boguht him in this week
navy_blues: bont needs a goal
J.Worrall: Well don’t bog hut him again, Wang
wadaramus: sc_god, any reason why Bont deserves to be +30SC on Day?
TheFlagger: efficiency wada
J.Worrall: * or is that hog but?
pcaman2003: We go well for a while, then end up with shower last quarters.
Pavs: Thoughts on Cripps as Captain?
J.Worrall: * or hot bug?
wadaramus: 3 extra muppets, but he has 7 more possessions?
beerent11: Should be good pavs
sc_god: 3 c more clangers 4 less tackles
GOD: GOD approves, C on Cripps
pluggerpig: i’d never go Cripps C. but thats because i dont have him.
wadaramus: 6 tackels vs 2 but 1 goal vs 1 point.
Kekkington: Bont has 4 goals assists & 1 turnover comapred to 0 goal assists & 6 turnovers
sc_god: uncontested footy tho, contested and clearances similar
pluggerpig: seriously though cripps seems like the sort of guy to put up a 50 if you have the C on him and 150 if you dont
Kekkington: & ofc Bont has more tackles
TheFlagger: junk it baker
sc_god: there you go, mic drop
wadaramus: 7 more possessions and a goal vs a point, 30SC differential is not right.
daniel87: looks like im going to have to get supercoach fav player bont
J.Worrall: … an its seagull time. Who will take avantage?
BigChief: McAndrew my best C all year.
sc_god: it should be more than 30 tbh
beerent11: Think I?ll back naicos in tag or no tag.
pcaman2003: Clangers 64 to 43 really kills our games.
pcaman2003: beer. I’m with you on that .Have V on Ollie and C on Naics.
beerent11: Day was a nice enough upgrade from Cowan
wadaramus: 13 contested vs 10? 6 clearances each?
GOD: Hawks lose again!
obbynl: should i take the vc from bont or go for daicos
J.Worrall: Bont imo obby
beerent11: Take Bont
Social: 125 in the bank
frenzy: yuck
BigChief: Guaranteed 125 obby.
Cascadian: Daics
sc_god: yes exactly, plus twice as many inside 50’s, 4 goal assists to 0. let it go, its just fantasy footy no need to cry bud
wadaramus: 30 possessiont to 20, it’s absolute BS sc_god!
pcaman2003: GOD. Didi you expect something different from an inexperienced side?
Raspel31: I’m sticking with the English 90.
pcaman2003: Go for it Raspel and be brave. So very brave.
sc_god: he had 10 more iunconsted stats, bug deal thats worth peanuts

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