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Chat log from R7 of 2023: Sydney vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Sydney vs Western Sydney, R7 of 2023

Troglodyte: Go the Giants
TheFlagger: vc Jelly
Gotigres: Cogs to get sub 70 today
Troglodyte: Hoping to see some Buddy and Greene goal fest too
Rebuild: Good stuff Bedford!
bhg26: Fucking hell heeney
Baldfrog: Cmon seagull
bhg26: good start again boys
Troglodyte: Due to a pigment shortage, witches hats will only be manufactured in red going forward
Spifflicat: Buckley trying to run off Buddy, that could be genius or death
JayEm: Pull the finger out Mills
Troglodyte: Come on Callaghan, one more game young fella
bhg26: Must have been a miskick from ladhams, no way he actually kicked a goal
bhg26: Wtf was that free
Troglodyte: You might have the bye again this week bhg
Spifflicat: Hands in the back bag
bhg26: If thats a free spiff Buddys kicking 2000 goals
clay007: Quick question to the SC Gods-If you kick the ball and it gets spoiled but not marked, is that effective or clanger?
bhg26: About to go to bed already. Dont think we have any forwards playing
travo: @clay i think if its longer than 30 metres then yes
Spifflicat: Since when did Ben Stokes sign up for the swans?
bhg26: We look as woeful as last week
TheLegend6: Finn finally coming good – about 3 weeks too late
clay007: Thanks Travo-weird to have a distance disclaimer
bhg26: At least it looks like more than 1 player may get 20 disposals
DrSeuss: Where is Gulden playing? 3 possessions is terrible
GOD: sub on for Sydney yet? not good of u horse making a first gamer the sub
PowerBug: Where he usually plays: half forward with a bit of midfield
TheFlagger: mills playing back or midfield? cheers
travo: @clay not 100% sure but read somewhere if kick is over x distance then its auto an effective.
DrSeuss: Cheers PowerBug – Sydney just off the boil so far perhaps?
Troglodyte: lol CD got the Green(e)s mixed up
clay007: I think they just make up the scores Travo tbh.
Dredd: Keep going Buckley and Haynes
travo: True
TigerTime1: kelly on 24 seems low
DrSeuss: Nice comeback from Errol to finish that qtr
bhg26: I cannot believe it, a mark inside 50
Troglodyte: Why is Whitfield being tagged?
Raspel31: Boom- just home. Callaghan-really? No complaints.
bhg26: Why is it so easy for them to score
BigChief: Swans a better team without Franklin. You agree bhg?
Spifflicat: Angwin has some speed
bhg26: Yes bigchief, not buddys fault but we always kick it to him when hes the worst mark in our forward line
bhg26: Only we make the giants look good
MrWalrus: The original seagull is soaring today
pluggerpig: i much prefer the look of the swans without Buddy. far less predictable and dangerous. Has been that way for years.
Cascadian: Go Callaghan glad I didn?t trade him out
bhg26: Do it yourself Ladhams!
PigeonPies: wouldnt mind if josh kelly did anything, pod letting me down
navy_blues: wow gws on a flyer
RooBoyStu: 3 votes sydney…. L Parker
Troglodyte: The fans need whatever remaining Buddy magic we can get
Spifflicat: That is holding the ball everyday
navy_blues: cmon bhg rev em up need sydney to win this
Raspel31: You would have been happy JHF had a good game last night RooBoy?
Troglodyte: Polled votes for sure Rasp
RooBoyStu: Where was he last week Raspel, like Melbourne Weather, one in 2 weekends good.
bhg26: Any danger of you know, manning up
DrSeuss: Blue Moon for Callaghan already?
bhg26: Swans are playing like my saints in the prem
bhg26: Isnt sport great?
Cascadian: Come on seagull get going mate
Raspel31: Havenen’t been so excited bhg since Spurs lost 6-1 to Newcastle- and I’m a SPURS MAN.
RooBoyStu: Emily Angwin struggling for GWS, needs to go to Carlton
sc_god: no one cares
RooBoyStu: Angwin GWS needs a microphone icon lol
bullet08: whats sheldricks role?
bhg26: you’re fun sc_god
suns4ever: get involved jelly
TheLegend6: Everton fan here bhg, we’re a bit like the tiges atm haha
navy_blues: hayward always seems to get a goal
suns4ever: always an anytime goal scorer on the multi navy
navy_blues: be good choice anytime goal scorer
RooBoyStu: I’m a Leeds Utd fan, praying we stay up. Great Grandparents were from Leeds Yorkshire
Troglodyte: Man City for me
bhg26: bs trogs, there are no city fans
RooBoyStu: Lol bhg
Dredd: How good is the Toon! Never in my lifetime thought I’d see us be so good! Champions League here we come!
Raspel31: Indeed- investors yes- fans-no.
navy_blues: omg buddy
Dredd: Not since the days of Santiago Munez (reason I got for Newcastle)
bullet08: with ya dredd. serious team we are
bhg26: Only he can score a free kick with his opposite foot dredd
Pav300: Howay the lads Dredd!
Dredd: We are incredible now Bullet.. Isak is fkn special.. his assist yesterday was something else..
Cascadian: Go Callaghan you absolute gun!
Raspel31: We had you Dredd- except for the first 5 goals in 25 minutes.
TigerTime1: it baffles me that Sydney doesn’t get one of their best ball users in Mills the ball
Dredd: Hahaha Raspel.. that was insane. Feel bad for you blokes.. the players who have are so good, especially up top..
TheFlagger: why even play sheldrick. 59% tog
pluggerpig: have i ever said how great sydney look with buddy as the only target
bhg26: Ladhams selling candy now, game over AFL
PigeonPies: thanks kelly
Legix: get a kick Jelly
oc16: ladhams playing out of his skin
Raspel31: Gulden and Callaghan- thought of pulling the plug. How the SC Gods change.
JohnHoward: cogs u sexy sexy wog
karens: heloo jon
bhg26: Ha, whitfield thought he could tackle chad
navy_blues: think mills is being wasted
lana2146: There?s gonna be some massive scores this weekend I?m projected 2644 and few others in my league 2709+
bhg26: Hes been in the mid navy
lana2146: SC classic
Raspel31: Means you’ll end up with 2200 lana.
lana2146: Sorry Raspel no jelly fish please
TheFlagger: binga
TheFlagger: my antipod – Gulden. My pod – Jelly. Enjoyed last week while it lasted lol
Raspel31: Jelly- fish- moi lana? How wery wude.
MrWalrus: Imagine how well you’d be going without useless Marshall lana
TheOnyas: onya greeny
agnte3: Kelly loves the bench
jlitza: oh mills…
Yelse: would you C bontempelli or Oliver given their opponents
bhg26: Sheather has a trampoline on his chest
jlitza: horse refusing to put him inside ffs
karens: noice cogs and gulden
MrWalrus: Hawks tag Yelse, always a risk against them
Urbs: Mills has been playing both inside and outside, but yes, doesn’t seem to be first choice at the centre bounce
Pavs: CD loves Bont yelse. consistency English chance of a huge number Bont
bhg26: Whos keeping up with bont spuddy
Raspel31: Marshall, Gulden and Callaghan gone next week- rage trades.
Pavs: Not English meant Oliver Soz
bhg26: 15.3 fuck off
karens: r u pedalling fast minty?
Raspel31: Who did you VC Yelse?
bhg26: Bedford needs to learn to bounce the ball
pcaman2003: Where was this effort last week Errol. Good to see cum to play.
Raspel31: luving you long time Gulden.
TimT14: I VC’d Tom greens and will loophole
Social: they were all a bit trepidatious last week pca
TheFlagger: surely not
bhg26: Blakey has been woeful
suns4ever: good comeback so far Jelly lets get to 90 from here please
bhg26: Just kick the fucking ball!
Raspel31: A fine word trepidatious Social but you will have confused your audience.
bhg26: Thats a fucking throw!
clay007: Are you riding every kick bhg?
navy_blues: oh my
jlitza: dermie called it
clay007: Are you ok bhg?
Grimes Jr: up the giants
Spifflicat: Toooooooobbbbyyyyy!!!!!!
hmmmm: greene machineee
Raspel31: Whoopsy.
feralmong: go giants
Dredd: Buckley and Haynes going huge late!
TheFlagger: what a choke
Cottees: bhg, Sydney lost to themselves lol kick straighter
beerent11: Jelly boy!
TheFlagger: Kelly huge last quarter salvaged a 50 odd at 3qt
suns4ever: huge quarter jelly
PigeonPies: thank god it was a close game for kelly
Gotigres: wow
TheLegend6: what a finish
sc_god: choke job boy oh boy!!
navy_blues: ouch
suns4ever: sydney suck
bhg26: That fucking throw in our forward 50 fucked the game
Social: a feeling of woe or dread or fear for what might happen
suns4ever: man up on toby greene bhg was always going to him
TheLegend6: Star toby
Wheels31: It’s a big big sound
Pav300: cracker game
Spifflicat: Rubbish, outplayed bhg
Urbs: What a game!
Urbs: I imagine Toby will have a medal next to his name shortly
sc_god: rubbish bhg, lack of ticker cost the game
bhg26: Saying that, we are total fucking shit.
bhg26: Dont think we are making finals, we are disgraceful
Social: the GF has flowered with their minds
TheFlagger: shame on anyone who boos a champion
bhg26: i now have zero fucking faith in us

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