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Chat log from R6 of 2023: Collingwood vs Essendon

Chat log for Collingwood vs Essendon, R6 of 2023

biggerz: Lummas you anzac day stooge
zadolinnyj: Howdy
frenzy: chaps
Troglodyte: Who is Lummas?
Lodgy: hope its a cracker
MrWalrus: Arvo lads and ladettes, here’s hoping for a good game.
Fromage: Folks
zadolinnyj: Afternoon MrWalrus
TheLegend6: Naicos to have 45 today
GJayBee: Go Pies!
MrWalrus: Sidebum’s hands slippery from sunscreening his head lol
oc16: you mean 55 Legend
doghungry: setterfield tagging anyone?
MrWalrus: Seems likely legend, dons going with the just let him run loose approach
TheLegend6: I need him t score 160 to have any chance in my league game haha
Grimes Jr: has there ever been a bigger seagull than daicos?
Yelse: ump push in the back on micheck you filth
Cr1cketeer: You say that after he runs through like 4 blokes grimes?
Yelse: @grimesyou wish u had diacos
MrWalrus: Prime Lloyd Grimes but not by much
Cr1cketeer: Checkers did the same thing yelse
Bazza2023: Lest we forget
pcaman2003: Arvo all! I just need J Daicos to score 85 or less to win,but don’t like my chances too much.
sc_god: amazing start by the goat
navy_blues: grimes your never on when richmond play but you will come on to put crap on other teams lol no balls
Bazza2023: Moore fair start
zadolinnyj: Ncos getting some hard ball today
Raspel31: Not looking good pcaman.
MrWalrus: Moore best on so far, been huge
Bazza2023: Jaicos unlukky, had the sail up
Cr1cketeer: Umps seem to be trying to balance previous anzac days
pcaman2003: Raspel. Not expecting a good outcome after this dismal round. Looking to next round.
MrWalrus: Stringer you animal
Raspel31: Been a shocker aint it pcaman but enjoying Naicos and Setter in this.
Dredd: Daicos crying cause he didnt get a cheap kick and goal.. all me me me from this bloke
Grimes Jr: nice to see the commentators picking up that daicos has actually done nothing with ball
MrWalrus: Very nice start setters
ajconodie: There’s something hypocritical about the sqwarking about Daicos being a seagull.
Cr1cketeer: So much hate on a 20 year old haha
MrWalrus: I see why teams let him go too, he’s a liability defensively
Bazza2023: Dons are on early, better fwd craft at the minute
Grimes Jr: carn dons. stick it up these flogs
NickyD: Nick Martin. Good footballer. Terrible moustache.
Bazza2023: i couldnt care less how Naicos gets them, as long as he gets them. he can seagull until he retires for all i care
Haydo: Hi all, good game on today, tipped the dons so happy so far
MrWalrus: Dons better all over, Moore is the only reason they’re not a couple more goals up
suns4ever: Nick Daicos have a damaging disposal challenge
Bazza2023: goal guts ginny, shouldve looked
Bazza2023: geezus a suns supporter, is that first?
sc_god: ginny had a sniff there
boondock: games finally picked up a bit
Haydo: @sc_god hahahhahahah
Bazza2023: ginny has an extra pocket on his shorts for his stash
Wends: Afternoon all, poor player in one of my leagues mustn’t have heard Davey Jnr news – left the C on him. G’bye top 6000.
Cr1cketeer: Essendon definitely much cleaner so far, not by too much tho, good game on
Ash777: wtf ridley
NickyD: Bombers dominant. Happy to be within 10 points TBH
TheLegend6: All the makings of a cracker this one
Bazza2023: meesa likesa das biffo
Cr1cketeer: Hahaha poor guy Wends. Unless davey goes big…
Raspel31: That would be rather discombobulating Wends. Nice wrestle to finish qtr.
colin wood: Jake Kelly as cringe as when Grimes makes a comment here…
ajconodie: Bit of a short memory there @Bazza
Oddsy5: if they have to kick from 50 out to get goals im ok with that, go dons
Bazza2023: explain@AJ?
Yelse: pies haven’t played their game last 3 weeks all the outs affecting their mvt down the centre
ajconodie: Buddy, Hodge, medical records…..ring a bell?
MrWalrus: Bombers really are looking good this season, about time really
Wends: Indeed Rasp and Cr1cketeer… English was their VC + they were leading the league. Worst sob story of the round.
Cr1cketeer: Cameron injury the main one hurting the system yelse
Bazza2023: current events only count mate. only current coke sniffers
Yelse: murphy is a big out as well as howe @ cricketeer
Bazza2023: keep it topical AJ, otherwise we’ll be remembering the whole WET TOAST pship team
MrWalrus: Also I suspect teams have cottoned onto pies game plan
PigeonPies: our backline is super short this week, not sure i like it
Cr1cketeer: Our back stocks would be able to stand up with cameron in and frampton back
boondock: siick build up to Ash J’s goal
Pies20: Go pies!!!
Bazza2023: nice snag Johnson
ajconodie: I can’t believe it took a mid-year draft for Ash Johnson to end up on an AFL list.
PigeonPies: pendles ages like wine
Bazza2023: its a good game, its looking like a real carcker
Cr1cketeer: Sidey outmarking two key forwards is amusing
Ash777: no cameron, cox, murphy, mcstay, adams, lipinski
ajconodie: So no Daniel Chick references @Bazza 🙂
Yelse: they need to get johnson contract soon
Bazza2023: Sidebum on fire.
Cr1cketeer: Daicos damaging disposal challenge complete
boondock: games played at Pies tempo so far this qtr
Pavs: Afternoon all. Pendles loving another Anzac Day.
suns4ever: harry mckay would have hit pendles there
colin wood: The Pig
ajconodie: I’m liking the new Ginnivan shut up and play attitude.
Bazza2023: chick, fletcher, mainwaring, cousins, Kerr etc etc
sc_god: great goal ginni! lined that up perfectly
jfitty: Touk > Pendles might be the trade this week
Yelse: if peddles gets 152 i lose my league game
Pies20: Frampton standing tall been good in the ruck so far and was good last week as well
suns4ever: Pendlebury have a non-damaging disposal challenge
Bazza2023: bombers mids not getting enough
Pavs: Makes for a tough watch Yelse
ajconodie: @Bazza – Imagine if those blokes had TikTok back then.
MrWalrus: Redman with the best mongrel shank of hi career
boondock: can’t tell if bombers mid needs to lift or get better service from draper
Bazza2023: could be carnage then @AJ
Bazza2023: 5 mins of bombers domination, need to make the most as the tida had turned.
Yelse: omg that was so soft
Cr1cketeer: Good bombers passage capped by their main source of goals
Bazza2023: the no teeth pies supporter copped it
Crave: aha what a flog that fan is
Ash777: Langford must of got a rocket up his arse at the end of last year.
Cr1cketeer: That’s quality from langford hahaha
Gelly: that dude need to be ejected, what a flog supporter
Bazza2023: such a weak move @crave
ajconodie: @Yelse – 100% there though.
MrWalrus: Please, you can’t just jump into a bloke without eyes on the ball
Bazza2023: soft yes, but was there, he didnt have eyes on the ball and was turned round, free kick every anzaac day
Gotigres: I need Naicos to stay below 142 for a win. Don’t think it will happen.
TheLegend6: Lift parish
Bazza2023: muppet for Markov
Wends: What’s happening with Setters?
zadolinnyj: Correct walrus
Migz: wtf is that handball bro into his bum
Pavs: Markov with the nobody is looking handpass
Yelse: elliot needs to lift this year nothing to the player he was last season
MrWalrus: Nothing Wends, nothing at all and I don’t like it
oc16: get on sets
MrWalrus: I reckon Elliott has been great for you guys, basically playing as key forward
Bazza2023: lift 4 fark sake Noble
ajconodie: How funny was it watching Stringer try and chase Naicos.
Ash777: the brothers are so damaging but the forwards are letting them down
Wends: Agreed Walrus.
Bazza2023: Lift Stringer ya gimp
Cr1cketeer: McGrath has Bobby in his pocket
runners47: Need 140+ frpm Shiel today? Never going to happen – definitely not now
MrWalrus: So far I have Moore & Pendles even for the medal
Yelse: lol umpires seriously
Pavs: Wrong decision umpire
boondock: markov is the weakest link
Cr1cketeer: There’s Noble bazza
Bazza2023: Alwyn worst of the Daveys
Cr1cketeer: Would be very hard to see those fingertips if true
Bazza2023: i need 15 from noble
Pies20: Huge play what a game
Bazza2023: he had 3 when i called it
navy_blues: me to bazza
ajconodie: De Goey needs to consistently finish like that to be considered a superstar. Doesn’t do it enough.
SydneyRox: that handball from sidebum was magic
Bazza2023: Vintage Sidebum
pluggerpig: how is Sidebum’s head always so white? like hes just shaved it for the first time
thesilentl: cant wait for the inevitable even up of frees in the second half
Bazza2023: that post should get a few weeks now, totally eyes off the ball
Cr1cketeer: Too selfish pies
TheLegend6: Umpiring has been fine
ajconodie: Johnston’s Baby Powder @pluggerpig
Pavs: Waiting for the inevitable ‘time stands still’ when Pendles gets it
MrWalrus: Sunscreen plugger
Pies20: Great 1st half
MrWalrus: Did you know he has a basketball background Pavs?..
Pavs: Hahaha
Oddsy5: good game of footy, umpiring been great
PigeonPies: elliott has been terrible
m0nty: I made a special Daicos matchup icon but no one ever mans them up
PigeonPies: umps missing some obvious calls but theyre goin both ways at least
Vultures: Please don’t encourage umpires
MrWalrus: Honestly, forget stats, Moore been huge, best on for me
zadolinnyj: That?s what you said about sheezle Monty.. think his run makes him hard to tag
PigeonPies: moore been elite, pendles too
MrWalrus: Nah zado, man on man isn’t a thing anymore except for 2-3 defenders per team
MrWalrus: Yeah pendles and sidbum both a class above the rest
Cr1cketeer: Who gets the medal if dons win?
MrWalrus: Still Moore for me, dons been a full team effort
Vultures: if Dons win lmao.. Good One
pluggerpig: i need degoey to score less than 156 SC to get the win.. thought i would be safe
Cottees: Medal is Moore for me. Pendles close 2nd. or for Essendon, unsure as close between many
Pavs: BT on the judging panel. Still go to collingwood
Harambe: Naicos with a massive 1 contested possession, a true hard nut
clay007: Hi guys, van you expand the page? I ony get DT, SC, Di, G.B and a clock
TigerTime1: to be fair, somehow ridley is only on 20 less than Naicos with also 1 contested poss.
TigerTime1: to be fair Harambe, somehow ridley is only on 20 less than Naicos with also 1 contested poss.
clay007: can not van
MrWalrus: Not on phone as far as I know clay
Cr1cketeer: Sounds like you’re on a phone clay
clay007: no cricketer, laptop
MrWalrus: Ridley has intercepts , Naicos all hb recieves and kickouts
Harambe: It’s funny explaining to footy newbies how defenders are the ones with low contested possession and tackle numbers
Harambe: Naicos suckles at the teat Walrus
clay007: Can Monty help me maybe? It could be a settings issue. You guys have more access to the stats.
MrWalrus: Well technically Naicos is a defender,
Pies20: Need kreuger and frampton to run out the game
Raspel31: The old reboot Clay?
Pies20: You would love him at brizzi harambe
Pavs: Should be 15 stats across the top Clay
Harambe: I’m always sad that the ‘featured player’ article is cut off at the bottom of the screen
MrWalrus: I know Harambe but you’re not allowed to express that opinion
clay007: The old Telstra technique Raspel
Cr1cketeer: Like daniel rich harambe?
Pav300: Rasp – what happened? Howay the Jordy lads
circle52: @clay007 – Do you have bookmrks open down the side if so just close them. I had the same issue and that resolved it.
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Brayden Maynard, what was that?
Harambe: Someone puts good effort into those articles and they are always cut short
Raspel31: All part of the game plan Pav- worked beautifully.
Pav300: lol Rasp – i admire you fronting up
Harambe: Yeah similar to Rich, though not as dangerous by foot
Pies20: Go the toons
Vultures: Kreuger is a dud
Harambe: Covers the ground better than Rich though
Harambe: Don’t say that Vulture, Freddy will kill you in your sleep
Grimes Jr: daicos enjoying those hot chips #seagull
Vultures: Will Kelly is 2cm shorter than Freddy.. Sub now !!
MrWalrus: Sheil probably been the bombers best? You haven’t been watching the dons have you bt
navy_blues: daicos is soft hardly touched him
Vultures: contract is going out on an Essendon sniper
Harambe: Langford finally putting some work into Naicos there
oc16: Thats a week Jye
ajconodie: That was Caldwell Harambe – It’s probably time to stop now.
MrWalrus: Was Caldwell
Harambe: Oops I mean Caldwell
TheLegend6: A jab in the ribs hurts navy
sc_god: just a love tap
Haydo: my friend says this page is like reddit
navy_blues: didnt look like much at all
circle52: Muppet for Noble
Pavs: Noble confused ability and capability again
Harambe: Nah Reddit is full of karma farmers, this is just chatting sh!t for the sake of it
Harambe: Coaches now have the blueprint for disrupting Naicos, just punch him. No excuse not to see that every week now
poolboybob: Seagull for Naicos, 2 contested vs 28 uncontested
MrWalrus: Bombers would do well to kick it where Moore isn’t when going inside 50
MrWalrus: When did he get the second contested?
Grimes Jr: 30 touches for 93…. #spud
Harambe: Agreed Walrus, he’s such a good player
Pies20: Kreuger having a shocker
Vultures: Every club has its sheepdogs
Fromage: Naicos biggest seagull since Dane Swan
jfitty: Noble needs a spud icon
Vultures: Kreuger shocker compared to what?
lana2146: You beauty Davey
MrWalrus: Swan was no seagull cheese
Cr1cketeer: Maybe they won’t balance the free kick count
suns4ever: 2 contested touches out of 30 jeeeeez
colin wood: Surprise, surprise a Scott brother team coached works out how to stop Naicos.. just jumper punch him
Vultures: Guarenteed Kreuger will be delisted at yrs end
Harambe: Jake Lloyd in 2019-2020 was a huge seagull, just 35 meaningless possessions every week
MrWalrus: How did pies not goal then?
lana2146: Touk to De Goey highly likely tonight
colin wood: Krueger horribly underdone won’t be delisted lol
Cr1cketeer: Selfish, walrus
Gelly: kreuger not getting another game
Grimes Jr: wasn’t watching, who punched daicos, been waiting for that for a while
Pies20: Contested or not the kid is a gun
ajconodie: To be fair, Kreuger has had one VFL game to prepare.
Vultures: Kreuger has not the ability at this level
lana2146: I expected a bit more from Draper today a bit disappointing
Harambe: Caldwell, just a soft one to the upper guts
MrWalrus: Caldwell gane him a little rib tickler gri
Bazza2023: Weideman has been good, best game for dons
Loggy17: very true aj. Kreuger will be ok if he gets a run at it and his spaghetti shoulders hold up
colin wood: Does anyone here actually like Grimes when he comments? What a child
Pies20: Agree aj
TheLegend6: Need a big last quarter from Naicos to stand any chance of a win
navy_blues: you could prob say langford is ess best today
Migz: hard to imagine not having nick daicos and sheezel for the next 5 years.
Vultures: Naic may have a cracked rib but like a champ is playing it out lol
Grimes Jr: go dons! #hotpies
MrWalrus: He’s a good player pies but some may define gun differently
Bazza2023: pies are cooked
lana2146: Looks like it?s the Bombers day today
J_Herer: go time Setterfield!!!
zadolinnyj: Modern day dermi vulture
oc16: Pies are missing Cameron so much
navy_blues: game over
Harambe: Someone will pick up Barry Hall in the midseason draft and send him straight to Naicos, he’ll be gun-shy
lana2146: Go the Bombers
colin wood: Gonna be hard from here too many holes that can’t be filled.
Grimes Jr: u dont get cracked ribs when u get a love tap #softflog
sc_god: wheres davy? he’s not running his mouth tonight lol
Pies20: Stringer my hero Muppet
Ash777: it’s the birthday package today
Cr1cketeer: If an essendon player wins the medal, probs goes to an ump
sc_god: its not twitter why you using hashtags lol
Bazza2023: yep pies are cooked, percentage booster coming
Harambe: Vultures making it sound like Naicos got punched by Omni Man
MrWalrus: No such thing as too many holes to fill when I’m hard..
Pies20: Game over haha great comment navey your borderline season over mate
MrWalrus: It’s not the umps
Grimes Jr: #hotpies20
lana2146: Setters time might be up??? Time to trade in I think
Grimes Jr: pies just a pretty average group. when ur supposed to be good, u need to challenge for flags
Oddsy5: seen us lose from better spots than this
J_Herer: yep, setters upgrade this week I think
zadolinnyj: To be fair pies have big men injured. No down the line get out kick with no ruck. Crows next week
Harambe: Surely you have weaker links than Setters on field Lana
thesilentl: Please seek help Grimes jnr and walrus. 3 straight years of every comment being anti pies is seriously messed up
Grimes Jr: blokes like daicos who sit out the back asking for cheap ball all game are cancers for clubs
thesilentl: That’s not evena sledge, you guys exhibit serious mental health issues
Vultures: Setters B.E is creeping up
Pavs: SC should have a unlimited trade week. Boy I need it
Cr1cketeer: ay walrus is fine
Pies20: 🤣🤣🤣 grimes Muppet surley gets the spud icon next year
Harambe: Yeah I love the Walrus, leave them alone
MrWalrus: I’ve been super restrained today, even talking some pies up
Vultures: silentl, they’re blinded by the pretty colors
Troglodyte: Lift Pies.. so Ridley can see more of the ball
MrWalrus: That’s ok silent, I understand you’re a bit extra emotional right now, apology accepted
pcaman2003: As soon as Jaicos passed 85 , I was flowered.. Bring on next week’s disaster.
Vultures: Redman is the medalist
thesilentl: I feel sorry for you walrus, I really do
Harambe: Walrus being the bigger man, what a legend
Vultures: Damn silentl, that’s gonna hurt lmao
Grimes Jr: get off ur phone and watch the game silent, thats what ur supposed to do when u support a club
Harambe: Why would you feel sorry for a man of dignity and class silenti?
Social: plenty of time for the umps to even this up
Pavs: Parish unusually quiet today especially without Merritt
pcaman2003: Inspite of what people here say,Naicos is a star. He delivers and most people here probably have him.
thesilentl: Every game every week Grimes jnr, please get help
Vultures: blood coming from Pendles eye ain’t good
sc_god: pendles eyeball is on the ground
Bazza2023: he is winning me money every week. go Naicos
Vultures: stop ya whining
Raspel31: Agree pcaman and Bazza
oc16: historically Parish doesnt score well without merrett
MrWalrus: Oh he’s a fantasy star for sure but talk of brownlows seems ludicrous at this stage
zadolinnyj: Nose vulture
Harambe: Seth Rollins must have got him SC God
Vultures: zad, towell was over his eye
wadaramus: Good contest, straight kicking from Collingwood and we’d have a nail biter!
wadaramus: Wow, huge kick!
MrWalrus: Still might wada
zadolinnyj: Yes vulture because he got a poke in eye but also got a smashed nose
TheLegend6: Naicos!
Cr1cketeer: How’s that for a damaging contested possession haha
Vultures: thank ya mother for the rabbits !!!
Pies20: Was that contested??? Go pies!!!
Gotigres: BT needs to get off whatever he’s on.
zadolinnyj: That?s a solid rove and goal
Ash777: go Captain Naicos!
Dredd: Time to prema C Daicos I think
Harambe: Well I’ll be buggered, Naicos finally impacted the game. Well done lad
wadaramus: Bloody hell, N.Daicos is a bona fide superstar..
MrWalrus: Great seagulling, I’ll pay that
Gotigres: ‘Nick Daicos has kicked 3 goals in a row’, BT said.
Vultures: hara, we’re here for the DT & SC pts.. lol
RooBoyStu: P1ss off Skunks
RooBoyStu: Skunks are vultures good name mate
MrWalrus: Any chance setterfield?
zadolinnyj: I?m here for the tog conversations
Vultures: xad.. lol you’re in the minority then
Pies20: Go you pies!!!
MrWalrus: Pendles looks like I did Saturday morning
beerent11: Jdg you star!
Dredd: Where is the block? I thought players weren’t allowed to stop another from trying to compete.. nice one umps
Oddsy5: as i said at 3QT we?ve lost plenty of times from here?.
TheLegend6: Stay low setters
MrWalrus: Yay, now BT has perked up
ajconodie: How is that not deliberate?
wadaramus: This game always delivers!
Vultures: Please don’t encourage the umpires
sc_god: crisp had a good 2nd half, must have got on snapchat at half time
TheLegend6: Naicos again!
Bazza2023: NAICOS great player
Pies20: Go you pies flower yeah!!!!!!
Harambe: This is how Daicos should be used, wasted at half back
PigeonPies: remind me of daicos again please?
Vultures: Naics is the medalist
ajconodie: Daicos just got one hand on the medal.
pluggerpig: if Naicos stays healthy the brownlow’s already decided. Jezza the only real threat.
Bazza2023: easily vultures
Spifflicat: Just a moment to appreciate how good Daicos is
Harambe: Why would you want him seagulling off the back flank when he can do this if you let him?
MrWalrus: Because it wasn’t, should have been htb to mihocek but no harm in the end
ballbag: LOL to the clowns bagging Naicos. hang your heads. is he the highest goal scorer on the ground atm? almost lol
MrWalrus: Lol, Naicos hasn’t been in your best 3
Vultures: Hara, he’s just a kid.. Look out when Naics grows
DANGERous: daicos is so good
TheLegend6: Parish having a great 2nd half
sc_god: naicos a a gun, a seagull but a gun. cant all be hardnuts
Pavs: Maybe this ANZAC Day we can get rid of the tall poppy syndrome. Just joking this is Australia
navy_blues: a draw?
Harambe: But a bloody good one Vulture, he’s ready for mid time. Ashcroft is a 1st year player but we aren’t hiding him
Raspel31: C’m on lads!!!
Pies20: Agree vultures
Cr1cketeer: sc_god spot on
Fromage: Naicos is a gun seagull
MrWalrus: There’s second best on ground
thesilentl: Blokes averaging 37 and 600metres @harambe, he’s hardly hiding
colin wood: Wow keep the hate and jealousy coming 🙂
Cr1cketeer: Walrus you still got moore for bog?
Pies20: Absolutely collin
colin wood: Since when did Fan Footy become a chat for bagging the brilliance of a player?
Harambe: His last quarter has been the most impactful by far silentl
Dredd: Setterfield has fallen asleep like the bombers.. very disappointing
TheLegend6: De Goey or Sidebum BOG
Ash777: dons cant even complain about ump bias this time
wadaramus: N.Daicos is just always involved, hardly seagulling like deep defenders.
Pies20: Kent’s are cooked silent know they are baiting but pfft 🙄
MrWalrus: Sure do, he has been your entire backline all day, been massive, you’d be 5 down without him
sc_god: lots of pies in the chat, wondering why they didnt go to the game
ajconodie: sc_god – Probably because it was sold out before Round 1
J_Herer: setters got the message (whinge)
sc_god: lol fair point mate
Harambe: Same thing happened against Brisbane, Naicos was way more damaging when they finally played him mid-fwd
NickyD: @sc_god I’m not in Melbourne today
MrWalrus: Sidebum 2nd, Degoey 3rd then Naicos, pendles, Langford and a few others
Pies20: Frampton has been great this game
Harambe: Where is Zaharakis?
ajconodie: Ruscoe has been great
Pies20: Which carlton Muppet said game over at 3 quarter time hang your head in shame
wadaramus: Great last quarter Collingwood, well played.
Pies20: Agree aj
Ash777: I like the look of how Ruscoe plays
ballbag: fucken useless ridley
frenzy: thank you Jaicos
thesilentl: And the anti pies rats scurry away
TheLegend6: Fair game Naicos, almost got me home in the league
Vultures: it’s like a nightmare lol
colin wood: salty in here tonight
oc16: either sidebottom or daicos for the medal
navy_blues: grrr pies needed to win by 14 for multi
Oddsy5: classic essendon game! pies too hot at the end wowe! ran us inti the ground
MrWalrus: Bad luck bombers, finals may well be on this year
Pies20: Where’s grimes??? Go you flowering pies!!!!
Fromage: Naicos for the medal
zadolinnyj: Mai is has to win it. When it counted 2 goals
Vultures: luck ?
MrWalrus: If Moore doesn’t get the medal the system is broken, gave an all round defensive masterclass
ajconodie: Oddsy – Bad luck. Quality Anzac Day game as per usual. You weren’t disgraced.
PigeonPies: grimes an absolute clown now isnt he hahaha
zadolinnyj: Naicos
Cr1cketeer: No way that’s stiff navy
Pav300: cracker game
navy_blues: pies20 settle down
Harambe: Fly has surely learned his lesson, Naicos wins games as a mid-fwd. Enough of this half back chip eating
aj74: Yeah but he only gets cheap handball receives. hahahahah. Knowledgeable crowd around here.
MrWalrus: Pies won by a couple goals, would have lost by 5+ without Moore
PigeonPies: agreed harambe
Spifflicat: Sidebum robbed
Ash777: how many points does the medal give
Bazza2023: grimes is a grub
MrWalrus: Pffft, how he was better than Moore, sidebottom or degoey is a mystery to me
thesilentl: Going to be along 15 years for the naicos haters, time for you blokes to get a new sport
H A MM E R: No run or real hunger from the Bombers in that last quarter. Brilliant push from Collingwood. Great game, well done!
MrWalrus: Who hates him silent? Off you run, back into your hole

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