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Chat log from R7 of 2023: Brisbane vs Fremantle

Chat log for Brisbane vs Fremantle, R7 of 2023

frenzy: lights are on, but nobody home
navy_blues: afternoon all
Legix: lads
NewFreoFan: I’ve never been less optimistic for a game of footy
Fromage: Come on serong
zadolinnyj: Lads and Wends if she is here
bushranger: Afternoon Navy
TheLegend6: Hoping Serong doesn’t go crazy so I can bring him in next week as a POD still
navy_blues: omg look brodie 100% TOG
zadolinnyj: Need 25 touch strong so hope that is ok legend
bhg26: This is truly a special moment navy
Que Cerra: Surely it is a glitch Navy. Can’t be real
navy_blues: might never see it again bhg lol
TheLegend6: Same Zad haha, 25 ineffective touches would be great
navy_blues: think this might be a 50+ win coming
Que Cerra: Well I for one am hoping Serong goes big. Sorry Legend
DaicosQB: Wonder if Gunston will find a way not to look miserable today,
DaicosQB: That might help
MrWalrus: Freo look awful so far, on the plus side that’s good for Ryan owners.
Que Cerra: Will Brodie no longer 100% ToG 🙁
navy_blues: 1 of the most selfish players is cameron never looks for teammate
TheLegend6: Why is Wilmot playing forward? This a new thing?
Legix: Legend i think he has been rotating forward most of the season
navy_blues: stay low lachie might get you this week
thommoae: Rubbish navy. They lokk for him to goals from … just about anywhere. That’s why they got Jezza.
MrWalrus: Dunno but glad I have a loop option on him, not looking like a fwd at all
thommoae: Unless yer talking about Charlie. (My bad.) :/
Gotigres: I traded out Ashcroft for Cogs this week
bhg26: McCluggage on fire
navy_blues: charlie cameron not jeremy thommoae lmao
Baldfrog: Daniher is as selfish as charlie probably why Mcstay left Navy
MrWalrus: Got Ashcroft on loop too
TheFlagger: who traded mckenna?
MrWalrus: Freo have settled, might be an ok game
thommoae: Apologies navy. Pre-derby anxiety?
navy_blues: freo kicking hurting them
TheLegend6: Johnson on loop too, or covering Laird, either way
PigeonPies: shrek is in some great form since that 40 odd score
sc_god: i traded him, pretty filthy atm. hopefully stays sub 80
travo: rack’em up lachie.. traded in Laird but doubts on him so switched to neale
navy_blues: yeah if laird out few will get caught out being last game
BigChief: Kick it Serong ffs
TheLegend6: Clug 20+ was a bit of a poor selection
sc_god: ppl should assume laird will not play
MrWalrus: What’s wrong with Laird?
bhg26: calf tightness spuddy
navy_blues: no probs at all thommo
PowerBug: People should assume Laird will play
PigeonPies: calf issue
PowerBug: Everyone involved with the club (CEO, Brodie Smith, Laird himself) said he’ll play.
frenzy: Clug started slow last week
navy_blues: calf walrus doubts wether he will/wont play
suns4ever: is a contested effective handball not worth more than a ineffective kick Chief?
Troglodyte: Wimot going massive… lol can’t do it
MrWalrus: Depends who does it I reckon suns
sc_god: crows coach has said he expects him not to play
GOD: Laird out, thanks for the update and good news!
navy_blues: vc bont or english no doubt i will choose wrong way lol,
TheLegend6: Laird won’t be confirmed until 4pm tomorrow
MrWalrus: Lucky you didn’t VC Marshall, bloke is a liability.
navy_blues: what a goak
TheLegend6: Ashcroft goal of the year
DrSeuss: Where is Brayshaw playing this week? Longmuir still playing him forward of the ball?
suns4ever: theres the goty
MrWalrus: Ashcroft just kicked goal of the century
sc_god: will goatcroft
navy_blues: yeah true walrus
PigeonPies: thats goal of the year, lock it in
Dredd: Charlie just said to Will “We’ll go halves for goal of the year”
Baldfrog: If you didn’t VC Marshall you should give up SC
Cottees: Ashcroft going huge this quarter
navy_blues: bout time ashcroft got going on 5 at qtr time
DrSeuss: Awesome – Wilmot on my bench about to outscore Brayshaw – get involved Andy
GOD: C’mon Darcy, u have a dud oppo today!
pcaman2003: Afternoon people! I see Serong has definitely taken over from Brayshaw this season.
Dredd: Setterfield to Serong a good choice so far.. 60 BE was hard not to go Serong
suns4ever: imagine trading out ashcroft
Que Cerra: I went Brayshaw to Serong a few weeks ago
DrSeuss: Not sure if it is Serong – or Brayshaw has just been terrible – looks slow
m0nty: Ashcroft 38 DT in the first 10 minutes of Q2
Gotigres: I don’t have to imagine suns4ever
TheFlagger: mckenna frozen
MrWalrus: Brayshaw has been good in real life, fantasy scoring is down though.
TheFlagger: brayshaw is playing through injury
Gotigres: Johnson reported
JohnHoward: rip to my rookies, your a joke johnson
navy_blues: johnson goig on holidays
BigChief: 3/4 week holiday for Johnson
navy_blues: going even
MrWalrus: That’s a report now? Footy is becoming a joke.
BigChief: And that comment shows why you still have the spud icon
TheLegend6: Cmon Mckenna back amongst it
Dredd: Did Freo really make a SF last year?? They are woeful
NewFreoFan: Absolutely a report Walrus
MrWalrus: Please, he’ll get a week tops, not sure Matchday report was needed
MrWalrus: Why a report? MRP can look at it, actually reporting the bloke is a bit extreme
TheLegend6: Drove head into the ground, it’ll be 3+
navy_blues: he will get more than a week for sure
navy_blues: will day got 2 weeks for 1 that wasnt nearly as bad as that
BigChief: Just as bad as Broad.
bhg26: What is that mckenna score? CD lagging?
suns4ever: wilmot at BE glad i held
Vultures: Umpires often report the player as a means to ease the tension..
LuvIt74: Those who dont have Ryan please bring him in your defence ASAP as he is very consistant
PigeonPies: freo are so shit
MrWalrus: There was no sling or second action, arms not pinned, think you’ll find it was shoulder first.
navy_blues: -6 bhg
DrSeuss: Brayshaw runs into space twice in a row – Freo backs kick it to a contest both times
Troglodyte: Flea-mantle can start planning end of season trip
Raspel31: Just home- hello all. Overinvested in Lions players but, so far so good.
MrWalrus: Lol chief, are you after my spud champ?
RooBoyStu: Lift Neale vc
gazza39: Wow pidgeon, do you have the winning lotto numbers too, such insight…
RooBoyStu: Did you ring the doorbell Raspel lol ding dong
NewFreoFan: No need to make Tassie a 19th team, just send us there, end this misery
TheFlagger: wilmot going nuts
DrSeuss: Haha nice gift for Brayshaw there
BigChief: Tassie doesn’t want that rabble NFF
NewFreoFan: Fair call Chief
Raspel31: Lol TheFlagger- but, better than expected.
RooBoyStu: Serong the real deal, a must have now
Cascadian: Ryno consistent as always
MrWalrus: Will Ashcroft is so good, keep forgetting it’s his first year
MrWalrus: I’m not sure Johnson will get done, not sure it is head contact & Zorko contributed massively
Cottees: If Day got 2, Johnson deserves more lol
NewFreoFan: They do have dumb precedent of punishing the outcome more than the action. Who knows how Johnson will fare
MrWalrus: I’d have been ok with one for Day, Johnson probably 1 as well but can’t rule out none or 2
MrWalrus: I’d put my house on it not being 4 like some suggested though
Fromage: Which team will relocate to Tas? Roos or Hawks?
Fromage: Or their own team?
MrWalrus: Iwn team is the plan
RooBoyStu: Merge the 2 teams without a flag Freo and GC and start a team in Tassie.
RooBoyStu: Call them Gold Floggers lol
NewFreoFan: Watch us find a quarter’s worth of form from nowhere and turn this around ridiculously
navy_blues: lol
MrWalrus: There’s 3 flagless teams RBS
NewFreoFan: Throw the Saints in there too, 1 flag in 150 years may as well be none
LuvIt74: MrWalrus how can you put your house on it when u rent…lol
RooBoyStu: At Walrus include GWS then in a 3 way merge, that way still even teams lol
bhg26: Whats happened to mccluggage?
RooBoyStu: 16 clubs
NewFreoFan: 19/20 clubs will be too many
MrWalrus: What are you talking about Luvit? Are you failing at humour or just being a flog?
RooBoyStu: Ironically Freo played Fitzroy in their last match
Vultures: too many now, the talent is spread out way too thin
Troglodyte: Word is NT and Norwood are working on bids for 20th team
NewFreoFan: 100% Vultures. Should have stopped at 16
MrWalrus: Qantus lost him and the replacement is no good bhg
RooBoyStu: NT team lol sponsored by beer
RooBoyStu: Get off the bench Brayshaw
gazza39: Lol Rooboy deflecting from the rabble team that has never been relevant
Spifflicat: TAS will be marginal population wise, NT is pure fantasyland
feralmong: The NT Crocs and the Tassie Freaks
TheLegend6: 15 touches McKenna, lets lift
navy_blues: lol gazza
RooBoyStu: gazza39 we have 4 trophies in our cabinet, hows the dust in yours?
Troglodyte: Isn’t a statute of limitation on bragging about trophies over 20 years old
Troglodyte: *Isn’t there
PowerBug: 19 since the last Power one, can still mention it yay
RooBoyStu: Trog worry about your team mate not making the Finals for 2 decades
Vultures: Give me Collingwood’s history before say.. Nearly all of them lol
Troglodyte: G’day Bug. How good was JHF last night
gazza39: Thank Peter Bell for that, been a joke for the last 10 years
navy_blues: 4 in nearly a century of footy lol think freo still have time to beat that
NewFreoFan: 4 flags in 154 years for North, one per 38.5 years, we’ve got time for our first
NewFreoFan: Actually, didn’t count the VFA
Troglodyte: My team have made finals recently RooPoo
sc_god: chat hilarious at the moment
RooBoyStu: Saints only 1 and Doggies 2, last one umps gave it to dogs, so North aren’t that bad
suns4ever: rooboy wasnt even in his dads knackers last time they won a flag
NewFreoFan: Clearly a Lions free
MrWalrus: Collingwood have lost way more GFs than any other team, not exactly ideal
Raspel31: Norff are simply amazing- useless- but amazing.
RooBoyStu: Peter Bell after winning his 2nd flag with us, left to help Freo Floggers but even he couldn’t help the anchored club.
Cascadian: Come on lads settle down
NewFreoFan: We must have bribed the umpires
RooBoyStu: Suns4ever I’m 43 seen 2 flags, something you will never see
MrWalrus: Not insufficient intent either
bhg26: Has Mckenna gone home?
MrWalrus: LOL, RBS on the angry pills today showing that shinboner spirit
RooBoyStu: Last flag we beat the paper bag salary cap cheats lol
TheLegend6: McKenna 3 touches since QT
TorturedSC: Lol RBS doesn’t take pills
Troglodyte: The voices told him not to take the pills
Raspel31: Methinks RBS has mistaken the blue pills for the pink pills today. Step up McKenna.
navy_blues: think m0nty might have a new spud candidate
MrWalrus: Why? That’s not how you get a spud.
TheLegend6: what a goal
hmmmm: ofc wilmot does okay after everybody dumps him
hmmmm: ofc wilmot does okay after everyone dumps him
Vultures: me didn’t dump
Grimes Jr: get on young, repay the faith
Vultures: Zorko subbed off Johnson 2 weeks
karens: of course zorko dead
beerent11: Still got wilma. Upgraded Cowan to day instead.
Dredd: Really a need for the red cross on Zorks? Half of the team are iced up after a game. They are just giving him a rest
MrWalrus: Wilmot likely to be one of my last trades, classic reliable slow burner
beerent11: Loop Darcy or chance seamus?
frenzy: seamus
Raspel31: Seamus for my money beer- but I’m a Pom.
MrWalrus: Zorko hammy iced, that’s not normal
Dredd: He didnt limp off or anything. Just standard procedure.. Rich limping off deserves the red cross, not Zorks tho
TheLegend6: Need some chipping around the back with McKenna
Vultures: There I was thinking how useless Rayner is
MrWalrus: Looping Ashcroft has backfired, will Laird play or not?
TheLegend6: More of that Lions would be ace
Dredd: They all take turns Vultures.. Rayner one week, Charlie another, Linc the next, then Bailey.. strength of ours
Raspel31: Having said that Dredd would you have Rayner in your team- a big NO.
pcaman2003: I think Jack should’ve stayed at the Hawks.
Vultures: Never seen Rayner put in an all game effort
RooBoyStu: Runner gave Ashcroft a comb not a drink bottle
Cascadian: Should I take Luke Ryan VC or captain the Bont?
Vultures: bont
suns4ever: always take 125
Raspel31: Bont.
karens: bonts 200th, go bont
TheFlagger: Ryan
Raspel31: I chose not to take Marshall’s 159 last night.
Rebuild: Good boy Wilmot
sc_god: did you forget the game he played againsts the pies lol? 4 goals and 10 scoring involvements
frenzy: beer go wilmot now
RooBoyStu: There’s a spud navyblues in Raspel
TheOnyas: Onya Nealey
RooBoyStu: Lachie clap clap clap
MrWalrus: 125+ bank it every day of the week unless it’s your GF
Fromage: VC on Bont or English?
Dredd: Again
suns4ever: thanks wilmot!
suns4ever: both Fromage?
Dredd: Neale kills me.. 4 times VC’d.. 2 times not, 170 and 130.. thanks mate
Fromage: @sun Yeah I have both
suns4ever: Go ryan Casca, if bont gets 150 you only lose 23 points overall
TheLegend6: Missed 3 multis this game by 1 disposal.
Cascadian: I?ll go with the Bont
suns4ever: ive gone Bont @fromage but both will go 130+ i think
RooBoyStu: Wilmot blue moon
Cascadian: Just gotta hope he doesn?t get tagged
bhg26: Whats with Brodies tog?
RooBoyStu: Who cares about your bets. Love the game not the odds
TheLegend6: fuck off RBS
bhg26: Dont worry legend, i care
bhg26: Needed ryan for 2 more and mckenna for 1
Fromage: Thx sun. I think I?ll go English to be safe lol
Social: might as well use your money to wipe your alps
bhg26: Yeah probably social

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