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Chat log from R7 of 2023: St Kilda vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for St Kilda vs Port Adelaide, R7 of 2023

Fromage: Fellas
J.Worrall: Go those Sainters.
frenzy: chaps
navy_blues: evening all
MrWalrus: Ladies and gentlemen, hope they draw.
wadaramus: Happy Friday people 🙂
Cottees: Get ready boys. I’m coming for Bont. Stewart to Doch to Saad to Miller, Bont’s turn
MrWalrus: Should be some good defending tonight for the true fans of the game.
MrWalrus: Sinclair has become an absolute unit
circle52: Only Rozee and Marshall for me tonight
MrWalrus: Same circle, VCd Marshall, just have a feeling.
MrWalrus: Shut up BT, tigers wanted to keep Higgins but saints pinched him
bhg26: Can?t believe you did it cottees
Cottees: bhg, wasn’t going to until LDU out with also Liberatore. Keeping Lib and will probably get a 0
MrWalrus: How did Stocker get the chop over Dow, O’Brien, etc?
Raspel31: Evening ladies- hoping to come within 300 of my predicted score this week.
Social: urgh we’re wearing the same dress Rasp
lana2146: Here we go Marshmallow is on the bench already lol
lana2146: Teakle will ton up tonight and smash Marshall
oc16: whats the icon in front of Butters Monty?
MrWalrus: Marshall 7?! That’s not right, stupid CD
Raspel31: Sorry Social- I’ll go and put on a new number.
Bazza2023: wood on his wrong right side. BT you are a spud
lana2146: Woods absolute gun this season
beerent11: Jhf reminds me so much of young danger.
sc_god: mashall dead
wadaramus: Marshall OK, Duursma not.
beerent11: Gone a bit early there sc god
sc_god: dont exaggerate, he hasnt tonned 3 games in a row.
MrWalrus: Marshall lives, fantasy VC on, SC VC not so much
TorturedSC: marshall there, sick of hiss good taps being sharked as his teammates are asleep, grab it and boot it.
Troglodyte: Lift Rozeeee
Social: Mitchito sausageman
navy_blues: how did JHF get away with no HTB?
beerent11: He?s fine.
clay007: Rozee’s form today not rosy.
lana2146: If teakle scores good tonight he will be a great cash cow downgrade
Bazza2023: cmon Boak, ya old bis turd
m0nty: 8 new matchup icons this week, one active tonight
wadaramus: Duursma bow?
lana2146: Or Ivan Soldo be 1 to watch this weekend
Raspel31: Keep it up Horny Francis- too many other concerns to trade you yet.
MrWalrus: Hill, how good was that.
Social: plenty of double entendre options out there tonight
beerent11: Mason/ Easton wood
slydon: literally my problem too raspel
gazza39: I have a couple of bench loopholes in play, H.Francis hopefully repays me tonight
Pavs: Port really butchering the ball tonight. Especially going forward
sc_god: so we have a junior rioli and a rioli junior, Interesting
Bazza2023: Geezus Port have been unlucky, not getting the early rub
clay007: Port rock the hyphenated name.
lana2146: Anything under 90 from Marhall tonight and I?m trading his ass to Darcy or Gawn next week
slydon: wiid still sitting, he injured?
slydon: wood** sorry
Gotigres: Is Marshall to Teakle for R2 crazy?
TheFlagger: who vc’d marshall?
Yelse: whats wrong with crouch half game on bench
lana2146: Marshall to soldo a possibility too
original: Friends is Houston score a little low? 3 tackles, 3 effective disposal, 3 marks
RooBoyStu: Last week JHF was useless, the roof this week has helped.
Cascadian: Go Sinclair you legend!
MrWalrus: Me, it’s looking ok in fantasy and CD ripping him off
TheFlagger: new emblems very nice
MrWalrus: Who could seriously be trading Marshall? I can’t believe that he’s anyone’s biggest problem
lana2146: Well Marshall is costing us 30/40 points a game so it should be a lot of people?s big problem
navy_blues: only 2 tons outta 6 tonight could be 2 out of 7 not great for a premo ruck
clay007: I want to trade in Sinclair, but worried he will be targeted by opposition coaches.
Raspel31: Gotigres- not crazy at all. Rather stupid but not crazy.
lana2146: English scoring almost 50 points more than marshall
TheFlagger: everytime i think JHF is making a good defensive effort I realise its bergman
MrWalrus: He’s 15pt ave of next after English, he’s perfectly serviceable
Gotigres: Maybe Marshall to Teakle and Wilmot to Stewart next week
lana2146: @raspel31 keeping Marshall is kind of stupid too,,,,
beerent11: Duursma out already not good for my draft team
MrWalrus: Wait, you don’t have English? Are you even trying?
Vultures: Marshall’s my VC
Bazza2023: if you havent got englich, you need to take a long walk off a short pier
beerent11: Yeah Lana, what are you? A spud?
Gotigres: The way my season is going Raspel maybe I need to do something stupid
lana2146: English my R1
MrWalrus: Marshall is as good as any R2 going currently, he’ll be fine.
beerent11: Can?t have em all Lana
Gotigres: English is my R1
bhg26: Earth to Rozee
Raspel31: Lol Gotigres and indeed MrWalrus.
lana2146: @beerent11 acting tuff towards a lady meeh
MrWalrus: Well lana you’re not losing more than 15 pts a game so far not 40
TheFlagger: butters stuck on the bench ffs
clay007: Gee-Marshall is playing well. Should I trade English for Marshall next week?
beerent11: Was a joke directed at our resident potato Lana.
lana2146: My point with selling marshall is if you can downgrade to a player like soldo or teakle and get around 80ppg why not?
MrWalrus: Equal opportunity here lana, trading Marshall when you already have English at this point seems a spud move
navy_blues: marshall on move now
TheFlagger: you want to get rookies off the field first
TorturedSC: and a bunch of cash as well Lana
Raspel31: Like many have English and Marshall- why on earth you’d want to change that astounds me.
Gotigres: When I hollered for a Marshall trade, he heard me
gazza39: I never doubted you JHF 🙂
beerent11: Rozee is so good
clay007: Steele could be on my radar soon, is that a risk?
DaicosQB: Boak I50 kick was pretty nice to look at
Hazza09: Useless Phillipou, you are so gone next week
gazza39: Steele hot and cold so far, def a close watch though
Raspel31: Game on.
Roksta: Traded philipou today. Hit the wall
MrWalrus: No more than most clay with potentially elite reward, I’m hoping for next week myself
beerent11: So much jumping at shadows in the chat tonight. Classic ff
xodeus9: JHF just wanders around every week doing nothing, i trade him out and he’s prime Judd bursting through stoppage
MrWalrus: So glad I cashed in philipou
beerent11: That?s what you get with mid pricers xodeus
Troglodyte: No mentioning JHF. You’ll upset RooStew
Gotigres: He was waiting for you to trade him out xodeus9
Raspel31: Lol Trog-indeed.
Bazza2023: ive seen rozee tackled without the ball 3 times, no frees
Raspel31: Yep- def Marshall to Tickle next week- guffaw.
DANGERous: kept Pou. pain
beerent11: Butters has been half as good since he changed his number
slydon: pou is gone next week hes done enough cash gen
Loggy17: pou has definitely philled his potential
PigeonPies: can rozee get a touch
beerent11: Romar!
beerent11: Shadow jumping
Gotigres: NWM looking sore
original: Higgins dives more than he has disposals
ballbag: i was forced to keep JHF thanks to LDU weak flog, so lift hornes
elvundir: his poutential
TorturedSC: Marshall has remembered Steele is playing and is aiming for him
Troglodyte: Marshall on track for 150… what a spud
Legix: we need a big second half from you rozee
Raspel31: Rather hard to do from the bench ballbag.
original: Wish I traded Marshall out
wadaramus: Gotta trade Marshall for sure.
Davo27: Phillipou has a BE of 44, then sell, he looks gassed last couple weeks
MrWalrus: Lift? I reckon he’s going ok…
Bazza2023: Go MArshall. Roflmao at ppl on FF
beerent11: If I get 200 from romar and rozee I?m happy
Crave: Marshall underscored on SC, needs a name change to Tim English
Social: oh hello, missed that qtr
TheFlagger: JHF so so damaging
MrWalrus: Marshall gets dudded on his possies by CD, if it’s not lace out they clanger him.
wally2g: Can someone please explain to me why I have Ryan Byrnes in my midfield?
Bazza2023: cause your a wally, wally!
sc_god: lol no idea
Reexys: Why has JHF played 66 percent?
Crave: Young body in the midfield, very taxing not that uncommon
Raspel31: The only possible answer Bazza.
Harambe: Wally, I bet that it Byrnes Byrnes Byrnes, the ring of fire, the ring of fire
wally2g: I think it might be sabotage
Troglodyte: Nice one Harambe
TorturedSC: btw, how does Phillipou have 6 clangers? Seems harsh
ballbag: geees, id much prefer one of those chinese burns from primary school than old ryan
DaicosQB: JHF clearances oh my lord
beerent11: He?s going ok walrus.
MrWalrus: So… Feeling OK with VC Marshall so far…
Harambe: Thanks Trog, I’ll quit while I’m ahead
MrWalrus: Because he jas been Pou, been done HTB a couple times I think, can’t hit a bloke on his team
Troglodyte: This is the way
beerent11: This is the way
Bazza2023: very ignorant and old fashioned from you Trog!
MrWalrus: He is beer but 3 times at least been penalised for putting it out in front of his teammates to advantage, stupid CD
oc16: marshall on track for 200
bhg26: Is Cowan or Davey more likely to be sub. vc on marshall in fantasy and no loop options other than 1 of those 2
Raspel31: oc16 but still needs to be traded out.
TorturedSC: Kennedy will be the sub
Troglodyte: Which comment are you referring to Bazza?
MrWalrus: LDU likely my captain this week
Bazza2023: Lift marshall, shouldve had 150 by now, from the FF plebs
oc16: whys that Raspel?
beerent11: Was wondering that too trog
bhg26: If marshall gets less than 200 im trading
mattmac24: Just checked my team and realised that I have the straight C on Marshall tonight because I forgot to change it.. cool!
Raspel31: Because according to this chat an hour ago oc16 a trade from him to Teakle was the go.
Gotigres: My psychological ploy with pretending to want to trade Marshall to Teakle has worked well, although Teakle’s going well
Bazza2023: ill trade Marshall if he doesnt get 15 tackles
Yelse: was teasel worth?
PigeonPies: i took the vc off bont last week and took it off marshall this week lol i need to back myself
Vultures: sometimes you can think too much pigeon
MrWalrus: Lol, m0nty has gone the gun less than 5 minutes into the third, is that a record?
Ooost: Marshall 😀
Raspel31: Well, look at it this way pigeon- at least you don’t have Byrnes as a mid as a gentleman here does.
PigeonPies: very true
Gotigres: 198k Yelse
beerent11: Rozee lifting
TheFlagger: bs
Legix: carn Wood
TorturedSC: on another note Ross can flower off. I hate taggers
beerent11: Marshall slowed down
MrWalrus: Only gone up 2 points on the bench beer, might have to trade him
sc_god: lol thats not a mark you muppet umpire
jlitza: phillipou 6 clangers ffs
beerent11: I think rozee may have had that first
MrWalrus: Amen
beerent11: Bit of CD lag I reckon
slydon: no hes had 2 clangers 8 handballs jlit
TheFlagger: come on pear
Raspel31: I would definitely keep Phillipou- a stayer. Mainly as I don’t have him.
MrWalrus: Marshall 1pt for a mark and handpass in a scoring chain, Boo CD, boo!
bhg26: Thats why hes not a keeper walrus
Grimes Jr: Rozee gettting killed by umps. Saints getting a good helping
beerent11: Scores a bit slow to update tonight walrus. Rozee is owed a few as well.
Hazza09: What a joke Phillipou, won?t even reach his BE
sc_god: we get it spuddy, you’ve mentioned 87 times.
MrWalrus: Gone come lifting of lockout for this disgrace bhg, for sure.
frenzy: Lol sc_god
Ooost: Lift Marshall
jlitza: kept phillipou thought he could bounce back, he’ll be gone next week its looking
ballbag: smothered by butters
original: 4 point qtr Houston ffs cmon
BigChief: I am trading Marshall and keeping Phillipou next week
Bazza2023: wowee rioli
Raspel31: negative 3 for JHF- wtf?
Harambe: Houston been on the bench for ages
TheFlagger: classy
Ooost: Same BigChief.. Marshall must go
ballbag: is junior and willie the same
TheFlagger: great quarter zakary
MrWalrus: Rozee having a real almost night
beerent11: Great effort rozee set it up
slydon: teakle looks like a big cash earner possbily
MrWalrus: Yes ballbag, has temporarily changed his name for blackfella reasons
Raspel31: Definitely Marshall to Teakle slydon- do it!
Legix: Rozee take the shot mate
TheFlagger: spud
slydon: oh no im gonna move ryan from bench into my rookie onfield spot and teakle into the rookie ruck bench spot
Ooost: Philipou a keeper, no point in trading him out
slydon: ive just gotta make a bitta cash over the next few weeks before bye rounds
BigChief: Marshall to Ramsden for me Raspel
Raspel31: Exactly Ooost- prob bounce back and score 25 next week.
TorturedSC: Disrespectfully to use a dead person’s name and he was named after his father who passed. Needs an update m0nty
obbynl: was gonna get out marshall in a few rounds but might hold off for a bit now
ballbag: then Junior Willie it is
Ooost: Raspel31 also a good downgrade option for coaches without him
Raspel31: Absolutely Ooost.
LuvIt74: I wouldn’t be burning a trade on any ruck unless you dont have English all the others are on par with Marshall really
beerent11: Rozee to ton up here
beerent11: Byrne man on fire
TorturedSC: How has BT got a job, makes so many mistakes
BigChief: Saints bombing it into forward line with no real talls. Not smart
clay007: What a clutch goal by Steele. He was rusty last week.
jlitza: kelli underwood wants a word tortured
bhg26: Hmm, Steele interesting again. Would like to see him string 2 games together first
Ooost: Sheezel and Ashcroft out Phillipou and Lord in is my advice right now
TorturedSC: Kelli is boring, but at least mostly accurate
sMiles: Has the traffic here decreased since the log in changed? My password thingy doesn’t work with it anymore so…. possibly
clay007: I agree bhg, just need to keep an eye on Steele’s BE
Raspel31: Oops- that true Oooost? Think I’m covered for both. Damn.
sMiles: my final comment – GO LIONS! Steele in my team next week too. Cheers
Harambe: Yep tortured, can’t deny the fact that GWS wear orange
TheFlagger: missy higgins is back
TorturedSC: lol Harambe
clay007: Pretty poor final comment sMiles. What were the other options?
Yelse: ffs need rozzee 20 disposals in one multi and crouch 25 in the other for 300 and 700 dollar wins
Ooost: Honorable mentions to Cordy, good POD
sMiles: I did say possibly … doh!
original: Houston loves the bench. Ffs
beerent11: Is that Joel Cory in the port coaxes box?
DANGERous: where is phillipou
TheFlagger: butters get of thte fucking bench
Wo0lfeee: @beer Enright
TheFlagger: aliir having a stinker
Gotigres: Hang on, is Byrnes formally known as Byrne-Jones?
Bazza2023: i had my multi plasyers in the 3rd qtr yelse
Gotigres: No, sorry, other team. Still on my first beer.
Ooost: Rozee easy 100 never in doubt
MrWalrus: JHF bringing the expected result after a surprise HT62
slydon: joel coreys at st kilda isnt he?
jlitza: battle buddy what was that
Raspel31: Marshall kosing a point a minute on the bench- get out there lad.
Crave: Corey Enright
Social: Freo sly
PigeonPies: now im ok not vcing marshall
slydon: oh yep sorry names are confusing
J.Worrall: For a high tackle, can anyone tell me where the shoulder ends and the neck begins?
Yelse: ffs rozee for 4 possies seriously
bhg26: Seems every port mid is getting the ball but rozee
Fromage: Ollie wines did not commit
clay007: Marshall needs to holler a Marshall. He is dead!
Fromage: Dixon playing on one leg
clay007: Marshall has indeed hollered-recharged. good boy!
Yelse: cmon on rozzzeee not asking for muchh 3 more please
slydon: woods having a decent game, exactly what i need out of him points wise
Fromage: Port low on gas
J.Worrall: Can you hum a few bars, Fromage?
Social: Horne went a bit flaccid for a while but hardening up again now
MrWalrus: Marshall finally rewarded, I reckon that’ll do for VC from here
J.Worrall: Shit, hows he gonna kick an stand at the same time?
TheFlagger: great kick jhf
PigeonPies: ya definitely take it walrus
clay007: Great work social. The blue pill has worked wonders.
Badgerbadg: Should have traded philipoo 💩
Social: She?s a real ding dong battle 🙂
MrWalrus: Then come lifting of lockout trade the useless liability!
jlitza: cd really not a fan of marshall
Davo27: Phillipou going to lose 10k
DrSeuss: bhg – Rozee getting tagged all night by Ross – getting no help from his teammates
Badgerbadg: Love the reception Horne Francis gets in Melbourne, great banter
clay007: Can the Saints win from here?
TheFlagger: go pear
DrSeuss: Stocker was looking great – hasn’t touched it this quarter
BigChief: I doubt it clay
MrWalrus: Pendles hasn’t lost anything but Boak is in career best form, amazing really
Badgerbadg: Great game at the Telstra Dome tonight!
Social: Pou to kick the winner
PigeonPies: now im annoyed i took the vc off marshall again lol
beerent11: Rozee wasn?t tagged Seuss
jlitza: nvm on that marshall call lol
pluggerpig: how is boak on 45 more than JHF? very comparable stats, if not worse
Bazza2023: finlayson 4 defensive marks in a row
Raspel31: Now thinking Marshall might be a good cap option MrWalrus.
slydon: efficiency plugger
TheFlagger: boaks had 11 in the last quarter its a close game
PigeonPies: marshall just got 17 points for a free kick
DrSeuss: Ross has literally been running with Rozee all night beer
beerent11: Look up disposal efficiency pluggerpig.
beerent11: It?s scaling pigeon. Not for the free kick.
jlitza: saints fade begins now
TheFlagger: knock knock
Yelse: can’t believe it rozzee on 19 and crouch on 24 lost both mulits
beerent11: Ross has been in the coaches box literally all night Seuss
MrWalrus: Useless Marshall, couldn’t get to 200, well done the pear
Badgerbadg: Saints will finish 10th
BigChief: Hmmm bye bye Marshall. 157 not enough.
PigeonPies: i know beer, but he still got the points off the back of the free kick because its close
Social: Wowee
Harambe: Finlayson was epic behind the ball in the final minutes
TheFlagger: boak enormous
DrSeuss: That is horrible Yelse – terrible luck mate
bhg26: That is incredibly stiff yelse
ballbag: 18 CP and still JHF cant ton so you can get fuck from my team
MrWalrus: Marshall a liability chief, what was I thinking VCing the plodder
jlitza: ross 27 touches for 56 lol (ik DE is awful)
beerent11: I just hope you learnt something yelse
Social: Is that a massive upset or a boilover?
original: Huge last qtr housto
ballbag: @social no, its te reso why Lyon is a coach that will NEVER win a GF

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